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Race REPORT & PICTURES - 06 - Canda GP (Montreal)

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Canada GP - Montreal (Sunday, january 20th, 2013) – Race Report, by Sexy Brigadeiro Smile & pictures by Arek Razz

Another weekend at the rFactor Racers League and... we had some action, as always!!! Here are some of its highlights:

► Tom won for the 2nd time in a row - which is actually the League's record - no one has ever won more than 2 races in a row, since season 1, so.. we can wonder about 2 possibilities: Tom may break this record at the next race at Paul Ricard, or.. we can already be sure that anyone but him will win there, since the record will remain unbroken.. Razz

► lau, who was the championship leader until before the end of this race was looking forward to keep the lead and even open a bigger gap from the other drivers, but...

► Joe got another podium and Sexy (me) scored points again (finally), so these things gave the top of the Tables back both to Joe (leading the Drivers' Championship) and McLaren (leading the Constructor's Championship) - YAY!!!

► Arek is a garotinho juvenil - what's new?!

► As in Bahrain, a good number of drivers had brake failure and weren't able to finish the race - and some guys like me were able to earn their positions - not complaining!!! Very Happy

► Right now, while I'm writing this, the penalties weren't released yet, but... I guess they wouldn't change the race/championship results anyway, so...

► For a more detailed 'report', pliss, check the pics (and read its captions, obviously) below!

► At the end of the report, there is Arek's slide show - show him some support for his efforts in making it to the League and just click to watch it - don't be juvenis, like him, peeps!! Razz

'Checkered flag is out and so am I!'
Canada Pics:

Arek: Thousands of fans are waiting for a lot of action during the GP
Sexy: Jah... [/cricket sound] Rolling Eyes

Arek: Wow, what a big crystal ball! I wonder if it knows whos gonna win this race or not? Razz
Sexy: Crystal ball?!.. I could swear it was that 'bird' cage they used in Jurassik Park 3!.. No?!.. Damn!.. No

Arek: Lets play some rulette!...
Sexy: Yes, now that I told you that it was a cassino - and you thought it was just a 'round building with lots of flags on the top of it' - pff!.. rabbit

Arek: Start of the Canadian GP! soutie on the pole position.
Sexy: And this was only his 1st pole this season so far.. Girus Biebs (probably busy recording a new shitty song) is the only driver with 2 PPs so far!..

Arek: Stint to the first corner. After bad start of soutie Tom McKay takes the lead!
Sexy: That was all any 2nd place could want for a start... Razz

Arek: First chicane. The first part of it goes quite smooth...
Sexy: Say it about yourself... I got hit and sent to the grass (ok, caused by lag at Adrian's end, but still that was not exactly how I planned to start my GP anyway).. Razz

Arek: But then we had a lot of things happening!
Sexy: It's rare that the guys in front get involved in accidents like that.. But when it happens, it's even worse than accidents on the back, because there are a LOT of drivers coming from behind who get caught on it too.. - oh, boy, what a mess! Rolling Eyes

Arek: lau gets spin after a contact with Bober causing a huge mess with many cars involved. Seems like his car got damaged and he had to retire.
Sexy: I can understand him.. Easy to imagine his level of frustration and anger after practicing for the whole week for 'that'.. No wonder why he accelerated and threw his car on the wall on purpose (almost hitting other guys) a few corners later - and then got offline - still it's hard to judge whose fault was it, but it surely could've been avoided by both drivers - just sayin'.. silent

Arek: One of the most classic views in F1 history Smile
Sexy: 'Seriously?!.. Never saw it before in my whole life!..' - said Stevie Wonder... Cool

Arek: Arek who started as 12th defends his 7th place against Luft_inspektor. Luft makes a pass before the last chicane.
Sexy: And it was not the last time you were overtaken there in this race, huh?!.. Very Happy

Arek: Meanwhile in front of them Sven has to drive under a pressure from Bober and Joe.
Sexy: 'If you can't handle it, why did you come?' - it's a brazilian saying..

Arek: Bober overtakes Sven and the same time we got a "little" crash behind between Adrian and Arek which caused some mess for other coming drivers Razz Adrian also lost his from wing...
Sexy: 'I believe I can fly!.. I believe I can touc...' - SHUT UP, R. KELLY!!! ¬¬'

Arek: Sexy is having some troubles. At first goes wide in T1 which let Arek to pass him and then spins few corners later. Ferrari says: Pega na minha benga e balança! Razz
Sexy: Well, I was on Hards.. And I always have some crazy graphical lag on my game caused by rFDynHud at the very start (right after crossing the start/finish line) of the 4th lap in each race (don't know why) and I knew it was going to happen again, but still I couldn't do anything and the game 'froze' for less than 1 second and it was enough for me to lose control right before T1.. that fucked up my racing line for T2 and that was why you overtook me so easily.. And then right after T4 I spun (as you can see in the pic), so I was already thinking to myself: Oh, boy, bad luck is doing its little tricks again!..

Arek: Denis overtakes Tom and takes the lead!
Sexy: Denis proved not only to be fast, but also to be a little more careful and mature - nice job! Smile

Arek: While later Joe does the same to Sven and jumps up to 5th.
Sexy: Arriba, muchacho!!! Very Happy

Arek: soutie cuts the final chicane defending his third place against Bober. Right after that he gives his position to him.
Sexy: Fair play driving - we all appreciate it! Smile

Arek: Moment later we got Sven with his typical stuff... as an aviator continuing the best traditions of Luftwafe Razz Hits Joe and both cars spin losing its 6th and 7th places for Luft and Arnie.
Sexy: Why am I not surprised?.. Rolling Eyes

Arek: ADI overtakes Alex Hill and takes the 9th place.
Sexy: I always spend a long time looking at the details about these cars, both using the same 3D model.. - don't judge me!..

Arek: This time Tom overtakes Denis and takes the lead back!
Sexy: Very good fight that endured the whole race - good job, both drivers!

Arek: Joe gets stuck behind Luft and Arnie. In the background Alex takes his 9th place back from ADI. Deeper in the background Arek gets closer to BlackFox.
Sexy: And even deeper in the background.. like.. before the last chicane.. close to the hairpin.. you can see me!.. Oh, you can't?!.. Are YOU Stevie Wonder?! Cool

Arek: Short time later ADI spins.
Sexy: Well, at least it didn't happen only to me!.. Razz

Arek: Arnie passes Luft and takes the 5th place.
Sexy: That fight was good to Joe, so he could keep the pace of both cars in front of him. But at the same time it was bad for him, because that made it hard for him to overtake both of them, so.. he actually lost time.. - nice fight between Arnie and Luft though! Smile

Arek: Luft has another problem. He hits Arnie while trying to overtake and spins losing the 6th place.
Sexy: The fight between them was too good to be true.. - Joe says 'Muchas gracias, amigo!' Very Happy

Arek: BlackFox vs Arek. Fight for the 10th place.
Sexy: Yes, my sily Ferrari puppets!.. Fight against each other and DIE!!! BWAHAHAHA!!!.. Twisted Evil - Wait!.. Did I say it our loud?!.. Damn!.. silent

Arek: soutie (4th) has to retire because of an connection issue Sad
Sexy: Jah, but how his car ended up there?!.. scratch

Arek: Meanwhile Arek overtakes Black and jumps up to the top 10.
Sexy: Nah, you guys were not even trying to fight! Just following those boring team orders and staying together to look 'nice' in the team pic!.. ¬¬'

LAP 10
Arek: Joe finally passes Arnie and gets the 4th place.
Sexy: Andale! Andale!! Andale!!! Very Happy

LAP 10
Arek: Denis (2nd) goes to the pits.
Sexy: And he almost murdered Tom by doing it.. But let's be honest, this is one of the most dangerous pit entrances in F1.. - the cars going to the pits can brake later (on the racing line) than the cars staying on track, so.. just like 1+1=2, anyone can guess what could happen.. Rolling Eyes

LAP 11
Arek: BlackFox goes a little bit wide catching some grass and raikkO passes him. ADI takes advantage of that too and also knows what to do... Razz
Sexy: -2 hit combo.. Razz

LAP 12
Arek: Tom rejoins the track after his pit stop still in front of Denis.
Sexy: And still pretty close to each other, so... here we go for another round in their particular battle!

LAP 14
Arek: Antonio Hreljanovic always likes to be in the center of attention Razz Here under blue flags with Wallagada.
Sexy: I don't want to 'defend' this or that driver, but.. Tony and Wallace were also fighting against each other and in some spots of the track it's not that simple and easy to just brake and let the faster cars go through. So, just like in real life.. it's expected for the faster cars to lose at least a few tenths here and there - especially in situations like these, when there's a fight ALSO between two or more backmarkers - although the backmarkers also must know that the faster cars always have the preference, so.. It has to be a 'cooperative' situation, between everyone involved. Smile

LAP 14
Arek: Sven overtakes BlackFox by the outside at the harpin. Nice move but he had an adventage of his fresh tyres. Then Black goes to the pits.
Sexy: Jah, nice move! And I didn't want to 'diminish' it, but... it was like using an F1 car to overtake a turtle.. (no offense, Black-o!) Razz

LAP 16
Arek: Tom and Denis catched Bober (1st) who hasn't pited yet.
Sexy: Team Belarus powering up!..

LAP 17
Arek: Tom has to overtake Bober in T1 but a while later Denis takes a free credit from his teammate Smile
Sexy: ..but Little Timmy wins the outnumbered duel!

LAP 17
Arek: ADI overtakes Arek taking 11th place.
Sexy: Nothing new to me here.. Razz

LAP 18
Arek: A while later does the same to Sexy. raikkO rejoined the track after his pit stop in front of Arek.
Sexy: He is naturally faster than me.. I had worn (18 laps) Hard tyres and he had fresh Mediums or even Softs.. So, I knew there was nothing I could do and trying to fight with him would only prejudice MY race, because I would lose time and end up being overtaken anyway.. So, the best to do was to let him go (by now) and try to catch him again before the end, hoping my 1 stop strategy would pay off.. - which I did! Not exactly because of the strategy, but because his brakes failed.. - I'm not complaining at all! Very Happy

LAP 20
Arek: Bober who made his pit stop two laps ago jumped down from 3rd to 5th place behind Joe and Sven. Here he overtakes Sven after a long, tough battle. Meanwhile Arnie and Alex Hill were following them nicely Smile
Sexy: The 'Belarus Brothers' were having a pretty good weekend!

LAP 21
Arek: Arek overtakes Sexy and jumps up to 11th.
Sexy: As you already know, I had worn Hard tyres (only stoped to replace them at lap 23) and you had a better exit from T4.. Still I was hoping you wouldn't 'force' an overtake on that right hander ahead of us, because if we went side by side on that corner, an accident could easily happen, so I thought to myself: I won't risk my whole race because of this! And I'll catch him back before the end!.. - and then I lifted up and let you go - SMART MOVE! Very Happy

LAP 22
Arek: Heavy battle between Tony and Wallace for the 16th place. Wallace spins on that grass so Tony gets it! Razz
Sexy: I'm sure they had some fun on that good battle between them! Well done, boys! Smile

LAP 22
Arek: Watching that duel between Tony and Wallagada I'm glad that medical service is close around Razz
Sexy: Those were for you, Arek... Razz

LAP 22
Arek: Duel between two countrymen. raikkO wins taking the 9th place from ADI who goes to the pits right after that.
Sexy: Civil war in Romaniaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!... Women, children and rFactor players first!!!... Razz

LAP 23
Arek: Tom and Denis are still fighting for the lead very strong! Tom goes to the pits as well.
Sexy: And there are still 11 laps to go after this one is done!..

LAP 24
Arek: Luft vs raikkO, duel for the 5th place. Meanwhile Joe McLaggen (3rd) goes to the pits.
Sexy: Another pretty good matchup!

LAP 26
Arek: Denis goes back to the track after his stop but Tom keps his lead increasing the gap a bit.
Sexy: Denis probably lost some time on his pit. They were closer to each other before.. Or just spent too much time on track with worn tyres while Tom already had new ones, so those 2 or 3 laps between their pits were enough for Tom to increase that gap..

LAP 26
Arek: raikkO finally found a solution to pass Luft but as soon as he did, he got spin... Oh! Now I also see that Alex Hill has overtaken Arnie somewhere earlier! Smile
Sexy: raikkO can go from an amazing race to a complete mess in a matter of seconds (looks like someone I know.. ME!).. lol - and Alex Hill used some Jackie Chan trick to overtake Arnie - I bet he (Arnie) didn't even notice either!.. Very Happy

LAP 26
Arek: Not for long... Moment later Sven overtakes Luft and takes the 5th place.
Sexy: Well, that's when the trick goes wrong - popular known as #FAIL - just sayin'... Razz

LAP 26
Arek: No comments Razz
Sexy: Yo, Areko... WHY SO SLOW?!?!?!... Very Happy

LAP 28
Arek: Arnie make a pass on Luft and gets the 6th place.
Sexy: Not Luft's day...

LAP 29
Arek: Whoops... We got some mess in the first chicane! Joe (4th) and Bober were having great, hard batte for the 3rd place. I would say a little bit too hard! Razz
Sexy: Joe was actually just giving Bober a chance...

LAP 32
Arek: But Joe didn't give up. He was faster at the end so while later he got Bober back. After another great fight he finally overook him in T1 taking the 3rd place!
Sexy: See?!... - Amazing job, mate!!! Very Happy

LAP 32
Arek: Meanwhile Luft has some brakes issue! This is how you drive Montreal with a small brake duct! Razz Luft has to retire 3 laps to go losing his 8th place.
Sexy: Definitely NOT his day... But on the pic we can see me and (in front of) Arek... as we pass by Luft and say: thank yooouuu!.. Very Happy

LAP 33
Arek: Shit! Razz At leat kept his 9th place Razz
Sexy: McLaren says: Pega na minha benga e balança! Razz But hey, Areko, don't say bad words! There are children reading this!!.. Sorry, Sven's mother, it won't happen again, ma'am.. Smile

LAP 33
Arek: Another driver with brakes issue! This time ADI loses his 6th place! Good that medical service was at a place it should be! Yeah, you got it right.. Vets are gonna take care of his Jaguar! Razz
Sexy: I wouldn't get close to an angry jaguar right now.. But anyway.. letting ADI overtake me finally paid off - sorry, Mate! But hey.. thank you!.. Razz

Arek: Thanks to that Adrian who had a terrible race was able to get in to the top 10! It's worth to never give up, like John Cena! Razz Also Cueball scored 2 points for the 9th place.
Sexy: Cena?!.. I prefer Senna instead! Razz But seriously, congrats Cueball and Adrian for getting at least these little points! Smile

Arek: At the end of the race Denis got closer to Tom and was really close to overtake, but seems like he wanted to much and spun at the exit from the harpin...
Sexy: Sometimes the pressure is just too much.. Still Denis did a good job the whole race, so congrats for that! Smile

Arek: Tom McKay wins the Canadian GP! Now he can salut to Gille Smile
Sexy: Also good job by Sir Thomas Mac Eye! cyclops

Arek: Denis takes the 2nd place for Belarus!
Sexy: Just consolidating the pretty good weekend for Force India - 30 poins and going up 2 places (from 8th to 6th) on the Constructors' Championship Table!

Arek: Joe crosses the finish line as 3rd!
Sexy: AYE CARAMBA!!! Why is everyone looking at the photographer, instead of at Joe?!.. Anyway.. Also a not bad weekend for McLaren at all - congrats to us, Joey!!! Very Happy
Arek's Slideshow: (Don't be a juvenil! Watch it in HD (720p) and full screen, pliss!)

For ALL the pointers and Championship standings, just take a look below!!! Senna


1T McKay(Renault)25 points
2Denis_Belarus(Force India)18 points
3Joe McLaggen(McLaren)15 points
4Bober_Belarus(Force India)12 points
5Sven(Toyota)10 points
6Alex Hill(Brawn)8 points
7Sexy Brigadeiro(McLaren)6 points
8Arek(Ferrari)4 points
9cueballUK(Toyota)2 points
10Adrian S Shole(BMW Sauber)1 point


1Force India30 points
2Renault25 points
3McLaren21 points
4Toyota12 points
5Brawn8 points
6Ferrari4 points
7BMW Sauber1 point

1Joe77 points(+2)
2lau74 points(-1)
3Tom62 points(+2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 1st & 1st
4soutie62 points(-2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 1st & 2nd
5Grisu62 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 1st & 3rd
6Denis45 points(+2)
7Arek41 points(-1)
8Sven40 points(-1)
9Adrian25 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 2nd
10Alex25 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 4th
11Sexy16 points(+3)
12Bober14 points(+6)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 4th
13raikkO14 points(-2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 5th
14ADI12 points(-2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 6th
15Luft12 points(-2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 7th
16Otti10 points(-1)
17Arnie7 points(-1)
18Black4 points(-1)
19Cue3 points
20Jure1 point
21Jack0 points(+2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th
22Tony0 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 12th & 12th
23Wallace0 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 12th & 13th
24Veefour0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 19th
25Kurt0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 20th
26Backmarker0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 21st

* - 'tie breaker' = best finish position (in case of a new tie, the next best finish position - and so on...)


1McLaren93 points(+1)
2Jaguar86 points(-1)
3Renault69 points(+2)
4RBR62 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 1st (soutie) & 2nd (soutie)
5Williams62 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 1st (Grisu) & 3rd (Grisu)
6Force India59 points(+2)
7Ferrari45 points(-1)
8Toyota43 points(-1)
9Brawn35 points
10BMW Sauber25 points
11STR14 points
12Jordan13 points
NEXT RACE: FRANCE GP, at Paul Ricard (1988), february 3rd, 2013

FULL CALENDAR <--- Click here!.. Rolling Eyes


League Director
League Director
great pictures Smile

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great job again Sexy and Arek

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I'm glad you like the report guys Wink

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FUCK YOU!!!!!!!


If you didn't like any of them, let me know, but DON'T EDIT MY JOB!!!!!!!



And don't even try to delete this message, because I will post it over and over again, so everyone can see the SHIT you did!!!


Here's the caption he changed - the ORIGINAL one:

And this was only his 1st pole this season so far.. Girus Biebs (probably busy recording a new shitty song... oh, sorry, did I say shitty?!... I meant 'gay'...) is the only driver with 2 PPs so far!..

It was a joke about JUSTIN BIEBER (being gay) NOT Grisu!!!
You are just SO dumb that you didn't even understand that - GOOD JOB!!!

lol good report also a bit of action in the reply's

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Why don't you sleep yet Soutie? Smile

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League Director
uff sexy take a bath and calm down i didnt do anything

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You can process Sven by your copyright sexy? What do you think about?

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Nice report...but Sexy you need to chill out, its not that big of a deal Razz

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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ill have plenty of sleep when im dead Razz

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great report Sexy and Arek

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