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Shouting thread - Britain

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1 Shouting thread - Britain on 11th August 2013, 4:48 pm

Tell us about your race!

if i*ve ever offended you, just know that from the bottom of my heart, i really dont give a shit
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2 Re: Shouting thread - Britain on 11th August 2013, 5:22 pm

Shit race first laps got a nice fight with Arek and Raikk0 in 3rd lap or sth like that after I eaten kerb I got hit by Sexy ( not his fault I rejoined without dangerously ) while I was rejoining the track. I hope it didnt damage his car sorry mate Sad. After that  my car started acting weirdly and I spun few times in two corners and also did stuck on kerb. On monitor it didnt show any siignificance damage ( I dont know why ) but it felt to me like left rear suspension was gone. Finaly i came to pits, repaired damage and went on but as I saw I had no chance for points I parked my car and quited. Congrats to top 3 and also to Adrian. Im very sorry for him as I wanted him to finaly win race again Sad. But anyway great job Joey Smile. And shit race for me but honestly I wasnt expecting much more than that...

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3 Re: Shouting thread - Britain on 11th August 2013, 5:23 pm

well all went well ,was only about 0.6 sec behind Tom but when we came in to the pit on lap 14 i think things went all wrong , Tom and me were very close on the pit lane but he stopped right on my pit box so i was really confused and i hit him but i didnt know we were having a same pit box stupid rfactor , but i didnt know Tom got damaged that needs to be repaired coz i didnt have damage , so we both lost time but he lost more Sad
after that mess i saw his was two places or three behind me so i thought i could slow down at the end of the race but when the gap was only 5 sec i saw he had a crash which the gap became 16 sec , so i slowed down before the finish line to decrease the gap to 14 and 13 sec so if i got a drive thru penalty he could get pass me 
im really really sorry for Tom it was a stupid bug from rfactor cause the mess really bad luck , but mate dont lose your motivation for this , season is long we got a lot of races left  
anyway congrats to Joe and Sexy and Adrian good race from you guys

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4 Re: Shouting thread - Britain on 11th August 2013, 5:30 pm


Quali was among what I was expecting... Went to Q2, started in 4th place, although I was 0.6 slower than my PB... But still I couldn't complain about my starting place.

Race also started pretty well.
Overtook Alex Hill a little after the start and went to 3rd place on Tom's ass - no homo - I felt I was a little faster than him and that I had a good chance to overtake, so I kept pushing and trying to be as close as I could, waiting for the right moment to try to overtake, but... at the fast esses on the 2nd lap, Tom slowed down a little bit more than what I was expecting (not his fault, obviously) and then to try and avoid a collision I had to hit the brakes... which made me spin... and I fell from 3rd to 12th place... So... jah, another recovery race for me - here we go!!..

Then I had a lot of guys fighting for places in front of me, which made it easier to get to them, but extremely hard to actually overtake them... But that was when I (finally) started to be a little lucky... Some guys made mistakes too and I was able to overtake a few of them with that...
At a certain point, I was fighting against the 2 Ferraris for what seemed like forever (I gues it was about 5 laps or something...) and it was pretty hard... Arek overtook me (can you guys believe that?!) a few times, but I was always able to overtake him back! And Black was there to back him up and we all had to be extremely careful to avoid a crash - BTW, great job on that, gentlemen! Pretty fine stuff and clean fight!
But in the end - long story short: It takes only ONE McLaren to beat 2 Ferraris - just sayin'... Razz

I decided to try a risky strategy and stayed with Hards for 17 laps and then put some Meds for the remaining 13 and... I'm glad it, somehow, worked, since I got back with a pretty good pace and found Tom and Arek fighting in front of me... I didn't want to risk my whole race, so I was just following them and waiting for a good chance to overtake, since I was clearly a little faster than them - I believe they were on hards, since they stopped at about the lap 15 - but then raikk0 also got to us 3 and that was both good and bad...

It was bad because it was already hard enough to be careful with Tom and Arek and avoid a crash while we were all fighting pretty hard against each other, but then it got even harder when I also had raikk0 on my ass (no homo either)... Still we did a pretty good job and we were 4 cars very close together fighting side by side in each corner for almost a whole lap until................
raikk0 finally overtook me and Arek at once (I was like... DAFUQ?! - I still don't know how he got that perfect traction at Club's exit...) and then he started to fight against Tom while me and Arek were just watching and then... they both crashed each other and I was like LOLOLOLOLOL Surprised - actually I feel sorry for Tom, since he was on his home racing and had a good chance to win and also had all the championship lead to defend and etc... But at the same time, that was obvious great for me, Joe and McLaren... - don't know exactly why/how they crashed, but me and Arek just said 'THANK YOU, GENTLEMEN!' and kept going!!..
A few corners later, I finally overtook Arek and was on 4th place again (same as I started - which was already a great result, especially after that amazing recovery race by myself - sorry for bragging... Razz ) and I had no chances to catch Adrian in 3rd place and get to the podium, but...
At the very last corner, I saw Adrian going backwards (yes, that's what you read) a few meters from the finish line... I didn't know if he was joking, trying to finish the race on reverse or something, but I decided not to slow down to check (LOL), so I just kept going and... BAM!!! I finished in 3rd place and got another podium at the very last centimeters of the race - HA!!! Very Happy

But there was more!!!
I was just amazed when I noticed who actually won the race - I was so focussed in recovering and trying to overtake the cars one by one, that I didn't check who was leading until after I crossed the finish line and... - IT WAS JOEY!!!
WHATTA FUCKIN' AMAZING JOB (and result to McLaren) MATE!!!!!!!


Sorry for some drama in the race (what's new?), sorry for the guys who had unfortunate events happening to them - I had them too, but was both skilled ( Wink ) and lucky ( Razz ) to recover... - but, in overall, I think it was a pretty good race for the league! Lots of action and great fights! Congrats to everyone who drove carefully and well! Congrats to everyone who are happy with your results!!!

See you guys at Hockenheim!

P.S. My race replay, just for the sake of it:
mega.co.nz #!sE5nlIAZ!QCemAmPQNahNxVi8EHqWk1X-qSIibrNdO5vdxC0-aKo

5 Re: Shouting thread - Britain on 11th August 2013, 5:32 pm


Tony, sorry, I've just read your post..

I SWEAR I didn't even touch you!!!
You spun in front of me - I was far from you when you did - and then I was lucky to not get hit by you while you were spinning - not your fault either, of course!

Pliss, just download my replay and watch it all yourself!
I had a 100% clean race - not even ANY yellow damage on my car, which shows the game didn't register ANY contact from/with it!

Sorry for your race anyway, mate... Sad

6 Re: Shouting thread - Britain on 11th August 2013, 5:34 pm

wtf tom?

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7 Re: Shouting thread - Britain on 11th August 2013, 5:37 pm


BTW, nice words from Alex!
I agree with him, Tom!
It was just a bad luck race for you!
You're doing good on the championship and I understand your anger and frustration, but don't take important (and/or unfair) decisions guided by them.
rFactor has some crazy bugs anyway and we all know that...

Anyway... great what Alex did by slowing down too. A real gentleman!
Sorry for the unfortunate events and congrats for the fights anyway!

8 Re: Shouting thread - Britain on 11th August 2013, 5:39 pm

Sexy mate dont worry I trust you Smile It was probably our good old friend called lag Razz

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9 Re: Shouting thread - Britain on 11th August 2013, 5:43 pm


i got fucked over twice

alex hit me in my pit box causing damage extending pit stop by 11 seconds

then i came out in front of arek and had to fight him, then sexy as well,

then raikko drove into me, and we crashed and to make matters worse he blocked my attempt to rejoin the circuit costing me yet more time

if alex hadn't have hit me in the pits i would have won easy

10 Re: Shouting thread - Britain on 11th August 2013, 5:45 pm

i drove into you?that's not true. you forgot to straight that wheel.

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11 Re: Shouting thread - Britain on 12th August 2013, 2:54 am


The race weekend started pretty bad for me. I made a great lap in Q1 but during the final lap in Q2 I spun at the Club corner and had to start from 10th grid...

Start went good except for a little nervous moment I had in the first curve. Then there was a nice fight vs Tony and Raikko. On lap 5 I tried to pass Raikko who was fighting vs Joe at the begining of the 3rd sector, but it was a bit too optimistic move which ended up with me on the grass losing 3 places, dropping down out of the top 10...

But then I was still pushing and got some places back after other drivers' mistakes.

On the lap 8 I had a very nice battle vs Blackfox and Sexy. Especially I liked my overtake on Sexy which was possible thanks to Black's smart driving for the team Razz It looked exactly the same as what Alonso did on Massa and Webber in Brazil last year. So you can say that I'm as good as Alonso is and Black knows as well as Massa does about his role in the team Surprised

Anyway after that I couldn't drop Sexy out of my rear wing and had to lose time fighting with him...

Then one or two laps after my pit stop Tom rejoined in front of me after his one. I was suprised because I had a better pace, catched him up and overtook. I was keeping the gap between us and everything was fine till my tyres started losing grip. As it turned out my strategy that I hadn't tried before (one stop with mediums) wasn't perfect for this race so at the end with few laps to go I had Tom, Sexy and Raikko right on my back... 

I wasn't able to keep them behind so they all passed me but Tom and Raikko crashed each other right after that which was good to me Smile

I had a safe 5th place but one moment of deconcentration costed me a big spin on the curb and Tom was able to pass me again right before the finish line.

Anyway it was a nice race that I enjoyed even if the result I achieved wasn't as good as I expected. I will have to skip the next race because I'm going on holidays so I wish you another one full of action. See ya at Hungaroring Smile

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12 Re: Shouting thread - Britain on 12th August 2013, 3:34 am

I knew this track would work in my favour, but I didn't expect to get pole, let alone pull away from the others so quickly.
I was on a one-stop but by lap 10, no one had pitted so I presumed people were all one-stopping too. I changed to a two-stop to make it more interesting and so I could actually race people and not drive around by myself.

The pace was pretty good and after my second stop, I managed to close down Alex and Joe pretty quickly. Then I spun in the same place where I had a big moment in qualifying and lost about 5 seconds.
On much faster tyres, I caught Alex again and overtook him on the last lap before spinning on the last corner. I thought there was a bit of a gap to Sexy so I caught the spin at 180 degrees and tried to beat him by reversing to the finish line. It didn't work, but it was a fun race and was nice to be quick again. Now, back to struggling to get into Q2! Very Happy

Team "Grande" Pet Shark

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13 Re: Shouting thread - Britain on 12th August 2013, 9:58 am


raikk0 wrote:i drove into you?that's not true. you forgot to straight that wheel.

 you forgot to take the corner! you have to turn right there, why did you not?

you were in my blind spot, i knew you were there but i couldn't see you, and i assumed that you would take a normal line through the corner

14 Re: Shouting thread - Britain on 12th August 2013, 11:03 am

if you watch the onboard replay, i couldn't steer so early because in the next 20m were those little posts and i wouldn't have enough space to take that corner.anyway you should have let me some space, you could have gone a little bit wider knowing that i am on the inside and that the next corner is a right one.

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15 Re: Shouting thread - Britain on 12th August 2013, 11:08 am


there was 2.5 car widths inside me when we touched, i wasn't on my normal line there, you can drive through those posts so long as 2 wheels are still inside white lines,

by the time i saw your car, it was too late, because you were going straight, impossible to avoid you then

16 Re: Shouting thread - Britain on 12th August 2013, 11:20 am

i couldn't steer because right when the corner started for me, you touched me and i couldn't steer at all.i have nothing more to say.Suspect.btw i still don't understand why you followed that line, there was plenty of space on the circuit, and i was in front of you by one wheel, you should have know that i'm right there and i need some space to nail that corner well, being on the inside.

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17 Re: Shouting thread - Britain on 12th August 2013, 8:46 pm

Sad, I had high hopes for this race but at last moment I received an invitation to biggest Latvian rock/metal festival and couldn't say no, so there was no chance for me to be ready for this race.

Fun fact. I didn't have ANY hangover after two and a half days of heavy drinking but got a god damn food poisoning after not paying attention to the expiry date of eggs. monkey

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18 Re: Shouting thread - Britain on 12th August 2013, 8:48 pm



Hope to have you back for the 'Germanish' (or 'Germanianese') GP! Very Happy

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