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Season 5 - TRACKLIST (downloads)

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1 Season 5 - TRACKLIST (downloads) on 26th November 2013, 5:36 am


(read below for more info)
Tracklist - Season #5 (and download links)

ALL 16 TRACKS (full track pack, on a single .RAR file): #!IQYiBYDR!WMs5fj6GEnMETCsDpNiLQTAbKqoK3PsRaEhAxuR0xAg
01. Bahrain GP - Bahrain (RFT 2011) #!QYpHHL6L!Ehg96Gs9K95g52OUiHzA9RW2gVkYxndxN7NOHftePlg

02. Australia GP - Melbourne (RFT 2011) #!MVQEHT4b!X5t7K1JMkdmtPZXAvd2CPHFMbYsRcNg3qi_oQp3RJkI

03. Pacific GP - Aida (1994) #!oAhGUJbB!F_3BoF2f_VvsNCwIucuwhXcmemR2psnOs2XC5LeunUk

04. Canada GP - Montreal (2008) #!VRRUFYCS!IXwd8WRc4RltD43155YFrh5FfR4fNXHXXSvGTJlcahg

05. Portugal GP - Portimao (2009) #!wBgUDJQJ!Im754gy9eYtaRf50yBhU2G4pbOdTbvyXTHeq08iqpYw

06. Austria GP - A1 Ring (2.0) #!YcxEjDaL!ZpFrIHAxqMzOBLze9dBt3GUjeVFoNEMehs1zAZQonGE

07. San Marino GP - Imola (1994) #!wIwVUJQC!Q-kpMnbEIzZslQ0KYhFWgUryk40qDm6RPurF10neeSQ

08. Great Britain GP - Silverstone (rFactor original) #!kRgjna6Q!Zo-zunI4Bkvs0gx1MqDM0xp5mygS4ozhybY-VHtIlnE

09. France GP - Magny Cours (RFT 2011) #!MR5TURjK!MKXRwnxTukcdM0nWj_9EjBX0SIExdClNAbzZ54uyPjU

10. Germany GP - Nürburgring (rFactor original) #!BBRQwaIL!Vi5rKjbPUveV1PEpawz3-CpqTPhieIHFj0GlYAw00L4

11. Belgium GP - Spa-Francorchamps (RFT 2011) #!EUZRVCYD!MZ3EUkyjCmG1NjfXX1KdyBr06YkyGMOkif_YOHu_fxc

12. Italy GP - Monza (ISR 2011) #!UQgWAKza!cA-XLkacNKfTtqifb_5u5kXtFpFC4mCl4OMtG1R5wYw

13. USA GP - Laguna Seca (1.2) #!UZRVjQaa!X0YlgRIoKBaUjgSq1lb1thzKcisecjIG_ytMU7ZC_nE

14. Brazil GP - Interlagos WET (RFT 2010) #!9MxEyRwb!ZAJfX0cDMZYHUrV4V4eXlH08D1s6iZo5CqleY2JEobg

15. Japan GP - Suzuka (FSR 2013) #!YJQx3BRK!NO14mlf-mXrAHvyJKOFouQTqzPUOaSzBs334qAHCNcg

16. Malaysia GP - Sepang (RFT 2010) #!EMwnyaTS!MSltqTpQJqOj814Zg-L0dDWY2uQVJkMy-1C4RYQ6RzU
FULL CALENDAR <--- Click here!.. Rolling Eyes


This topic have just been REPOSTED because I found out how to solve the previous issue (where people would have to remove the original track versions from their 'Locations' folder and etc)...

Well, NO NEED TO DO THAT anymore!!! Surprised

And IF you guys had downloaded ANY of the tracks above before I reposted this topic, pliss, just do this:

- Go to your 'Locations' folder.

- Delete the 'rFR S5' folder from it.

- And then (re)install the tracks listed above.

Sorry for the incovenience, but at least now we can keep both the original versions of the tracks and ALSO our custom ones - YAY!!!


P.S. - ALL tracks above are a little customized: loading screens, pit limit set to 100 km/h, menu names, saving folders and a few other technical stuff (NO changes made to the tracks 'physics') - so, even if you already have any of these tracks (in their original versions), you still MUST download our custom ones, otherwise you'll get mismatch at our server...
Rolling Eyes

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2 Re: Season 5 - TRACKLIST (downloads) on 26th November 2013, 10:09 pm


Can someone tell me why this stupid game moves me once to Belgium and then to Monaco over and over again when I type: /callvote event RFT 2011 Bahrain ?? Evil or Very Mad 

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3 Re: Season 5 - TRACKLIST (downloads) on 26th November 2013, 11:28 pm


because we changed the track names...

type the name in the setup folder

/callvote event RFR s5 01 bahrain

4 Re: Season 5 - TRACKLIST (downloads) on 27th November 2013, 12:29 am


Because you're a juvenil and don't read the threads at the admin area (or even the 1st post in this topic)...
Evil or Very Mad


The commands to load the tracks above on the server are:

/callvote event rFR S5 01

/callvote event rFR S5 02

/callvote event rFR S5 03

/callvote event rFR S5 04

...etc, etc, etc, until track 16 (on the order as they are presented above).

5 Re: Season 5 - TRACKLIST (downloads) on 25th December 2013, 3:34 pm

I haven't got 'Locations' folder at beginning. So i copied Aida track (inside Locations folder) to my installation folder. Then i try to go to server and i get an error code 2. It cant find track Aida. Please help, sorry for trubleing you.

Pozz Flis

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6 Re: Season 5 - TRACKLIST (downloads) on 25th December 2013, 3:40 pm

Ok, i did it. I fixed the problem :)thanks anyway. Smile

My passion is driving
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7 Re: Season 5 - TRACKLIST (downloads) on 26th December 2013, 7:47 pm

I can't download the track. Link doesn't work

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8 Re: Season 5 - TRACKLIST (downloads) on 26th December 2013, 8:58 pm


ALL links/files work.

It's a problem with this damn AdFly shit the forum automatically adds to the links...

Just remove the red/white part of the link (use only the BLUE part) and press ENTER:

9 Re: Season 5 - TRACKLIST (downloads) on 26th December 2013, 11:09 pm


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