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04 - Portugal GP (shouting thread)

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1 04 - Portugal GP (shouting thread) on 6th January 2013, 4:36 pm



If you guys think other drivers were unfair (against you, or against the League's rules), PLEASE, report that 'officially' to the admins, by sending ANY of them a PERSONAL MESSAGE explaining the issue and telling us in which lap(s) and part(s) of the track they happened.

- LAP xx
- TURN xx
- DRIVER(s) xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx, etc
- INCIDENT: [describe the incident]
ONLY (and ALL) the issues OFFICIALLY REPORTED to the admins. WILL be investigated!
(which means: if you don't tell the admins. about them, they will NOT be investigated.)
But you guys MUST send us (ANY of the admins.) a PERSONAL MESSAGE about them - ok?

Now, pliss, give us your feedback about the Portuguese GP (at Estoril), pliss!

- Personal highligts
- Racing incidents of any kind
- General issues
- Type the sentence 'Sven is a noob!' in the comments if you read this
- Funny/curious facts & etc.
- And HELP ME & AREK with ALL the info you can, so we can make a good Report & Pictures for you guys!!!

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2 Re: 04 - Portugal GP (shouting thread) on 6th January 2013, 4:37 pm



fuck my internet Sad

3 Re: 04 - Portugal GP (shouting thread) on 6th January 2013, 4:43 pm

rubbish weekend
shitty qualy and shitty start crashed on turn 3 and then my race was all about spins or crashes
anyway congrats Joe for his 2nd victory and the rest guys on podium and bad luck Otti

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4 Re: 04 - Portugal GP (shouting thread) on 6th January 2013, 4:51 pm

Well the grand prix started with some weird stuff when connecting to the server after it was restarted, it just said 'join timed out' after I entered the password. (it's the 2nd time I had that-maybe my own system is at fault). After I restarted windows 2 times I finally entered the qualy, but with a few minutes left, never got to put a proper lap...

Tha race started good, starting last (or next to last I don't remember) I climbed up to 13th in half of lap when I touched slightly, just slightly, Black enough to spun me and lose all the places I won (my fault but I paid it fully), so I started once again from the beginning.
The pace was good I slowly carved my way through the field, when again, a stupid 'logistic' mistake before 1st pit, 11th or 12th lap, I pressed the speed limiter instead of request pit when I had about 280kph Very Happy I lost again 4-5 places from a shot.
From then on, apart from a few mistakes here and there, I slowly gained a few more places to the end, ariving in 8th.

Good considering where I started, but could've been easily better, maybe even 4-5th. Smile

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Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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5 Re: 04 - Portugal GP (shouting thread) on 6th January 2013, 4:53 pm

Sven is a noob!

My race was pretty good until I started spinning from fatigue.
My first lap was pretty decent and I was surprised to get past some of the drivers who were much faster than me. Most people seemed to fall asleep at the start.
After that I think I was 6th and I must've started a train because I was very slow.
From then I had some decent battles with some drivers but then I started spinning and all up my spins cost me well over a minute, hence my finishing position.

I will try to practice before the next race as to not hold people up.

Super result by Joe. Sorry to Otti and Alex for their tough luck!

Edit: Sorry to cueball, I tried to rejoin off the racing line but you were already there. Sad
Edit #2: I just watched the replay, and it was possibly the worse rejoin in all of human history. I forgot what lap, but take my word for it and please give me a penalty point. Facehand

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6 Re: 04 - Portugal GP (shouting thread) on 6th January 2013, 4:54 pm

Great Race with a lot of action!
I only did one msitake, I did at ech stint one lap to less, so my front tire die one corner to go head wall

The start was very good, overtook Grisu and had p1 for few laps until I got understeer at the second corner and had a little ride in the gras. After first pit stop I had to fight my way up fast and did some agresive overtakes. At the end of the 2nd stint Joe came near and overtook me, to recovery my place I went one lap early to pits, and it worked. At pit exit Tony cames from behind, I knew he was lapped but what the shit did you there? At the begining of the stint I was pushing like hell, I overtake fast Adi, who was in front of me at t1. the car feels very good, but 4 laps to go the auto was sliding, and had luck not to spun. Joe overtook me, but i didn't give up, I push again and hope for a mistake from his side, but he didn't do one. At last lap my car feels dead Very Happy The ffb was just crazy, never had that before, and then, at the last corner, my front left tire die. Was a race with a lot of action, congrats to Joe, fantastic overtake Wink Und ich entschuldige mich Grisu, aber ich fuhr in den Grass und hatte dann keine Kontrolle mehr.

See ya maybe next race.

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7 Re: 04 - Portugal GP (shouting thread) on 6th January 2013, 5:14 pm


Shitty race and weekend. As I was expecting, but still it's frustrating.

At the quali, i just couldn't get a clean lap. Kept making stupid mistakes, so I got only a 1:11.0xx, while my PB was a 10.5 - anyway... Started 14th and I though nothing could be worse... well, I was wrong.

Had a good start, being as careful as possible, but it just piss me off that even being careful you can get your whole race fucked up and that was what happened...
I was holding my line (on the left side of the track from the start until T3), so I didn't force anything, gave room to everyone on my right and then at the exit of T3 Alex spun in front of me - not blaming him for that, ok? - but it's just amazing how bad things ALWAYS happen to me, especially right in front of me and drag me into them in ways I just can't escape... The way Alex spun, left his car between the track and the wall EXACTLY where I was, so I just couldn't pass on the left (because there was a wall there) and neither on the right, because I didn't have time to react and turn my car to the right - and even if I had, I was probably just cause an even bigger mess, since there were cars passing me on my right, so... I got stuck between Alex's car and the wall... lost almost 5 secs there... And, on top of that, I somehow damaged my right rear suspension - FUCK!!! WE MUST SET THE DAMAGE TO 30%!!! 35% is TOO MUCH and TOO EASY to damage the suspension - it's just annoying!!!...

Anyway... My car started to turn left on the straights and I had to choose between making an extra pit stop to fix that shit (and compromise all of my race) OR stay on track until the end of lap 14 (where my 1st pit stop was originally programed to be), which will also compromise my whole race as well, so... I had no good choice anyway and I just stayed on track, on Hard tyres and with a terrible pace... the guys with whom I could've a chance to fight with for positions got away from me and I was struggling with my car and 'fighting' for a 'great' 14th place (the same place I started)... ¬¬'

Alex Hill tried to overtake me a few times, but he kept making mistakes, so I kept my position.
I was able to overtake Tony with that shitty damaged car and then my race was boring, even after fixing that damn suspension on my first pit stop - lost 8 secs to do that...

Kept being attacked by Alex and at the final laps he overtook me, but once again made a mistake and I got the position back.
My tyres were all fucked up and I tried to keep Sven and Black behind me on the very last laps, but they had fresh new tyres, so I couldn't do much. Still I had a nice fight with Black - the only 'fun' part of my race. Still the fight was for the also 'great' 12th place and... I lost.

13th place... 0 points... shitty and boring race...

Damn... wasted weekend.

CONGRATS JOE, my teammate, for another GREAT victory!!!
Sorry I couldn't have a race nearly as good as yours... I swear I tried...

Sven is a noob!
(thanks for reading, Adrian)

8 Re: 04 - Portugal GP (shouting thread) on 6th January 2013, 5:30 pm


very close qualifying, less than 0.1 seconds and i could have started p3 not p7

i avoided trouble during the race but had some really close battles.

i got stuck behind the ASShole early on in the race and lost time and some positions.

the rest of the race was then pretty much a battle for 6th between Luft and I.
Luft overtook me twice on the track but I overtook him 2 times by pitting early.

good result all things considered, and certainly compared to last race anyway

9 Re: 04 - Portugal GP (shouting thread) on 6th January 2013, 5:44 pm


Damn what a race! Ok maybe not the whole race but just its first part. There was everything a driver can have to enjoy the race.

I started from the 6th grid (I could've done better time in Q2 but this time the "one shot one kill rule didn't work for me), and then the start itself was bad. I had to start with cockpit view because I couldn't see the lights, but it was not the end of the world. I had very late reaction for the green light and Tom passed me, but as soon as he did I got him back. Meanwhile Adrian came from nowhere by the inside and I had no chances against him.

I was faster than him so I started to give him pressure, but in lap 3 when I almost got him being side by side I lost grip getting huge understeer in T4 and went wide losing 4 places dropping down to the 9th... Sad

That was crutial moment. Instead of following leaders being in the 4th place I had to fight hard in the middle of the pack. But it was still fun back then. Adrian was struggling all the time and his pace was not as he expected, I believe, so there behind his back a big traffic had been created and I joined that group. Smile

It was a great racing there between me Adrian, Tom, Luft, Cueball, Sven and Grisu (what did you do there!?) till I spun losing much much time... I stoped with face sticked right to the wall after T6 and I had to use reverse gear twice because once turned out not enough to get out... I lost like 15 to 20s because of that, damn it! Razz

It killed my pleasure but I contunued having a nice battle vs Blackfox at the end.

Summarizing the 9th place sucks and I'm not happy at all with my result! head wall Looking at Tom's and Luft's places I could've finished in front of them or at least have fight with them. But this is racing.

Congratz to Joe for his great win, I really didn't expect that! Smile And to other podium finishers and to guys who fought against me very hard and clear Smile

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10 Re: 04 - Portugal GP (shouting thread) on 6th January 2013, 5:46 pm


League Director
League Director
11th was ok for my bad pace at this shitty circuit but i spun twice could have avoided it.

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11 Re: 04 - Portugal GP (shouting thread) on 9th January 2013, 5:01 am

I agree with Arek, what a race! It was one of the most exiting races I've had in the league.

The qualy today was very complicated for us, we couldn't find a good qualy setup during the previous weeks, so today we were looking for the best position to start what was about to be a very hard GP.

The race was pretty exciting because lau didn't give us time to take a little breath with his 3 stop strat against my two stops one.

All in all, our pace was good and really consistent which gave us the very best place in the podium Smile

...Nice fight Otti, better luck next time Wink

Thank you Gus, never give up mate,even Ayrton had bad times on track.

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12 Re: 04 - Portugal GP (shouting thread) on 9th January 2013, 5:03 am


Giving up is not an option, mate, so don't worry.

But being frustrated is something I just can't help...

Anyway... I will survive! And I'm happy for you and for our team - 1st place in both Tables!!!

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