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14 - Japan GP (shouting thread)

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1 14 - Japan GP (shouting thread) on 7th April 2013, 2:59 pm


Tell us the 'story' of YOUR japanese GP, pliss...

2 Re: 14 - Japan GP (shouting thread) on 7th April 2013, 3:58 pm

now i know that rfdynhud fucks my rfactor

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3 Re: 14 - Japan GP (shouting thread) on 7th April 2013, 4:52 pm

Our goal today was not to make mistakes and have a clean race. Finally we achieved the 2nd place in the race, I still would have liked to win but a second place is not a bad result and motivate us to fight until the end. Thx again for all your support Sexy (I just realized you had an amazing recover from the back of the grid, I'm really happy for you, congrats mate!), I hope we both can do it better in the last 3 races!

Nice job Alex, patience and skill paid off Smile

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4 Re: 14 - Japan GP (shouting thread) on 7th April 2013, 5:04 pm


League Director
League Director
quali was shit. in Q1 i luckly got one lap together with no mistakes and in Q2 i spun and had to start 10th. At the start i had much luck because it was very messy arround me. But my one stop strategie worked and i was 7th at the end. Thanks to Adrian how gave me his position at the finish line:P

Maybe i could have entered the top 5 without my two spuns and some fighting with sexy but all in all it was a good race Smile

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5 Re: 14 - Japan GP (shouting thread) on 7th April 2013, 5:11 pm


3rd on the grid was decent. made a good start, got to 2nd by t1. maybe i could have been more aggressive and taken the lead at this point but i played it safe instead.

i was 2 stopping so i just went flat out all race.

after my first stop i came out behind Bober, who i passed into 130r side by side. this was scary Razz
then i passed Cueball side by side into Turn 1. this was even more scary affraid

then i came across two very slow noobs from the admin team, Sexy and Sven. they were having their own battle and so i capitalised on this passing Sexy in spoon and Sven at the chicane (although he fell off the circuit here).

after my second stop i came out behind both Jaguars. they were having a big fight between themselves and i closed up quickly. at one point we were THREE wide down the pit straight heading into T1, but everybody survived!

i passed Lau in between the Degna corners and got ADI into the chicane.

then i pushed as hard as i could to catch Alex Hill, but i had lost too much time elsewhere in the race, and I finished 3 seconds behind him Sad

but a good result anyway, and especially considering all the risky moments!

6 Re: 14 - Japan GP (shouting thread) on 7th April 2013, 5:15 pm


It was probbaly the worst race I have ever had... Quali was quite good. I made a few mistakes on my final lap in the Q2 so I can't be satisfied because I could've fought for the second row even, but 6th place wasn't bad.

The start was good, I noticed Joe had some problems, so I passed him right at once by the right side, but then I tried to go a little bit to the outside to have a better entrance for T1. Unfortunately I didn't expect Denis to be there Sad He passed Alex very quickly and found out right next to me, but I didn't see him because I was focused on Joe Sad I didn't do any violent move towards him. Just was going a little bit towards the outside till he appeared. I wasn't sure if it was my mistake back then but I suspected it might've been, but now after watching the replay I'm convinced that it was my fault. I'm sorry Denis! Crying or Very sad

The worst thing you can do during the first lap is thinking instead of driving. I was still thinking about Denis and his race after he left and I lost my focus. Before the last chicane I hit the brakes at the point I used to do that in the practice session with very light car and soft warm tyres... Everything would've been ok if this time I didn't have a car full tanked and shitty, cold medium tyres... Facehand Car didn't want to turn, I went straight, catched the grass and spun... Rolling Eyes

I tried to chase the group, but the amount of mistakes, spins and crashes I had, I could've bestowed the half of the season... In other words it was total crap head wall

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7 Re: 14 - Japan GP (shouting thread) on 7th April 2013, 5:19 pm

pretty sucky.
In Q2 I wanted to go for an edgy lap, so I decided to go all or nothing if I wanted to maybe have a chance at my 1st pole, considering soutie wouldn't get a good lap...didn't work out as you saw.
First laps were OK, I climbed a few positions, I passed Joe in 1st lap and Alex in 8th lap and also taking advantage from some people making some spins early on.
Then in lap 9 when I was 3rd and catching up Tom, who apparently had meds (I was on hards), there comes a familiar sight with me making my beloved spin at the end of 'S' curves Smile I demoted 2 places behind Alex and Joe losing 5-10 secs...
I'm catching again Joe but in lap 13 we both entered the pits. When we exit Adrian comes right in my back, I have a slow 2nd turn exit and in 3rd turn (1st S curve) he takes the inside, I didn't knew he 'advanced' so much (I saw him in my mirrors at the exit of previous turn) and that he was almost side by side with me, very concentrated to make the ground lost I took my usual line, but he was there...we collided but I was the one who spun and ran on grass...I lose again loads of seconds, and I carry on. Next laps I was being pressed by Lau (we had a scramble in last chicane he overtook me than I overtook him back on straight-finish line), I didn't want to give my position to keep my chance to fight Tom, who meanwhile made his 2nd pit and was behind Lau. He overtakes Lau after he made a mistake, than he haunts me (he had fresh tyres) and in lap 22 he goes up on the inside in last chicane. I keep the outside, we were side by side in the middle of chicane, but I had to lift of for the 2nd turn otherwise we would've collide...a bit forced but anyway he probably would've pass me to the end.

So again it was some shame about it, estimating without my 2 spins even the win was on the menu.

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Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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8 Re: 14 - Japan GP (shouting thread) on 7th April 2013, 5:25 pm


My quali was pure shit and I only completed my first try, which was an 'Arekish' 31.9...
Then I started at 16th place - but it was expected for me to start from the 'back' anyway, because I was pretty slow in here, so... whatever...

My whole race was 'tense', since it was too easy to make mistakes in this track and I HATE to 'race' like that... I couldn't enjoy the few fights I had, because I was fighting against the track and my own car to stay on it... Anyway...

Some mess in front of me on the first laps - especially at the start - and I got some yellow damage because I couldn't avoid small bumps in people who were causing that mess in front of me - don't know how much that afected the car (if so)...

I had Sven on my tail for a LOT of laps and he was a little faster than me, but I defended the best I could and was able to hold him back.

I was going for 1 stop (Hards+Hards) and when I pitted I was in 5th or 6th place...
Sven pitted with me (same lap, same moment) and we were going to keep fighting through the 2nd half of the race, but Black put his car between us and he was also a little faster than me and I had to defend against him too... but lucky he and Sven ended up fighting against each other as well and I was able to hold them back and after some laps I finally had a comfortable gap.

My last 10 laps were pretty damn boring... No one close behind (which was good), but I also couldn't get to the guys in front of me, so it was, again, only me fighting against the track and extremely scared of making a mistake that could cost me the whole race - and yes, I DID some mistakes here and there, but luckly (or skillfully... Razz) was able to bring the car back on track and in the end I got a 6th place and 8 more points on the Table... Not bad, considering how slow I was here and all of the 'tense' race and pressure I got from some guys for lots of laps - and also surviving all of that mess from the first laps...

I'm REALLY happy for Joe, with a GREAT and VERY important result in terms of Championship!!!
I'm glad all of the info we shared helped the both of us and you did an amazing driving as well, mate - congrats!!!
Now let's kick some asses at Fuji!!! Razz

P.S. Arek... I told you I was going to kick your ass again in the race... WHY SO SLOW?!?!?! Very Happy

9 Re: 14 - Japan GP (shouting thread) on 7th April 2013, 5:29 pm

well i didnt expect i can have a good result in suzuka because keyboard just sucks here but quali wasnt too bad altough made a lot of misatkes could have been better but started on 5th is reallly really good and i havent been started from top 8 for quite a long time
for the race start , had a good launch and up to 4th place then Adrian spun out in front so i earned one more place , then i dound i was a little bit faster than Tom but he had more top speed than me amd i didnt want to push hard, on lap 2 or 3 he made a mistake and i could have passed but i chose to wait and see , however i kept making mistakes after 6 laps and was passed by ADI and lost quite a lot of time but he somehow spun out in the same corner like Adrian lol , on lap 12 i felt my hards were a bit bad but i ddint have any testrace on hards so i had no idea how long they can last so i made a big mistake pitted too late and a place to Joe , then i decided to save fuel so i was driving on low boost but after the race i found out it was a stupid thing cos i had 10 more L fuel left damn . But anyway 3rd place is nice although still kept making mistakes in race but nevertheless congrats soutie for his victory and Joe's 2nd place good job Smile

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10 Re: 14 - Japan GP (shouting thread) on 8th April 2013, 3:00 am

My first proper race since my settings were screwed, so it was a pleasant surprise to be on the front row considering I'm still using the same setup and driving style that usually gives me around P15.

I had a messy race from the moment the lights went green. I think my burnout at the start scared a few drivers away because perhaps they thought I'd spin, so I only lost one place to Tom. At turn six, I clipped the back of Tom and spun, but it was all fun from there, having some short but sweet battles with a couple of drivers.

Looking forward to the end of the season, and the special events! Very Happy

Team "Grande" Pet Shark

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11 Re: 14 - Japan GP (shouting thread) on 8th April 2013, 12:12 pm

no problem Arek I'm not mad at you.
I lost the advantage but I will fight to the end.

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12 Re: 14 - Japan GP (shouting thread) on 8th April 2013, 1:35 pm

race day! huoh...
Bad quali start was ok. couple laps good. then t 5 spin and spun and lost at track Smile like kimi
i spin again and again and again..... huoh

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