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10 - Germany GP (shouting thread)

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1 10 - Germany GP (shouting thread) on 3rd March 2013, 2:52 pm


Tell us the 'story' of YOUR german GP, pliss...

2 Re: 10 - Germany GP (shouting thread) on 3rd March 2013, 4:00 pm rfactor always crash on 3rd lap when that robot start saying "That was an ...."

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3 Re: 10 - Germany GP (shouting thread) on 3rd March 2013, 4:40 pm


Huoh... i had good day, just before time ended on quali i drive 8 fastest time. I start place 6
Good start godd speed, Arek overtake me at pit.
I have pos 4 and when last sector at lap 22 brakes dead and crash loosing wings. pit and no points...

Shit fuck shit .......

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4 Re: 10 - Germany GP (shouting thread) on 3rd March 2013, 4:49 pm

at the start, received a blow on the Hill is the latest has deployed on 2 got a small lap tacts with rakio has deployed and lost anterior wing. race is over

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5 Re: 10 - Germany GP (shouting thread) on 3rd March 2013, 4:56 pm


League Director
League Director
i had to start last. i drove threw T1 with 50KPH there was much smoke and i got a big hit. then nothing special at the end 10th

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6 Re: 10 - Germany GP (shouting thread) on 3rd March 2013, 5:00 pm

bad qualy only managed to set one shitty lap
not bad start from the back but because i havent done any testrace so i have no idea when to brake into the 1st turn so i was watching cars in front of me then i braked a bit later than him hit Bober i didnt know that impact was that big he lost control i tried to slow down let everyone passed me really sorry Sad , on the back straight i saw Bober and other guys so i let them passed
the track is very narrow and fast so it was really hard to not make any mistake and tricky to overtake for me , but i still had some fights with Tom Joe etc. and on the last few laps i saw Otti in front of me and wondering what happened to him but anyway still managed to have some battle with him but he made a mistake then spun out in the end lost the points Sad

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7 Re: 10 - Germany GP (shouting thread) on 3rd March 2013, 5:13 pm


I got the 3rd place on the podum weeeeee!!! Surprised jocolor king

The quali was terrible. The Q1 was ok but in the Q2 I made mistake in T1 and then all the rest of the lap was total crap. 9th place on the grid Razz

I had a good start. There was a little mess in front of me so I earned a few places and jumped up into the group who was fighting for the win, having noone behind my back which was very good for me.

The race wasn't very exciting in case of having good direct fights. I had just two: one with Otti who was pressing me very hard but his top speed was not enough to pass me and pull away, and the second one with Soutie but it's hard to call it as a fight even - he just passed my by and said bye bye on the straight and that was all Smile

I had also a "correspondence duel" with Arnie. In the first part of the race he was in front of me all the time and I couldn't do anything more to get him. I decided to pit one lat earlier than I had planned and it worked. Two laps on fresh tyres let me pass him and create 4s gap.

I was afraid of him very long knowing that every mistake could've caused losing the great 3rd position for him. This time I haven't done any stupid mistake like in some previous races and I menaged to finish on the podium which has made my day Wink

I'm sorry to Arnie, Cueball and Raikko because they all had very good chances to finish in great places. And congratz for Soutie and Lau!

See ya in Spa Smile

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8 Re: 10 - Germany GP (shouting thread) on 3rd March 2013, 5:21 pm


Well, I had a good weekend - I mean, it was pretty much as I was expecting and I reached my goal, with was the top 5 - 4th place, 12 points... Lots of 'hard times' during the race, so... jah, I can't complain - except that I could've been at the podium again and also in front of that damn lucky noob, AKA Arek, The Juvenil, who finished in 3rd... Evil or Very Mad

My qualifying was pure shit. I had a PB of 34.4 and I could 'easily' get a 34.7 in the practice sessions, but... all I got was a damn 34.9 and it wasn't enough to go to Q2 among the top 10 - so I started in 12th place...

At the race, we had some messy T1, both in front and behind of me and I still have to watch the replay to figure out whattafak happened...
I had to brake heavily to 'dodge' and avoid guys spinning in front of me and, believe it or not, I did it - didn't get hit - YAY!!! And I also earned a few positions with that (going to 7th place or something), so... 'Double YAY'!!!
But a few metters later, while braking for the 1st chicane, I guess I stepped the grass a little bit - or it was just by braking actually - and my car half spun... While trying to 'control' it (although I actually didn't have ANY control of it - LOL), a Force India hit me and I guess it was Denis... Maybe Bober... (DUUUHHH!!!) Anyway... I'm sorry for whoever it was, but... I couldn't do anything...

A few laps later, I got 3 cars fighting heavily in front of me - Adrian, Tony and I don't remember the 3rd one... All I know is that I saw them going side by side right before the 3rd chicane - yes, 3 cars side by side at that damn narrow Hockenheim - and I was like 'WTF?!' and I KNEW 'something' was gonna happen and... I was right... Adrian spun after a fight with Tony - right in front of me (obviously - I'm a magnet to that kind of stuff) and... I couldn't avoid Adrian, so I hit him and got some damage on my car - so, I think that was some kind of Karma for the similar incident with the Force India on lap 1...

At a certain point, I catched Joe fighting with Cueball and I was a little faster than the both of them, so i decided to 'join the party'...
McLaren's team orders are a little different than Ferrari's (because we're smart... - just sayin'...) and then Joe tried to stay out of my way the best he could and I tried not to be a problem to him too and we both had a common target: Cueball! Twisted Evil
I actually overtook him on the 1st chicane, on a very nice (and clean) move, but he got my slipstream and 1 or 2 laps later, he recovered his place, at the same 1st chicane, but... I was sqeezed and almost went to the grass (AKA, 'The McKay Move' Razz) and had to use the runoff area - I went through it on a very low speed, because I didn't want to get a penalty by the game - and so Cueball put a small (but good) gap on me and it took me about 5 laps to get to him again with a real chance to overtake him, but... then he got as scared as Arek is of my mighty racing powers and he made me a favor of spinning at the very last corner and gave me the place back - THANKS!!! Very Happy

At lap 14, I went to the pits and changed my tyres from Hards to Softs for the last 9 laps (my softs only lasted well for 8 laps, so... it was a risky move, but also worthy, I think) and then I had Adrian and a few other guys on my ass (not 'Opa Otti Style'), but since I was on Softs, I was able to open a gap and they weren't a threat to me - uff!!!...

Then I tried to catch the guys in front of me, although they were more than 6 secs ahead...
First one was Otti and, again, he got scared when he saw me coming and made me the nice favor of spinning, crashing and just getting out of my fuckin' way - good job!!!
And now I was trying to catch Stefano (fight for the 5th place), 4 secs in front of me, with 4 laps to go, so... if you're good at maths... I had to be at about 1 sec. faster than him per lap to have a chance to catch him and... I was being something between 0.8 secs to 1.2 secs faster than him in average, so... I knew I had a chance!!!
I was expecting for some amazing overtake (by me) on the very last lap, but... with 3 laps to go, Stefano also got scared when he saw me on his mirror and just said MAMA MIA!!! and also spun at the Stadium Hairpin - GRAZIE, MOZARELLA PIZZA!!! Very Happy

So, I was 5th, which was already inside my goal (top 5), but I also noticed I was pretty faster than Arnie, in 4th place, about 2 secs in front of me and then I thought to myself 'Why not?!'... and then kept the best pace I could to try, catch and overtake him, but... with 2 laps to go... Arnie ALSO got scared by me being faster than him and even his brakes got scared and ran away! He couldn't brake properly, hit the wall at the Stadium and lost his front wing! I tried to overtake him (obviously), but he was kinda 'blocking' the track (which is too narrow and he was right in the MIDDLE of it... - PICK A SIDE, PLISS?!...) but then I finally passed and I had Arek a few secs in front of me and decided to keep a good pace just to 'scare' him too - jah, that was just for fun!... Razz

But that was it... Arek was LUCKY to get the 3rd place (podium) and for me not to overtake him - especially after all of the shit that happened to me - so... I'm happy with my result and race!
And yes, I still believe it could've been an even better weekend, but that's ok!
Moving on...

9 Re: 10 - Germany GP (shouting thread) on 3rd March 2013, 5:28 pm

Good Q shit Race.
Don't know what happen at T1 exactly but I think I gave Cue enough room.
Had very good fight with Arnie Smile
I could finish the race on 4 position if I wouldn't do this stupid mistakes Sad

Will later maybe upload a video of my pov of the race.

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10 Re: 10 - Germany GP (shouting thread) on 3rd March 2013, 6:11 pm


Sexy Brigadeiro wrote:
I was sqeezed and almost went to the grass (AKA, 'The McKay Move' Razz) and had to use the runoff area -

go fuck yourself

11 Re: 10 - Germany GP (shouting thread) on 3rd March 2013, 6:16 pm


I knew you were going to like this one!
Very Happy

12 Re: 10 - Germany GP (shouting thread) on 3rd March 2013, 6:27 pm



13 Re: 10 - Germany GP (shouting thread) on 3rd March 2013, 6:30 pm


Rolling Eyes

14 Re: 10 - Germany GP (shouting thread) on 3rd March 2013, 6:49 pm


League Director
League Director
Very Happy

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