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Shouting thread - Mexico

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1 Shouting thread - Mexico on 3rd November 2013, 3:11 pm

Tell us about your Quali and Race!!!!!

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2 Re: Shouting thread - Mexico on 3rd November 2013, 5:20 pm

My start was okay but I got into a slide in T3 and Arek got past. After that he pulled away from me but I caught up after a while and passed him thanks to my top speed. Smile 

Then, after my stop I came out just in front of him and he got past me again with a great move around the outside of T4. After catching him again, Arek pitted for the second time and although I was on a one-stop, I decided I'd better cover him off so I wouldn't have to worry about tyres, knowing that if I pitted early, I could come out in front of him again. It paid off but was a bit close for comfort whilst my tyres were cold.

On the final corner of lap 28 we got quite close and I closed the door on him, maybe a bit early - stewards might want to look into it.
It's a strange place to go side-by-side so I expected Arek to yield a bit to get a good slip stream down the straight, but he didn't and so my move was misjudged and probably slightly unfair to him, sorry. Sad 

Afterwards, I was able to make a small gap, but he was maintaining the gap behind me so I had to be careful not to make a mistake or spin. I had to manage fuel too so it wasn't over till we crossed the line.

Arek drove really well and never made any mistakes, so congratulation to him and also Sexy for a great, much-deserved podium. Very Happy

Team "Grande" Pet Shark

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3 Re: Shouting thread - Mexico on 3rd November 2013, 5:45 pm


The podium:

4 Re: Shouting thread - Mexico on 3rd November 2013, 5:57 pm



Great job, Tom!

We all look the same!

And we all look like a 'younger me'... Razz

P.S. I'm a white guy with black hands... Very Happy


About my race...

Surprisingly a good race for me!

I mean...
I was among the fastest guys in the last 2 weeks of practice, so I was expecting at least a top 5, but... when the weekend begun, with Q1, everyone was too damn fast and I wasn't able to get a fast lap myself, so I went to Q2 only in 9th place... And then on Q2, I got an even worse lap and I started in 8th place and with 7 guys in front of me, I knew it would be hard to get a good place in the end... Glad I was wrong!

On the first laps, I was trying to be as careful and 'kind' as I could to the guys around me - especially after getting a penalty in Fuji - and also because the track could be pretty tricky if you force too much...

Then I found myself fighting for P5 against Tom, Tony and Cue and we had the 4 cars together for about a whole lap or 2... Then Cue was partially alongside with me in the esses and he suddenly spun... I was afraid it was my fault, due to a touch or something (because on my screen I didn't see or feel anything), but after the race he said he spun himself, so although I'm sorry for him, I'm glad it wasn't my fault (and I won't get another penalty - LOL)!

So, it was just me and Tony against Tom, who was pretty damn slow... I wish you were that slow in the rest of the season as well, Tom (LOL)! But Tom had a great top speed and it was almost impossible to overtake him on the straights - and he was able to keep us behind on the esses - so it was all pretty hard during a lot of laps - Tony and I were also attacking each other and I was afraid that would help Tom to get away, but gladly we were still able to attack Tom as well - so, it was a nice threesome - no homo, pliss! Razz

All I know is that after a lot of tries, I was finally able to overtake the 2 of them and put a small gap with the help of Arek coming out from the pits, since Arek, Tom and Tony started to fight against each other!

A couple of laps later, I had Arek on fresh tyres on my tail and it was all a matter of time until he overtook me, but still he did it in a not so nice way, but bumping me and almost making me spin... But it's ok, I'm not asking for a penalty or anything. Let's consider that as just a silly race incident. No big harm done (except for some time lost and also the place to him, but.. it was going to happen anyway)... YOU LUCKY & NASTY JUVENIL!!!

After that, I was going for my one and only pit stop and the Hard tyres were completely fucked up - and the 2nd stint would be even longer, so I knew my tyres would be pretty fucked up at the end of the race as well, but still, according to all the tests I performed, this was the best strategy to ME, so I kept going with it and... it paid off!!!

Some of the guys in front of me had issues - including Joe... I'm REALLY sorry for that, Muchacho!!! It was your home race and you were fighting for the win along with Arek and Alex - you're too DAMN out of luck lately, matey! Better luck at Brasil!!!

But in the end I was able to get a nice podium (3rd place) and another 15 points! And although Joe didn't score points, Sven and Tom scored only 10 points, so that was good for the Constructors' Championship and, guess what?!.. McLaren and BMW Sauber are both with 324 points - yes, we are TIED in the fight for the Title and.. there's only 1 race remaining - just AMAZING!!!

Congrats Adrian for the win!
Congrats Arek for NOT winning - as I said it would be - HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Sorry Joe for another unfortunate race...

And... that's it!


My full race replay:

mega.co.nz #!ABoGFJab!Gau0IgILVaPhvTxXWUJQrQ4AuLVgy5UZsp5a0G3rU44

5 Re: Shouting thread - Mexico on 3rd November 2013, 6:11 pm


Finally some good race by me Razz I really like this track, it suits me in a perfect way so I had a lot of fun practicing for the last two weeks and I was prepared the best I could to fight for a good result which had to sugar my bad and disappointed season so far. My goal at least was to finish in the podium but I really thought about the win.

Start went very well. I kept my second place which was a suprise knowing my top speed and I found myself right behind Adrian who made a mistake in T3. I got past him and I had to pull away as much as I could to get enough gap to make impossible for him to overtake me on the main straight.

And it worked for the first laps very well until my tyres starting to get worn. Right after he passed me at the begining of lap 12 I decided to make a pit stop. The only thing I needed was to get back the track having noone in front of me but of course I went out right behind Tom, Sexy and Tony fighting each other... Rolling Eyes 

Tony made a mistake in T1 so I got past him straight away but then I stucked behind Tom and Sexy who were very slow on very worn tyres. I had to be following them for like 3 laps and I knew the only chance to pass for me was in the twisty part of the track (low top speed). I was standing on my head to get past and finally I made it.

Manwhile Adrian made his pit stop and rejoined right in front of me. I got lucky I didn't lose more in the traffic but if I hadn't got stuck behind them I would've stayed in front of him having better pace at that moment and much more better chance for a win. I think if that had happened Adrian wouldn't have pited for the second time later because he would be too afraid Razz

So being close to him I "got past him again with a great move around the outside of T4" as he said, and I'm not gonna argue with that Smile

Then again I was pulling away till I started losing grip. He catched me one more time and overtook at the end of the main straight. Right after that I went to the pits for the second time and this time I had free air without any moving chicanes Razz But after a few laps he covered my strategy and somehow rejoined in front of me but this time the gap was enough that I wasn't able to do anything... (about 1,5s) Razz

He had fresher tyres so I lost my adentage in the esses so I could only follow him till the end hoping for his spin and that's it Razz

Anway thank you for a great fight Adrian. I gave everthing I had out of myself pushing as hard as I could through the whole distance with nearly no mistakes  but it wasn't enough Smile Congratz Smile

I don't know what happend to Joe but I feel sorry for him. He was very competive and it was his "home round"... Sad

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6 Re: Shouting thread - Mexico on 3rd November 2013, 8:57 pm


Btw, I just checked the replay again and I didn't even touch you Sexy Razz It looks like you were hit a little bit but there is no visible contact between our cars and during the game I didn't feel it at all. There must have been lag. I could send you my replay but you can trust me Razz Although I regret you didn't spin Razz

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7 Re: Shouting thread - Mexico on 3rd November 2013, 8:58 pm


No, I trust in you.
And you lag from time to time, remember? Juvenil internet connection... Razz
I put my race replay on my previous post.. download it and you'll see how 'fun' it looked from my screen... Very Happy

8 Re: Shouting thread - Mexico on 4th November 2013, 12:06 am

Damn internet... sorry guys

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9 Re: Shouting thread - Mexico on 4th November 2013, 12:08 am


Pô, Juan... =/
Geral ficô xorôso que você não conseguiu voltar...
Mais sorte no Brasilzão!

Eu e Tony estávamos em um server 'teste' que o Paladyno criou com o Beetle mod... foi show! Mas o Tony mixculaxô eu!

Very Happy

10 Re: Shouting thread - Mexico on 4th November 2013, 12:10 am

Só voltou agora... vo baixar interlagos de novo, a minha ta dando erro aqui

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11 Re: Shouting thread - Mexico on 4th November 2013, 12:54 am


A gente trocou. Achamos uma versão com melhor área de escape.
Mas a pista em si é a mesma.

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