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Shouting thread - Italy

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1 Shouting thread - Italy on 29th September 2013, 3:03 pm

Tell us about your quali and race!!!

if i*ve ever offended you, just know that from the bottom of my heart, i really dont give a shit
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2 Re: Shouting thread - Italy on 29th September 2013, 3:17 pm

Sodding Xbox controller meant I didn't even make qualifying head wall head wall head wall

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3 Re: Shouting thread - Italy on 29th September 2013, 4:59 pm

I had pretty fine Q1 as i was 5th but in Q2 i couldn't do a perfect lap so it was 7th place on the grid.
So the start was okay and i managed to overtake few cars but then few laps later i made a mistake in 2nd corner and cars behind me overtook me. Then it was good fighting with sexy and denis but then i made a mistake again in 2nd turn. Lap before my pit stop i opened tc override too soon in parabolica and i touched the wall and something damaged in my car although it felt just fine. So i lost some time in pit stop. Then i just tried to catch sexy and denis but i made little mistakes here and there almost every lap so it was 7th place. Im dissapointed cause i had pretty good pace to fight for 5th place at least but after those mistakes it wasn't possible. Congrats to top 3!

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4 Re: Shouting thread - Italy on 29th September 2013, 5:00 pm

Tomoz, Did you tryied what i told you? 

the iron pin in the middle, you need to push it high than in this image, dont be afraid to broke it up, he wont! Use a screwdriver to do it, its better than a pencil

if it dont work, tell me and we will try another thing

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5 Re: Shouting thread - Italy on 29th September 2013, 5:16 pm

My race was pretty good and there were some nice battles, especially with Tony who drove great but I suspect uses ABS because he always braked later than me and never locked up. Smile 

I finally got past him but my tyres were very hot from the battle and on the last corner I got the slightest bit of wheel-spin and had to straighten the wheel otherwise I would have spun. Then I went on the grass and the car spun. It's very annoying because now I am basically out of the WDC and even worse, it's complete bullshit that a few people think I crashed on purpose. Evil or Very Mad 

Does it also mean that I miraculously timed an engine failure on the last lap of Hungary? Did I pull the plug on my internet connection after almost the entire race in Monaco? Is anyone even stupid enough to crash on purpose on the last corner on the last lap to make the drivers notice it was "fake"?

Almost the same thing happened to me in Silverstone (spun at the last corner and reversed to line) and no one said I did it on purpose. Now they are just because Tony was in P2. Yes, I wanted Tony to do well, but by even coming second would cost me 7 points in the WDC - a margin that no one has to spare except Tom.
Suddenly I'm "faking the races and ruining the results for every single driver, ruining the atmosphere of the entire league and being a complete hypocrite after the things I said previously about unfair drivers."

For those who criticised by strategy, it was very clear from the very beginning which is how I pulled out a 7 second gap before the pit stops. If I was running the same strategy I would have been back in the pack with everyone else. The reason I chose the strategy was because I did not want to be in a train and sure enough it paid off because I could have won.

For those saying I wanted Tony to win, why would I have a long unnecessary battle with him which let Joe and Tom catch up and even worse, could have had us both DNF if we crashed? He could have quite easily been passed by Joe and Tom and not only would he not have won, the two leaders in the WDC would score more points.

Any one who has driven my setups know that they oversteer and it's quite clear even in the videos I upload and the comments that I write that it is the way I like to drive. But at the end of the race when the tyres are worn and hot and the car is very light, it's extremely hard to drive. It's not the first time I've made mistakes at the end of a race and it won't be the last. It doesn't mean that I do it on purpose! Neutral

Team "Grande" Pet Shark

"I don't need another novel..." - Mike Henry Jr
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6 Re: Shouting thread - Italy on 29th September 2013, 5:22 pm


My Q1 and Q2 were around the expected for myself, with laps on the low 21s, although I spent the whole week with a 20.7 virtual, but never actually got the 20s - GRRR... Anyway... My low 21s were enough to put me in Q2 and then to make me start in 6th place.

At the race, I (again) had a terrible first lap and lost a lot of places, but I was able to recover little by little on the following laps - both due to other drivers mistakes in front of me and also a little bit by my own skills and 'manual overtakes'... Razz

My first stint was pretty tense, since I had both Denis and Iceman on my tail for more than 10 laps, but I was able to defend well (hope it was a fair defense - I always gave you guys more than 1 car width room and never zig-zagged in front of you, or blocked you guys by turning my car over yours on the braking zone)...
The only bad thing is that I had Joe and Tom also fighting hard in front of me, and that would make me a little faster than them, so I could've got there and maybe helped Joe a little bit, or even overtaken the both of them (LOL), but still I couldn't get to them, because I was losing time going out of the ideal racing line trying to defend my place from Denis and Iceman...

Me and Joe had the same strategy and we were pretty close to each other on track, so I know we would have issues in the pit, but that's ok, because since he is the one (between the 2 of us) with real chances to fight for the Title, he obviously has the priority, so I'm glad he was in front and was able to stop and replace his tyres without losing time!
I, on the other hand, had to slow down on the pit lane, so I would give time for Joe to be released from our pit slot and then I could hop in... I didn't lose too much time... maybe 1 or 2 secs, but we all know this is an eternity in car racing terms, so since Denis was right on my tail on track, he got my place on the pit lane exit...
But when back on track I had a pretty nice fight with him for 2 or 3 laps and then I was able to get my place back and then I was a little faster lap by lap and put a gap comfortable enough to get to the end of the race without too much tension...

And oh, me, Denis and Iceman were all fighting for the 5th place all of the time and I REALLY wanted to finish among the Top 5, since this was my personal goal for this race - and especially after that bad result (and 0 points) in Belgium, so... I was already glad and happy for finishing in 5th place and getting 10 points, but at Parabolica exit, on the very last lap... I saw Adrian trying to finish the race backwards (just like he did in Silverstone) and... just like in Silverstone, I overtook him only a few inches (literally) before the finish line and earned an extra place, so... jah, I finished in 4th place and scored 12 points - YAY (and thanks, Adrian)!!!
Very Happy

I'm also happy that Joe, again, finished in front of Tom, so that bring them close to each other and reduce Tom's lead on the fight for the Title!!! We're gonna have amazing last 4 races this season between the 2 of them!!!

Congrats to Denis and Iceman for the great, fair, nice and just fun fight/driving!!!

I don't care if Adrian screwed it up or whatever... You were pretty damn fast the whole week and weekend and you fought hard for the win on track as well, so... in the end you were the right guy on the right place, so... CONGRATS!!!!!!!

P.S. My whole race replay file:
mega.co.nz #!1RBBVJLK!crOFVi2jQeJ-hvOBgwMG4xBD_DJaFWvYFLrt3IFtP2k

7 Re: Shouting thread - Italy on 29th September 2013, 5:31 pm


But why did you 2 stop? 

You admitted that you 2 stopped in Silverstone because you were bored driving on your own. I imagine same thing here. 

I received whispers from you in the race which were meant for Tony saying "come on I want you on the podium."

This is because you address them /w Tony so they come to me. You do this every race.

8 Re: Shouting thread - Italy on 29th September 2013, 5:35 pm

Yeah thanks to sexy and denis for clean fighting, that was really enjoyable 'till i made the mistakes.. Does someone have the lap times, who did the fastest lap?

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9 Re: Shouting thread - Italy on 29th September 2013, 5:39 pm


League Director
League Director
I qualified 12th and failed to reach Q2 again which was a big disappointment. In the race i fought with many different cars. Especially my last laps fight with Arek was great! I finished 9th, 0.4 seconds infront of Arek.

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10 Re: Shouting thread - Italy on 29th September 2013, 5:48 pm


The results will be posted soon, Iceman - with all the data about the race, including everybody's laptimes and also the fastest lap, but... it was by Adrian. An 1.21.572 on lap 21.

11 Re: Shouting thread - Italy on 29th September 2013, 6:23 pm

Tom McKay wrote:But why did you 2 stop? 

You admitted that you 2 stopped in Silverstone because you were bored driving on your own. I imagine same thing here. 

I received whispers from you in the race which were meant for Tony saying "come on I want you on the podium."

This is because you address them /w Tony so they come to me. You do this every race.
I've already said why I chose it and it worked - unlike some other races.
Yes, I admit I find doing a different strategy more exciting. I hate watching F1 and seeing everyone do the exact same strategy and being in a train. Imagine the Singapore GP if everyone did the same strategy. I don't see how it's unfair to do something different, provided the driver actually makes at least one stop.
There are plenty of times where people including myself have pitted more or less than everyone else and there haven't been complaints until now.
I suspect you just took my comment the wrong way thinking that I meant that "I was bored" because "everyone was too slow" and since then have suspected that I slow down deliberately to ruin your results, which if is true also means that any drivers who don't use driver assists are also deliberately ruining the results by purposely making their cars harder to drive. Maybe Arek could have been a lot higher in the title fight if he used TC, but he doesn't so does that make him a race fixer?

Tony was already on the podium before I crashed so yes, as I said, I was happy for him because he was competitive all "weekend" and deserved the result on merit. He made no mistakes in the entire race.
Sorry that you get my messages. I've messaged to /w Tony before and he has replied so I presumed it worked, otherwise I wouldn't do it. Also, you never told me you got my whispers to him. Sad

Team "Grande" Pet Shark

"I don't need another novel..." - Mike Henry Jr
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12 Re: Shouting thread - Italy on 29th September 2013, 7:58 pm

Ok, so I have some mixed feelings about this race, at one hand Im happy, because I won, and on the other hand Im sad, because 90% of people said Adrian literaly gifted me win (which I dont think is the case, because Adrian himself said that he plans on chalenging for WDC), and that to me is like people are calling me dirty winner, same thing to me virtualy. You have to remember that I was fast whole week, was very hard working during last week, very determined, and very dedicated. I broke my F*** to come where I am currently, I started in 8th place, overtook everyone, on the end of my 1st stint I was 1st already. Who has access to the log data of chat (or whatever you call it) can check what I said right before I started the race. And when you see what I said you will know how much sure I was I could do what I did today. I had hard first 2 seasons in this league. If any of you guys had seasons like that you would quit right away. 3rd one when I finaly got points was relief to me but still wasnt something special. And now Im right up with big guys. That just shows how much I upped my game, and how much self confidence I got. I was psyhicaly very strong. And now I finaly acomplish what I wanted for this season and suddenly people say I did not really deserve it. It hurts me very much.I couldve won race even if Adrian didnt lose control of his car in parabolica. Look at last lap, 2nd chickane. I couldve cut it like other drivers would do and exit right behind Adrian, be right behind him, and after lesmos overtook him on braking into Ascari as I always did, but I didnt want to do that, because I have huge respect for Adrian and he is my very good friend, and if I overtook him I wanted it not to be 100% clear, but 150% clear, and also despite he spun I was very close to Adrian in parabolica and maybe couldve got slipstream and God knows what would happen then. Honestly I think I deserved this race despite whatever some of you guys say. I just wanted you to know that it hurts when you finaly acomplish your dream, and then not been given credit for it. But I asure you, and remember what I say, I will win at least one more time till the end of season, and then it will be 100% clear that I got win because of myself, and there wont be even doubt about it. Thanks to all guys that supported me and thanks for great race, and battles  Smile .

See you all in Korea.

P.S. Adrian I used ABS on low but my brake pressure is lowered so its really hard to lock brakes, and also it is interesting that Tom got that whispers and I didnt.

                                                                            Team Pet Shark
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13 Re: Shouting thread - Italy on 30th September 2013, 2:17 am


I had to skip this race due to my cycle trip, but it turned out that my fried I was going with ate too much mushrooms for a midday meal and even before we get started he told me it was going to be a tough one... At some point he decided that he can't make it and have to go back. I felt sorry for him but at the same time it was quite a good news to me because I realised I could take part in the race Surprised

I pushed very hard to not be late for the race but it wasn't the first time I had to do such an individual effort Razz And it payed off. I got home right on time. I only took my helmet (it was the first time I rode waring a helmet) off, set the wheel and joined the server because there was no time to change clothes even Smile

I was cold like hell because it was quite cool day with very windy weather so it was hard to get a good feeling on the wheel at the begining and I didn't expect firewoks from me in quali...

And I was right about it Razz

But 10th place was still not bad, good to attack higher positions Razz

Start went ok, although I didn't pass anyone. Then on the second lap I outbraked myself before T1 and to avoid a collision with Sexy and I had use the grass and the runoff area losing two places for Sven and Tibor.

A few laps later (lap 5) I had a massive crash which almost finished my race. I saw Tibor and Sven going side by side in front of me at the main straight. I catched their slipstream so I knew that sth excited was going to happen... Smile

They both were rather on the left side of the track so I decided to try to overtake them by the right side. I think Tibor saw me coming up so he moved a bit right to defend himself. It was 100% clear move by him in my opinion, because I wasn't alongside him at any point, he did it smooth and it was his first defending move if it comes to a fight between us. But I thought he wouldn't do it and when I realized I had no chances to it was too late because everything was happening in the blink of an eye. Also that damn wall (I didn't see it) standing right next to the track didn't help me so it ended up with one of the most spectacular crashes I have ever had in this league. I hope Juan had some fun watching it Smile

I lost my front wing but I didn't give up. I went to the pits, put on hards and tried to do my best to score points. And I did. After a nice battles with Juan and Sven I finished in 10th. I was pretty close to finish in front of Sven but on the last lap I made a mistake trying to overtake him at Ascari. Except for the fact I wasn't sure the overtake was clean I should've just stayed behind and passed him at the next straight... But it's easy to talk like that after the race. When you're in a sharp fight for 2 valuable points on the last lap things are not that obvious... Razz

Anyway it was a nice race. Congratz to the podium finishers especialy to Tony for his first amazing win and see ya in Korea Smile

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14 Re: Shouting thread - Italy on 30th September 2013, 2:22 am


I saw you growing up on my mirrors on lap 2, Areko and I was certain you would end up kissing my ass (no homo), so I moved right for T1 a little bit earlier than I normally would also trying to avoid that crash and give you room to stay on track instead of going to the grass - I'm sorry it didn't work, but... I have to admit that seeing you passing by me like a rocket and going off track was a bit funny as well - obviously just because you didn't hit me... if you had... it wouldn't have been fun at all! Evil or Very Mad

15 Re: Shouting thread - Italy on 30th September 2013, 8:06 am

OMG Tony well done you actually did what i said lol , hopefully your mom and your bro like your maiden victory as a birthday gift for them Smile

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16 Re: Shouting thread - Italy on 30th September 2013, 6:41 pm


Hey, Alex, next time, say 'Sexy will win!' and maybe it works for me too!!!
Very Happy

17 Re: Shouting thread - Italy on 30th September 2013, 11:10 pm

lol should try it Wink

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