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Shouting thread - Brazil

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1 Shouting thread - Brazil on 10th November 2013, 3:10 pm

Tell us about your Quali and Race!!!

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2 Re: Shouting thread - Brazil on 10th November 2013, 5:35 pm

really bad Q2 but guys in front like Joe(who got the pole) and Adrian's times got cancelled 
so i started on p5 , had a not very good start but kept Adrian behind , however seems like i just couldnt get rid of spining in lap 1 , i made a stupid mistake went on the grass and spun myself i think Adrian had a good view of my spin Razz then i dropped dwon to P14 pretty much the last place Razz. then i was all about recover so 1st Alexandre , Marius, Cue, Jure, Black(i think), Adrian and Tony . then i was right at the back of Sven, Joe and Tom, so i enjoyed watching them fighting also i took a look at the gap between lau and Tom(P1 to P2) it was a shocker to me huge gap it was.
i pitted on lap 16 i think with Joe . after the pit i stayed behind Joe nicely then after two BMWs pitted we were on P2 and P3 with a comfortable gap behind so i thought to have good fight with Joe .but on a right hander(exactly where i spun) Joe braked too late and spun off Sad i felt really bad to him , he could have a much better result . then i noticed i was more than 10 sec behind lau but i felt really quick and hard tyres performaned really well and i was even able to set a new fastest lap in the penultimate lap and just 5 sec behind him crossed the line. congrats to lau .
it was a good race but not great . if i didnt spin and made a good Q2 i could have got the chance to  win the race but the race was fun enjoyed it , thats more important

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3 Re: Shouting thread - Brazil on 10th November 2013, 6:52 pm



4 Re: Shouting thread - Brazil on 11th November 2013, 4:21 am

My race was absolutely fantastic until I started becoming a magnet for some very experienced drivers. Sad 

First, I got hit by Joe who said it was lag, then by Sven who definitely touched me by braking 20m late as usual, then Blackfox who let me past again.
By then, my right rear wheel was so bent that on the straight, my steering wheel was about 5 degrees to the left and I had to brake very early to stop the rears from locking and spinning like Hulkenberg did last year.
I was losing nearly a second per lap so I couldn't catch the battle up front anymore and instead, I got caught by Sexy who easily got past me under braking and ran away. It's a shame because a lot of us had similar pace and it would have been great to be in that fight till the flag.

Anyway, well done to Lau for an easy lights to flag victory, Alex for his great recovery and Tom for holding on to P3. Smile

My race capped off a season of bad luck so I'm looking forward to starting on a clean page next season.
A lot of drivers seemed to become very competitively-minded recently so I think we're in for a great championship next year, though I hope there aren't such hard feelings like there has been of late. Smile

Congrats again to Tom for this seasons championship.

See you guys next season! cheers

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5 Re: Shouting thread - Brazil on 11th November 2013, 3:49 pm


League Director
League Director
I qualified on P7 after a shitty lap in Q2. My start was normal, i could hold my position. I could follow the P2-P7 group easily while Lau was flying away. There were many fights in which i had some unlucky contacts. But all in all i had a very good pace overtaking tom at the end of my stint making me leading the field for one lap. In the second stint I got a great pace too and went to P3.
Tom was like 2 seconds behind me all the time holding Joe up who was faster than us. In the second last lap Joe was able to overtake Tom and also gained time to me. In the last lap on the backstraight he tried to overtake me for P3 while tom got his slipstream and we had a three cars fight into T4 ion which i misjudget that Tom wasnt taking back so i turned a bit into Joe which slowed us down so Tom could overtake us and took home the third position.

Im a bit disappointed about my position and i could get a DT penalty.

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6 Re: Shouting thread - Brazil on 11th November 2013, 5:42 pm


I had a lot of fun during first laps fighting with many drivers for 2nd place. Tom should get some special award for creating the biggest train of the season which let Lau to pull away quite easily of the rest of the group. So I was very busy overtaking and being overtaken by Joe, Adrian, Sven and Tony. Other guys were pretty close too waiting for every mistake. A few times I had an oportunity to get past Tom but every time he defended himself very well. Maybe if I had gone past him I could've pulled away, maybe not to chase Lau who made a good gap but to secure the second place.

In the heat of the battle I got bumped by Sven and went wide losing a few places which wasn't helpful for me of course knowing the group was pretty tight.

So I decided to pit a little bit earlier on lap 10 (I was going with two pit stop strategy anyway which as I think could've really paid off if I had been able to overtake Tom earlier).

When I came out on the next lap I saw yellow fag before the first chicane. A moment later I noticed the signs of rubber after a spinning car. I was curious who was that and started clicking on the keyboard to change the hud to find out driving with just one hand on the wheel in the middle of chicane... As it turned out it was a mistake Razz After a quick look at the hud I realized I steped out of the internal curb and started spining. It was a very very slow spin though the speed was pretty high and I could do nothing but just admire the commercial boards flying in front of my nose Razz

I knew that my race was fucked up now because I had another pit stop still to do. Anyway I was still pushing and even starting to catch some cars. But at the end of the race I had brake issue (brake duct was set to 1, it wasn't too smart but during the last test race everything was ok) Razz At the end I lost the brakes almost at all and even Alexsandre overtok me in the last curve taking 10th place and one point away from me. I'm glad it happened like that. If I had that failure driving in front with chances for podium I would've been pissed off Razz

Congratz to Lau for the convincing victory, once again big congratz to Tom - our new champion and see ya guys next season Smile

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7 Re: Shouting thread - Brazil on 11th November 2013, 6:08 pm


This picture sums up my race Razz :

I had to defend my position every single lap, so I never managed to put down the pace I actually had.

My long run tests pretty much match Lau's time from this race.

But whatever, I had lots of fun, and p3 gave me my 12th podium of the season - setting a new league record!

Lots of great fights throughout, including a 3-wide incident on the last lap into t4.

I was mainly fighting together with Sven for BMW to get the CC, and I think we did a good job (although the results hangs on the stewards).

Nice end to a great season! Thanks to all for the congratulations.

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