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16 - Malaysia GP (shouting thread)

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26 Re: 16 - Malaysia GP (shouting thread) on 28th April 2013, 8:06 pm

lol, finally sven is not using his 1/1 setup Very Happy

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27 Re: 16 - Malaysia GP (shouting thread) on 28th April 2013, 9:09 pm

I agree with Sven, I mean maybe a driver has the best chance to overtake in a specific place, if you wait for other time maybe you won't have the chance anymore...

About the incident, he is my teammate but I'm sorry, my opinion it's that it was lau's fault.
Just like in real f1 life, there's too much predetermination, too much constraints on driver's moves and lines, soon the driver will behave like a prefabricated robot, you are allowed to move 'x' times, to do that, to do that...and what it does it's that it reduces spontaneity, the best attribute to make good racing, and even with so many rules, sh!t still happens because already before a corner the driver thinks 'I am here, he is there, should be like that'...he's not prepare to addapt to situation. When you have a car behind you always have to pay attention what it does, what could do, and even intuit some manouvres...Of course broadly should be some rules, but enough to leave driver room for creativity and own 'findings' of doing things. So, it's about collaboration indeed like someone else said. But if a driver relies on predefined scenario, amen with that, he omits what is really happening...The best rule would be the moral one, we must start to believe more in people not in laws sunny
So to end up my idealistic philosophy I think Sven was entitled to that manoeuvre, he clearly showed way before corner his intention and he was close enough, the inside was bright open, that move should be expected and he was more than side by side when they touched.

(Look at raikko, Adrian and me, several laps we battled very close and we didn't have a single skid-well maybe there was a slight bump to raikko in the beggining but I'm sure he forgives me, I just missjudged a braking point Razz; why, because we were paying a lot of attention to each other-not in a homo way Razz - and we didn't rely on rule 'x' or 'y' -but it still ended up according to rules)

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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28 Re: 16 - Malaysia GP (shouting thread) on 28th April 2013, 9:25 pm

adi ? asta e o regula noua in formula 1 ? daca n-ai sanse sa depasesti normal , iti incerci norocul in zone imposibile ? pai ce facem aici ? in virajele alea nici in vise nu o sa ma depaseasca cineva, eventual daca acuma pun prima data mana pe volan. sven nici in 1000 ani numai prindea virajul ala la ce trasa avea.
sfatul meu e sa nu ne dam mai inteligenti decat suntem.
nu cumva vroiai sa ies in decor ca sa intre sven in viraj ? acolo este o singura linie cu o marja mica de manevra care-ti permite sa prinzi virajul. trebuia sa ies afara sa-l las pe sven , ca in lta parte cum zicea numai avea unde.
cascadorii rasului.

din pacate esti singurul care vezi altceva ( pardon , cu sven )

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29 Re: 16 - Malaysia GP (shouting thread) on 28th April 2013, 9:28 pm


I didn't say or mean that Sven didn't have the 'right' to try the maneuver.
I said and meant that it wasn't the best spot and moment to try it - even with his specific setup - because he should've also known that lau wasn't going to just let him pass... lau was already turning his car to take the corner, so... it wasn't a very wise move (by Sven), IMO and THAT's his share of guilt on this.

lau's share of guilt is the fact that he should've also 'predicted' Sven was going to try the overtake and there was a 'risk' of him (Sven) being side by side with lau, so... lau should have NOT turned to take that corner as if he was all alone on the track.

So, I still think BOTH of them were to blame, because BOTH of them could've avoided it simply by lifting up a little bit and giving each other room - literlaly SHARING the corner.

But instead, BOTH of them thought 'oh, this corner is mine!' (as if they 'bought' and owned it or something) and THAT was THEIR (yes, BOTH of them) biggest mistake - BOTH of them 'threw' their cars on the corner expecting the OTHER to lift up, but... NONE of them lifted up, so... KABOOM!!! bom

30 Re: 16 - Malaysia GP (shouting thread) on 28th April 2013, 10:21 pm

lau, e dificil sa depasesti in virajul acela dar in cazul asta el n-a venit de nicaieri, era deja chiar in spatele tau din virajul anterior, erati in mijlocul unei lupte, n-a fost o situatie 'normala' unde va urmareati de nu stiu cate ture si nu se gasea o bresa...De asta vorbesc eu, de preconceptii, tu zici ca in virajul aceala e imposibil, sau ca nu te poate depasi cineva la ce experienta ai, si asa se omite circumstanta reala in care erati, si tu nu te-ai pregatit sa reactionezi crezand deja ca asa ceva nu se poate...pe cand el era bine de tot pe interior si in mom impactului pare ca deja coborase la aceeasi viteza cu tine deci nu cred ca ar fi iesit larg in acel viraj.
Cred ca nu are rost sa ajungem la lucruri personale, eu chiar nu tin partea nimanui, imi place racingul f mult, am avut la propriu zeci de dezbateri din astea (ca activez si pe alte forumuri), nu ma arunc aiurea cand zic, si aceleasi dileme le am si cu manevrele din F1 in realitate cand vad cat sunt de constipate...
Si stai linistit, nu cred ca o sa se dea nici un penalty pt ca parerile sunt impartite...dar e bine sa discutam ca sa vedem unde ne invartim cu situatiile astea care sunt f intalnite. Si cu ce am zis, asta vreau, sa se ajunga la un pilotaj mai liber, mai spectaculos si nu cu atatea constrangeri, dar oamenii sa si inteleaga ceea ce e fair-play.

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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31 Re: 16 - Malaysia GP (shouting thread) on 28th April 2013, 10:28 pm

lau uita-te pe replay, la cum am mers eu, adi, adrian si blackfox in primele 13-14 ture. de multe ori chiar am si incercat sa depasim in virajul ala, dar mereu lasam spatiu pentru cel de langa.

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32 Re: 16 - Malaysia GP (shouting thread) on 28th April 2013, 10:32 pm

This time I must say that Sven was right.He showed himself in the mirrors before the corner and they were side by side when Lau closed the door.He must have tried to overtake there because it may have been his last chance after all I would have done the same in that case but lets forget it its over...done!

                                                                            Team Pet Shark
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33 Re: 16 - Malaysia GP (shouting thread) on 28th April 2013, 11:53 pm


Yo yo! Smile I would like to say that I'm very happy about my today's result. I like this track much (it feels like it was created for me), have done a lot of practice with quite good results, so I was really looking forward to the race.

The quali went terrible. I made a stupid mistake catching the inside curb in that hard left hander which goes uphill what made me spin... Sad

I started from the 8th grid having Cueball right in front of me (which was like a slap on a cheek to me). Razz Start was ok. In T1 I noticed someone hit Cue and he spun probbaly blocking some cars, but I had a lot of free space on the inside, so I could easily get an adventage of my position.

I found out behind Tom in 6th place. I managed to pass him and then I was chasing the top group being in front of me with Denis as "a red light". The guys were a little bit faster (or I was a little frosty yet, missing some apexes, being very careful on the throttle and stuff like that), but they started fighting between each other that I could get them back and even had a battle vs Denis. I was very careful having him close, knowing he was fighting for the title, to not put us on risk, but we still had a one hot moment on the lap 9 right before our pit stops (fortunatelly noone got harmed).

After that Denis came out behind Antonio who slowed him down, which was good for me. He was struggling to pass him till he finally got spun literaly out of nowhere, being in 7/6th gear... (what happend there Denis?) Rolling Eyes

Later I had to pass only the guys who were on different strategy (Antonio and Raikko which was a piece of cake having better tyres) and at some point I found myself in the lead! I was having an empty track almost all the time so finally catched a good rythym driving very fast and confident. I hoped that Lau, Joe and Sven were having some hard fight that I would create a good gap letting me win, but after my second pit stop they all passed me and felt like the gap to them was too big to reduce even having a fresh set of medium tyres. But I was still pushing Smile

I overtook ADI pretty quickly which was good because I could chase Sven who was like 5s in font. I had like 6/7 laps for it and I managed to do that. I catched him after 5 laps and overtook on the next one jumping in the podium! Surprised

I think that the two stops strategy I had was a good choice. If there was some bigger mess between the fastest guys I would've got a chance to win. It didn't happen but I'm still very happy finishing 3rd. Congratz to Lau for his first victory, and to Joe for his 2nd place and support! Smile I dedicate that 3rd place to ADI and his great setup jocolor

And one more thing. Yesterday I promised to send greetings from the podium to Cueball. He didn't believe I would make it and he was laughing at me... so greetings to you jocolor

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