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Race REPORT & PICTURES - 12 - Italy GP (Monza)

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1 Race REPORT & PICTURES - 12 - Italy GP (Monza) on 29th March 2013, 12:26 am


Italy GP - Monza (Sunday, march 24th, 2013) – Race Report, by Sexy Brigadeiro Neutral & pictures by Arek Razz

Time to go 'classic' again... we're at Monza! And there's a lot of MAMA MIA, mozarela pizza, Stefano's friends and retard Ferrari fans around so... be careful!!!
Anyway... about our race... It was another pretty good and exciting one at the rFR League! 21 guys ready to rumble (some literally) and here are some of its highlights:

► soutie got everything he could this time: pole, victory, fastest lap and the biggest slice of that pizza! Damn greedy boy! And with that he made his lead and fight for the Title a little stronger!

► Denis and Joe are the other guys with more chances to 'steal' the Title from soutie right now - although lau and Tom still have chances too - and both Denis and Joe had good races, although not that good, but only until the penalties were released and then...

► The penalties changed some things both in the race and on the Championship. In the race, we had, for example, Otti losing a podium (2nd place) and falling to 4th... raikkO also losing a podium (3rd) and being disqualified for not making his mandatory pit stop (which he did just 'for fun'... - go figure) and with these 2 main changes, both Denis and Joe earned very important places and ended up on the podium too! And then although soutie won, the points difference (gap) between the 3 of them on the Championship Table is not big (check it down on the bottom of the report)!

► Talking about Otti... it was time for Dildo Boy to say goodbye. He is moving to the FSR League. He said our league is too strong to him, so he needs to be in a noob league, full of guys 'noober' than him - good luck, mate! (and oh, don't cry, guys! we got Michal back!...) Very Happy

► My race wasn't exactly as good as it could've been, but for someone who started at the back of the grid, got hit and spun 2 times... going from 20th to 7th and scoring 6 points wasn't that bad! You can check everything here:

► Arek and Black were feeling like racing at home... No, we don't have a Poland GP or a Finland GP, but they are Ferrari drivers and... remember about those crazy Ferrari fans I mentioned before?.. Razz

► It was Stefano's home race, but again the 'homeboy' wasn't so lucky and I just hope he got some pizza anyway and that would hopefully make him happy! Very Happy

► I guess I had something important to say here, but I just forgot what it was, so... fuck it!

► Well, that's it for now, kids... BB!

'Checkered flag is out and so am I!'
Arek's Slideshow: (Don't be a juvenil! Watch it in HD (720p) and full screen, pliss!)

Monza Pics:

Arek: Monza Smile
Sexy: Damn! I thought it was Joesville!.. scratch

Arek: The track is ready for the race.
Sexy: Good to know that!.. Rolling Eyes

Arek: soutie on pole position in front of Denis, Otti and lau
Sexy: ...and another 17 guys too...

Arek: Start of the race!
Sexy: Rush hour heading for T1...

Arek: soutie keeps his place in T1. Denis has a bad start and gets overtaken by Otti and lau. Tom Mckay hangs on the curb and loses several positions.
Sexy: I was near the back of the grid hoping for some incidents there, so I could earn a few positions, but also afraid of getting involved in those incidents, by accident.. Razz

Arek: Meanwhile, Luft, who has to start from the pits, waits for the green light.
Sexy: I guess someone else should've started from there too... Rolling Eyes

Arek: soutie pulls away chased by Otti and lau. Arek overtook Denis and jumped into the 4th place.
Sexy: T1 was actually pretty good and there wasn't so much mess, but here comes the 2nd chicane and...

Arek: Arnie misses his braking point and hits raikkO so we got the first mess.
Sexy: Jah... Facehand

Arek: SF32 (14th) is touched by Alex Hill and lands into the gravel wihout his front wing. A bad beginig of his home race...
Sexy: I heard that Alex asked for a piece of Stefano's pizza and our italian mate said 'no'... Rolling Eyes

Arek: The cars go through the Parabolica.
Sexy: Great pic! Cool

Arek: Adrian and Tom go to the pits to serve their penalties...
Sexy: Not so sure if the penalties were fair, since they were given automatically by the game, but.. that can happen to anyone, so we can call that an 'unfortunate event', I guess...

Arek: Arek fights vs lau for the 3rd position.
Sexy: Now juvenil feels how heavy the responsability if driving a Ferrari at their homeland is...

Arek: A moment later in the same place we got a nice fight between Arnie and ADI who keeps his 9th position.
Sexy: Black also shares Arek's responsability...

Arek: Denis (5th) leads a big group of people fallowed by Joe McLaggen and Antonio Hreljanovic.
Sexy: Young Belarus going for another good race, thinking on the Title, especially with soutie leading and Joe on his tail - these 3 guys seem to be the ones fighting for the Championship now!

Arek: Joe spins losing his 6th place dropping down to 11th.
Sexy: Arriba, hombre!!! Mira, la cucaracha!!! Donde es la sapataria?! Bamba, la bamba!!! - that means 'Oh, no! Poor Joe! Come on, amigo!!!' Very Happy

Arek: Blackfox overtakes ADI and takes his 9th place.
Sexy: Ferrari trying to put on a show to their fans!

Arek: Nice fight between Sven and Alex Hill for the 14th place.
Sexy: A few moments before Sven play the 'Disappearing Out Of Thin Air' trick.. Razz

Arek: Arek tries to attack lau (3rd) at Ascari but it ends up badly for him.
Sexy: lau is not exactly a Ferrari fan.. Razz

Arek: Another little mess caused by Arnie. Bober loses his 7th place for Blackfox. Arnie loses many more hanging himself on the curb.
Sexy: I was one of the guys who earned his place with that - thank you!!! Very Happy

Arek: Bober loses another place, this time for ADI. Sexy gets passed by Cueball. Joe misses the chicane Smile
Sexy: I saw Joe losing his braking point and then I thought he would bring his car back to the racing line, so I braked to give him room.. But Joe went wide through the runoff area and then Cueball put his car on the room I gave to Joe - I guess that's why they say 'nice guys finish last' - DAYUM!!! Mad

Arek: lau loses control at the exit of Ascari and crashes. Denis takes the 3rd place.
Sexy: That's what happens when you're a Ferrari hater at Monza - this was the fans's revenge! (AKA Karma) Twisted Evil

Arek: Big Ferrari sandwich leading by Black (5th), and closed by Arek Smile
Sexy: Get off of my tail, juvenil!!! Mad

Arek: ADI overtakes Blackfox and then defends his position at the entrance to the Ascari chicane and shows that it's possible to make Smile
Sexy: Great move by the Romanian! And also nice resistance by the Finn!

Arek: A great fight between Blackfox and Bober for the 6th place.
Sexy: Jah, nice move by Bober, but... that was the 2nd time in 2 laps that Fox was overtaken - don't disappoint the Red Team fans, pliss!!

Arek: Cueball misses his braking point beeing under the pressure of Arek and hits Sexy Brigadeiro (8th) making him spin.
Sexy: Well, I know Cueball was only following team orders from a certain germanoob who loves to play tricks.. Evil or Very Mad

Arek: raikkO overtakes Arek and takes the 9th place.
Sexy: 'raikkO overtakes Arek' - naturally... Smile

Arek: Meanwhile Joe overtakes Bober and jumps up to 7th.
Sexy: Joe trying to recover the best he could and... doing a good job! Andale, andale, andale!!!

Arek: Luft has some troubles in Ascari so Tom passes him and takes the 17th place.
Sexy: Ascari was a little tricky to get it perfectly and the smallest mistake could cost some good time to the drivers..

Arek: Bober reovertakes Joe afetr his mistake. But not for so long. Joe does the revenge and a while later Bober loses another place for raikkO.
Sexy: Not because Joe is my teammate, but... even making mistakes, he was actualy having a helluva great race - at least some great driving, no one can deny that! Sweeeeet!!! Very Happy

Arek: But only for a while again. Then raikkO tries on the next lap and finally makes it jumping to the 8th place!
Sexy: Another pretty good fight!

Arek: Meanwhile Arek (10th) shows how NOT to leave the pits... Facehand

LAP 10
Arek: This time Bober tries to overtake raikkO. He makes it and raikkO spins at the exit of the 2nd chicane.
Sexy: Bober sent raikkO a postcard from Belarus saying 'Дзе ты, мой сябар?' Smile

LAP 11
Arek: ADI passes Tony at T1 and takes the 4th place.
Sexy: Good move, by ADI! But Tony was again having a great weekend, even going to Q2 on quali! Smile

LAP 11
Arek: Tony doesn't give up but finally after a nice fight ADI stays in front.
Sexy: Nice one anyway, kid!!! Very Happy

LAP 11
Arek: Blackfox (6th) makes a mistake being under Joe's pressure and loses the place.
Sexy: That's what we, here at McLaren, call MINDGAMES - BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Twisted Evil

LAP 11
Arek: Arnie overtakes Michal and takes the 15th place. Luft wishes to do the same...
Sexy: Even at the back of the pack, good fights were happening! Smile

LAP 13
Arek: Arek passes Tom in fight for further positions (13th) Razz
Sexy: The words 'Arek' and 'passes' just can't be on the same sentence.. That goes against 'universal rules'.. Razz

LAP 13
Arek: Otti (2nd) goes to the pits in the clouds of smoke from his tyres Smile
Sexy: No, that came from the italians's barbecue! NOM NOM NOM!!! Very Happy

LAP 14
Arek: Otti leaves in 7th place, another drivers come (ADI, Joe and Blackfox)
Sexy: They also smelled the barbecue and were just trying to get something to eat! Razz

LAP 14
Arek: Having fresh tyres ADI and Joe try to overtake Cueball (8th). Here you can see how it ends up for ADI... Joe doesn't have such problems.
Sexy: Jah, Joe got lucky for not getting involved on that one and he is still trying to recover the best he can, keeping in mind that any points he can get may be important for the Championship fight! Cool

LAP 15
Arek: Sexy passes Bober in fight for the 3rd place. In the background raikkO and Otti.
Sexy: Not bragging, but... ok, I'm bragging (fuck it)!!! This was my BEST overtake in this race!!! Not an easy one and I had worn Hards, but.. it was clean and nice!! Thanks, Bober, for playing fairly too!! Smile

LAP 15
Arek: Otti makes a triple pass in Parabolica!
Sexy: I was SO afraid of touching any of those guys and end up on the gravel.. I lifted up a little bit to hold my car on track..

LAP 16
Arek: Denis (2nd) is in the pits and Sexy attacks Otti!
Sexy: I was going to the pits on the next lap, but I had a good top speed and I had to put that to good use!

LAP 16
Arek: Oh no! Sexy spins touched by Otti! Smile
Sexy: Rolling Eyes

LAP 16
Arek: Alex Hill overtakes ADI in a battle for 11th. In the first plan Blackfox chases Antonio.
Sexy: Great fights!! Uncle Bernie approves this message!! Razz

LAP 16
Arek: Tony makes a mistake and loses his place for Blackfox.
Sexy: It seems that Black learned some of those mindgames tricks now... Very Happy

LAP 16
Arek: soutie - the leader of the race in the pits. Leaves not being threatened in the 1st place.
Sexy: He only went to the pits to pee, eat some barbecue, watch the Lord Of The Rings trilogy (extended version) and also take a nap.. Jah, I guess we can say he did a pretty good job coming back to the track without losing the lead, huh?! Smile

LAP 17
Arek: Meanwhile Otti has to defend his 2nd place from raikkO.
Sexy: And raikkO doesn't give a shit if it may be Otti's last race on the league..

LAP 17
Arek: This time ADI overtakes Alex Hill and the 10th place goes to him.
Sexy: ADI yelled: See you in China, pal!!!... Razz

LAP 17
Arek: Sexy Brigadeiro (5th) in the pits.
Sexy: Are you sure this is me? My car looks a little bit different than the one I drove... Razz

LAP 20
Arek: It was a nice fight between Black and Tony till ADI joined the party Smile Alex Hill earned 3 places, Tony passed Black and ADI... Who cares about ADI?! Wink
Sexy: That's what ADI calls 'Romanian Humor'... Very Happy

LAP 20
Arek: Blackfox (9th) locks up his tyres at Parabolica which costs him 3 places.
Sexy: Bad brake ducts settings... just sayin'... Rolling Eyes

LAP 22
Arek: Cueball (12th)
Sexy: I know the reason why his front wing is all messed up... Razz

LAP 24
Arek: Sexy overtakes Bober and jumps up to 9th.
Sexy: I guess Bober liked being overtaken by me before and that's why he wanted for it to happen again... Razz

LAP 26
Arek: soutie goes for his victory.
Sexy: And a VERY easy one...

LAP 26
Arek: Sexy had a little troubles trying to pass ADI and lost his place for Bober. Then he wanted to overtake ADI and this is how it ended up Smile Sexy jumps up to 8th.
Sexy: Some may call it a miracle... I call it a '2 HIT COMBO, MOFO!!! PASSEM AMANHÃ, SEUS JUVENIIIIIIIIS!!!' Very Happy

Arek: soutie wins the Italian GP!
Sexy: yay

Arek: Otti finishes his probably last race in our league in the great 2nd place, which is a nice goodbye for him (good luck in FSR) Smile
Sexy: Yes, good luck to him, but... After the penalties were released, he actually fell to 4th place.. Still he had a good race as his last one in the league, especially compared to most of the previous ones he had this season, so.. good job, Dildo Boy! Come back one day! Write a letter! Send a postcard! Crying or Very sad

Arek: raikkO croses the finish line as 3rd! But wait! He haven't done a mandatory pit stop! So...
Sexy: So...

Arek: ...Denis takes the last step on podium! Smile
Sexy: And raikkO got a DQ... But with that those 3 guys fighting for the Championship were the ones on the podium! soutie, Denis and Joe - all just adding some fire to the fight for the Title, with more 5 races to go on the season!!! Surprised
For ALL the pointers and Championship standings, just take a look below!!! Senna


1soutie(RBR)25 points
2Denis_Belarus(Force India)18 points
3Joe McLaggen(McLaren)15 points
4Otti(Brawn)12 points
5Alex Hill(Brawn)10 points
6Antonio Hreljanovic(RBR)8 points
7Sexy Brigadeiro(McLaren)6 points
8Arek(Ferrari)4 points
9ADI(Jaguar)2 points
10cueballUK(Toyota)1 point


1RBR33 points
2Brawn22 points
3McLaren21 points
4Force India18 points
5Ferrari4 points
6Jaguar2 points
7Toyota1 point
DRIVERS’ CHAMPIONSHIP - After 12 races (OFFICIAL - AFTER penalties):

1soutie147 points(+2)
2Denis143 points(-1)
3Joe140 points(-1)
4lau110 points
5Tom100 points
6Sexy90 points
7Arek72 points
8Grisu62 points
9Sven53 points
10raikkO44 points
11Alex40 points(+2)
12Adrian39 points(-1)
13ADI32 points(-1)
14Arnie29 points
15Luft23 points
16Otti22 points(+2)
17Bober18 points(-1)
18Tony16 points(+2)
19Cue12 points(-2)
20SF3210 points(-1)
21Black8 points
22Jure1 pointTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 10th & 15th
23Pocisk1 pointTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 10th & 17th
24Jack0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th
25Wallace0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 12th & 13th
26Stig0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 12th & 17th
27Michal0 points(+4)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 17th
28Veefour0 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 19th
29Kurt0 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 20th
30Backmarker0 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 21st
=Santi0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 21st

* - 'tie breaker' = best finish position (in case of a new tie, the next best finish position - and so on...)


1McLaren230 points
2RBR163 points(+2)
3Force India161 points(-1)
4Jaguar142 points(-1)
5Renault129 points
6Ferrari80 points
7Toyota65 points
8Williams63 points
9Brawn62 points(+1)
10STR54 points(-1)
11BMW Sauber39 points
12Jordan24 points
NEXT RACE: EUROPE GP, at Nurburgring, march 31st, 2013

FULL CALENDAR <--- Click here!.. Rolling Eyes

blow job.. oh.. i mean foot job.. DAMN, tug job... FUCK!!!
good job!!!

if i*ve ever offended you, just know that from the bottom of my heart, i really dont give a shit
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haha, nice one arek Smile)

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League Director
League Director
good one Smile

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good job guys Smile

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Blackfox wrote:blow job.. oh.. i mean foot job.. DAMN, tug job... FUCK!!!
good job!!!

Better a tit job...I mean yeah...awesome job guys!

(sorry Black about the messy-job in T1 Very Happy )

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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Great job guys as always!!! Smile

                                                                            Team Pet Shark
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yip very good

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Sexy Brigadeiro wrote:
Arek: Bober loses another place, this time for ADI. Sexy gets passed by Cueball. Joe misses the chicane Smile
Sexy: I saw Joe losing his braking point and then I thought he would bring his car back to the racing line, so I braked to give him room.. But Joe went wide through the runoff area and then Cueball put his car on the room I gave to Joe - I guess that's why they say 'nice guys finish last' - DAYUM!!! Mad

I'd like to make a point here. I heard Sexy's engine approaching very fast before the corner and I thought he would try to overtake me by putting his car suddenly on the inside line (I didn't know If he was going to brake soon enough) so I didn't want to collide with him and took the runoff area... So yea cueball took advantage of this GOOD JOB :p

Very nice report guys, great recaps Sexy and great pics Areko!

Good job!

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That was fun, Joe!
We were both trying to be careful with each other and then the 2 of us got 'fucked up' and Cueball took advantage of that! Razz

But I'm glad everything went fine in the end - we both overtook Cue back! Very Happy

And oh, raikkO's pic with the troll face was made by me.. Razz

then your idea was great.that picture showed exactly what i wanted to do, to troll you all. great job again Very Happy

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good job on the RP guys and sorry about fucking your race up sexy Sad

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It's ok, Cue! Smile
It costed me some time, of course, but.. at least I survived! Razz
Glad you also enjoyed the report & pics!
Better luck to both of us at Nurburgring!

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