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Shouting thread - Japan

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1 Shouting thread - Japan on 20th October 2013, 3:17 pm

Tell us about your Quali and Race!!!!

if i*ve ever offended you, just know that from the bottom of my heart, i really dont give a shit
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2 Re: Shouting thread - Japan on 20th October 2013, 5:03 pm

Best race in a long time! Wheel-to-wheel for almost the whole race. Very Happy

My start was good but Joe was quite easily able to keep up. I had to do a lot of defending because he seemed quite fast. My only defense was top speed.
A few laps later we touched in T1 I went off the track. It could have been lag but from my side I could have also avoided him better so it's a racing incident and no hard feelings. Smile

Then I found myself behind Tom and Blackfox. I got past both but Tom was able to keep up and the slip stream down to T1 probably helped a little.
After my pitstop I came back out in front of Tom and was fighting him to the end. It was very fair as always and somewhat reminiscent of Canada in S2 when, like with this race, we crossed the line side by side. Tom was in front this time and it was a well deserved win with no big mistakes. Smile 

Bad luck to Joe for the penalty - no doubt he would have won.
I haven't had much luck of late (for about the last half-dozen races or so) but maybe the last few races will be better. Smile

Well done to Sven for fastest lap! Very Happy

Team "Grande" Pet Shark

"I don't need another novel..." - Mike Henry Jr
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3 Re: Shouting thread - Japan on 20th October 2013, 5:11 pm


Very good Q1, setting a lap on the 13s.

On Q2, I was annoyed by Tibor going offline and online again and again - same as it happened in previous races - and I was even talking to Tom about it...
When Sven was on his hotlap, Tibor rejoined again and then the cars on the track map just 'froze' to me and I noticed the server froze to me as well.
Right away I typed to Arek on gmal chat telling him what happened, because I knew I was about to be called to take my lap and then Arek told me to sign off and rejoin the server - which I also did as fast as I could.
As soon as I rejoined, I saw the message 'GO TOM' on the chatbox... Couldn't you guys waited a FEW seconds? I told Arek what was going on!...
And then as soon as I went to track (and on Tom's hotlap), Sven started to 'scream' on the chatbox that I couldn't go to track, because that was against the rules... (and so is chatting in quali - just sayin'...)
But anyway...
I had to start in 9th place because of that - I had to abort my lap, because I couldn't focus with Sven 'screaming' like a bitch - so.. again, I MUST thank Tibor and Sven.

In the race, I was starting near Alex, who is a great driver and friend, but we all know he lags (not his fault, but his connection) and I was afraid of that... Because I KNEW some incident could easily happen, since the real position of his car is NEVER EXACTLY what I can see on my screen - and then 'out of the blue' we could 'touch' each other...
With that in mind, I was driving as carefully as I could around EVERYone - braking sometimes just to avoid any 'lag/magnet crash' and with that, I could never set my own best pace and then I was losing time and the leaders were getting away from me, while I kept having guys pressuring me.

The only guy I actually attacked was Denis, but on lap 4, at the very first corner in S3 we had an accident.
I apologize to Denis, but I think it was NOT my fault.
We were side by side on the corner EXACTLY as we did in lap 3 (on that same spot) and we had no issues. But then on lap 4, Denis left me zero to no room (moving his car towards mine on the braking zone - AKA 'lau move') and although I threw my car over the internal kerb the best I could and I didn't even 'feel' me touching him, I saw him spinning...

I lost my place to Alex on my pit stop, because my 1st stint's last lap was a bad one, but I was able to catch him and regained the place. I was then in 3rd place, with Alex glued on my tail, but also pretty close to the leaders, Tom and Adrian - they were losing time because they were fighting with each other, but I couldn't get to them because Alex was fighting with me and I was being extra careful due to his lag issues...
All I know is that on lap 33 (S3's 1st corner) Alex was trying to overtake me from the inside and I gave him more than enough room, but still he hit me and I spun, losing a place.
After the race he asked me 'did we touch' (LOL), so it seems he was having some lag again...
I'm not mad at him. But I'm extremely pissed that I got fucked up and there's no one to blame (if it was lag).

But whatever... 5th place... 10 points... another 'could've been better' race... - that's my life.

REALLY sorry for Joe's unfortunate DT penalty for speeding in the pit... it was a certain win...
I'm not sure if that gives the Title to Tom already (because I didn't make my maths yet), but if it does, congrats to Tom, of course.

Here's my race replay:
mega.co.nz #!lIwlxQxL!WzMtvhoLL11Y2a1Nd0-2BQzXK5V9dH3KW3hpDBHT5E0

4 Re: Shouting thread - Japan on 20th October 2013, 5:15 pm

what a race , the toughest race ever for me , what a brilliant fight Sexy throughout the whole race, of course im really really sorry for your spin Sad (did we contact or sth? from my screen we didnt but really sorry for that)

my race was good although not great , bad Q2 and used a hard set in the race but overall its pretty good loads of fights also pretty funny to see Areko as a lapped car right on my ass while im fighting with Sexy Razz

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5 Re: Shouting thread - Japan on 20th October 2013, 5:16 pm

oh damnit sorry mate im gonna send my replay to you

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6 Re: Shouting thread - Japan on 20th October 2013, 5:17 pm


Don't bother. I know you wouldn't have done it on purpose or for bad driving.
I trust your word that it was lag. It's ok.

Moving on...

7 Re: Shouting thread - Japan on 20th October 2013, 5:21 pm

That was one shitty race.

After pretty fine Q1, in Q2 i made a mistake in sector 2 and i span.

Start was okay but i was maybe too careful in 1st turn or some guys were just braking a bit too late..

I was chasing Lau maybe 6 or 7 laps or something and then a car span in front of us and i couldn't dodge it. 

I had to change my front wing. So my car's steering was broken and it was all the time pulling to the left. When i tried to catch Juan, the steering forced me to make a
mistake and i span.

Obviously i had to make another stop, cause my hards were completely dead.
So i put the soft tyres and tried to catch the group fighting for 10th place.
After exiting the pits, i was blue flagged and had to let Adrian and Tom pass.
I was able to follow them and thereby catch the others. I saw i was a bit quicker (because of my softs) but they were fighting hard so didn't want to ruin their race

I catched Marius and tried to pass him in sector 2 but in that quick right turn complex my broked steering decided to join the party and i span again. Except the steering, the car was fine after that. But i decided to leave the race cause there wasn't any chance to catch the others after that mistake and after that kind of a race, it isn't very motivating to cross the finish line with P13.

Ps. I dunno if it's in the rules but is it allowed for lapped guys to overtake the drivers who lapped u, if the lapped driver is faster?

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8 Re: Shouting thread - Japan on 20th October 2013, 5:33 pm

http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjI0MDg0NDU2.html    (sorry for the quality though)
it really was because of lag mate , that heartless bi**h , anyway really sorry for that Sad

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9 Re: Shouting thread - Japan on 20th October 2013, 5:34 pm

Oh I almost forgot...

Well done Tom for becoming the new World Champion! Surprised
Thoroughly deserved - actually raced hard for it, sometimes perhaps with a car that is not the fastest.

I heard somewhere that you might not race next season? I hope it's not true! We need more drivers like you in the league! Very Happy

Edit: How many races did you win on the last lap? It must be a record! Smile

Team "Grande" Pet Shark

"I don't need another novel..." - Mike Henry Jr
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10 Re: Shouting thread - Japan on 20th October 2013, 5:40 pm

oh yea , huge congratulations to Tom on winning the championship , really deserved well done 
and also congratulations to Joe , never gave up well done

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11 Re: Shouting thread - Japan on 20th October 2013, 5:46 pm


Yeah, it was such a nice fight between Alex and Sexy that I decided to join the party jocolor 

Hmmm what to say about my race... It wasn't one of my best. That's how I can describe in a nice way Razz The start was good, I lost two places but it was fine, people were careful and everything was clear and I was still in the middle of the action with Jure right in front of me and Juan right on my back Razz I noticed he was trying to overtake me in that right a little bit off camber corner in that twisty section of the track for the first time he tried to squeeze in but held out in the last moment but on the next lap he went with full commitment and hit me sending me off the track. Then he crashed into Tibor I believe and I went very wide jumping out of the track.

Then I lost all my focus and started spinning. I don't know how many times I spun because I stopped counting at 4th or 5th one... During the second stint when the car was lighter I finally had some periods of clean good driving.

On the first laps I also had another accident with Juan. Marius had some adventure and I got right on his back. He was accelerating slowly in the corner (T4 - long left hander) I decided to overtake him by the outside thinking he was going to turn his car to the left but he stayed there so I had to leave the track to avoid a collision (my car wouldn't turn that fast to the inside of the corner)  I did it at high speed so I was suprised when I got hit from behind when I was back on track. Nothing happend to me exept for some damages but Juan who came from behind lost his front wing. I'm sorry and I think i may get a penalty for it Sad

At the end I joined the fight between Sexy and Alex who lapped me uder blue flags but they were slow fighting each other so I was following them very closlely sticking my nose to where I shouldn't just for fun rendeer 

Congratz to the top 3 and see ya on the podium in Mexico! Smile

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12 Re: Shouting thread - Japan on 20th October 2013, 5:52 pm


And I see we got a new world champion so big congratulations to Tom! king 

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13 Re: Shouting thread - Japan on 20th October 2013, 5:53 pm


League Director
League Director
Good and bad race. In Q1 i was doing one hotlap which was already enough for Q2. Then in Q2 i fucked my last sector and got 5th at the grid.

I had an average start and keeped my position. Then in T3 i accidently went wide (reminds me on my pole start in china in season 1 Very Happy) and i got nearly last. Then i had very great laps with a lot of overtakes.

In Lap 7 i overtook Alex for P4 but then he tried to overtake back into T2 and hit me out (could have been lag!!). I couldnt avoid other drivers hitting me in full speed so my car was a total loss. After the very long pitstop i was ony of the last again 1:10 min behind the leader. I did a constant run and overtook Iceman, Arek, Jure and others.

In Lap 23 i was on P9 and had to pit again for medium tires because my hard ones lost much of grip. I fell back to P12 but was able to overtake me back to P9 and then set the fastest laptime.

Well 2 points for CC could be many more but maybe they will be important at the end :/


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14 Re: Shouting thread - Japan on 21st October 2013, 9:16 pm

I was a decent place in the race but on lap 4 Sexy turned me around.
Yes Sexy you attacked me on lap 3 and in this Turning already almost knocked me. You were behind me in front of the turn and in the Turning. It was dangerous because it is the bottleneck.  I think you need to have at least catch up with me before entering the turn. But you try again on lap 4 already knowing that you will not be able to pass me.  Sad

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15 Re: Shouting thread - Japan on 22nd October 2013, 1:12 am


Дзяніс , я разумею , што вы сказалі, але ... Я быў хутчэй, чым вы, і нападаюць на вас з рэальным шанцам дагнаць і вы вырашылі зачыніць дзверы і перамясціць аўтамабіль да маіх . Вы выклікаў кантакт, а не я.

Вы маглі б даць мне некаторыя нумары , і мы абодва ўзялі б той кут разам (як мы рабілі ў 3 крузе , хоць вы спрабавалі зачыніць дзверы таксама) і наступным вуглом быў левым куце і вы прынялі б , што куце перад мяне і захаваць сваё месца (як мы рабілі ў 3 крузе таксама). Але замест гэтага вы не пакінуў мне пакоі , перамяшчаючы ваш аўтамабіль да маёй , і я стараўся з усіх сіл , каб пазбегнуць кантакту - Я кінуў маю машыну на абочыне , усё, што мог , але працягваў паварочваць ваш аўтамабіль з правага боку. Калі вы далі мне толькі невялікую пакой , вы б захавалі сваё месца і кантакт / аварыі не здарылася б .

Я сапраўды і шчыра шкада, што ты павярнуўся, і я не кіроўца несправядлівым , таму мне было сумна, каб атрымаць месца , як гэта. Але ўсё ж я думаю , што гэта была не мая віна.

Вы не можаце сказаць , што я быў ​​вельмі агрэсіўным , таму што калі б я быў, то вы былі агрэсіўныя таксама.

Мы абодва жорсткіх ваджэння і спрабуюць быць справядлівымі , наколькі мы маглі, але на мой погляд , гэта быў няшчасны выпадак гонкі .

(Я спадзяюся , што Google Translate не сапсаваць усё, што я сказаў ... )


Denis, I understand what you said, but... I was faster than you and attacking you with a real chance of overtaking and you decided to close the door and move your car towards mine. You caused the contact, not me.

You could have given me some room and we both would have taken that corner together (like we did in lap 3, although you tried to close the door too) and the following corner was a left corner and you would take that corner in front of me and keep your place (like we did in lap 3 too). But instead you left me no room by moving your car towards mine and I tried my best to avoid a contact - I threw my car over the kerb, the best I could, but you kept turning your car to the right. If you have given me just a small room, you would have kept your place and the contact/accident wouldn't have happened.

I'm really and honestly sorry you spun and I'm not an unfair driver, so I was sad to gain the position like that. But still I think it was not my fault.

You can't say I was aggressive, because if I was, then you were aggressive too.

We were both driving hard and trying to be as fair as we could, but in my opinion, it was an unfortunate race incident.

(I hope Google Translate don't screw up everything I said...)

16 Re: Shouting thread - Japan on 22nd October 2013, 1:26 pm


Well I had a very good race, with a little bit of luck to help me on the way

Quali was good. in q1 the BMW team tried to slipstream each other with mixed success, to get higher up the order for q2. in q2, i nailed the last sector, which put me on the front row (with some mistakes by others)

Race - made a good start, but Joe inevitably got past me. I could just about hold on to Adrian and Joe, but even though they were fighting each other hard and losing a lot of time, I wasn't really closing. I got within a second but then I understeered off the track at t4/t5 and fell back. BlackFox was pretty close to me, so I had my eyes on my mirrors for most of the first stint as well.

Then the first bit of luck to bring me back into play. a small collision between Adrian and Joe put me into 2nd and ahead of Adrian. It didn't last long, Adrian got past with a higher top speed and overall better car. Joe was long gone into the distance at this point, and I was preparing to fight for the 2nd step on the podium.

So I decided to pit 1 lap earlier than planned, and try the undercut. I also added some front wing, because the car had been understeering more than it had in practice. This was the key to getting past Adrian, as the car came alive with this small balance adjustment.

Then the second bit of luck (is another's mistake luck?) - Joe got a penalty (I'm guessing it was stop/go for speeding in the pits, I don't know the details). This meant I was fighting Adrian for the win now.

I knew with Joe a long way behind us that I could just finish 2nd to take the championship, but I wanted to do it the hard way.

Adrian came out of the pits in front of me and we had a battle for almost 16 laps, the last 8 wheel to wheel and swapping positions. Iceman was right behind us (lapped) but he was actually faster than us. He could have passed us legitimately to unlap himself but he just watched the show instead.

Adrian had a higher top speed - when I pulled out the slipstream I went backwards - so I had to find somewhere else on the track to pass him, or to outsmart him into T1. On (I think) lap 33, I used the slipstream of Marius, who we were lapping, to get alongside Adrian into T1. I was able to hold position for the lap, and although Adrian got past me on the straight again, I managed to exit t1 on the final lap in the lead. Adrian held on though, and we had a drag race out of the last corner to the line. If the line had been a metre further down the track, Adrian would have taken the win.

So I took the win by 0.014 seconds, a slightly bigger margin than Adrian beat me in Canada by in Season 2 (that was 0.005 seconds), and the Drivers Championship.

I'm very happy to have won the championship, I've never really put together a strong challenge for the whole season before, although I've been in the hunt at times.

Season 1 was a learning season and I came close a few times to winning races, thwarted by bad luck in Monaco, Otti and Soutie elsewhere, but the championship was never on.
Season 2 I could have been in contention (every race I finished was in top 5) if not for a run of bad lack driver error and circumstance (blue flag crash in Imola, crash to desktop in Spain, errors at Silverstone, race ban, missing 2 races).
Season 3 I got to grips with the car too late, and although I won three races in the mid season, I fell apart at the three high-speed circuits in the second half of the season and was too far gone to fight for the title anymore.

This season everything has fallen into place. Bad luck has stayed away from me, I've only made a handful of mistakes in quali or races that meant I didn't get the 100% possible from the race. I'm also happy that it wasn't easy. I was fighting the best drivers of our league regularly. 4 of my 7 wins were with overtakes on the last laps, against Lau, Raikko (Australia), Alex Hill (South Africa), Lau again (Germany) and Adrian (Japan).

So to get what I really wanted from the league is great. Winning at Fuji also means I can enjoy the last 2 races of this season, and focus on the Constructors.

17 Re: Shouting thread - Japan on 24th October 2013, 9:40 pm

I know Im a bit late but better than never Razz  I had a nice race didnt expect to have such a good pace that I had. First strategy I wanted was Hard Hard, but then I changed my mind and stayed on hards a bit longer and went in for meds. Two laps more after finish and God knows what could happen because I was catching up with other guys at front pretty quickly. Nice weekend for me although I finished behind both of my targets for the championship (Sexy and Alex) , one I want to overtake, and one I want to stay in front of Razz  .

And also HUGE CONGRATS TO TOMY Very Happy 

Well done mate you did great season and you deserved this championship Smile

Very much congrats to Joey also, who did GREAT season again so also great job mate Wink

Thats from me for now, see you all in mexico Smile

                                                                            Team Pet Shark
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