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Shouting thread - BAHRAIN

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1 Shouting thread - BAHRAIN on 2nd June 2013, 4:50 pm


League Director
League Director
Tell us about your race!

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2 Re: Shouting thread - BAHRAIN on 2nd June 2013, 4:53 pm

what race Facehand lol
did'nt even make a lap Sad got hit dont no who by i dont have the replay but i spun got beached, end of race

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3 Re: Shouting thread - BAHRAIN on 2nd June 2013, 4:57 pm

i put supersofts by mistake on first pitstop, so i had to stop 2 times.

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4 Re: Shouting thread - BAHRAIN on 2nd June 2013, 5:00 pm


i won! good times

was lucky towards the end with Lau vs Joe, which meant nobody challenged me for the win in the last few laps

congrats to other podium

5 Re: Shouting thread - BAHRAIN on 2nd June 2013, 5:03 pm

Exciting race for me, from the beginning until the end.

Sexy deserved to be where I am, he did a brilliant race and helped me a LOT on the track.

We both McLarens started strong this season and I'm happy for that, I hope a better result for both in the coming events.

It was an intense battle lau... I liked it Smile

I almost catch you Tom ;D, well done mate!

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6 Re: Shouting thread - BAHRAIN on 2nd June 2013, 5:07 pm

I haven't been so pissed off for quite some time. head wall

Start was good, managed to get ahead of Gatis before turn 1. Took it cautiously and followed everyone through to turn 4. I think it was BlackFox who spun and ended up the wrong way, out of force majeure, I had to go round the outside, he then tagged me and sent me off to the side. This set the tone for the rest of the race. It became about damage limitation and trying to catch the guys in front up ahead. Ube was also giving me a hard time, so with every mistake I made, he was there to capitalize on it. With quite possibly the WORST run off areas on any rFactor track I've ever had the misfortune of driving upon, he was soon right on my gearbox and with yet ANOTHER cock up from me, he was through. A few laps later, my tyres were destroyed, but by the looks of it, so were Gatis'. He spun at the last corner and allowed Ube through. We both pitted on the same lap. It was a job for our pit crew as they had to stack us! After the stops, people started lapping me, and then, as if this day couldn't get any worse, rFactor minimises to the desktop, so I have no idea what happened during that period! I frantically got rFactor back up again, but my rFDynhud display was ruined. All the data I rely on was gone. I had no idea who was about to lap me, what position I was in or anything. This led to a drive-through penalty, only after I was disqualified did I realise this.

Certainly NOT the start to the season I was looking for... pale

P.S I saw you Cueball, I spun whilst looking at you... like I said, THE WORST RUN OFF AREAS POSSIBLE.

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7 Re: Shouting thread - BAHRAIN on 2nd June 2013, 5:11 pm


Not a bad weekend and it ended for me according to what I was initially expecting (on top 5), BUT...

In the race, there were several times in which I could've been faster, but I had to defend my place from a few drivers and lost some time with a few fights. And I also tried to help Joe the best I could, so I could've overtaken him a few times, but that would only make the 2 of us lose time if we got into a fight against each other, so it was just the smartest (and right) thing to do in not attacking Joe, even when/if I could.

I was then following him closely all of the time, which was great - he is the current World Champion and one of the fastest drivers we have, in case you guys 'forgot' that 'detail', so... being close to (and even a little faster here and there than) him the whole race was already pretty good.

In the end, we were both able to catch lau and we could've catched Tom too if we didn't lose so much time with lau...
And in the very last corner (yes, on the very last lap), we had the chance to put both McLarens on podium and I was overtaking lau from the outside, but then a contact happened ( Rolling Eyes ) and I spun...
raikk0 overtook me and I finished in 5th, but I'm happy I could've even fought for the victory, I guess...

Great job, Joe! And it's always an honor to be able to help you and play for the team - I'm sure you would do the same for me (as you did before), so it's all ok, mate!
The most important thing is for both McLarens score the most points we can, no matter who finishes in front of each other - and we both know we will always help one another to whoever has a better chance for fighting for the Championship (it will be you anyway... - LOL Very Happy )!

But jah, that was it... in overall, as I said before, a pretty positive weekend for me (and for McLaren) - hope I/we can have LOTS of these throughout the rest of the season...

See you guys at Adelaide!


P.S. My own replay, if anyone is interested: #!kNoUEZAQ!KP5jLmVo0o8rllZgNLN3F3JjSCEDa2YaY8Exb2gh5QU

8 Re: Shouting thread - BAHRAIN on 2nd June 2013, 5:18 pm


And sorry about your misfortunes, Tomoz!
Those runoff areas are really terrible - almost as bad as the Interlagos version we used last season! Razz

A tip that might help:
Try to use your rF in full screen (NOT 'windowed') - you can set this by clicking on the file 'rF Config.exe' file on rF's main folder - and MAYBE this would prevent the game from minimising and going to desktop...

In overall, I want to make a SUGGESTION to you and some other guys...

I know everyone has a life and other (more) important things to do, but...
TRY to be at the server and take part in as many test races as possible.
On these test races, we can practice starts, fights, find out the best spots to overtakes and don't try crazy maneuvers in the race itself in points that are not good for overtaking, finding out about our car setup and the settings we need to actually finish the race without braking down and bla bla bla...

We have test races practically EVERY day (as long as there ARE people in the server, of course) and I don't see too many people there too oftenly, so...

Jah, just a suggestion, according to how much free time (after work, school, college, family, friends, etc) each one of us have in our lives.

9 Re: Shouting thread - BAHRAIN on 2nd June 2013, 5:26 pm

absolutely rubbish shitty race
terrible quali
bad start lost 3 places , had some good fights with Adrian,Tony,ADI. But on lap 4 in turn 4 or 5, from my replay it looked like Adrian turned into me and i got hit and lost a place and damaged suspension a bit. however on lap7, the last turn Denis braked a bit late and hit me and i got stuck on the fuckin kerb for a long time and lost a lot of time. On lap 12 ,i had a good battle with Adrian and Bober but on the last corner , i had a faster exit than Bober but unfortunately made a wrong judgement hit the back of him , sorry mate Sad
after the pit stop, i felt quick and quickily passed Adrian and then chasing Sven and he made a mistake spun himself i was about to gain another place , then i was thinking about chasing Tony and he did spun on the exit of turn 10 , so i smelt that i could fought with him but unfortunately again my fingers were badly hurt so i made a mistake spun as well lost a place to Sven. Then i lost motivation so finished on 9th place. what an unlucky race could have got a much better result head wall

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10 Re: Shouting thread - BAHRAIN on 2nd June 2013, 5:28 pm

yes Sexy , absoltuely terrible run off area and the kerbs

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11 Re: Shouting thread - BAHRAIN on 2nd June 2013, 5:37 pm


Sorry for the things that went wrong for you too, Alex!
You became faster than me until before of the race, as I said you would, so I congratulate you for that!
Better luck at Adelaide, mate!

P.S. If ANY of you guys think a race incident (caused by another driver) prejudiced you/your race, don't forget to send a PM to ANY of the admins about them (the incidents). Otherwise, they will NOT be investigated and when the penalties are released, pliss, don't flood plain... - just sayin'...

12 Re: Shouting thread - BAHRAIN on 2nd June 2013, 8:21 pm

As usual a pretty weak qualy, compared to what potentially I could do...but, I keep working on it, to get that pace when it matters.
On the good side, finally a decent start where I didn't lose any places on the straight...
I want to apologize to Denis for the move in lap 1, I am a bit rusty after all this break, haven't made a full test race since last season race Rolling Eyes ...I wanted to do what I did to Black at Fuji where I purposely slowed down to stabilize his car with my own but unfortunately he spun...
First few laps had some intense battles especially with Sexy where at a moment we T1 I can assure you I braked normally, we had a bit of touch, than in T2 he had the nose of the car beside my rear, I wasn't aware of that (my blind spot), so we had again a bit of touch with me resulting going wide over the 'nasty' kerbs, lost some places...anyway, racing. It was good battle but it both cost us precious time.
Soon after I made a bit of burnout and lost another place.
So then I was playing catch up. I stopped a lap earlier(than what it would be normal for a 1 stop) to get the fresh tyres sooner so to gain some places back. It kinda worked, I took back after the stops I think Alex, Tony, Denis (?)...some drivers I'm not sure.
I was again behind Sexy, and later also Joe in front of him, but after a few laps my struggling tyres compared to their much fresher said the story and they started to pull away.
In the final laps raikko overtook me with his different strategy.
A so-so race, but usually I'm not pretty good at Bahrain so let's say it's damage limitation Very Happy
Congrats podium.

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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13 Re: Shouting thread - BAHRAIN on 2nd June 2013, 8:38 pm

It was a bad race for me. I had a good start I took 5th place but it was not long on the first lap Adi unwraps my car and a lot of riders crashed into me. My car is damaged and I'm losing a lot of places.
I'm sorry Alex it was my fault I braked a bit later and touched you. I'm sorry. head wall

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14 Re: Shouting thread - BAHRAIN on 2nd June 2013, 8:39 pm


Yes, Mate (ADI), don't worry. I know it was all just racing. I also know you tried your best to avoid a crash and so did I - I checked my replay and sorry for a 'block' I did to you (T8, lap 3), but I also thought you braked and then I just turned my car (thinking you were behind me) but then I found out you were actually on my blind spot as well - LOL - lucky we were still able to 'share' that corner and no one spun or anything!
Sorry for whatever went 'wrong' to you, but I had some fun fighting with you - pretty nice stuff!

15 Re: Shouting thread - BAHRAIN on 2nd June 2013, 11:13 pm


I couldn't take part because of connection issues I had for the whole weekend... Sad I hope you guys had a nice race and see you in Adelaide Smile

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16 Re: Shouting thread - BAHRAIN on 2nd June 2013, 11:20 pm


My race was nice except for the fact that you were not there for me to kick your little juvenil ass!

17 Re: Shouting thread - BAHRAIN on 2nd June 2013, 11:30 pm


League Director
League Director
my race was bad. i had a good start and was in the top 4 group who got a nice gap to the rest. then suddenly in lap 10 or sth my wheel disconnected on the backstraight and i drove onto the runoff area and put my wheel back on and came back on track as 8th. my problem was that there was no more force feedback and my laps were 0.5-1 sec slower than before. i managed to finish 8th at the end.

happy that BMW is leading the constructors now Smile

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18 Re: Shouting thread - BAHRAIN on 3rd June 2013, 12:12 pm

sexy !!!!!!!!!!!

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19 Re: Shouting thread - BAHRAIN on 3rd June 2013, 12:14 pm

I think you're starting to know what incident.
come on! You looked on replay?
simply put you over my wheels.

is already too disturbing for me to report it.

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20 Re: Shouting thread - BAHRAIN on 3rd June 2013, 12:31 pm


League Director
League Director
thx for reporting lau i added it to the incidents.

everyone else who saw any incidents please report them too Wink

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21 Re: Shouting thread - BAHRAIN on 3rd June 2013, 12:37 pm


League Director
League Director
also quali incidents please report all of them! you have only 24 hours to report them after the race

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22 Re: Shouting thread - BAHRAIN on 3rd June 2013, 1:10 pm

Sven wrote:thx for reporting lau i added it to the incidents.

everyone else who saw any incidents please report them too

please dont put on report incidents
this is what claim sexy to be an incident
and i saw it that is not my fault , and is not an incident

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23 Re: Shouting thread - BAHRAIN on 3rd June 2013, 4:40 pm



Dear lau,

I did NOT report that incident.
It was added to the list by one of the admins, because they saw it happening.

I actually emailed Joe and Sven YESTERDAY and asked them to REMOVE that incident from the list.
It seems they didn't get my email before you saw it on the list.

Honestly, I also think it was just a race incident.
Once again, I dont know why you are complaining.
Especially because I was the one losing 2 positions because of that...

Rolling Eyes

24 Re: Shouting thread - BAHRAIN on 3rd June 2013, 4:44 pm

then I apologize to you.
I thought you brought forward, which surprised me because I know that having a vision closer to mine in terms of racing

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25 Re: Shouting thread - BAHRAIN on 3rd June 2013, 4:48 pm

I did not ask investigation.
and I will not ask again. my vision of possible incidents caused unintentionally, is to talk to the default. see where I missed everyone.

now that does not mean they can be hit in any situation.

please have some mercy

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