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Race REPORT & PICTURES - 13 - Europe GP (Nürburgring)

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Europe GP - Nürburgring (Sunday, march 31st, 2013) – Race Report, by Sexy Brigadeiro albino & pictures by Arek albino

Ok, peeps, let's make this quick (since Arek only took and sent me the pics on thursday night and now I'm in a hurry to finish and post this report - just sayin'..) - here are some of the race info highlights:

► HAPPY EASTER, EVERYONE!!! Or at least to the 16 brave 'warriors' who appeared to race - the other guys were filling up their asses with chocolate eggs... tsk, tsk, tsk!!!... Razz

► The fight for the Title was getting tighter... soutie, Denis and Joe were pretty close together on the Table and soutie got the pole, with Denis and Joe very close behind, so it was a promising race, BUT... soutie lost connection and then it was all between Denis and Joe, BUT... on the very last lap Joe's engine decided to take a nap and... Denis got it all: 25 points, while Joe and soutie got 0... Things are looking good to our Belarus friend now, with only 4 races to go...

► I got another podium though... - YAY:

► Arek is a Garotinho Juvenil and got his noobish ass kicked by me again...

► We did NOT have penalties this time - ALL the 16 drivers had a pretty clean race - VERY well done, everyone!!! Let's keep it up from now on!!!

► Right now the song playing on my WinAmp is "Sweet Child O' Mine".

► That's it for today. BB!

'Checkered flag is out and so am I!'
Arek's Slideshow: (Don't be a juvenil! Watch it in HD (720p) and full screen, pliss!)

Nürburgring Pics:

Arek: Nuerburgring Razz
Sexy: ...or Nurburgring?... or Nürburgring?... or No Hamburger Ring?... scratch

Arek: Some of good action is expected to be in that place very soon Smile
Sexy: That rounded stand certainly has the most expensive tickets... Razz

Arek: The cars are ready to go! soutie traditionally on the pole position. Denis starts second Razz
Sexy: 3rd pole in a row.. same season record as raikkO..

Arek: Denis tries to pass soutie!
Sexy: And he actually does it, but...

Arek: soutie keeps his place after first couple of corners.
Sexy: Jah.. - nice fight though!

Arek: ADI touches his teammate and spins!
Sexy: Teammates and from the same country, but.. on track.. deadly opponents!! Twisted Evil

Arek: Alex and Sven hit him and we got the first mess...
Sexy: I got REALLY lucky here!! I escaped from being there too by only 1 or 2 centimeters!!.. Cool

Arek: At the end of the pack two teammates touch each other too! Bad begining of the race for Adrian and Michal.
Sexy: ...scratch...

Arek: Tom keeps the 3rd place in front of lau. Later we got raikkO followed by the 2 McLarens: Joe and Sexy.
Sexy: McLaren powering up!! Twisted Evil

Arek: BlackFox (9th) spins...
Sexy: Nah!!.. Arek used a Mario Kart red turtle shell... Razz

Arek: soutie pulls away.
Sexy: That's the 'what's new?' part of the race... Rolling Eyes

Arek: Joe McLaggen (5th) spins right after T1 dropping down to 12th place.
Sexy: Joe doesn't like when things are too easy.. And now hw has another (amazing) recovery race ahead.. ANDALE, HOMBRE!!! Cool

Arek: Alex Hill overtakes Arek and jumps up to 8th.
Sexy: That's another 'what's new?' part of the race... Razz

Arek: Sven makes a mistake and goes too wide. Joe takes the chance and 10th place. In the background ADI defends himself of Adrian S Shole.
Sexy: Joe beginning to recover positions already!!

Arek: A moment later ADI (12th) tries to pass Sven. Right after that Sven goes to the pits... Very agressive strategy Razz
Sexy: I guess something was broken on Boss's car due to that hit with ADI in lap 1.. Maybe it was just Sven's driving.. Rolling Eyes

Arek: raikkO (5th) starts his 4th lap and disappears... Sexy, Bober and Alex earn one place each.
Sexy: David Copperfield approves that trick!! What a Face

Arek: Adrian touches the second Adrian (ADI) and spins but still keeps his 11th place in front of BlackFox.
Sexy: I always knew they secretly hate each other by having the same name!!.. Evil or Very Mad

Arek: Great fight between Tom and lau. Tom defends his 3rd place.
Sexy: Great fight, also because it made both of them lose time and I could get closer to them! Very Happy

Arek: Sexy joins the fight and waits for some mistake.
Sexy: Best strategy evah!.. Twisted Evil (it's a shame it didn't work though.. Razz )

Arek: Joe overtakes Arek in a battle for 8th place.
Sexy: Rolling Eyes

Arek: The fight between Tom and lau still lasts.
Sexy: And I'm still waiting, hoping and wishing for them to screw it up.. Razz

Arek: We also have another fights. Bober with new helmet design (6th) has to defend himself of Alex Hill.
Sexy: Ugly Fisico helmet.. Razz

Arek: There is also a third fight between ADI and Adrian S Shole who reduced the gap after his spin few laps earlier. Kangaroo makes a pass and jumps up to 10th place.
Sexy: And this fight will last until the very last lap!! Cool

Arek: But only for a while. ADI passes him back. Great fight through the first couple of corners!
Sexy: TV ratings are pretty high right now!! Cool

Arek: Alex Hill finally overtakes Bober and now is 6th. Joe takes an adventage of this and also jumps in front of Bober.
Sexy: Eil Mootchatcho Sooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabe!! Razz

LAP 10
Arek: soutie (1st) is the next one who lost his connection today Sad
Sexy: Nah, he was just jealous about raikkO's amazing tricks!.. Razz

LAP 10
Arek: Eventually Adrian passes ADI and takes the 8th place. BlackFox keeps a solid pace driving in 10th after his bad begining.
Sexy: Good job, guys! Smile

LAP 10
Arek: Denis (who also forgot his helmet Razz ) leads the race since soutie is out.
Sexy: Both Belarus drivers had to borrow Fisichella's helmet for this race - they're big fans of him.. Razz

LAP 10
Arek: Kangaroo goes to the pits. Arek (8th) is already there.
Sexy: Did you call him there through Gmail chat, Skype or League forum?.. Razz

LAP 11
Arek: Sexy overtakes lau and takes the 4th place. A moment later lau goes to the pits.
Sexy: And the crowd goes crazy!!! Surprised

LAP 11
Arek: Denis (1st) in the pits. lau and Bober are coming in. Tom Mckay takes the lead.
Sexy: He can float!!.. affraid

LAP 13
Arek: Bober comes out right in front of Adrian who makes a pass two laps later.
Sexy: Some good action in the middle of the pack!

LAP 14
Arek: Alex Hill (4th) in the pits after 13 laps. Denis takes one place. Alex goes out in 8th place, between Arek and Adrian.
Sexy: Oh, such bad company!!.. Razz

LAP 14
Arek: Meanwhile we got team orders in McLaren and Joe takes the 2nd place Razz
Sexy: ***MULTI 21*** (actually, Multi 12...) Razz

LAP 14
Arek: Tom McKay goes to the pits. After that it turns out that lau took his place. But Tom wants to do only one stop...
Sexy: I was thinking in making 2 stops, but I also gave up on that and decided for just 1 instead...

LAP 14
Arek: A castle Smile
Sexy: Nah, it's just LEGO...

LAP 15
Arek: ADI (5th) in the pits. Arek starts his 15th lap. In the background Alex Hill being under a pressure from Adrian and then Bober. ADI rejoin behind him in 10th place.
Sexy: I've just realized I have nothing else to say about this pic.. Razz

LAP 15
Arek: Sven (12th) fights with the time Smile
Sexy: Solitary race..

LAP 15
Arek: Joe and Sexy in the pits. Joe rejoins 4th, Sexy 5th right in front of Arek. Denis is 1st, then lau and Tom Mckay.
Sexy: We didn't knew we had different slots on the pit lane, but those were great news, for sure! Good job, Ron!!! Very Happy

LAP 16
Arek: Meanwhile Alex Hill (7th) spins in T1 and loses two places for Adrian and Bober.
Sexy: Someone's gotta tell China Boy the race is in the other direction.. Rolling Eyes

LAP 17
Arek: Adrian overtakes Arek in the esses and takes the 6th place.
Sexy: I already lost the count of how many times our dear Garotinho Juvenil was overtaken already in this race.. scratch

LAP 18
Arek: Joe gets closer to Tom (3rd).
Sexy: It's a shame it wasn't that easy to actually overtake..

LAP 21
Arek: Adrian leaves the pits and starts his 21st lap. Bober in the background.
Sexy: Oh, these 2 stoppers and their damn fresh tyres!!.. Mad

LAP 22
Arek: lau who was 2nd leaves the pits in 7th place behind Alex Hill and ADI.
Sexy: Jah, the same as I've just said on my previous caption..

LAP 22
Arek: Meanwhile we got great fight between Joe and Tom. Tom keeps his 3rd place.
Sexy: And again I was trying to get closer to them to help Joe against the evil Little Timmy!!.. Evil or Very Mad

LAP 22
Arek: Jaguar doesn't know what team orders are Smile
Sexy: This is how they roll in Romania!! Twisted Evil

LAP 23
Arek: The leader Denis leaves the pits right behind Tom and Joe who were fighting very hard between each other! What a moment! Smile
Sexy: And I tried to, at least, overtake Denis, so Joe could have a few more chances of finally getting rid of Tom, but.. I tried to x Denis at t1 and.. failed - "GOOD JOB, ZECSSI!!!" - tell me about it!!.. ¬¬'

LAP 23
Arek: Denis takes an advantege of a fight between them, passes Joe and takes the 2nd place!
Sexy: Denis was on fresh Softs - and the 3 of us (Joe, Tom and myself) on 'mid-used' Hards.. We had no chance! And Denis did a great job as well, of course!

LAP 23
Arek: And a moment later, does the same on Tom and takes the lead back!
Sexy: Anti-doping on that Belarus, pliss!?.. Mad

LAP 24
Arek: lau overtakes Alex Hill and jumps up to 5th.
Sexy: Come on, China Boy!! And what about that money I gave you to hold lau behind you?!.. Weren't US$ 2,50 enough?! I heard you could buy a house with that in Lybia or something!!.. scratch

LAP 24
Arek: Tom McKay (2nd) spins! What a dramma! He loses two places for McLarens and rejoin right in front of lau.
Sexy: Finally that oil me and Joe secretly spilled on that corner before the race took effect!!.. Twisted Evil - wait! Did I say it out loud?!.. DANG!! Rolling Eyes

LAP 24
Arek: lau passes him a few corners later!
Sexy: And now he is coming after me... pale

LAP 27
Arek: ADI follows Alex Hill (6th).
Sexy: I hope Alex is not going for China or something then.. Razz

LAP 28
Arek: Sexy (3rd) defends himself against lau. But finally lau makes a pass.
Sexy: Well, I knew that was coming and there wasn't much I could do, since I had worn Hards and lau had fresh Softs, but.. I tried my best to make him lose some time and give Joe a good gap to keep his place until the end - otherwise lau would've overtaken him as well.. Rolling Eyes - and yes, I'm a hero and a martir.. Razz

LAP 28
Arek: Seems like Sven is a little bit bored so decided to do sth crazy and went to the pits Razz
Sexy: German humour...

Arek: The end of the race for Joe (2nd) Sad lau takes his place.
Sexy: That was just... sad... Crying or Very sad - GREAT JOB anyway, Joey!!! We still have 4 races to go!!! We'll get them, mate!!! ARRIBA, MUCHACHO!!! Smile

Arek: Another hard duel between ADI and Adrian in the very last chicane! This time Adrian makes a pass off the track so he has to give the 6th place back to ADI.
Sexy: Gentleme's race - I like that!! Well done, boys!! Smile

Arek: Denis wins the race!
Sexy: Denis - 25 x 0 - Joe - This was the worst thing that could happen (to Joe) now in terms of the Championship, with only 4 races to go, but.. what can we say?.. Good job, Denis!! Smile

Arek: lau crosses the finish line as 2nd!
Sexy: Well deserved too.. Smile

Arek: Sexy completes the podium!
Sexy: ..although still a little sad because of Joe.. But anyway.. weeeeeee!!!... Smile
For ALL the pointers and Championship standings, just take a look below!!! Senna


1Denis_Belarus(Force India)25 points
2lau(Jaguar)18 points
3Sexy Brigadeiro(McLaren)15 points
4T McKay(Renault)12 points
5Alex Hill(Brawn)10 points
6ADI(Jaguar)8 points
7Adrian S Shole(BMW Sauber)6 points
8Bober_Belarus(Force India)4 points
9Arek(Ferrari)2 points
10BlackFox(Ferrari)1 point


1Force India29 points
2Jaguar26 points
3McLaren15 points
4Renault12 points
5Brawn10 points
6BMW Sauber6 points
7Ferrari3 points
DRIVERS’ CHAMPIONSHIP - After 13 races (OFFICIAL - AFTER penalties):

1Denis168 points(+1)
2soutie147 points(-1)
3Joe140 points
4lau128 points
5Tom112 points
6Sexy105 points
7Arek74 points
8Grisu62 points
9Sven53 points
10Alex50 points(+1)
11Adrian45 points(+1)
12raikkO44 points(-2)
13ADI40 points
14Arnie29 points
15Luft23 points
16Otti22 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 4th & 5th
17Bober22 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 4th & 8th
18Tony16 points
19Cue12 points
20SF3210 points
21Black9 points
22Jure1 pointTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 10th & 15th
23Pocisk1 pointTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 10th & 17th
24Jack0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th
25Wallace0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 12th & 13th
26Michal0 points(+1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 16th
27Stig0 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 12th & 17th
28Veefour0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 19th
29Kurt0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 20th
30Backmarker0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 21st
=Santi0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 21st

* - 'tie breaker' = best finish position (in case of a new tie, the next best finish position - and so on...)


1McLaren245 points
2Force India190 points(+1)
3Jaguar168 points(+1)
4RBR163 points(-2)
5Renault141 points
6Ferrari83 points
7Brawn72 points(+2)
8Toyota65 points(-1)
9Williams63 points(-1)
10STR54 points
11BMW Sauber45 points
12Jordan24 points
NEXT RACE: JAPAN GP, at Suzuka, april 7th, 2013

FULL CALENDAR <--- Click here!.. Rolling Eyes

Sexy Brigadeiro wrote:
Arek: Jaguar doesn't know what team orders are Smile
Sexy: This is how they roll in Romania!! Twisted Evil

Actually I let him pretty easily some corners later.
But on that moment I didn't want to look that he passes me suspiciously easy Razz

Good stuff!

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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Don't tell the truth, Mate!
Let everyone believe you and lau are kinda 'deadly enemies' on track (and maybe even out of it too) - the sponsors love some drama!!!


Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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League Director
League Director
good job as always Surprised

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great stuff

copperfield approves you

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As always, good job guys Smile

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Thanks to everyone who enjoyed the report! Smile

Sorry for the delay though - blame it all on Mr. Lazy Juvenil, AKA Arek... Razz

ggd job guys as always Smile

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