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1 LICENCE RECORDS on 25th June 2013, 11:23 pm


Reminder of licence rules (click spoiler):


  1. Warning (0 points)

  2. Race time penalties - 15 seconds (drive through) (1 point), 25 seconds (stop and go) (2 points)

  3. Grid drop penalties - 5 places (1 point), 10 places (2 points)

  4. Start Last (3 points)

  5. Start from Pits (4 points)

  6. Disqualification (2 - 4 points depending on infringement) * - only DQ given by stewards

  7. Race ban (can be multiple) (4 points)

When a driver receives a penalty he will also receive a set number of penalty points. Multiple penalty points can lead to further penalties.

The race licence is where the penalty points for each driver are recorded.

Full licence:

Has a tolerance of 18 points. On the imposition of the -

  • 6th point - start next race from back.

  • 12th point - start next race from pits.

  • 18th point - one race ban and demoted to Provisional licence.

Provisional licence:
Has a tolerance of 12 points. On the imposition of the -

  • 6th point - start next race from back.

  • 12th point - one race ban, moved to reserve driver list, clean race record reset to 0.

Point drops:

Points may be cleared from the licence after the following:

  • 3 consecutive clean races - points dropped to next lowest level (0, 6 or 12). (Applies to both licences).

  • 6 consecutive clean races - points reset to 0. (Applies only to Full licence. After 6 clean races on Provisional, driver is promoted to clean Full licence).

Penalty points table:

Standing warnings:

Antonio - Dangerous driving/causing a collision
Arek - Chatting in session
Arnoldinhu - Dangerous driving/causing a collision
Bober - Dangerous driving/causing a collision
Cueball - Chatting in session
Joe - Chatting in session
Jure - Erratic driving with damaged car
Lau - Chatting in session
Raikko - Chatting in session
Sexy - Dangerous recovery move
Sven - Chatting in session

Double warnings converted to penalty points:

Antonio - 2x chatting in session, 2 penalty points added after South Africa

Penalties yet to be served:

SF32 - 5 place grid drop next race

2 Re: LICENCE RECORDS on 6th August 2013, 2:21 pm


Updated and clarified

MARIUS promoted to FULL licence after 6 consecutive clean races - congrats!

3 Re: LICENCE RECORDS on 6th August 2013, 5:21 pm


Nice job Tomzinho!

And CONGRATS, Mariusito!


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