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Shouting thread - Canada

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1 Shouting thread - Canada on 21st July 2013, 3:04 pm

Tell us about your race!

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2 Re: Shouting thread - Canada on 21st July 2013, 4:36 pm

blackout Sad

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3 Re: Shouting thread - Canada on 21st July 2013, 4:56 pm


Pretty good weekend for McLaren!!!

GREAT team work, Joey - congrats for the 2nd place!!!
I'm sorry none of us won, but at least we got 2nd and 3rd!!!

My race was surprisingly good as well!
Started in 3rd - my best starting position evah - and fought against the leaders for a few laps and was able to at least follow them 'closely' for the whole race, so that was nice!
Made too many mistakes as well, but that was already expected... Razz

But anyway... I'm satisfied with my weekend this time - a podium is always welcome!
See you guys at Indy and then at Silverstone!

P.S. My Canada whole race replay:
mega.co.nz #!AYYmyK4J!cg9oaBUVeY3D9NyuTKcyYUSh660Pxxpj0udEpFM4AWA

4 Re: Shouting thread - Canada on 21st July 2013, 5:03 pm


I didn't have any special expectaions before this race so I can't say I'm disappointed. I just knew it was going to be a total shit if it comes to my performance Razz My pace was total crap, the car was sliding all around, I didn't feel any grip and every risky move on the throttle could end by getting spin (but it happened only once) Razz

The only thing I could do was driving alone in 11th place looking at increasing gap between me and the rest of sthe pack... Rolling Eyes 

At the end of the race I got up to 10th place after Denis's troubles so I thought I would score that damn 1 valuable point at least, but on the penultimate lap I lost my brakes and Cue had his moment of glory Razz And then on the final lap I got disconected from the server with half lap to go... Amazing Razz

Congratz for the top 3 and see ya in Silverstone Smile
And one more thing. I hope it was the last time we used that shitty version of Canada! Evil or Very Mad

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5 Re: Shouting thread - Canada on 21st July 2013, 5:12 pm

I was kind of dissapointed. At the begining as usual someone stopped infront of me right on the race line, TWICE this race, good god that I didn't lose my front wing. Anyway I could've fought for 10th place if series of small mistakes didn't follow, and yeah, lost around 20 seconds by letting people overtake me by a lap, so there wasn't a chance for me to catch up with Noville nor Marius, sad that there was a blackout for him second race in a row.

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6 Re: Shouting thread - Canada on 21st July 2013, 5:13 pm

First of all I want to congratulate Sexy for the amazing race and performance he had in race. Also for the great team work we completed. I honestly think we should switch positions. It was a nice come back since you were absent in the South African GP.

I had a tough battle with lau since the beginning of the race and it was becoming tougher and more exciting, close to the end of our first stints. It was a great one lau, you are always an exciting driver to fight. Wink

Then, Tom came out of the pit-lane right behind me, and Sexy started to attack him, both McLarens had a great fight against Tom. My brakes were suffering too much due to the pressure Tom was putting on me, making me stretch my braking, which eventually made me go wider in turn 1, allowing Tom and Sexy have a better acceleration and overtake me in the straight before the first chicane.

After that, the race became a pursuit trying to catch Tom back who had a faster pace with softer and fresher tyres. As soon as I saw I had no longer chances to catch him in the last lap, I wanted to let Sexy take the 2nd place because this is the place where he should be.
All in all, it was a great fun and I'm happy with the result!

Looking forward to the next race! Very Happy

Last edited by Joe McLaggen on 21st July 2013, 5:21 pm; edited 1 time in total

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7 Re: Shouting thread - Canada on 21st July 2013, 5:21 pm


Thank you VERY much for your words and everything else we 'worked' in this race, Joe!
Congrats for YOUR race and weekend as well - you also did an amazing job and deserved to finish in 2nd just as much as I would - and I emailed you about our Canadian GP results - check it out when you can - you'll find out we actually took the right decisions!

P.S. Sorry for Marius and Gatis issues.. I know how frustrating it feels to have weekends like that - TRUST ME! Razz
But I also want to thank you guys and EVERYONE else who gently let the leadedrs go and respected all blue flags - sorry for being 'incovenient' for your own races too, but I honestly thank you guys again and again!

Better luck to all of us the next times!

8 Re: Shouting thread - Canada on 21st July 2013, 5:26 pm

very disappointed
a bad Q2 and not a good start , lost a place to Arnold but passed him back at the hairpin and then stuck behind Sven who was very slow ,finally made a move on him on the hairpin and passed him but Arnold hit me from the back and we both got spun :(so i knew it will be harder and less chance to fight for the podium and then got even worse i got stuck behind two redbulls and they kept fighting each other (although pretty fun) but slowed me and them down badly. after about 6 frustrated laps i finally overtook Arnold
pitted on the same lap as Sven and Black , after the pit stop i passed Sven and then i thought i really had to increase the gap between Denis (who was 1 stoppper) but lau came out from pit and just in front of me , i didnt want to fight with him but after some laps i was still right behind so i made my move on the last chicane and we had good side by side fight through 1st two corners and after that i noticed my brakes temps were a bit high so i slowed down a bit and lau got faster
after 2nd pit stop, it was all about chasing Denis we got 9 sec gap but annoyingly i got Sven in front again but managed to pass him smoothly then on the finally laps i caught up Denis but his brakes were gone i think so i got the 5th place and the fastest lap i think
such a pity could have fought for podium but got back luck , very frustrated but anyway congrats bloody hell again Tom won and Joe and Sexy but more improtantly for cue scroed his 1st point of the season finally good job mate

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9 Re: Shouting thread - Canada on 21st July 2013, 5:31 pm

I was a moving target today, getting hit by three different drivers including the other Red Bull! (Turkey 2010 anyone?) Very Happy

I also had to stack behind Arnie in the pits and had a couple of spins, so things just didn't work out today. It's a bit of a shame because I think my car was good enough for a top 5 finish.

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10 Re: Shouting thread - Canada on 21st July 2013, 6:03 pm


I was going for 2 stops (again) and I knew all the other guys around me would be doing 1 stop. So I knew I had to make a great start and pull away, and take advantage of my softs.

I was side-by-side with Lau into T1 and I held on the inside to take the lead out of T2. Sexy followed me through and I had him all over my ass for a few laps before I was able to pull out about 4 seconds to Lau before my first pit stop.

I fell into some free traffic with some good planning/timing of the pit stop and then set off after LAU, JMC and SBR.

They were all fighting each other pretty hard so I was able to catch them up and start passing them before they even made their first stop. This was half the battle of winning the race, so I was quite lucky here.

Great driving/racing from Joe and Sexy, tough but very clean and fair. (I didn't actually go wheel-to-wheel with Lau after the first lap).

I was originally planning to go soft-soft-soft with 11/12/12 lap stints but I saw an opportunity to get out ahead of Sexy after my 2nd stop.

I knew he would be impossible to overtake this time due to high top speed and his tyres would be fresher than before his stop, so I decided I would pit slightly early, go to Medium tyres, and prepare to fight.

Which is what I had to do! Great last 10 laps or so, under a lot of pressure from Sexy, all the time trying to catch Joe.

If I hadn't have gone to mediums when I did, I think I would have lost the race, as I would have worn out the softs trying to pass Sexy then Joe.

Good stuff, roll on Silverstone (via Indy)!

11 Re: Shouting thread - Canada on 21st July 2013, 7:26 pm

congrat for guys on podium
my race ? its over when i drive to pit . 10 sec. extra becouse i am a idiot. i forgot to set off body repair and call pit.
i was forced to put hard tire.
maybe next time i am more lucky.
my set for the race with 1 pit must finished in 45.03 time , but...
anyway congratulations once again for first 3 guys

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12 Re: Shouting thread - Canada on 21st July 2013, 8:11 pm


League Director
League Director
i had a little mistake in my Q2 lap which cost me like ~two tenths and a top 5 place at the grid.

I started 6th and had a quite normal pace at the first stint. I accidently pitted 3 laps too early (medium-medium) so i had to make my last stint with mediums for 19 laps. Then at the final lap my brakes suddenly went off though i used brake duct size 7. All in all with a very slow second stint i finished 8th.

I managed to finish 8, but im afraid that i will get a penalty for the unlucky crash with adrian in lap 1.

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13 Re: Shouting thread - Canada on 21st July 2013, 9:35 pm

Couldve been very good race for me BUT...

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14 Re: Shouting thread - Canada on 21st July 2013, 10:21 pm


PQP, Tony!!..

15 Re: Shouting thread - Canada on 22nd July 2013, 7:40 am


My q2 goes to second one. But i keep my position at start. all most hole race battle´s and battle´s.
Alex, Adrian, Sven, Belarus....
Hill and i drive hairpin at side by side. I spin. Idont know, did we take contact after spin or before. I think that was race and battle situtation. Lat will chek it.
Sven. you dd good job there. I was faster. you blocking right. And i tryed push and push to overtake. Couple times i brake too late. But you notise that, Good job Man. Good fight.
6 place. need to be happy becouse of that spin....

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16 Re: Shouting thread - Canada on 22nd July 2013, 10:03 am

"Race was good, but the road was slipery"
i had everything going just fine to finnish 5th or 6th.
but once again i felt that someone tells me to spin, twice!
that was little dworf who lives inside my head.. completely his fault!!

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17 Re: Shouting thread - Canada on 22nd July 2013, 11:02 am

i dont know about your replay Arnie but here is how it looks like to me from my replay mate Sad

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18 Re: Shouting thread - Canada on 23rd July 2013, 8:10 am

that link is empty....
My replay: Sven outside, you middle, me inside. you and Sven goes corner, seems you are top of sven,
when cars took of, your lef front tyres take contact and your drive line chance 2,3 meter. then me and you take contact and both spun.

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