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03 - China GP (shouting thread)

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26 Re: 03 - China GP (shouting thread) on 16th December 2012, 9:17 pm

Nice fight Grisu and Sexy.
Yes Sexy i was afraid to make a mistake at the pit stop and i this slowed a little earlier.

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27 Re: 03 - China GP (shouting thread) on 16th December 2012, 9:31 pm


You drove very well too, Denis - congrats!
Great fight (on the track and on the pits), mate!

28 Re: 03 - China GP (shouting thread) on 17th December 2012, 4:54 am

apart from dodging everyone crashing in front of me it was a pritty dull race for me, far to slow head wall

Adrian i thought i left u enough room but we must of just touched but it sent my car to the left into yours Facehand
sorry anyway mate i hope u had no damage from it facepalm

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29 Re: 03 - China GP (shouting thread) on 17th December 2012, 6:04 am

First of all, I want to congratulate Sexy for taking part in Qualifying one more time in this season and for getting that very nice and well deserved result.

No matter how hard the races seem to be mate, I encourage you to keep trying over and over again as well as to keep doing what you've done so far. Good job.

About my race, I had one of the hardest but exiting races I've had in a long time.

I had a nice start, being 1st at the beginning of turn 1, then my race went to the hell on the 2nd lap, on turn 1 when lau shut the door and hit my wing, making me lose the rear... ty!. I lost a lot of time and positions there as well, suddenly I found myself fighting on the back field which is madness. I was recovering positions as fast as I could (from 13 to 7th) until I found backmarker in the "esses", who braked too much in the middle of the corner, so I couldn't avoid him and with a little tap of the nose of my car and Backmarker's rear was enough to send me out of track for the second time facepalm (Use ABS next time please).

I had good fights with some other guys like Bober, ADI and Sven (Sven, just I wonder, who is gonna pay the dents in my McLaren?)

My race ended with a nice fight with the Ferrari boys, Arek just stayed behind for a very short time until he spun Razz. And Fox did a good job holding me back (my car suffered a lot fighting him). It was very hard to fight Fox with a resentful car, oversteering everywhere (because of the earlier contacts) but in the end we made it and we could score an unremarkable point.

I hope for a better luck in the coming races.

Last edited by Joe McLaggen on 17th December 2012, 3:53 pm; edited 1 time in total

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30 Re: 03 - China GP (shouting thread) on 17th December 2012, 6:11 am


Joe, I'm REALLY sorry for the unfortunate events in your race - as I said before... I KNOW how it feels, trust me! Razz

But at the same time I want to congratulate YOU for just keep going and keeping the same spirit you try to encourage me with and although the result wasn't exactly 'fair' compared to what you could've achieved on track, you did EXTREMELY well and recovered the best you could - and even got a point, so we finally scored with both cars - the pizza is on Ron Dennis tonight - YAY!!! Very Happy

Ok. You can have your nachos with tequila, if you want... Razz

I just wanted to thank YOU again for ALL of your help and encouragement - they are REALLY appreciated and they REALLY helped and paid off - as you could see by today's race - I tried my best (got a little lucky too - finally!), so I'm glad I was able to 'retribute' all of your support with that good result - which could've been even better, since I lost the podium with 3 laps to go - damn you, kerb from hell!!! Evil or Very Mad

Even better luck and race for US at Portugal, mate!!!

31 Re: 03 - China GP (shouting thread) on 17th December 2012, 6:38 am

Joe,before the esses i had to pass someone on the inside who was rejoining the tracl or something,so i was bound to be slower thru there.

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32 Re: 03 - China GP (shouting thread) on 17th December 2012, 9:46 am

Adrian S Shole wrote:My lack of pace was self-inflicted, as I switched from Arek's faster, easier to drive set to my horrid Bahrain set from last week.
Then I made a mistake three seconds after the lights went green, and my race was done before the end of lap one.

I'll explain my view of things, but note that I'm not suggesting any penalties.

At the start, my thoughts were so preoccupied that soon after my car started moving, I pressed the pit limiter as if I was leaving the pits in a test session.
That put me out of sync going into T1, but I had a good run on the inside until Blackfox closed the door, spinning me backwards off the track.
In T6, I went around the outside of cueball, but I don't think he noticed me because I was pushed off the track there too.
Then as Tony said, I had no where to go in T13 which again, sent me off the track and I spun trying to recover.
Finally, as I recovered from the spin, somehow wallagada hit me and put me into another spin.

I kept going anyway, and had some nice battles with Jure and Bober. Congratulations lau and also Sexy!

sorry if i touched you shole but i think i dont touch, i watched the replay, and i just passed by you with high speed out of track, unsafely, but i cant see where i hit you. this was on first lap right? if no say me in which lap to i can see

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33 Re: 03 - China GP (shouting thread) on 17th December 2012, 9:58 am

about my race i learn one thing

Evil or Very Mad

sorry otti by the incident in pits on Warmup, i missed the fuckin keyboard buttons
sorry backmarcker by the incident in first lap when you was returning to track
sorry shole if i really hit you (but i hope you watch the replay)
sorry Grisu if i cant help Willians with any point.... YET
sorry mama, sorry papa, sorry god, sorry rfactor drivers, if i am TURTLE too much

but i'll back faster. It´s a promise

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34 Re: 03 - China GP (shouting thread) on 17th December 2012, 3:37 pm


Wallace, don't feel so bad. Everyone here was slow one day. We kept practicing and racing and became faster - and it wasn't from night to day. It took us some time - more time to some, less time to a few... that's normal.

And keyboard is not the best driving device (I know it well...), but it's also not that bad.
All you need is to get used to it.

ADI used to drive on keyboard until last season and today me and Alex Hill are still doing it.
And both ADI and Alex Hill already won races in this League driving on keyboard...

It's hard, but not impossible.
Just keep practicing!

35 Re: 03 - China GP (shouting thread) on 17th December 2012, 4:06 pm


Sexy Brigadeiro wrote:Wallace, don't feel so bad. Everyone here was slow one day. We kept practicing and racing and became faster - and it wasn't from night to day.

for me i've gone the other way

36 Re: 03 - China GP (shouting thread) on 17th December 2012, 4:07 pm



So humble!

37 Re: 03 - China GP (shouting thread) on 18th December 2012, 9:47 am

now my wheel is coming, i want to experiment it.

if i feel any difference i continue with the wheel, if no, i jump in the fire Evil or Very Mad

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38 Re: 03 - China GP (shouting thread) on 18th December 2012, 5:44 pm


(I mean, for your wheel... not for jumping into the fire...)

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