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Race REPORT & PICTURES - 03 - China GP (Shanghai)

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1 Race REPORT & PICTURES - 03 - China GP (Shanghai) on 19th December 2012, 6:31 pm


China GP - Shanghai (Sunday, december 16th, 2012) – Race Report, by Sexy Brigadeiro Very Happy & pictures by Arek Neutral

Yo yo!

So, I FINALLY had a decent race - YAY!!!
But it's ok, I already talked too much about my own race on the SHOUTING THREAD, so... what about everyone else?

Nah... who KERS?!

Anyway... as always, the pics and the captions tell the China GP story a little better, but before going for them, a few of the highlights of the race were:

- lau got his very first Pole Position and vey first Win on the rFR League, so... congrats, lau!!!
- In three races (so far in the Championship), we had 3 different Pole Positions and 3 different Winners - better than real F1 - suck on that, Bernie!!!
- The Crashadeiro Award goes to... AREK, THE NOOB JUVENIL, for OBVIOUS reasons - you can all check below!
- Just one last question: Yo, Arek... WHY SO SLOW?! Razz

'Checkered flag is out and so am I!'
Arek's Slideshow: (Don't be a juvenil! Watch it in HD (720p) and full screen, pliss!)

Shanghai Pics:

Arek: Just China Smile
Sexy: I'm glad you didn't miss your geography class! Smile

Arek: A view of the grid from the main stand.
Sexy: The government forbids people on the stands there (that's why the chairs are empty - /drumroll)... (sorry, Alex... Razz)

Arek: Lau on pole position
Sexy: His first one in the rFR League - congrats, lau! Smile

Arek: Start!!!
Sexy: GO GO GO!!! But wait!!!... Where's Wally/Waldo?!... scratch

Arek: Joe McLaggen takes the first corner as 1st!
Sexy: GREAT start, mate!!! Cool

Arek: Joe leaves the first chicane without any problems
Sexy: He was doing a pretty good job until then!...

Arek: But Arek doesn't have such luck after a contact with Grisu Razz
Sexy: Now replace the word 'luck' by 'skill' and read Arek's sentence again... It'll make more sense. Wink

Arek: Just a corner Razz
Sexy: Just a caption. Neutral

Arek: Jure misses his braking point hitting Tony and Backmarker.
Sexy: Almost a strike! Razz

Arek: Joe (1st), Lau, Alex Hill (home GP), Denis and Grisu
Sexy: Looks like a carroussel...

Arek: Whoops! Tony loses his rear... Is that because he lost his focus watching Jure and ADI having problems too?
Sexy: I guess there was some naked chinese chick on the stands... Oh, no. It was just a fat guy selling some pizza slices... Shocked

Arek: Tony spins hitting Adrian S Shole which ends up by another spin, this time for our Kangaroo... Sad
Sexy: Ooh... Messy!...

Arek: Arek tries to recover positions. Here he is atempting to overtake Tom and soutie. And does it in the harpin Cool
Sexy: You pressed the 'Luck Of The Noob' button again - I know...

Arek: Joe goes wide and gets a jump driving through bumps.
Sexy: Joe pressed the 'Mexican Beans' button by accident... But I think everyone just wants to be Webber in this track... Razz

Arek: Another bad luck for him. Joe touches Lau and spins himself.
Sexy: Damn, Joe! Why did you steal that bad luck from me?!...

Arek: Some lag on the server and Arek gets another spin hit by Tom.
Sexy: Sure, sure... blame it on the poor lag... Evil or Very Mad

Arek: Grisu overtakes Denis in T1 taking 3rd place.
Sexy: Girus Biebs, trying to recover from the previous weekend at Bahrain, which was just terrible for him... Good job so far!

Arek: Sexy who is 5th! Razz has to defend himself agaisnt Luft. Otti and soutie who started as (I don't know 16th?) are right behind them.
Sexy: 14th, seu juvenil!... Anyway... Those first laps were too damn hard for me! With Hard tyres, I needed some time for them to heat up and I had lots of fights in front and behind of me and I was trying to keep my position the best I could - Luft brakes a lot better (or just later) than me, so it was really hard to hold him back, but... I did it!!! Smile

Arek: Tom McKay (10th) Arek who passed Sven a while before and Joe McLaggen.
Sexy: I must admit it's a little 'weird' to see you guys on these positions, but... I see you were all having some good fights and fun, so... that's great as well! Very Happy

Arek: Arek tries to pass Tom too but makes a mistake and touches his car. This is how it ends up...
Sexy: Yes, the picture 'says' it all... - good job! Cool

Arek: Joe overtakes Sven by the outside and jumps up to 10th.
Sexy: Joe was making the best recovery race he could!

Arek: Otti passes Luft_inspektor and takes the 6th place. soutie and Blackfox are watching the action from behind.
Sexy: Damn voyeurs!... Pervs!... Evil or Very Mad

Arek: Battle between Jure and Arek. Arek passes him taking the 15th place but a while later defending his position makes another mistake in the harpin and gets spin... Razz
Sexy: Very Happy Surprised Very Happy Surprised Very Happy Surprised Very Happy Surprised Very Happy Surprised Very Happy

Arek: The same time we got some good party in the harpin. Joe and Sven fighting each other start to lose the time that Backmarker and ADI catches them. It ends up bad for ADI who spins in the last turn.
Sexy: ADI struggled the whole week/weekend to find a good setup for his car and unfortunately he failed... tried the best he could in the race, but it was just a 'not so great weekend' anyway... - better luck at Portugal, Mate! Smile

Arek: Otti makes a mistake fighting vs Luft and spins. soutie earns two places and is 6th now.
Sexy: That was pretty good to me! I had Otti, Luft and soutie on my mirror and I knew it wasn't going to be easy to keep them behind, but as I mentioned on the shouting thread, I also got a little lucky in this race (finally) and the guys fighting for positions in front and behind of me and also making mistakes helped me a lot to keep my position and a good pace - thanks, guys! Pliss, do it again (and again) in the future races!!! Very Happy

Arek: Another party in the harpin. This time Backmarker passes Sven and Joe both! Nice move! Smile Half lap later Joe spins trying to get his possition back...
Sexy: Poor Joe... Sad

Arek: soutie passes Sexy Brigadeiro and gets up to 5th. Luft spins losing 4 places.
Sexy: That was expected and I actually wanted him to pass me quickly, so I wouldn't lose too much time - and Luft wouldn't get so close to me - and also soutie would certainly catch Denis and Grisu in front of me and fight with them, making them all lose some time, which was also good for me! And, again, I was lucky, because that worked (I was able to keep their pace, even from a certain distance) and Luft, who was behind me and could try to overtake me, spun! So I was like... YAY!!! Surprised

Arek: Battle between Black and Otti for the 7th place. Otti saves his position after nice counter and goes to the pits.
Sexy: Dildo Boy and his bag of 'tricks'... (and dildos - that scared BlackFox, so it was easier to pass!) Razz

Arek: Backmarker makes a mistake and Cueball (yeah this is Cueball who wears Svens helmet by mistake) take his 9th place but only for a while. Backmarker takes his back in the harpin. Luft_inspektor in the first plan.
Sexy: Actually, cueball left his helmet on Bahrain... I hope they sent it to Portugal already... Smile

Arek: Alex Hill (2nd) gos to the pits. Right after rejoining the track has an incident with Backmarker which costs him some time.
Sexy: Poor China Boy! He wanted to have a better race at home... Sad

LAP 10
Arek: soutie passes Denis and jumps up to 3rd.
Sexy: And my plan was still working! Now it was time for soutie to catch and fight against Grisu and lau - I got a little closer to Denis, thanks to their little fight! Yes, my little puppets! Keep fighting!! BWAHAHAHA!!! Twisted Evil

LAP 10
Arek: The leader Lau in the pits. Meanwhile Denis gets his place back from soutie in T1.
Sexy: That also worked pretty well! soutie couldn't get to Grisu right away, so he kept fighting against Denis and I could get even closer, little by little - yessss, my prrrrreciousssss!!!.. Twisted Evil

LAP 11
Arek: Bober vs Jure Pazin. Battle for the 10th place. Jure saves his position but Bober gets hit from Alex Hill and spins in the next turn Sad
Sexy: Rolling Eyes

LAP 12
Arek: Grisu leaves the pits and that means... Denis takes the lead!
Sexy: And I was there too!!! (I mean, close to Denis, but not in the picture...)

LAP 12
Arek: Tom McKay (10th), raikkO and Jure Pazin.
Sexy: I'm glad raikkO was there... Razz

LAP 13
Arek: Blackfox makes a good use of his fresh tyres and passes Tom and then raikkO.
Sexy: 'When the colour in the mirror is red, it's time for the kids to go to bed!' - or something like that... Razz

LAP 14
Arek: soutie atfer quite a long time finally overtakes Denis and takes the lead.
Sexy: Thanks, soutie and Denis! Cool

LAP 14
Arek: Jackblack (16th) tries to pass ADI right before his suicide move. xP Sven in the background.
Sexy: R.I.P. A.D.I. Crying or Very sad

LAP 14
Arek: Luft (7th) and Cueball go in the pits.
Sexy: Actually they were both just going to pee...

LAP 14
Arek: Denis (2nd) and Sexy come to the pits at the same moment Razz
Sexy: ...and the photographer just missed the main action: AMAZING PIT STOP OVERTAKE, by Sexy!!! but don't worry, kids! We have a VIDEO of it: Surprised

LAP 16
Arek: soutie leaves the pits on the 3rd place but Sexy and Denis were close to catch him. Lau gets back to the lead, Grisu is 2nd.
Sexy: I knew lau and Grisu were going to stop again, so... I was hoping to fight for the 2nd or 3rd place in the end if I was able to keep a good pace and, most importantly, keep Denis behind... It wasn't easy, but I did a good job... almost until the end of the race... Rolling Eyes

LAP 16
Arek: Denis couldn't pass Sexy so Alex Hill do that to him taking his 5th place. But one lap later Denis takes it back at the same place.
Sexy: Another fight that was pretty damn good to me - BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Twisted Evil

LAP 17
Arek: Wallagada (18th) wanted to have a nice picture too so here it is Razz
Sexy: Arek Clauss (distributing presents to the kids) - HO HO HO!!! santa

LAP 20
Arek: The Chinese Dragon leaves the pits right behind Luft (9th)
Sexy: He wished his helmet had 'super powers', like on the chinese movies... Razz

LAP 20
Arek: A while later time for Lau who rejoins right behind Denis (4th).
Sexy: Another good thing for me, since I knew they would fight against each other - HA! Cool

LAP 20
Arek: Lau overtakes Denis and takes the 4th place.
Sexy: That was when my plan was starting to stop working...

LAP 21
Arek: His next goal is Sexy. Meanthile Grisu goes to the pits and they jump up to 2nd and 3rd.
Sexy: By that time, I already knew it was going to be impossible to keep lau behind, so maybe the best was to let him go and see if he could catch soutie and hope both of them had worse tyres than me in the very last laps, or even get involved on a race incident while fighting with each other, so I could earn their positions and even win the race - LOL - yes, I swear I thought about that possibility... Razz But I still had to worry about Denis who was actually a little faster than me and also Grisu who would come back with freash tyres and was waaaaay faster than me - so I knew he would catch me too... and then my very last hope to keep that 3rd place was for Grisu and Denis to fight against each other and... that was EXACTLY what happened, but... someone 'had' to screw up my plans, right?!?!?!... And that someone was ME. Evil or Very Mad

LAP 24
Arek: Black tries to save his place against Joe the same trying to slow him down for his teammate Razz
Sexy: Nasty Ferrari tatics!... Evil or Very Mad

LAP 24
Arek: Alex Hill overtakes Luft and takes the 7th place.
Sexy: China Boy was still trying to impress his fans at home! Very Happy

LAP 25
Arek: Sexy (3rd) makes a mistake and lose two places for Denis and Grisu!
Sexy: I was saying... - DAMN YOU, STUPID KERB FROM HELL!!! Who put glue on it?!?!?!... Michal?!... Evil or Very Mad

LAP 25
Arek: Bober vs Adrian for the 15th place.
Sexy: This race had great battles in all sectors of the grid! Smile

LAP 26
Arek: Black continues his job. His teammate is really close now! Razz
Sexy: Sorry, Joe, I wasn't around to help you against the evil Ferraris!... Mad

LAP 26
Arek: Oh no! His teammate spins losing all chances to score! facepalm Then Joe overtakes Black and jumps up to 9th.
Sexy: HA!!! Their spell turned against themselves!!! Twisted Evil ARRIBA, MUCHACHO!!! Surprised

Arek: Grisu overtakes Denis after a heavy fight and takes 3rd place!
Sexy: I was still hoping that a fight between them could help me a little bit again, but my tyres were already fucked up... Sad

Arek: Lau overtakes soutie, then he spins his car in the harpin! Lau takes the lead one corner to the checkered flag!
Sexy: When I saw the smoke from his tyres, I was hoping it was a crash (and not just a spin), so I could earn an extra place! Damn, soutie! Why didn't you just... I don't know... crash?! Twisted Evil

Arek: And wins the race!
Sexy: So... first Pole and also first Win - VERY well done, lau!!! Surprised

Arek: soutie is 2nd!
Sexy: From 14th to 2nd... not bad at all! Smile

Arek: Grisu finishes as 3rd!
Sexy: DAMN! It could've been ME in this picture!!! Mad

For ALL the pointers and Championship standings, just take a look below!!! Senna


1lau(Jaguar)25 points
2soutie(RBR)18 points
3Grisu(Williams)15 points
4Denis_Belarus(Force India)12 points
5Sexy Brigadeiro(McLaren)10 points
6Sven(Toyota)8 points
7Luft_inspektor(Jordan)6 points
8Joe McLaggen(McLaren)4 points
9raikkO(STR)2 points
10Alex Hill(Brawn)1 point


1Jaguar25 points
2RBR18 points
3Williams15 points
4McLaren14 points
5Force India12 points
6Toyota8 points
7Jordan6 points
8STR2 points
9Brawn1 point
DRIVERS’ CHAMPIONSHIP - After 3 races (OFFICIAL - AFTER penalties):

1soutie43 points(+3)
2lau41 points(+5)
3Grisu40 points
4Joe37 points(-3)
5Sven28 points(+1)
6Arek27 points(-4)
7Adrian24 points(-2)
8raikkO14 points
9Denis12 points(+7)
10Sexy10 points(+8)
11ADI8 points(-2)
12Luft6 points(+8)
13Alex5 points(-2)
14Tom4 points(-4)
15Bober2 points(-3)
16Arnie1 point(-3)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 10th & 13th
17Jure1 point(-3)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 10th & 17th
18Cue0 points(-3)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th
19Black0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 12th & 14th
20Wallace0 points(-3)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 12th & 18th
21Jack0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 17th
22Otti0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 19th & 22nd
23Veefour0 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 19th
24Tony0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 20th & 23rd
25Kurt0 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 20th
26Backmarker0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 21st
27Dead0 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: N/A

* - 'tie breaker' = best finish position (in case of a new tie, the next best finish position - and so on...)


1Jaguar49 points(+5)
2McLaren47 points(-1)
3RBR43 points(+1)
4Williams40 points(-1)
5Toyota28 points(+2)
6Ferrari27 points(-4)
7BMW Sauber24 points(-2)
8Force India14 points(+3)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 4th (Denis)
9STR14 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 5th (raikkO)
10Jordan7 points(+2)
11Renault5 points(-2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 8th (Tom), 10th (Arnie) & 13th (Arnie)
12Brawn5 points(-2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 8th (Alex), 10th (Alex) & 17th (ADI - Melbourne)
NEXT RACE: PORTUGAL GP, at Estoril (1988), january 6th, 2013

FULL CALENDAR <--- Click here!.. Rolling Eyes

Last edited by Sexy Brigadeiro on 31st December 2012, 6:44 pm; edited 3 times in total

great report guys

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Thanks, raikkO!

Very cool report

Thanks Arek, very nice pic of me fighting with the track What a Face

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great pictures, some nice shots of the nice helmets Razz

but what the hell is that last picture sick


My name is Sexy Brigadeiro and I approve that last picture!
Very Happy

P.S. Take a closer look to the 'Where's Wally/Waldo?' pic at the top of the report...


lol i see it now




Damn, when I was taking that picture I didn't notice him there Razz
I'm glad you guys like the report again Smile

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He is just a sneaky show off!
(but at least he had that important question for you, Areko!)


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Great report Smile

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great report and pictures. well done santa

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Great report guys Razz Oly thing is Juvenil always take photos of me crashing never in action he wants to humiliate me Razz jk very nice report Smile

                                                                            Team Pet Shark
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Good report.
Sadly my double overtake isn't there Sad

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Otti wrote:Good report.
Sadly my double overtake isn't there Sad
If you guys have any crazy or interesting moments you wanted to put into the report please wrote about them at shouting thread as soon as possible. And the best way is to do that by bold text that I could see it quickly. And of course don't forget to add a number of the lap and corner. It's hard to see everything and even that way I do it takes a long time, so it would help me a bit. I can't afford to watch whole replays of every single driver. It would take forever.

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I did it.

Otti wrote:fantastic start Very Happy At the hairpin I did a double overtake on Fox and Luft. But with the time my race was only shit Sad

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Otti wrote:I did it.

Otti wrote:fantastic start Very Happy At the hairpin I did a double overtake on Fox and Luft. But with the time my race was only shit Sad
As I said, a need the number of a lap. I won't guess.

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translating otti setence for arek

fantastic start At the hairpin I did a double overtake on Fox and Luft

start - i think start is on the first lap
hairpin - i immagine we havent too much hairpins on china gp, mainly on first lap


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But guys, seriously...
Don't give Arek a hard time, pliss.
I have to defend the Juvenil now.
You guys have no idea how hard and time consuming is to take all of these pictures (Arek's job) and then to upload them all in here and write/format the report (my job).
And... we have a life as well...

So, we're always trying our best and I'm sorry if things are not 100% perfect, but still we try to do something everyone would enjoy!

And if you guys want some specific moment to become a report picture, pliss just say it on the shouting thread - NO ONE reads what I write on the first post, but let me try again:

Now, pliss, give us your feedback about the Chinese GP (at Shanghai), pliss!

- Personal highligts
- Racing incidents of any kind
- General issues
- Type the sentence 'I read what Sexy wrote!' in the comments if you read this
- Funny/curious facts & etc.
- And HELP ME & AREK with ALL the info you can, so we can make a good Report & Pictures for you guys!!!


wallagada wrote:translating otti setence for arek

fantastic start At the hairpin I did a double overtake on Fox and Luft

start - i think start is on the first lap
hairpin - i immagine we havent too much hairpins on china gp, mainly on first lap


I know what he meant. You don't have to translate it for me Razz I just wanted to say what he and other guys shuld do in the future if they got a nice highlight for the future. If you look at this report we got 11 pictures of the first lap + 3 pictures of the grid so you can say there is 14 pictures of it. A first lap is usually the easiest lap to overtake someone and even to do a multiple overtaking so if I had to take a picture of every overtaking from the first lap I would get like 20 pictures of it and then another 20 for the rest of the race what would be sick Razz Wouldn't it?

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League Director
League Director
great report Smile

here for the guys who dont know 'where is wally/waldo/walter(in germany)

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*** UPDATED ***

Championship Tables (at the end of the report) - AFTER penalties

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