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Italian GP - Penalties

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1 Italian GP - Penalties on 8th October 2013, 6:14 pm


Tibor Bocskai v Juan Caires
- Lap 1, 2nd chicane - Forcing another car off the track. DRIVE THROUGH penalty to Tibor Bocskai.

Tibor Bocskai v Arek - Lap 4, 3rd chicane - Tibor turns in to Arek when he in alongside

Tibor Bocskai v Sven - Lap 7, 1st chicane - Tibor missed the braking point and collided with Sven when rejoining the track.

Tibor Bocskai v Juan Caires - Lap 10, 2nd chicane - collision which forced Juan off the track.
Tibor Bocskai will start next race from the pit lane.


Adrian S Shole - lap 27 - reversing down the track to the finish - WARNING - This is the last time we accept these kind of maneuvers as a preventive measure.

"This involves adopting a ‘simulation’ mindset - do not do anything in the game that you would not do in real life"


  • 4.1 Drivers are strictly forbidden to drive their car in the opposite direction to the race unless this is absolutely necessary in order to move the car from a dangerous position.

  • 4.2 If a driver’s car has stopped, is moving slowly, or is not facing in the direction of the course, due to mechanical fault (engine or otherwise) or due to accident or incident, they must move it to safe position, whilst not endangering any other drivers, as quickly as they can. If the driver must retire, they must exit to the monitor as quickly as possible to avoid interfering with another driver’s race.

  • 4.3 At no time may a car be driven unnecessarily slowly, erratically or in a manner which could be deemed potentially dangerous to other drivers or any other person. This will apply whether any such car is being driven on the track, the pit entry or the pit lane.

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2 Re: Italian GP - Penalties on 8th October 2013, 7:17 pm

wtf?i start in the pit and DRIVE THROUGH penalty?

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3 Re: Italian GP - Penalties on 8th October 2013, 8:31 pm

neuer0223 wrote:wtf?i start in the pit and DRIVE THROUGH penalty?
the drive through penalty was for the Italian race and at the next race you have to start from the pit.

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4 Re: Italian GP - Penalties on 8th October 2013, 9:12 pm


Tibor... honestly... if you take into consideration ALL of the wrong things you did (I watched your whole race replay - every lap... every accident you caused... ever corner/chicane you cut)... you actually got a pretty fair penalty - it could've been worse... you could've got a race (or even a league) ban, for example, so... just drive more carefully (and fairly) and you won't get penalties anymore.

5 Re: Italian GP - Penalties on 9th October 2013, 1:21 pm

i understood,I was a little more aggressive than it should, next time take care of more

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