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12 - Italy GP (shouting thread)

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1 12 - Italy GP (shouting thread) on 24th March 2013, 3:09 pm


Tell us the 'story' of YOUR italian GP, pliss...

2 Re: 12 - Italy GP (shouting thread) on 24th March 2013, 4:01 pm

Penalised by rFactor for avoiding a collision and have important things to complete this week. Enjoy the race! Smile

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3 Re: 12 - Italy GP (shouting thread) on 24th March 2013, 4:38 pm


Sorry, Adrian. This game is really stupid and it did it to me too a LOT of times in some test races this week...

4 Re: 12 - Italy GP (shouting thread) on 24th March 2013, 4:54 pm

bad luck Adrian
well again have to start from the back and its really sucks , i was almost stop through t1 and t2 , and on the 2nd chicane i saw a crash in front and was really careful through there then i found out i was side by side with a toro rosso(SF32 i think) then he made a mistake and took me off the track but i managed to keep my front wing but seems like he didnt
then after overtook Michal i caught up Sven i was surprised by his top speed this time seems a bit slow but i coundnt pass him easily and made a mistake went wide on parabolica, so lost a few places again , then i was trying to drive carefully and saving my tyres and somehow i caught up Sven again but this time made a pass on him but i kept making misatkes so he was behind closely
but i kept the postion
on lap 10 i chose to pit earlier but not quite paid off so i decided to save tyres , had some nice battle with ADI but he passed me at last then in t1 ADI Tony and Back had an accident so i earned 3 places for free thanks guys Very Happy
in the end finished on 6th place , not bad but huge congrats to Otti finished his last gp on 2nd place , well down mate and good luck in the coming fsr season

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5 Re: 12 - Italy GP (shouting thread) on 24th March 2013, 4:55 pm

Good race for me.

The start was good and won one position. I saw fast that soutie is to fast for me so I tried to make a good gap between me and the 3rd place. I had a boring 1st stint and pitted at lap 13. After my pit stop I was behind raikko, bober and Sexy, I passed them at the same time at parabolica Very Happy Then Sexy got my slipstream and at t1 we were side by side. Sexy drove over the curbs and came into my line and I hitted him. I don't see any mistake by my side, I hold my line. Then I had a short fight with Raikko and take the second place home Smile

This was my last race here. Because FSR change the race time for WT I won't participate here anymore. Had some pretty nice races here and I learned to race here in my first rFactor league. Thx guys Very Happy

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6 Re: 12 - Italy GP (shouting thread) on 24th March 2013, 5:31 pm


I started in last (21st) place and finished on points (in 8th place), so that was good enough.
It's a shame I got hit 2 times and spun (because of the collisions), losing 2 places on the first time and 3 places on the 2nd time. So... I believe I could've got in or very close to the top 5.

And Otti, my dear...
I had almost my whole car in front of you (that was why I turned left assuming you were going to lift) and IMO you weren't so smart in trying to force your car on that corner with me - just 'forcing' the car there was NOT an ilegal move, of course. But the fact is that by doing that, you hit me and made me spin and lose 3 places anyway... Not to mention you had fresh tyres and I had worn tyres. You were faster than me and would probably overtake me anyway a couple of corners later. It was a pretty irresponsable move (and not intelligent driving at all) IMO and it costed me 3 places, as I said before.

You guys can check it all on MY OWN replay:
mediafire.com ?rnv72n7cgf5v5ad

7 Re: 12 - Italy GP (shouting thread) on 24th March 2013, 5:57 pm


Hmmmm, what could I say. I'm disappointed because I'm leaving Monza with no pints having a big chance for a very good result before the race. The quali went good. My lap could've been better but I still made 1:21,5 which was just 0,3 slower than my PB on that track so it let me take the 6th grid.

Start was pretty good. I earned one place from Raikko who got burnout right after the lights went off. Then I pass Denis who made a mistake so I was 4th behind Lau.

My feeling was great, I catched a very good pace at the beginig and started to fight vs Lau. The first atempt I did at T1 wasn't sucessful but I kept pushing. On the same 3rd lap Lau had little bit bad exit from the 2nd Lesmo so I got right behind his back. He turned left to defend his place, I stayed on the racing line. Before the Ascari we were side by side. Lau tried to sqeeze me to the side of the track, I took even a little bit grass to protect myself but came to the contact and I spun... Sad I didn't even want to overtake him there. He was a bit in front of me so it was impossibe to pass him by the outisde at Ascari. I just wanted him to get scared and at most force some mistake so I could overtake on the next straight Sad

I still had a chance for a good result, so I decided to keep my strategy and contunue. Unfortunately during my pit stop I made the most craziest thing I have ever done in the pits spinning myself at the thinnest point of the pit lane! Facehand I didn't think that the tarmac would be such slippery that even the speed limiter couldn't protect me of spin (the service spot was at the end right bfore the wall and the safety car so I have to turn left very much to get back on the fast lane, and I took it with the full throttle as I always use to) head wall

I lost a lot of time, and my whole strategy went off to f*** itself because I had to stop one more time Razz

At the end I had a very nice fight vs Cueball but he won by the lenght of his front wing so I finished 11th Smile

Congratz to Soutie, Otti (thx for taking a part in our league and I wish you all good in FSR) and Raikko! Smile

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8 Re: 12 - Italy GP (shouting thread) on 24th March 2013, 6:05 pm

I had a weak Q1, took lot of laps to get that time even if I was hoping for something under 21. The nature of this track doesn't suit me, its all hit or miss. Even poorer Q2, made a mess in S1 and S3.

Busy first laps, plenty of action, run-offs from many drivers, I had a really tough fight with the ones with higher top speed although they weren't very fast. Somehow I managed to climb up to 4th until pit stop.

Then with 1 or 2 laps after pits I catched Cueball, whom I think haven't made his pit (?), so I wasn't racing him, I was slightly in front on the straight prior Parabolica, then in Parabolica I was on the outside and more than half of car in front of him, I left some room but it seems we touched, me being spun and went off in the gravel.

From then on I ended up with some 3-4 places behind having to battle again with Black, Tony or Alex.
After a few laps I am right after Black and Tony on the braking for T1 I try to follow the braking signs on the left, I think I didn't miss my braking point but I was to close to Tony so I hit him then he hit Black...so all 3 of us spun...Sorry about that guys, is this stupid track with braking from 360 to 40 kph, you miss 2 meters you overshoot the corner...

After that I lost concentration, Sexy caught up and there was another incident when I cut T1 when he attacked me, I waited for him but he was involved with sth with Bober...lost more time.

Short time after I have another battle with Bober in Variante Ascari he's on the outside (pretty tight there), I leave him some room but I think we touched (I'm not sure) he spun and lost front wing.

A lot of controversial moments, but doesn't matter, my race was gone after the incident with Cue.

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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9 Re: 12 - Italy GP (shouting thread) on 24th March 2013, 6:57 pm

my quali goes to second one ( plase where, sunshine never shine )
start was quit ok. but when coming 2 shikane. things goes badly cars front side back evry where. brake point öööh ....
crash boomg bang... and next lap t1 brake too late, all most kill belarus. contact him and my car stucking there. wrong tactik, wrong day to race. nothing to tell children of that race....

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10 Re: 12 - Italy GP (shouting thread) on 24th March 2013, 7:11 pm

Sexy Brigadeiro wrote: It was a pretty irresponsable move (and not intelligent driving at all) IMO and it costed me 3 places, as I said before.

I could say the same to u, I only kept my line

@Arek thx u lucky motherfucker (season 1) Laughing

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11 Re: 12 - Italy GP (shouting thread) on 24th March 2013, 7:18 pm


League Director
League Director
i started from P16. it was my worst quali position ever since the new quali rules. well i got crashed a lot in the first laps and in lap 7 i lost the internet connection. that was my race

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12 Re: 12 - Italy GP (shouting thread) on 24th March 2013, 7:23 pm


No, Otti, you could NOT say the same to me at all.
You did NOT lose 3 places. I DID.
And I was the one getting hit (again) and NOT the one hitting you.

It was NOT smart and intelligent, because you must drive thinking in the race as a whole.
You had fresh tyres and it was lap 16 and I had worn tyres, so... it was OBVIOUS that I was going to stop sooner or later (sooner, more likely) and you were faster than me anyway, even IF we had fresh tyres the both of us, so... You REALLY did NOT 'need' to force that move - especially with my car more than 75-85% in FRONT of yours...
You would've overtaken me on the next few corners anyway.

So, your NOT smart/intelligent FORCED move HIT ME and MADE ME SPIN and LOSE 3 PLACES - good job!

You can NOT say the same to me at all.
Drive with your BRAIN the next time and not only with your hands and feet.

13 Re: 12 - Italy GP (shouting thread) on 24th March 2013, 7:35 pm


What a touching farewell between Sexy and Otti Laughing
Watch me and Lau at the same place T1/2 on lap 3. That's how you should've driven Sexy Laughing

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14 Re: 12 - Italy GP (shouting thread) on 24th March 2013, 7:41 pm


Arek, did you bother to REALLY READ what I said?...

I don't care about how you and lau sorted it out.
If Otti was more smart and intleligent, he would've NOT forced that overtake and put the 2 of us in danger - and in the end only I spun and lost places (when HE touched me).

I KNOW I could've went 'wider'. Just like HE could've NOT forced that move (because he was faster, on fresh tyres, he would overtake me anyway on the next few corners and I was about to go to the pits - if a driver can NOT think on these things while driving, then he should not even get inside a damn racing car).

But as I mentioned before, I was the one GETTING HIT and LOSING PLACES.

Is it REALLY 'fair' to suggest it was MY fault (AGAIN)?!



15 Re: 12 - Italy GP (shouting thread) on 24th March 2013, 7:51 pm

If you knew that my tires were fresher, then why did u defend you so hard? And you was the first one who hit me.

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16 Re: 12 - Italy GP (shouting thread) on 24th March 2013, 8:01 pm


Your question just proves how naive (or dumb) you are...

I wasn't being pressured only by you. There were other guys trying to overtake me as well.
I could not just brake/lift to let you go.
And I was going to put Softs for the last 10 laps, which on my tests made me go pretty fast (after being on Hards for 17 laps). So, I would have some gap to reduce after my pit stop, so OBVIOUSLY, the more time you and the other guys could lose behind me, the better (OBVIOUSLY, without driving unfairly against you all), because the gap I would have to TRY to reduce on my 2nd stint would be smaller.

I'm NOT 'obligated' to let you go just because you are faster - UNLESS I'm getting a blue flag for being lapped or something - racing 101, pliss...
We were on the SAME lap and fighting for the position.

And NOTHING changes the fact that the guy behind, when is FASTER than the guy in front also has the RESPONSABILITY to try and AVOID a contact/collision - something you did NOT do.

You couldn't control yourself and avoid a stupid collision, just because you couldn't stay behind me for a couple more corners...
That shows how GREAT, smart and intelligent you are as a driver - I don't care how fast you can be. EVERY REAL GOOD driver MUST be intelligent as well.


Why am I still wasting my breath anyway?!


IT WAS MY FAULT!!! (what's new?!...)

Jah... Rolling Eyes

17 Re: 12 - Italy GP (shouting thread) on 24th March 2013, 8:05 pm

I stop this discussion, is pointless.

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18 Re: 12 - Italy GP (shouting thread) on 24th March 2013, 10:43 pm


Sexy Brigadeiro wrote:Arek, did you bother to REALLY READ what I said?...
I'm sorry. I just wanted to take the piss out of you a little bit Smile I didn't say it wasn't Otti's mistake. I also had an incident which wasn't my fault and costed me even more places than you lost in your two incidents put together and also because of that I lost a prestigious duel vs Antonio Hreljanovic which is the biggest shame you can have but I'm still in a good mood Smile

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19 Re: 12 - Italy GP (shouting thread) on 24th March 2013, 11:09 pm


You didn't have to start last and was in 2nd (with a chance to finish among the top 5) when you got hit... That's a LITTLE bit frustrating, but...

I'm in a good mood too.

I don't even want Otti to be penalized (although I think he deserves to, but...) - it won't make any difference to my race - let him leave the League with a good race/result for himself - I don't care.

What bothered me the most was the fact that he not only didn't bother to apologize or anything, but he also suggested it was my fault... but whatever... what's new, right?!

Once again I got hit and I lost places and... why am I still getting surprised when people suggest it was my fault? scratch

But jah, I'm in a good mood too... - already practicing at Nurburgring, BTW! Smile

20 Re: 12 - Italy GP (shouting thread) on 25th March 2013, 7:13 am

Good Q2
Bad start.
I got hit from behind (Tom), but I was able to keep the car, and then Lau did not give me the place and supplanted me into the gravel and Arek was able to pass me.
15 laps and I change the medium to soft.
I have four, but I waited until the tires start to wear Raikko.
26 laps I attacked Raikko in parabolic made a mistake.
4th place good points.

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