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1 SEASON 4 PATCH - DOWNLOAD on 26th May 2013, 1:43 am




If you're unhappy about your actual T-Cam try the cams from the last season: DOWNLOAD

Message an admin if you need help with the cams!

None of you guys should have any issues in installing the patch (just copy the 'GameData' folder from inside the .rar file to your main rFactor folder and click to

'replace/overwrite all') and everything should work just fine - all of the files were tested on my PC and I can guarantee they are all working just fine!


If for any reason, any of you guys are having any kind of issues after the installation of the patch, I SUGGEST that you guys make a NEW install of the FSONE09 MOD and THEN

re-install the Season 4 patch as well - just to make SURE you guys will have a 100% clean install.

For ALL of the custom helmets to work properly, you guys MUST pick the EXACT RIGHT car at the Vehicle Menu - and a few cars have some 'special' things to be aware of, so take

a look at the list below to know how to make your helmet work 100% fine:


- Joe: 1st McLaren (Hamilton)
- Sexy: 2nd McLaren (Kovalainen)

- lau: 1st Jaguar (Irvine)
- Michal: 2nd Jaguar (Herbert)

Force India:
- Denis: 1st Force India (Sutil)
- Bober: 2nd Force India (Fisichella)

- Arnie: 1st RBR (Vettel)
- Adrian: 2nd RBR (Webber)

Lotus Renault: (The Black Renault Skin only works 100% fine with the 'Update BASE' - selected at the 'GP Updates' section in the 'UPGRADES' tab at the Vehicle Menu - the

original Renault skin (2009) works 100% fine with any/all GP Updates.)
- raikk0: 1st Lotus Renault (Alonso)
- Tony: 2nd Lotus Renault (Grosjean '2b' - NOT the 'Test')

- Arek: 1st Ferrari (Massa '1a')
- Black: 2nd Ferrari (Raikkonen)

- Gatis: 1st Toyota (Trulli)
- Tomoz: 2nd Toyota (Glock)

Brawn: (The custom helmets work ONLY with the 'Brawn GP - YasMarina Circuit' skin, selected at the 'SKINS' tab at the Vehicle Menu - with any/all GP Updates.)
- ADI: 1st Brawn (Button)
- Filip: 2nd Brawn (Barrichello)

Toro Rosso:
- kurt: 1st Toro Rosso (Alguersuari '1b')
- Damir: 2nd Toro Rosso (Buemi)

- Alex: 1st Williams (Rosberg)
- Cue: 2nd Williams (Nakajima)

BMW Sauber:
- Tom: 1st BMW Sauber (Kubica)
- Sven: 2nd BMW Sauber (Heidfeld)

- Aloisio: 1st Jordan (Hill)
- Marius: 2nd Jordan (Schumacher)

We altered a few things on the mod SETTINGS - especially regarding the CAR SETUP settings, but:


We are only giving all the drivers MORE options to set some components of the car setup - still they are very SMALL changes.


- Fuel Tank: Max. limit from 150L to 250L

- Front Camber Range: From '-4 to -3' to '-5 to 0'

- Rear Camber Range: From '-2 to -1' to '-5 to 0'

- Front AND rear tyre pressure range: From '110 to 216' to '90 to 190'

- Front Ride Height: From '2,0 to 3,5' to '1,0 to 4,0'

- Rear Ride Height: From '4,0 to 6,0' to '3,0 to 7,0'

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2 Re: SEASON 4 PATCH - DOWNLOAD on 26th May 2013, 8:37 am

Good, I like the setup changes, it'll be more interesting.

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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3 Re: SEASON 4 PATCH - DOWNLOAD on 26th May 2013, 11:44 am


okay problem with the patch, it will be online again soon

4 Re: SEASON 4 PATCH - DOWNLOAD on 26th May 2013, 4:55 pm

i download allready
what problems ?

and server is off ?

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5 Re: SEASON 4 PATCH - DOWNLOAD on 26th May 2013, 5:17 pm


League Director
League Director
it was incorrect. the server and the new patch will be back this evening.

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6 Re: SEASON 4 PATCH - DOWNLOAD on 26th May 2013, 10:27 pm


patch up again!!

7 Re: SEASON 4 PATCH - DOWNLOAD on 31st May 2013, 12:23 am


League Director
League Director
option to download the tcams of last season added! if you need help with getting old cams back or sth else message me!

Here is the link:


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8 Re: SEASON 4 PATCH - DOWNLOAD on 1st June 2013, 8:52 pm

I find it a total lack of fair play from all other competitors changing values ​​in this way.
This helps only those who fail mode parameters settings.
is not an equal competition as long as they try creating advantages for some.
Season 3 was favored by joystick Sout, we now have other advantages offered to those with a particular driving style.
changing values ​​is not an advantage for all. not those who do not like change the setting values, instead favors those who can not handle how the original values​​.
if I chose fsone, just to play it. disagreeable total change as we like.

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9 Re: SEASON 4 PATCH - DOWNLOAD on 2nd June 2013, 2:36 am

i'm pissed rite noe but have to ageree with la7u that i dont like just a few people changing things to there likings. sorry if this pisses anyone off Smile

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10 Re: SEASON 4 PATCH - DOWNLOAD on 2nd June 2013, 2:45 am


League Director
League Director
the whole Admin Team agreed with our changes! and it is surely Not to suit toms or anyone Elses driving style. if it was sexy he even wanted more changes right sexy!?

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11 Re: SEASON 4 PATCH - DOWNLOAD on 2nd June 2013, 2:49 am


Guys... I'm not an admin anymore, but since I was when we took the decision to change a few things on the mod, I must say something...

First of all, you seem to be getting it all wrong...

NO ONE had the idea of 'changing the mod to our personal likings' or to 'benefit' ANY of us.

The idea of those changes came BEFORE we even tested them. So, how could we know that those changes would benefit (which actually did NOT happen) this or that driver (or ourselves)?

The changes were ONLY to try and make the mod feel 'fresh & new', instead of having a 100% new mod (that everyone would have to get used to again), or to make a lot of radical changes to the mod.

We THOUGHT about changing some things on the physics, but then we agreed that THIS would be unfair. So, we did NOT change ANYthing to the physics.
The ONLY things we changed were a FEW things and VERY SMALL changes on the mod settings, regarding the car setup - no big deal.

And the changes we made were to give ALL of the drivers a few MORE options to set some components of the car.

I would understand if you guys were complainig if we reduced the options, but we actually INCREASED the options! ALL the options that existed before are still there! But now we ALSO have a few extra ones!

And the settings are the SAME to EVERYone - so how could they benefit this or that driver?!
If they are beneficial or not, they are the SAME (positive or negative) to EVERYone!

I'm sorry to say, but... complaining about these things are the same as RBR complaining about the Pirelli tyres...
The tyres are the SAME to ALL teams. Some were able to manage them better so far and some are still trying to.
In some races this or that team has a better result and in the next races the teams managing the tyres better are different and so on...

Not to mention we only tested the new settings at ONE track so far and only for ONE week... And yes, not even the admins tested the settings for too long or in a lot of different tracks, so they are all new to us too - we are also trying to 'learn' how to get the best out of them to our cars!
So, HOW can we know how things are gonna be on the next tracks and throughout the rest of the season?
MAYBE the guys compaining today can be faster on the next tracks - not to mention lau (for example) is one of the fastest guys at Bahrain, so I also don't understand why he is complaining... just because raikk0 and Tom are a few tenths faster than him? Come on, lau... That's their merit and it has nothing to do with the mod changes - they were already fast before the changes anyway.
Once again, I must say: the changes are the SAME to ALL of the drivers and they are NOT beneficial to this or that driver.

Suggesting this is nonsense.


And yes, I actually suggested more changes (also to the mod SETTINGS), like for example, different wing values, but that was denied.
I'm ok with the current changes we had and I see no problems with them.
I'm still the 'same' (faster than some drivers, slower than some others) compared to the rest of the guys - I felt NO 'advantage' or 'disadvantage' for this or that driver (including myself) at all.

Last edited by Sexy Brigadeiro on 2nd June 2013, 3:26 am; edited 13 times in total

12 Re: SEASON 4 PATCH - DOWNLOAD on 2nd June 2013, 2:53 am


League Director
League Director
well enough for today i can answer you tomorrow lau thx sexy for the answer!

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13 Re: SEASON 4 PATCH - DOWNLOAD on 2nd June 2013, 2:55 am

i no mate and i dont mind goin with admin but i would rather use a hole new mod that with its own settings. the only thing i'm not arsedc about is if thinks like refueling and things that are the same for every one Smile

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14 Re: SEASON 4 PATCH - DOWNLOAD on 2nd June 2013, 3:10 am


Yes, Cue, but remember we also had a poll about changing to a whole new mod or staying with this one and... most drivers voted to stay with this one.

And, once again: the changes we did were only to give a FEW MORE options to the drivers to set up their cars - there were NO alterations to the physics or 'radical alterations' to the mod as a whole. So, it's still basically the same mod - the changes were VERY small - and the SAME to ALL of the drivers.

I understand that some people may still complain about us 'changing the original mod', no matter how small the changes may have been, but what is bothering me is people suggesting the changes were made to give this or that driver(s) some advantage - THAT'S just NOT true.

IF the changes gave some advantage (or disadvantage), they did it to ALL of us.
And I also believe it's all a matter of some people being better in setting up their cars with the new options, or not.

And for what I saw on the server on the last days, ALL of the drivers became about 0,3 to 0,5 sec faster (per lap) AFTER the changes, compared to their laptimes before the changes - NO ONE became slower or kept making the same times - EVERYONE got a little faster.

So, 'good or bad', the changes affected EVERYONE and EQUALLY.

15 Re: SEASON 4 PATCH - DOWNLOAD on 2nd June 2013, 8:12 am

'So,' good or bad ', and the changes Affected EVERYONE EQUALLY. "

is wrong!

changes do not affect equally. increasing values ​​can help setup and operation style and did not help to those who have a different style setup and operation.
So these changes help some and not others help.
and therefore I believe that competition is flawed.
would have been easy to be left things as they were thrust by those who created fsone.
rationale aschimba something just for the sake of change is pointless.


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16 Re: SEASON 4 PATCH - DOWNLOAD on 2nd June 2013, 11:51 am


League Director
League Director
If you are mad because of toms times, he was doing 28.8 even before we changed the physics now he improved his time by some tenths after the changes.

btw. we mostly changed the ranges of some aspect in BOTH directions so you have just more options to use nothing more.

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17 Re: SEASON 4 PATCH - DOWNLOAD on 2nd June 2013, 12:12 pm


yes the mod itself has not been changed

if you setup your car with values you used last season it will drive exactly the same

we have merely increased the max camber by 1 degree, allowed a slightly lower ride height, and reduced the minimum pressure

these are very very small changes, just to keep some interest in making setups, i really don't believe anybody benefits from this more than another

18 Re: SEASON 4 PATCH - DOWNLOAD on 2nd June 2013, 2:23 pm

guys !

when we play that way, I do not think you know him.

So I kindly ask you not sell me crap.

when you change the values ​​for which it was built this mod , they do just to help.
I always have to change to something to be good.
at this rate, for me participating in this league will end with season 4.
If I chose a mode, we had than to play
no fool who made ​​this way have put those minimum and maximum values​​.

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