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17 - Brasil GP (shouting thread)

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1 17 - Brasil GP (shouting thread) on 5th May 2013, 3:00 pm


Tell us the 'story' of YOUR brazilian GP, pliss...

2 Re: 17 - Brasil GP (shouting thread) on 5th May 2013, 4:27 pm

1 word. Sh*t.

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3 Re: 17 - Brasil GP (shouting thread) on 5th May 2013, 4:38 pm

Made a bunch of mistakes, mostly due to hardware, rFactor froze for a half a second time to time, spanned out due to it.

Hoping for better future in season 4!

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4 Re: 17 - Brasil GP (shouting thread) on 5th May 2013, 4:40 pm


League Director
League Director
P10 in quali had a shitty start and spun in lap 2 because of lag on the main straight. at the end 9th

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5 Re: 17 - Brasil GP (shouting thread) on 5th May 2013, 4:49 pm

Finally i have something to write here.
P5 in quali was a surprise. After few laps i find myself p2. Whatta fuck??
then comes time to make my first stop, and first mistake.. i forget to request my stop so lost about 5secs there.
as everyone see results, that mistake cost podium.
but overall it was great ending for the shitty season for me.
i got great fights against Denis and Cueball during the race.
Waiting season 4.

if i*ve ever offended you, just know that from the bottom of my heart, i really dont give a shit
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6 Re: 17 - Brasil GP (shouting thread) on 5th May 2013, 5:07 pm

quali wasnt bad , started on 3rd place Smile
because of no serious testrace before the race i didnt know which strategy is better so i chose to start on hard tyres for 1 stop
got a good start , kept my postion , and after turn 3 lau made a mistake so i gained one place Smile then i was chasing cue, we were very close but i wasnt worried at all just trying to enjoy the battle , however on lap 2, in turn 7 i was doing slow in but fast out strategy but didnt notice Denis was right behind so i got a big hit from him(just an accident i think), lost many postions and a lot of time Sad
after got back on the track , i was on 11th place rigth behind my former teammate in season 1 Jure (welcome back btw) quickily passed him then i got stuck behind Arek and Tony, they were having their fun battle ,so i was on "wait and see" mode Smile however Tony made a mistake stucked on the kerb so i gained another postion , after tried some attempts on Arek , i deicded to slow down a bit didnt want to overheat my engine , after several laps i managed to pass him in turn 1
after 2 stopers pitted, i was on 3rd place and managed to save tyres a bit , before my pit stop i got passed on cue after his mistake . On lap 18, i pitted for another set of hards , behind Joe,Black and Denis after the pit stop, so i was just driving smoothly and watching their battle and really enjoy it guys lol
however after 22 laps my fingers started to be very very hurting so that i had to drive slowly and relax my fingers , very very painful Sad
so a 2nd place finish is really nice , congrats lau's victory. But more importantly a huge congratulations to Joe for his 1st World Champion Smile well down matey and also good job to Denis fighting for the championship to the last race really good job Joe and Denis Smile

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7 Re: 17 - Brasil GP (shouting thread) on 5th May 2013, 5:15 pm


Can't even begin to number all of the things that went wrong for me in this race, but... at the same time, I was glad to finally be able to race my home race.

Q1 was according to the expectations. I made a 9.2 lap, which was next to my PB and then moved to Q2.
Q2 wasn't so bad and I got a 9.6 and even if I got another 9.2, it would've made so much difference and I would start in 7th place anyway - maybe in 6th, but whatever... It's just a shame that my virtual PB was an 8.9 that I was never able to make it real...

In the race I had a nice and clean start and earned a place or 2 and things were ok until the 'Bico de Pato', where I 'half-spun' and was lucky (and skilled...) to hold my car on track, but still I lost time and a few places and then was caught in the middle of lots of guys fighting altogether, so I wasn't able to have a clean pace.
While fighting for these places, I had all kinds of shit happening to me... I made 1 or 2 mistakes myself, by stepping on that area that was SUPPOSED to be asphalt on S2, but it was actually worse than grass and that fucked me up (IF we ever race at interlagos again, PLISS, let's use a version with decend runoff areas and NOT runoff areas that 'punishes' the driver and fuck them up even more when they make a mistake)...
I also had a little issue with Adrian on the braking for T4 and we were partially side by side and on the very last second, he moved a little bit towards me and I stepped outside of the track and had to take a walk through that damn blue runoff area, which is also worse than grass - GRRRR!!! - later on the race I had an even worse incident with Adrian (when he hit me from behind on T1 and threw me on the runoff area - I lost a LOT of time and a few places, although half lap later, Adrian apologized by whispering and gave me the place back)... I KNOW it was caused by lag and I'm NOT mad at him at all. I'm just a little frustrated for a bunch of things going wrong to me... I KNOW I could've had a pretty good race and finished among the top 5, but whatever...

And oh, after Sven's mistake (due to lag, according to him), I found him VERY slow on the main straight, OUT of the racing line, while I was coming ON the racing line, at about 315 kph and then he moved to the racing line a little before the braking point - OBVIOUSLY I ended up bumping him, although I tried my best to brake and not spin - and I was like WTF?!?!?! How can a person be SO... damn, I don't have a proper (or nice) word for it, but... PUTA QUE PARIU, SVEN!!! CARALHO!!! WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?!?!?!
(and in the end, he finished in front of me, by a few inches... life is unfair... Rolling Eyes )

At least I got 1 little point on my very first home race and congrats Denis by the GREAT season you had, but...




cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers

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8 Re: 17 - Brasil GP (shouting thread) on 5th May 2013, 6:54 pm

sf32, what happend there?

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9 Re: 17 - Brasil GP (shouting thread) on 6th May 2013, 12:40 am


At the begining once again I would like to congratulate Joe for his wonderful driving during the season crowned with the title master! king Well done mate! It feels great and I know what I'm saying. Wink Also big words of appreciation to Denis for his breave fight for the championship. It's a shame we can have just one winner. Wink

It was a very though race for me. It started from that I was late for quali, coming home straight from a long bicycle trip with friends. I was totaly exhausted after 86km of ridding in mountains. I wouldn't have been late if they didn't want to modify our route (by adding some distance of course) Razz and to do a "pit stop" for a little chill out...

Then we met another friend having a ride with his bike, bla bla bla, bla bla bla, and I was losing time again... It ended up that I passed a road sign with a name of my town at 16:00 and I was still having few kilometers to get to my home Razz

I live on a hill so you can imagine that the finish was awesome Razz Got home all sweaty like a damn pig (nothing against pigs) pig and hungry. There was no time to change my clothes, not to mention about geting a shower or eating, I just had coded in my mind that I can't miss the last race of the season! Surprised

I helped Joe to run Q2 and then right before the start I noticed that my glasses were a little bit dirty of mud. I have been standing on the grid already and there was no time to clean it. I just thought to myself "fuck it, it's gonna be more realistic at least!" Surprised

I don't want to make you bored talking about details of my race, but I just can say that it was a great one for me. Starting from the last grid, being in 6th place behind the top 5 group just after 4 laps, meanwhile having good fights vs Williams drivers and Tony and also one lag incident with Sven which could've costed me the whole race. Sven and I had the same amount of points before the race (but he was higher in the table because of his one 2nd place compared to the 3rd place as my the best result), so it was my main goal to finish in front of him in points. I regret that our fight ended up like that... Sad

Later I had a great fight vs Alex Hill who couldn't pass me for like 8 laps. Finally at the begining of the 12th lap my mediums were worn and I decided to not defend of him and let him go to avoid losing time (I had planned my pit stop after the lap).

And here comes a weired thing I probably lost a 4th place because of. There was pretty tight in the top so every second was important to me. I requested my crew and let know Black that I was about to pit. He said "ok". So I go went to the pits, I saw the crew being ready but... Black was already there... Shocked I didn't notice him because all those mechanics standing around and I was also messing a bit in the pit menu. When I hit the brakes to stop I noticed him but it was too late. I sold him a little bump, he moved away but I got damage and they started to fix it!!! Fffffffffff...............!!!!!!! Facehand head wall

I lost more than 4s and If didn't that bad luck we could've had a chance to finish 3rd and 4th (as Black reported he also had troubles during that unfortunate for us pit stop on lap 12th). I'm sure about that looking at our lap times. At the end I lost 6s to Joe having to fight in the end of the race vs Denis (being very careful to him as a title contender) and Cue (Black was also there).

But the most important things to me were that I beat Cueball (starting last and he from the second grid!) Very Happy and I secured the 7th place overall at the end of the season defeating Sven Smile

Damn, did I say I wasn't going to write about details? Razz Anyway it was a great and exiciting race for the end of the season. Congratz to Lau for his win and to Alex for the 2nd place and once again to Joe, our new champ! Thx to all of you for racing in this season (special thanks to Blackfox for being my teammate - it was a pleasure to have you in the team as a driver no 2 Razz) and see you in the next one!


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10 Re: 17 - Brasil GP (shouting thread) on 6th May 2013, 12:53 am


You forgot to thank ME, Arek...

...for kicking your ass this season!...

P.S. You're welcome!
Very Happy

11 Re: 17 - Brasil GP (shouting thread) on 6th May 2013, 1:32 am

well i had a good Q1 and Q2 starting second in the race Smile

my first lap went well and i got the lead on the first corner because lau made a mistake. i had to fend off alex for the first lap but then made a mistake on L2 that put me down to 4th. had some good fights on my first stint with alex denis and black but i made a big mistake on lap 17 that lost me a lot of time. after my pit stop i had a few more good fights and was and was fighting for 4th but with 3 laps to go it was getting hard to keep the 2 stopers behind me and ended up finishing 7th Sad again my own mistakes cost me a lot of time which was a shame because i mite of been able to give lau a run for his money for the win Razz

anyway congrats to joe and sexy Smile joe for the drivers champ and the both of u for the constructors champ Flag

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12 Re: 17 - Brasil GP (shouting thread) on 6th May 2013, 3:07 am


Thank you VERY much, Cue!!!

And you really did a great job this weekend and I'm honestly sorry for your unfortunate race - mine was pretty much like that too and I know how it feels...

But anyway... there's always a new race to come, right? And season 4 is right around the corner!!
Thanks for the fun and nice races on season 3 - see you (Cue) and everyone else there!!

13 Re: 17 - Brasil GP (shouting thread) on 6th May 2013, 8:10 am

nice race .

Overall I think we did a good season as a rookie, and did not disappoint.
3 wins
2 pole
2 fastes lap

Thank you all for exciting Sundays between the hours of 5 to 7 afro cheers

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14 Re: 17 - Brasil GP (shouting thread) on 6th May 2013, 9:20 am

Shitty race this was...lets not complain if someone is interested you have it in replay fridge Razz HUGE congratulations to Joe very well done mate Smile and also to Sexy too you also did great job mate!! Smile Congratulating you both for constructors title too Smile

                                                                            Team Pet Shark
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15 Re: 17 - Brasil GP (shouting thread) on 6th May 2013, 9:23 am

Yes, well done to Joe for his championship and to both Joe and Sexy for taking the constructors!

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16 Re: 17 - Brasil GP (shouting thread) on 6th May 2013, 9:55 am


Thank you SO MUCH to Tony and Tomoz for congratulating me and Joe for the Constructors!
At least now I can say I have a 'Title' in the league already - LOL! Very Happy

Looking forward to (hopefuly) more fun in season 4!!!

17 Re: 17 - Brasil GP (shouting thread) on 6th May 2013, 11:45 am

raikk0 wrote:sf32, what happend there?

Raikko, I've flanked at a safe distance, there at the bend I was holding a normal trajectory, I started to swerve, I thought you held a trajectory closer, maybe my fault, I do not know. As for the race I started well enough I was with the first five, untill when at S. senna curve i had the game lag, and I had spin, and finally the contact with raikko.

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18 Re: 17 - Brasil GP (shouting thread) on 6th May 2013, 7:27 pm


Stefano and raikkO's incident was probably because of those 'magnectic crashes' that this mod has (when 2 cars are too close together, they 'attract' each other - and that's why it's always good to give more room to each other, just for safety), still I'm sorry for the unfortunate events in your race, Stefano! But it was great to (finally) have you with us this season! Hope to have you with us again in season 4!!!

19 Re: 17 - Brasil GP (shouting thread) on 6th May 2013, 9:00 pm

Congratulations to Joe for winning the championship. You're doing fine.
It was a good season for me. My plan was to get in the top 5. I could not imagine that I could fight for the title, because the season started badly for me. And I had problems with the Internet. I fought until the last race.
I rode 2 but no luck. Bravo Lau, Alex, Joe. good job Blackfox.

SILVER cheers

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20 Re: 17 - Brasil GP (shouting thread) on 6th May 2013, 9:08 pm


Congrats to you too, Denis!!
You evolved and improved a LOT as a driver and that's just great!!
Really amazing season and VERY nice (and clean) fights on the track!!
VERY well done, mate!!

21 Re: 17 - Brasil GP (shouting thread) on 6th May 2013, 9:17 pm

Thank you Sexy. Could you recommend me a new helmet design.

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22 Re: 17 - Brasil GP (shouting thread) on 6th May 2013, 9:19 pm


What do you mean, Denis?
Do you want a new / different helmet for season 4?

And if you do, please, tell us what kind of helmet you want on this topic:

23 Re: 17 - Brasil GP (shouting thread) on 7th May 2013, 6:53 am

What an end of the season!! Really tight until the very last race!

I had a problematic start due to some lags issues which were also present during the test races I had on the circuit. So I started in 6th position and right after the green lights showed up, I was teleported to the 11th place Razz. In that moment I was out of the points and out of the fight for the title, that was a stressful moment for me. After that, I started recovering some positions and being very careful to do not make mistakes or risk on any overtaking attempt.

I had a very nice race fighting against Jure, Sven, cueball, Adrian, Fox, Alex and Denis!. I made my pit stop in the end of lap 12 and I went out behind Fox. A couple of laps later Denis came out of the pit lane right behind Fox and in front of me. I didn't have the pace to follow Fox's and Denis' rythm but luckily for me, they both started to have a tough battle for several laps so I could keep close behind them and settle my position without get involved on any unnecessary battle. A few laps later I rushed my pit stop to get at least 1 more lap on fresh tyres than Fox and Denis so I could get a little advantage with new tyres and "overtake" them in the pit lane. I guees they had problems in their pit stops because I passed them far and I was able to finish my last stint alone way behind Alex and lau and like 4secs in front of Fox and Denis. Congratulations for you victory lau and your very well deserved 2nd place Alex!

I'm very happy because Denis and I could fight on track in the very last race of the season. You are an incredibly fast and fair driver Denis. You fought until the very last moment, you did a brilliant drive and season as well! That's worthy of a great man. I tip my hat to you.

This season was excellent! The league has been becoming bigger, better and I really enjoyed racing with each and every one of you guys.
I want to thank my teammate Sexy Brigadeiro for all his support and most important his friendship he gave me during the whole season. And of course congratulate him for his brilliant effort during the whole season which is reflected in the Constructors Championship! Congratulations Gus!. I also want to thank my little fella Alex Hill for his friendly support during the whole season, and all the guys who were part of this Very Happy, but even greater and especial thanks to ALL the administration team, Sven, Sexy, Tom, Areko boy and BlackFox Very Happy who make this league what it is, excellent job!. Wink

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