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Race REPORT & PICTURES - 17 - Brazil GP (Interlagos)

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Brazil GP - Interlagos (Sunday, may 5th, 2013) – Race Report, by Sexy Brigadeiro Rolling Eyes & pictures by Arek Smile

Bla bla bla... sorry (again) for the huge delay in releasing this report, but... jah, that was it. Smile

Not much to say other than we had an AMAZING Season Finale, with the Title being decided at the very last race, after 17 rounds of pure action!!!

It was certainly a fantastic season, where we had 36 different drivers taking part in at least 1 race and from these, 23 of them scored at least 1 point - which is a (very positive) record to the League!!!
The Final Standings, with the drivers and teams points are right below the pictures!!!
Season 4 is right around the corner and the drivers, teams and helmets are already being defined and we'll all meet for more GREAT action on june 2nd, 2013!!!

And if you want to know WHO was the (new) World Champion - Joe or Denis - just check the pics below and let them tell this awesome story!!!...
P.S. Here's the story of MY Brazilian GP, in case you want to watch it too:

'Checkered flag is out and so am I!'
Arek's Slideshow: (Don't be a juvenil! Watch it in HD (720p) and full screen, pliss!)

Brazil Pics:

Arek: Interlagos Razz
Sexy: Arek works for Google Maps now... Very Happy

Arek: "Senna" esses.
Sexy: 'Esse do Senna' (or just 'S do Senna') is the original name, in brazilian portuguese. Smile

Arek: The cars are ready to go. lau on PP. We also got a big suprise. Cueball starts from the second grid! Razz
Sexy: Amazing job by Cue!! But his biggest challenge would be to keep the good job througout the whole race..

Arek: Cueball takes the lead in T1!
Sexy: Couldn't have started better!! Surprised

Arek: It was a good clean start.
Sexy: Yes! great job, everyone - especially after the previous start at Malaysia... Rolling Eyes

Arek: lau makes a mistake and goes wide. Alex Hill and Denis take their chance.
Sexy: And Denis has to score at least 12 more points than Joe if he wants to be the Champion, so... any postisions he gain are VERY important now, more than ever!

Arek: Cueball still leads, lau drops down to 4th.
Sexy: Seems it's Cue's lucky day (at least so far)! Very Happy

Arek: Sexy Brigadeiro overtakes BlackFox in a fight for the 5th place. SF32 also passes him.
Sexy: Pretty nice and fair fight by Fox - cheers, mate! Cool

Arek: But moment later Sexy gets a slideway and gives three places away.
Sexy: That was really unnexpected. The car balance on the brakes seemed ok and that NEVER happened in ANY of the practice sessions or in the test races... But then it just started to spin when I hit the brakes and I was REALLY like 'WTF?!' and that was pretty much when my whole race started to get fucked up - oh, boy.. Rolling Eyes

Arek: Incident between the hero of the first lap and a half, Sexy Brigadeiro and Adrian S SHole Razz
Sexy: If I was a hero, Adrian had some Kryptonite to me on his sleeve... I mean... on his rear right tyre... Evil or Very Mad

Arek: Denis rams Alex Hill (2nd) causing his spin. lau takes an oportunity to jump up to the 2nd place.
Sexy: Well, that certainly gave Denis a chance of getting a penalty, so he REALLY needed to gain positions and time now to still have a chance on the Championship!!..

Arek: Meanwhile our second title contender Joe McLaggen has a very bad begining of the race due to lag problems. Here fights for just 12th place with raikk0, Sexy and Marius.
Sexy: Yes, but we all let Joe go - right thing to do, BTW - and Joe was also having some luck since Denis was having issues - still Joe was 'far behind' and had a lot of terrain to regain yet - and so he was already doing his best on that!! Cool

Arek: Moment later at the same place Tomoz befriends with the wall Razz Gatis takes the 16th place.
Sexy: Nice 'rookies' enjoying their first races in the league - and already looking forward to season 4! Smile

Arek: As we could suppose, Cueball doesn't keep the pressure of being the leader and makes an easy mistake, which costs him the lead and 2 more places Razz
Sexy: I feel bad for him.. he was doing a GREAT job and I did that same mistake later on the race - DAMN that kerb!!! Mad

Arek: At exactly the same time Adrian hits SF32 on the braking zone and spins his car in the middle of the track losing his 6th place...
Sexy: That's one of the most annoying ways to spin... You brake to avoid the car in front of you and still you touch it very slightly, which makes you spin... Evil or Very Mad

Arek: This could've ben a great fight for the 6th place between Antonio Hreljanovic, Sven and Arek...
Sexy: You said it well... 'COULD've been'... Rolling Eyes

Arek: If it wasn't lag out there... Razz
Sexy: ...lag... Rolling Eyes

Arek: Sven believes he can fly Razz
Sexy: No. Sven was singing: 'I believe I can drive!!..' Mad

Arek: The top 5. lau, Denis, BlackFox, Cueball, SF32.
Sexy: If it was a top 15 picture, I'd be on it.. Rolling Eyes

Arek: Denis overtakes lau n T1 and takes the lead!
Sexy: Our Belarus friend was giving everything he could to fight for the Title - great job! Smile

Arek: Arek vs Tony, battle for the 6th place seen from Alex Hill's car.
Sexy: /w Antonio Go, Tony, go!!! Kick that juvenil ass!!!
...what?!... scratch

Arek: Finally after a long and tough battle Arek makes a pass. In the background Jure Pazin in 9th place and Joe McLaggen chasing the leading group. Moment later at the last corner Tony makes a similar mistake like Cueball's and drops down behind Joe...
Sexy: Tony was just being nice to you - good job, kid! Wink

Arek: lau takes the lead back from Denis!
Sexy: lau doesn't give a shit if Denis is fighting for the Title - Joe loves to know that! Razz

Arek: Moment later SF32 (5th) makes a mistake caused by stupid lag and spins on the internal curb of T1 dropping down to 9th right in front of Antonio.
Sexy: Hey! Don't say he made a 'stupid mistake'!!! Say he made an Arek... Razz

Arek: Many interetsing things are happening at the front. Big fight between BlackFox and Denis.
Sexy: Awesome race by Fox, who will also not give up in one of his best races 'just because' Denis is fighting for the Title! Twisted Evil

Arek: A few corners later Cueball overtakes Denis too. In the background Alex Hill chasing Arek.
Sexy: Poor Belarus..

Arek: Tony tries to pass SF32 but Stefano saves his 9th place. A while later Adrian takes an adventage of their fight and Overtakes Tony Smile
Sexy: Lots of good action there! Cool

Arek: SF32 catches the blue tarmac while defending of Adrian which means another time loss... In front of them Arek (5th) still keeps himself ahead of Alex Hill and Jure has got Joe on his back.
Sexy: I won't even waste my time talking about these runoff areas that were supposed to be 'asphalt', but are more slippery and bumpy than grass instead... Rolling Eyes

Arek: I think it was a pretty scary moment for Toro Rosso drivers, raikk0 and SF32...
Sexy: raikk0's whole life just passed through his eyes on a split second!!.. Oh, wait!!.. That was actually just Stefano's car!! Razz

Arek: Although Stefano tried to continue we can say that it was just over for him.
Sexy: Jah and that's a shame for our Mama Mia Boy... Hope to have you again for at least some races in season 4, mate!! Smile

Arek: Bad time for Jure. At first he catches gravel on the main straight losing a place for Joe and one lap later Adrian and Tony both pass him after a very spectacular maneuver in T1. Jure drops down to 10th.
Sexy: It was great to have him back on Bober's place, even if only for this weekend - and he started doing a pretty good job! It's a shame a lot of things went wrong to him all at once... Anyway... Still hope to see Jure around for season 4!! Smile

Arek: Jure tries to revenge by throwing his car between Tony and the in internal curb but Tony closes the door and comes to the contact. Positions stay the same.
Sexy: Pretty aggressive fight by both drivers and it's a shame a small incident happened, but at least both of them kept their places and were able to keep racing! Smile

Arek: Interesting fight between Sven, Sexy, raikk0 and Marius for the 11th place.
Sexy: Pretty intense moment... bounce

Arek: Seems like Jure really likes to join another action Smile
Sexy: I'm pretty sure he didn't enjoy THIS one... Razz

LAP 10
Arek: BlackFox tries to overtake lau and even makes it but only for a little while. lau revenges instantly. At least Black was the P1 holder for the first time ever (doesn't matter it was only 2s) Razz
Sexy: He should get an award for 'Shortest Leading Time Evah'! Very Happy

LAP 12
Arek: Arek doesn't make big problems for Alex Hill to pass, knowing he's going to pit after this lap.
Sexy: Jah, but something tells me China Boy had a better strategy that would pay off in the end!!.. Wink

LAP 12
Arek: Miscommunication in Ferrari... Black's mechanics weren't prepared well enough, so he stood at the pit spot for too long, which took the real chance for podium away from him. Arek who came in as second, slighty touches him getting damage, and we got another long stop... That was an insane pit xP
Sexy: Typical Ferrari pit stop.. Razz

LAP 14
Arek: Joe McLaggen leaves the pits to start the 14th lap. Sexy, Tony, and raikk0 are in the pits too.
Sexy: See how a team makes a pit stop without issues between the both drivers? Whatch and learn, Ferrari! Very Happy

LAP 14
Arek: One lap later Denis enters the pits. Alex Hill jumps up to 3rd. In the backgroud lau still leads ahead of Cueball.
Sexy: I've just realized I have nothing to say about this pic. Sorri.

LAP 15
Arek: Rejoins in 4th in front of Black who lost time during the pit stop.
Sexy: Seems like we'll have a round 2 between Black and Denis..

LAP 16
Arek: Black overtakes him one lap later but Denis doesn't give up and stays very close to him.
Sexy: And there it is!

LAP 17
Arek: Cueball takes a wrong way Razz
Sexy: Kimi strategy?!.. scratch

LAP 17
Arek: lau (1st) goes to the pits. Alex Hill and Cueball who haven't pited yet lead the race.
Sexy: 1 stoppers doing a pretty good job!

LAP 18
Arek: Alex Hill and Cueball in the pits. lau takes the lead back. Alex rejoin in 5th behind Joe. Cueball in 7th behind Arek.
Sexy: lau has a 1-lap-fresh-tyres-advantage, but at the end of the race, Alex and Cue will have that advantage back, because their tyres will be 1-less-lap-worn - who knows which advantage will be the bigger one? It all depends on whatever happens on track in their whole 2nd stint anyway.. Smile

LAP 22
Arek: BlackFox (2nd) still defends himself against Denis. Joe and Alex get closer.
Sexy: Great fight still between Fox and Denis!! And, again, Joe McLaggen making a terrific recovery race - literally FTW (For The Win - in this case, of the Championship)!!! Surprised

LAP 23
Arek: A prestigious duel between Arek (6th) and Cueball Razz
Sexy: Very nice fight and pic! Cool

LAP 23
Arek: But the pressure was too heavy for Cue Razz
Sexy: Oh, come on, Cue! Don't let this garotinho juvenil have the last laugh!!.. Evil or Very Mad

LAP 24
Arek: Easy mistake by Black but pretty expensive... 3 places down.
Sexy: Again, we have those 'punitive' runoff areas that only multiplies a small driver's mistake to a huge shit... - congrats to the track builders!! Mad

LAP 25
Arek: Arek leaves the pits after his second stop. Rejoins in 9th in front of Antonio.
Sexy: Now I hope Tony stop being too nice to Arek and just kick his ass once and for all!!.. Razz

LAP 25
Arek: raikk0 (6th), Sexy Brigadeiro and Cueball.
Sexy: I was in front of raikk0 until a few laps ago, but I made the same mistake as Cue did in the first laps and got caught in that damn kerb from hell!!.. Evil or Very Mad

LAP 26
Arek: BlackFox leaves the pits having done his second service (in the 8th place behind Cueball). Meanwhile the fans gathered at the big stand show who they are waiting for the most Smile
Sexy: Jah, for the pizza delivery guy, because they ordered it a long time ago and now they're all starving! Very Happy

LAP 26
Arek: Joe (3rd) goes to the pits. His teammate does the same move after a while.
Sexy: Again, McLaren knows how to be efficient on the pits - good job! Cool

LAP 27
Arek: Joe rejoins in 6th right behind Cueball.
Sexy: Jah, but with fresh Soft tyres, while Cueball had half-used Hards, so... Rolling Eyes

LAP 27
Arek: And Sexy meets Adrian again Razz
Sexy: Adrian was determined to make my home race as hard as he could - just wait until we get back to Australia, Kangaroo Kid!!.. Twisted Evil

LAP 28
Arek: Watching this report, seing that someone goes to the pits you can be sure Alex is somewhere around Razz Denis (2nd) goes to the pits to rejoin in 7th right in front of Arek.
Sexy: Alex loves to appear on the pics - and he knows there will always be pics of the guys going to the pits, so he hides and waits until that happens and just jump in front of the camera with this face: Very Happy

LAP 29
Arek: Meanwhile Black overtakes Cueball (5th) who got passed by Joe a while earlier. raikk0 who hasn't stopped for the second time yet is in the great 2nd place.
Sexy: raikk0 was also going for a 2 stop strategy, but with a longer 2nd stint compared to everyone else - which means he would use Soft tyres on his last stint and be pretty damn fast on the last laps!

LAP 30
Arek: Sexy overtakes Adrian and jumps up to 10th. In the first plan Sven Razz
Sexy: Get out of my amazing overtake's pic, Svenoob!! Razz

LAP 30
Arek: BlackFox and Cueball overtook raikk0 whose tyres were almost dead (he went to the pits after this lap), but Black got blocked a little bit while passing, and that's why Cueball found himself in front of him again.
Sexy: Again a lot of action happening there - great stuff for our league fans all around the universe for sure!!! alien

LAP 32
Arek: They are overtaking each other a few times! Nice fight for the 4th place! Meanwhile Denis makes a mistake in T1 and goes wide which let Arek to pass him.
Sexy: Although I (obviously) wanted for Joe to win the Championship, I must admit it's just amazing to see Denis fighting, giving all of him until the very end like that! I congratulate and respect you a LOT for that, mate!!!

LAP 33
Arek: Eventually BlackFox manages to pass Cue and stay ahead. Denis takes a place back from Arek.
Sexy: Jah, get out of his way, seu juvenil!! Razz

LAP 35
Arek: Denis overtakes Cue and is 5th.
Sexy: Cue's tyres were pretty much dead as well, but still Denis was still doing an impressive job!

LAP 35
Arek: A moment later Arek does the same after a great fight wheel to wheel Smile
Sexy: Damn, Cue!! Again this juvenil got lucky!! Razz

Arek: lau wins the race!
Sexy: Very nice way to finish a season - except for being the Champion, of course... Razz

Arek: Alex Hill is 2nd!
Sexy: Awesome job by China Boy!! Very Happy

Arek: Joe McLaggen crosses the finish line as 3rd and takes the World Championhip Title!
For ALL the pointers and Championship standings, just take a look below!!! Senna


1lau(Jaguar)25 points
2Alex Hill(Brawn)18 points
3Joe McLaggen(McLaren)15 points
4BlackFox(Ferrari)12 points
5Arek(Ferrari)10 points
6cueballUK(Toyota)8 points
7Denis_Belarus(Force India)6 points
8raikkO(STR)4 points
9Sven(Toyota)2 points
10Sexy Brigadeiro(McLaren)1 point


1Jaguar25 points
2Ferrari22 points
3Brawn18 points
4McLaren16 points
5Toyota10 points
6Force India6 points
7STR4 points
DRIVERS’ CHAMPIONSHIP - After 17 races (OFFICIAL - AFTER penalties):

1Joe216 points
2Denis196 points
3soutie187 points
4lau180 points
5Tom130 points
6Sexy122 points
7Arek99 points(+1)
8Sven91 points(-1)
9Alex84 points(+1)
10ADI68 points(-1)
11Grisu62 points
12Adrian55 points
13raikkO54 points
14Arnie29 points
15Bober25 points
16Luft23 points
17Otti22 points
18Black21 points(+3)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 4th
19Cue21 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 6th
20Tony20 points(-2)
21SF3210 points(-1)
22Jure1 pointTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 10th & 13th
23Pocisk1 pointTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 10th & 17th
24Jack0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th
25Wallace0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 12th & 13th
26Stig0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 12th & 17th
27Marius0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 13th
28Steven0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 14th
29Michal0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 15th & 16th
30Gatis0 points(+2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 15th & 19th
31Tomoz0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 16th & 18th
32Nico0 points(-2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 16th
33Veefour0 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 19th
34Kurt0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 20th
35Backmarker0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 21st
=Santi0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 21st

* - 'tie breaker' = best finish position (in case of a new tie, the next best finish position - and so on...)


1McLaren338 points
2Jaguar248 points
3Force India221 points
4RBR207 points
5Renault159 points
6Ferrari120 points(+1)
7Toyota112 points(-1)
8Brawn106 points
9STR64 points(+1)
10Williams63 points(-1)
11BMW Sauber55 points
12Jordan24 points
NEXT RACE: SEE YOU GUYS ON SEASON 4!!!, at june 2nd, 2013

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Great report again guys Very Happy There was a lot of me this time I feel like a star Very Happy

                                                                            Team Pet Shark
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Iron Man = Tony Stark

Antonio Hreljanovic = Tony Star

Like a Star @ heaven


Arek's slideshow added!!!

Pliss, check it out too, peeps!!!


good job Arek and Sexy

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Good job guys......but in 9 laps tony is not close his door at right time when he turn his wheal to corner i yet be there but thats racing

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League Director
League Director
good report

Sexy Brigadeiro wrote:Iron Man = Tony Stark

Antonio Hreljanovic = Tony Star

Like a Star @ heaven
Stark means strong in german Smile

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but if I wrote that I have had the lag, because you write about a stupid mistake? bha.., anyway nice job.

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good job guys as always Cool and sexy the juvenil knows i'm faster than him Razz well i would be if i could keep it on the track Surprised lmao and good luck sven with your new team Wink

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gj both

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SF32 wrote:but if I wrote that I have had the lag, because you write about a stupid mistake? bha.., anyway nice job.
I've fixed it. Thx for keeping your attention Smile

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Thank you guys for enjoying the report and pics!
Sorry if we wrote something 'wrong' or that you guys didn't like, but the point was to try to write something funny and enjoyable to read... - as always!
And jah, Cue, we all know that! Mr. Juvenil is a damn lucky guy!


League Director
League Director
cueballuk wrote:good job guys as always Cool and sexy the juvenil knows i'm faster than him Razz well i would be if i could keep it on the track Surprised lmao and good luck sven with your new team Wink
THX good luck to you too with alex hill!

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