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Shouting thread - Bahrain

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1 Shouting thread - Bahrain on 8th December 2013, 3:04 pm

Tell us about your Quali and Race!!!!!

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2 Re: Shouting thread - Bahrain on 8th December 2013, 4:33 pm

Disaster both quali and race.

Had tire puncture and broken suspension in race. Failure!

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3 Re: Shouting thread - Bahrain on 8th December 2013, 4:35 pm

I just want to say that im sorry to cue the game lagged (i think) and you appear from nowhere 
Sorry T.T

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4 Re: Shouting thread - Bahrain on 8th December 2013, 4:42 pm

Qualy was better than expected
i thought i can make still 2 timed laps and than i finished a slow lap to get at least one time. After that i realised that i could not make any more timed laps and got still p4 with a 28 8 which was alot slower than my pb.

Race: I expected that my car will get a bit faster in the race then the other cars. But i didn't thought that some guys getting over 2 seconds slower...
For explanations tmckay made a 28.7 in qualy and 32.3 times in race.
After 17 Laps i finally had a free road. And nearly beatet joes Fastest lap with rotten Medium tyres (30.6). Sadly i lost over 20Seconds against joe in the first stint. And the second stint wasn't ideal because i had to change the strategie or i would stay again behind some slower cars ;D. At the last stint i just kept arek behind me because there was no way that i could attack lau or Joe. So i saved the engine and got p3. Pretty good result for my comeback. :3

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5 Re: Shouting thread - Bahrain on 8th December 2013, 4:48 pm

My race was good, all things considered. 

Before qualifying, I made changed some of the suspension values to my favourite numbers but it didn't work. Sad
It felt like I was driving on inters. I don't know if it's the mod of my setup, but I'm guessing it's the latter. Every lap was there was a new surprise, which killed the tyres but it was fun - very reminiscent of Bahrain S3.

Congrats to Joe for the maiden win of the season and to Pet Shark for hanging in there to grab some points despite starting last! Very Happy

Team "Grande" Pet Shark

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6 Re: Shouting thread - Bahrain on 8th December 2013, 5:01 pm


Congrats JOEY first of all, for a BRILLIANT FULL HOUSE - Pole + Win + Fastest Lap + Most Laps Led - just FUCKTASTIK, mateyyy!!!

My weekend started 'ok' and in quali I wasn't able to get to the 28's, but starting among the top 10 (which WOULD've put me in Q2 in the old quali system - and maybe gave me a chance to start a few more pos up in the grid), was 'good enough'... I think...


Race started well, with a clean start and a gentlemen's fight with Arek and Sam - thank you, guys!
But then while trying to overtake Sam at T4 (lap 2 or 3), my car just spun and I fell back to last place (or penultimate place) - I hit Gatis when trying to rejoin the track (I was trying to make my car spin to face the right direction, but it just didn't spin - it's not so easy in this mod as it was in FSONE), so I'm sorry for that, Gatis. I even waited to give you the pos back, but you were apparently slow and going out of the track on purpose to let ME go and I was like... scratch and then after a few secs, I just accelerated and got back to my race again, although it was already all fucked up by all of the time and places lost...

After that, I can't even number how many times I spun and made mistakes...
All I know is that IF it was a race with no incidents for me, I could've fought for the 5th place or something like that... At least I scored 1 little point and even if I lose it with a possible penalty, it was 'good' to get it anyway, even if only for my personal honor...
Very Happy

P.S. My Quali PB + Full Race Replay: #!FZYDwQjD!ZXToB2oVclxFQCOBEXCuQTQGCBw0AzPxSY1BQib4adk

7 Re: Shouting thread - Bahrain on 8th December 2013, 5:07 pm

First of all, welcome to the new drivers to the 5th season of the league. And welcome back to those not that new ones too. Wink

Qualy went good, I think that with this new qualifying system I was able to squeeze more of my setup thanks to the multiple chances we've got to go to track. I waited until I could find the track clear and clean air. Also I was waiting for the other cars to warm up the track, so whenever I go out it would be on optimum conditions.

My race was a bit tricky despite I started to make a more or less comfortable gap from lau. Because I considered to stop using tc override most of the time, and tried to accelerate gently the whole race on the exit of those right corners which needed more traction putting all the weight over the left rear tyre. All this, to save some rubber since I wanted to try just 1 stop.

Anyway, I managed to finish just enough and I can't be any happier for that.

Good job Sexy! I know it was a tough race but in the end you scored. It is just the beginning. Let's look forward to next races, we will do even better! Come on!

Congrats to lau and Grisu for their podium too. Both did an excellent job!

Last edited by Joe McLaggen on 8th December 2013, 5:11 pm; edited 1 time in total

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8 Re: Shouting thread - Bahrain on 8th December 2013, 5:09 pm

Well Q1 was a crap, coudnt make a lap above 29.6 (which was my objective)

Ive had a great start, got 2 places and lost 1 for Alexandre (great start by him, P16  To P11) In T3

But in lap 3, me cue and luft were fighting when luft had a spin at the fuck-turn in S2, i was too close to clue and luft's spin was unpredictible, than i tried but i cannot avoid a little tuch, and then he spin Sad , sorry cue no problem if DT for me

Looking foward, in lap 9 or 8 i think, javier and jure were fighting each other with me behind then, jure makes an overtake against him and (totally my fault) i touched him in his wing, and he had a spun

But i gave the position back to him in the same lap

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9 Re: Shouting thread - Bahrain on 8th December 2013, 6:23 pm


Most of all it's always nice to get back behind the wheel after a long brake between the seasons... Especially having such big expectations about the results I'm gonna have in this one Wink

My goal for this race was to finish on podium so I felt a bit disappointed while crossing the finish line but for now looking at my pace I didn't have a bad race.

It could've ended up better if I hadn't had such a bad quali session. I made a mistake becuase since I set my personal best (28,2) like one week ago I haven't done any single lap practices for the quali (only test races and long stints to check the tyres). And now it "paid off". 4 tries and everything very close to 29,0 (time I used to do being not warmed up enough soon after joining the server during the earlier pracice sessions).

So it was enough only for 8th place on the grid when I had expected minimum 2nd row... Razz

Start was bad, I lost one place for Sexy but on following laps he spun being right in front of me fighting with Sam. I thought that I might have toched him because he sudently slowed down in the middle of the corner so I was a bit pissed off but now I see him saying he spun by himself so it just makes my day Surprised 

After that I had to slowly climb up fighting with Sam (very tough and clean fight so I was nicely suprised we got a very solid rookie) Smile Sven, Grisu and Adrian.

Since I had a very bad Q I decided to change my strategy and start on meds because I knew I will be losing time fighting anyway. It's diffucit to say if it was a good choice bcause Grisu found himself ahead of me after the pits stops. I don't know what would've happend if I had come in earlier. I might've got stuck behind someone as well losing even more time so... Anyway I wasn't able to pass Grisu because we had exactly the same pace and I finished 4th right behind him.

Congratz to Joe and to the podium finishers. And seems like due to a great job by the team Renault takes the lead in CC championsip and it's not gonna give it away before the end of the season! Cool

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10 Re: Shouting thread - Bahrain on 8th December 2013, 6:27 pm


good to be racing again, but it was a bit of a dull race

quali went well.. new system threw up some surprises, so i was out of position on the grid relative to my actual pace

but come the race i was able to hold 3rd place for 14 laps until my pit stop, so not bad

made a spin a few laps later, and had to fight back past Sam Morales to 6th

I was never really fast enough to challenge higher than that, but if I hadn't have spun I could possibly have challenged Adrian for 5th.

all in all a decent result considering troubles in pre-season. hopefully a foundation to better results

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