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Shouting thread - Germany

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1 Shouting thread - Germany on 18th August 2013, 3:01 pm

Tell us about your Quali and Race!

if i*ve ever offended you, just know that from the bottom of my heart, i really dont give a shit
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2 Re: Shouting thread - Germany on 18th August 2013, 4:17 pm

hit the wall while answering the phone

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3 Re: Shouting thread - Germany on 18th August 2013, 4:48 pm

Happy and pissed of at the same time, I was SO close to my first points but had to damage that god damn suspension...


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4 Re: Shouting thread - Germany on 18th August 2013, 4:53 pm

Not bad for me after a years without F1 ) Why Sorry Gatis?

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5 Re: Shouting thread - Germany on 18th August 2013, 5:00 pm

very disappointed lost the 2nd place in silverstone before the race
and terible Q2 , and too afraid of the kerb at T1 so i went wide lost a few places , but worse yet to come , fuck Sven who braked late into the hairpin and crashed into me when Sonny tried to pass me on the inside ,very stupid from him thank you very much!, my car was turned around and got hit by others couldnt do anything but luckily didnt lose front wing , then i recovered from the very back to P9 right behind Black but couldnt pass him lost loads of time but he made a mistake and crashed out and same as raikk0 so i gained two places then i was 5 or 4 sec behind Sexy . 
after all finished in 5th place but very disappointed if Svenoob didnt do that i could have fought with the guys in front 
congrats top 3 and brilliant job for your 1st podium Tony

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6 Re: Shouting thread - Germany on 18th August 2013, 5:01 pm


Finishing my first race and not so far from the points, regarding I lose about 20s stuck on the curb at the hairpin

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7 Re: Shouting thread - Germany on 18th August 2013, 5:05 pm

Worst German GP version ever, fuck that track!

Well done podium! Congrats Tony for your first podium! I'm happy for you Very Happy

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8 Re: Shouting thread - Germany on 18th August 2013, 5:16 pm


Great job Sonny, just for coming back!
And yes, you just need to readapt - which will happen soon - and you already showed you can be just as fast as everyone else!

Honestly sorry for Gatis, raikk0 and Marius unfortunate events...

I didn't like the track version either, Joe... Hope we can find better tracks for the German GP in the future - maybe even staying with rF's Nurburgring, which is a great track and gave us a great race there before!

REALLY sorry about Alex's race and incident with Svenoob... He never learns... PQP!!! - let me guess... 'my pedals disconnected', again?!... ¬¬'


About my weekend...

Q1 was as it was expected... Not so fast, but enough to go to Q2, with the 8th best time...
On Q2, fearing some 'cutting penalty', I decided to be 'Mr. Play It Safe' (which is kinda my natural self anyway... - at least I try to be... LOL) and then I was more worried in not 'cutting' than in getting a fast lap, but still that 14.4 was enough to put me in 5th place - but then thanks to Adrian's CHEATING cutting, I earned the 4th place at the grid... Very Happy

In the race, I knew I wasn't the fastest one and I had some guys knowingly faster than me on my back, so my plan was to just try and keep my place the best I could and see what I could get in the end...
On lap 2 Tony was on my ass and I decided to let him go - both because he was naturally faster than me and also because he had a good chance to fight for the win against Tom and lau...
And then I had Adrian on my back, also faster than me, since he was going for 2 stops (on a track with pit limit of only 80kph?! Pretty smart... NO!) and then I tried to hold Adrian the best I could, so he wouldn't attack Tony, but... it was impossible to hold that asshole for too long and he overtook me and went after Tony anyway... I know... #MEGAFAIL...
After that, had raikk0 getting closer and closer a little bit, lap after lap and I know he was going to overtake me too, but... when he got really closer he decided that answering the phone was more important, so... I thank you for that! Razz

After that, it was a damn boring race until the end...
Adrian wasn't a problem anymore, since he went for his 'great' 2 stops and I was just trying to follow Tony as closer as I could - and I was able to be a little faster than him in a few laps, but I was never a threat for him...

In the last laps I was hoping lau could win instead of Tom, just because it would be better for the Championship - at least for mine and Joe's (and also McLaren's) Championship, but Tom managed to overtake 'lau desperado' at the very last lap - I was also hoping Tony could get both of them and win, which would've been amazing and the Croatian Kiddo was pretty close to them and doing a great job the whole weekend!!.. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to win, but still he got his very first podium and I'm REALLY HAPPY for TONEEEEEEEYYYYYYY!!!

Well, I got a 4th place, which was pretty good for a track I was pretty damn slow and Joe also finished in 8th, scoring a few points - he was even slower than me, so in this case any points are always welcome - great job, matey!!! But we'll certainly do better in Hungary, 2 weeks from now!!!

See ya'll there!!!

P.S. Thanks to ALL the drivers who nicely respected the blue flags and let the leaders pass through - I know this is actually just the obvious thing to do, but still it's nice that the drivers here respect each other, so... congrats to everyone who played fairly! Smile

P.S. 2 My race replay, just for the sake of it:
mega.co.nz #!Bdpmga7T!Wy46vWywC2Ozko5fJ4UApmglqjdfEXRzo8e3MTPZp10

9 Re: Shouting thread - Germany on 18th August 2013, 5:22 pm

Strange race for me. I did a two-stop on softs but for some reason, despite the car feeling pretty good, they didn't go any faster than the harder compounds. 

Well done Pet Shark and go Sonny! Very Happy

Team "Grande" Pet Shark

"I don't need another novel..." - Mike Henry Jr
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10 Re: Shouting thread - Germany on 18th August 2013, 6:48 pm


i was playing it safe in quali but i guess everyone was to some degree, so i managed to get good position in q1 and a tidy lap in q2 along with some DQs got me on the front row.

i had been struggling to find a good race set so i was working on it for a couple of hours before the race, and analysing test races to see what was the best strategy.

in the end what i did was to gamble - start on mediums (like i thought Lau would be) and then switch to hards when they went off, and hold on to the end

gamble paid off in the end - denis took himself out of the race with the jump start, and lau wasn't as fast as i expected, and his tyres went before mine in the final stint (even though they were 1 lap fresher, maybe he had another problem), so i was able to make a last lap overtake for the win (third time this season i've passed for win on last lap)

i expected faster pace from the others so i'm very happy with the result obviously, and for the championship especially, as i am over 30 points clear at the halfway stage.

now i just need to hold on!

11 Re: Shouting thread - Germany on 18th August 2013, 8:44 pm

Thank you everyone!! Very Happy  The race was ok for me although I did not finish as I wanted and Im Happy but also dont feel like this was best I could do for result but Il be here and wait for my next chance. I was much slower than I thought I would be and compared to speed I had yesterday when I did race simulation, but anyway quali was shit I could easily be on pole but somehow I lost 8 tenths in last sector... Start was ok soon I overtook Sexy and had a nice battle with Adrian until he went to pits that slowed me down a bit but it was worth it Very Happy  I was on H20 + M14 strategy and I was catching Tom and Lau pretty good but I have pretty much "fallen a sleep" between laps 20-27 and I wasnt realy pushing that hard because I wasnt realy conscious and dont remember that part very well... when I started pushing I had a good pace and caught up Tom and Lau in last lap... sadly for me it was too late and I finished 1.2 seconds behind Tom...If only I had 1 more lap...But it was nice race although I havent achieved my goal, anyway and thank you all for support guys!! Especialy to Sexy who helped me a lot and gave me some usefull tips Smile  Thanks a lot mate Smile

Also congrats to all backmarkers for doing grate job and moving away in time Smile  Youve all done great race and Im proud of you Smile  , and also to Tom on win, Il try to catch you next time Razz  and Sexy also did awesome job I know he was saying he was slow here but 4th place is great mate!! Smile  Sorry for Alexinho,Marius, Gatis and my teammate Raikk0  Sad  And also congrats and thanks Adrian on great sportsmanship and very nice battle Smile  And once again congratulations all on great race Smile

                                                                            Team Pet Shark
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12 Re: Shouting thread - Germany on 18th August 2013, 8:59 pm

I was very slow at practices, no good results expects... but had a good start, so many cars crashing and my P growing =)

But in lap 25, I had a super lag moment and Sonny hit me (wasn't he's fault), that fucked my suspension and i was unable to continue the race... but was a good race by me !

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13 Re: Shouting thread - Germany on 19th August 2013, 12:09 pm


League Director
League Director
I had a very bad event. First i wasnt able to reach Q2 and qualified as 12th. At the start i gained some places but then at the hairpin i hit Alex Hill and spun. Then at the same lap i hit Joe while he was nearly standing in T8 and spun again. After this i was last. But when you think it couldnt be worse it will be. Still in the same lap Tibor spun in the stadium section and i hit him and we both lost our frontwings. I went directly to the pits. After the pitstop i was more than 55 seconds behind the leader and had no more chance for a good result. I finished 10th but will recieve a drive threw penalty so this is the first race for me this season without scoring points by reaching the finish line Sad

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14 Re: Shouting thread - Germany on 19th August 2013, 8:10 pm

It was a good qualification for me. I tried very hard and did a clean lap. At the start I did not see the traffic lights and decided to switch the camera view and confused. Sad

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15 Re: Shouting thread - Germany on 19th August 2013, 8:15 pm


Unlucky Denis... Sad

You did a great quali - and also a good recovery race! Smile

16 Re: Shouting thread - Germany on 19th August 2013, 8:32 pm


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