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Race REPORT & PICTURES - 08 - Austria GP (A1 Ring)

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Austria GP - A1 Ring (Sunday, february 10th, 2013) – Race Report, by Sexy Brigadeiro Very Happy & pictures by Arek Rolling Eyes

YAY!!! Another weekend and race full of action on the rFactor Racers League - the BEST rFactor League in the whole universe, according to myself!...
Anyway... Let me point out some of the most important things about it - and then you can check everything more detailed on the pics and captions below...

► raikkO got the pole, so it was a 'new' person getting a pole again - 7 different guys in 8 races! Only Girus got 2 poles so far!

► lau had a chance to have a good race and reduce the gap to Joe on the Championship, but.. actually that gap got bigger..

► I have a question to Arek: WHY SO SLOW?! Razz

► Once again I had a pretty good weekend! Got lucky by not getting involved in other people's race incidents and was also fast when I had to be! I just hope my luck don't change again - it was bad before, but now it's all good! Very Happy

► BTW, another great weekend to McLaren as well! We now have a pretty good lead on the Constructors Table - hope Joe and I can keep it!!!

► Oh, if you haven't watched MY race edit yet, it's pretty funny, with some text on the screen and etc - check it out here (if you don't want to be a juvenil...) -

► The penalties were already released and they changed a little bit both the previous race results and also the Championship Tables, which BTW, are already UPDATED (AFTER the penalties) at the end of the report! Smile

► I'm feelig hungry and going to fix something for dinner now... Razz

'Checkered flag is out and so am I!'
Austria Pics:

Arek: A1 Ring Smile
Sexy: Or... RedBull Ring Razz

Arek: Beautiful nature, peace and quiet all around...
Sexy: Surely beautiful, but... not so quiet this afternoon, for sure! Very Happy

Arek: The fans are ready for the show Smile
Sexy: Yes! Sexy Brigadeiro show!!! Cool

Arek: Start of the race... raikkO on the pole position next to soutie.
Sexy: raikkO finally having a promising good race this season!..

Arek: And goooo!!! Charlie Whiting noticed lau's jump start! To be honest it wasn't hard to see at all! Razz
Sexy: Even better than Otti's famous starts! Good job! Razz

Arek: Sprint to the first corner. We have a little mess caused by Bober who touched Arek but it was, how to say... everyday stuff Razz
Sexy: Bober's 'dancing' car at the starts is nothing new.. - TC ON, pliss? Smile

Arek: The first turn goes quite smooth. Everyone survives. Denis after a huge start jumps up to 2nd place behind lau passing raikkO and soutie even before T1! The sister teams fighting very hard thought the first turn but eventually soutie wins.
Sexy: Yes, pretty clean T1! Great job, everyone - especially after the last T1, at Paul Ricard... Razz

Arek: Some mess at the end of the pack caused by Arek who spun his car in the braking zone braking too strong before the harpin and Stig (Williams) who did sth completly different Razz
Sexy: I'm still amazed by how lucky I was to survive that - Stig passed SO close to me and he not only didn't hit me, but also 'cleaned' the track in front me and I overtook about 4 or 5 guys with that - THANK YOU, SIR!!! And as for you, Arek... "Good job!.." Razz

Arek: Otti who had a chance for 10th place after the harpin press his throttle while getting back from the safety runway too much and spins.
Sexy: Another bad start (and race) for Dildo Boy (who actually abandoned after that incident).. Anyway.. Hope he can find his motivation back somehow.. he should be one of the guys fighting for the title, right?..

Arek: Blackfox spins. A terrible begining for the Ferrari.
Sexy: I think you two are practicing too many spins.. you're getting better and better at it!.. Razz

Arek: ADI (14th) is the one who gets familar with the charms of driving without TC Smile
Sexy: And I respect him for that! I'm sure that soon he'll get the hang of it and be even faster! (which I'm not sure if it's good for ME..) Razz

Arek: lau goes to the pits to serve his drive through penalty for jumping start. Denis takes the lead. soutie is second, raikkO 3rd.
Sexy: lau did well! And he didn't lose so much time after all. He was fast enough to recover until/before the end of the race!

Arek: Sven (4th), Alex Hill and Bober.
Sexy: Me and Joe were coming after them! Twisted Evil

Arek: A bad corner for Antonio Hreljanovic. He loses 3 places for Cueball, Adrian S Shole and Tom McKay dropping down to 11th.
Sexy: Still it was nice to see him in 8th place before that damn corner! Smile

Arek: But one corner later Tony revenges to Tom and Arnie joins the action passing Tom as well. In the first plan Cueball (9th) defends himself against Adrian but innefective.
Sexy: Good job, Tony! And nice fights happening there!

Arek: Luft tries to pass Tom in T1 but unfortunaley comes to the contact between him and Arnie who spins in the middle of the track.
Sexy: Oh, boy.. Rolling Eyes

Arek: Tom, Arek and Stig were able to avoid him but lau and Blackfox didn't have such luck... Wings were flying everywhere and lau had to retire. In the background ADI entertains the crowd Razz
Sexy: Another unlucky race to lau, giving Joe an even bigger gap in the Championship Table.. BlackFox is also pretty out of luck lately.. I guess my bad luck was split into some of the other guys - and if so.. sorry.. I can't complain! Razz And no, I don't want it back! Send it to someone else!.. Like Arek, pliss?.. Razz

Arek: Meanwhile at the front soutie is pressing very much on Denis but raikkO calms him down by overtaking him Razz Unfortunately a moment later raikkO loses connection... Sad
Sexy: See? raikkO is also in the 'Unlucky Club'.. His DNF gave me an extra place, but at the same time, made things easier for soutie and Denis - the 2 guys who finished the race in front of me - GRRR!!!..

Arek: Sexy Brigadeiro (6th) and Joe McLaggen.
Sexy: McLarens looking good! Cool

Arek: soutie finally overtakes Denis to lead the race!
Sexy: I wish they could've spent more time fighting to each other.. Maybe even crash each other!!.. Twisted Evil - Oh! Did I say it out loud?!.. Damn!.. silent

Arek: Tom McKay overtakes Arek and takes the 11th place.
Sexy: Nice move on a hard spot! But since it was on Arek, that made things a little easier for Tim.. Razz

Arek: Alex Hill (4th) having a tough fight with Sven.
Sexy: China Boy was trying to annoy the Boss the best he could...

Arek: Adrian S Shole spins and Cueball retakes his 8th place.
Sexy: Cueball was finally having a pretty clean race so far - I mean, he survived the first laps without getting hit, which was all he wanted according to himself.. Razz

Arek: Adrian lands on the 12th place in the middle of the hot action. Tony and Tom are fighting for the 9th place very strong having Arek and Luft ready to join the party as well. Stig (15th) and ADI in the very far background.
Sexy: Another race full of action - NICE!!! Very Happy

Arek: Sudenly Tony spins right in front of Tom's front wing. Tom hits him, Adrian does the same to Tom. Tom was lucky because even another hit given from Arek didn't make him spin. So Tom jumps up to the 9th place, Luft passes the others involved and is 10th now. Stig moves up to 11th, Tony who recovered faster than Arek took the 12th place and poor Adrian was also overtaken by ADI...
Sexy: Maybe too much action, actually... scratch

Arek: Alex was doing everything to pass Sven but in spite of fate he was overtaken by Bober... Sven all the time keeps his great 3th place. Now I also see that Joe had to overtake Sexy somewhere before Razz
Sexy: Yes, great fight for the 3rd place involving 5 cars!!! And actually I left Joe pass (on lap 4...) due to a different tyre/pit stop strategy (I was on Hards and he on Softs), so at that moment of the race, he was faster and it was the right thing to do! Smile

Arek: Close battle through the last curve and Sexy takes the 6th place back from Joe.
Sexy: Again.. this was only part of the strategy. Joe's Softs were already pretty worn and my Hards were still pretty good, so right now, I'm a little faster than him, so he decided to let me go for now, to have a better chance to fight against those guys in front of us - SMART (and it worked)! Very Happy

Arek: A while later in the same place Tony (14th) who has been overtaken by Arek now has to defend vs Adrian. Both go side by side, Adrian who drives without TC (Tony too - respect Smile ) loses his rear and almost spins but thank to his high rated driving skills the young kangaroo was able to save himself Smile I dedicate this pic to those who think that overtaking in that place is a piece of cake. Hi Alex Wink
Sexy: Eerr.. lol?.. scratch

LAP 10
Arek: Arek overtakes Stig in battle for 12th. Nice to see you again in our league Smile
Sexy: If Stig stays with us in the next season, we could paint him a 'The Stig' helmet, huh?! For now, he borrowed Grisu's (RIP) one... Razz

LAP 11
Arek: Meanwhile what a fight for the 3rd place. At some point Sven jumped down to 5th place overtaken by Denis and Alex Hill but he was able to retake the 3rd place after this corner!
Sexy: Oh, those fights were pretty nice! I also overtook both Bober and Alex after that corner and was going to go after Sven, since I was a little faster than him, but...

LAP 11
Arek: Sexy takes the adventage of the battle between Alex and Denis and passes them! Alex tried to revenge but it ended up badly for him... Sexy gets a big slide and loses places for Bober and Joe.
Sexy: Jah, just a silly mistake by china Boy.. It costed me 2 places, but I was lucky (or skilled..) to hold my car on track - poor Alex went to the gravel trap - you gotta practice your Jackie Chan moves a little more, mate! Very Happy

LAP 12
Arek: Denis (2nd), Sven (3rd), Bober and Alex Hill in the pits. Moment earlier Joe makes a little mistake going wide and he changes his position with Sexy again.
Sexy: Party time (Round 1) at the pitlane for the 2 stoppers - party time for me on track, earning all of their places - yay! Cool

LAP 13
Arek: Cueball due to clean fast and equal driving joined the McLarens in the 4th place but moment later had an incident with Joe causing his spin...
Sexy: That was a shame! Cue was really doing a great job, both in being fast and also in having a 100% clean (without incidents) race.. - poor Joe too.. wasn't able to keep his best pace on the 1st stint..

LAP 14
Arek: soutie rejoins the track after his pit stop behind Sexy in the 2nd place. Meanwhile his teammate Joe is changing his tyres.
Sexy: Ok, since you didn't mention, I'll do it myself: ...AND SEXY IS LEADING THE RACE!!! OMG!!! SEXY IS SO FUCKIN' GOOD!!! GO GO GO SEXY, FTW!!! Surprised

LAP 15
Arek: Sexy was trying to keep soutie behind for a while but after one and half lap has to give up.
Sexy: I didn't give up.. I tried the best I could, but it was impossible to keep soutie behind (especially with worn Hards, against fresh Softs).. But jah, I enjoyed leading that 1 lap and a half - how many laps did you lead, Arek?!.. Oh.. ZERO?!.. Bad job!.. Razz

LAP 15
Arek: Sven and Bober found out behind Luft after his pit stops.
Sexy: Why do I have a feeling that something will go wrong?..

LAP 15
Arek: They both wanted to pass him at the sam time Razz Crazy move by Bober and Sven ends up without the front wing and great chances for a very good place...
Sexy: Maaaaaaan!.. Facehand

LAP 16
Arek: Denis makes a mistake touching Cueball (3rd) who hasn't pited yet and spins losing time to soutie. Meanwhile his teammate Bober got stuck behind Luft who hasn't pited as well.
Sexy: Denis lost time, but.. I wish he had lost a little bit more, so maybe he wouldn't have catched me at the end - damn!.. Evil or Very Mad

LAP 17
Arek: ADI makes a mistake in T1 and gets overtaken by Arek.
Sexy: We know, we know.. blame it on TC off, right?.. Or were you just being nice to Arek, ADI?! Razz

LAP 20
Arek: soutie still leads. Sexy is 2nd, Denis 3rd. Nothing interesting is happening on the track so maybe Sexy say a few words about our debutant Pocisk (17th) Smile
Sexy: Oh, sure! We have a new guy (from Poland - but not a juvenil like some of the other guys from there that we know.. Razz ) for this race and he did a pretty good job for his first race! Started from the pits (in last (21st) place) and finished in 17th, BUT.. he actually completed the race, which for most of the 1st timers is hard sometimes, so.. congrats and welcome, Pocisk! Wish you even better races in the future! Smile

LAP 20
Arek: Manwhile lau is giving intervievs to journalists in the boxes Smile
Sexy: They asked lau what happened and he answered 'Leave me alone, I know what I'm doing! Now shut up and give me an ice cream!'.. Shocked (guess I heard that before, somewhere..) scratch

LAP 21
Arek: Sexy Brigadeiro (2nd) makes his first and the only one pit stop at last dropping down to 4th behind Force Indias and right in front of Alex Hill.
Sexy: Actually I was just ordering a pizza and a large glass of Coca-Cola.. but it was all too expensive, so I decided to go back to the track - I hate being poor!.. ¬¬'

LAP 22
Arek: Arek overteks Luft_inspektor and takes the 9th place. ADI is preparing to do the same...
Sexy: Luft also decided to play the nice guy to Arek.. Razz

LAP 23
Arek: ...and he does it. Luft stays behind and ADI starts to chase Arek very much.
Sexy: ADI was on the 'Chasing Noob' mode now - and I'm not talking about Luft.. Razz

LAP 24
Arek: Sexy overtakes Bober in the esses and takes the 3rd place.
Sexy: Murray Walker: Well, here it comes Sexy... WOW, WHAT A GREAT OVERTAKE, BY THE OUTSIDE!!! Surprised BOBER DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!!! Surprised JUST AN OUTSTANDING MOVE AND AN AMAZING DRIVING BY THIS BRILLIANT YOUNG MAN!!! Surprised HE WILL CERTAINLY BE FIGHTING FOR THE TITLE IN THE FUTURE!!! Surprised WE ARE LIVE WITNESS OF FORMULA ONE'S HISTORY, FOLKS - IT'S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!!!... Surprised We'll be right back after the break... Smile - Thanks, Murray! Cool (and great fight, Bober! Smile)

LAP 24
Arek: Denis come in the pits for the second time. Rejoins on 3rd place behind Sexy who is not going to pit anymore. Bober and Alex Hill also pit on the same lap.
Sexy: Now I have 12 laps to keep Denis behind and a gap of 6 secs in front of him... Which means I can be up to half second slower than him per lap... Will I make it?!... scratch

LAP 26
Arek: After their pits they found out between Tom and Joe in places 6th and 7th and we got a side by side party! Smile
Sexy: 3 cars going for T1... just thrilling! bounce

LAP 26
Arek: Meanwhile ADI who was just right behind Arek spins his car again... He lost his 10th place for Luft but the most funny thing was that a moment later Adrian spun in exactly the same way Smile
Sexy: I think that was just their 'Flash Mob Duo'... Razz

LAP 26
Arek: Alex Hill (6th) tried to overtake Tom McKay in the place I was already talking about Razz His dreams about a good place have gone... Wasn't it enough to hold himself and wait a little while and do a pass at the end of that straight? Razz
Sexy: Just an unlucky race incident.. Tom had to hold his car after stepping the kerb and losing part of control and Alex happened to be too close to Tom (and accelerating), so.. Better luck at Silverstone, China Boy! Smile

LAP 27
Arek: Another unforgetable epic moment which is going to go down in history of our league Wink Tom (5th), Denis and Joe, side by side through the Dunlop bridge (sounds like Le Mans 24h Razz )!!! That small black dot in the background was Arek who seing 3 cars going side by side up the hill thought to himself: "Wow! Damn! This is not gonna happen! No way they would make it!" Razz
Sexy: Yes, another great moment of the race and, as always... your 'Luck Of The Noob' was working for you! Razz

LAP 27
Arek: Beep beep! Razz Joe earns two places, Tom luckly stays on the track and Bober... goes wide off on the gravel and that was the view seen by Arek after he past the crest Razz
Sexy: I'm glad Joe survived! Very Happy

LAP 30
Arek: Cueball quietly goes for his 4th place!
Sexy: Pretty good job! Except for the incident with Joe, Cue had a solid race! Smile

LAP 30
Arek: ADI overtakes Luft_inspektor and jumps up to the 9th place.
Sexy: Luft was having a déjà vu... Razz

LAP 32
Arek: Arek passes Tom and takes the 6th place. Blackfox is lapped, in the background chasing Bober.
Sexy: Nice fight and overtake (especially for a juvenil! Razz) - and I'm sorry about Black's race, but I thank him for being a nice backmarker and letting me and the others go when he got our blue flags.. - Better luck at Silverstone as well! Smile

LAP 34
Arek: Luft didn't give up. ADI in troubles again. Maybe let's bet how it finished... Razz Ok, ok... ADI spun his ass for the... ! Razz I'm lost it was too many... Razz Adrian S Shole jumped into the top 10.
Sexy: LOL! Poor ADI! But still he did a pretty good job for his first race with TC off! And oh.. great pic, Areko! Smile

Arek: Denis overtakes Sexy on the last lap and takes the 2nd place!
Sexy: I was like... DAFUQ?!..
NOOOooOoOOOoooooooOOOOoOOOOoOOOoOOoooOOoOoarekisajuvenilOoOOooOOOooooOoOooOOoOOOoOOo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! head wall

Arek: Tom also didn't give up. He re-overtook Arek after a brave monouver. Arek wanted to revenge, he was very close to do that and Bober also joined the action. Second race in a row these guys meet each other on the last lap fightig hard! Razz
Sexy: BFFs?!.. Razz

Arek: soutie wins the race!
Sexy: Not as hard as it could've been if lau and raikkO haven't abandoned, but.. who KERS?! soutie did a good job and deserved to win anyway! Smile

Arek: Denis takes the 2nd place.
Sexy: Being overtaken on the very last lap is never a good thing, but.. it was Denis's merit, so I congratulate him! Smile (but next time, let me have it, damn it!!!) Razz

Arek: Sexy closes the podium.
Sexy: YES! YES!! YES!!! But, Arek... WHY SO SLOW?!?!?! Razz
Arek's Slideshow: (Don't be a juvenil! Watch it in HD (720p) and full screen, pliss!)

For ALL the pointers and Championship standings, just take a look below!!! Senna


1soutie(RBR)25 points
2Denis_Belarus(Force India)18 points
3Sexy Brigadeiro(McLaren)15 points
4Joe McLaren(McLaren)12 points
5T McKay(Renault)10 points
6Arek(Ferrari)8 points
7cueballUK(Toyota)6 points
8Adrian S Shole(BMW Sauber)4 points
9Bober_Belarus(Force India)2 points
10Sven(Toyota)1 point


1McLaren27 points
2RBR25 points
3Force India20 points
4Renault10 points
5Ferrari8 points
6Toyota7 points
7BMW Sauber4 points
DRIVERS’ CHAMPIONSHIP - After 8 races (OFFICIAL - AFTER penalties):

1Joe107 points
2Denis88 points(+1)
3soutie87 points(+2)
4lau80 points(-2)
5Tom73 points(-1)
6Grisu62 points
7Arek53 points(+1)
8Sven49 points(-1)
9Sexy46 points
10Adrian29 points
11Alex25 points
12Luft22 points
13Arnie19 points
14Bober18 points
15raikkO14 points
16ADI12 points
17Otti10 points
18Cue9 points(+1)
19Black4 points(-1)
20Jure1 point
21Jack0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th
22Tony0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 12th & 12th
23Wallace0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 12th & 13th
24Stig0 points(+4)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 12th
25Pocisk0 points(+3)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 17th
26Veefour0 points(-2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 19th
27Kurt0 points(-2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 20th
28Backmarker0 points(-2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 21st
=Santi0 points(-2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 21st

* - 'tie breaker' = best finish position (in case of a new tie, the next best finish position - and so on...)


1McLaren153 points
2Force India106 points(+1)
3Renault92 points(+1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 1st (Tom) & 1st (Tom)
4Jaguar92 points(-2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 1st (lau) & 2nd (lau)
5RBR87 points
6Williams62 points
7Toyota58 points
8Ferrari57 points
9Brawn35 points
10BMW Sauber29 points
11Jordan23 points
12STR14 points
NEXT RACE: GREAT BRITAIN GP, at Silverstone (1990 layout), february 17th, 2013

FULL CALENDAR <--- Click here!.. Rolling Eyes

Nice entertaining report!
Ok, I'm embarrassed by my number of spins Rolling Eyes (also cause by tyres with their last drop pf grip)
I promise next race I'll reduce those to half! Very Happy

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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