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Race REPORT & PICTURES - 02 - Bahrain GP (Sakhir)

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1 Race REPORT & PICTURES - 02 - Bahrain GP (Sakhir) on 12th December 2012, 5:22 am


Bahrain GP - Sakhir (Sunday, december 9th, 2012) – Race Report, by Sexy Brigadeiro Sad & pictures by Arek Razz

I think I could write a book talking about how juvenil I was in this race...
I had my best Q1 ever (6th fastest driver)... screwed everything up on Q2 (made a mistake, had a terrible lap time, started in 10th, throwing away a chance to start close to or even among the top 5 - something I NEVER did before)... and in race, I just kept doing shit... Ok, I think I was a little bit out of luck too (a simple kerb costed me my whole race), but... if in Melbourne, all kinds of shit happened to me (caused by other people), this time I just couldn't blame anyone but myself for another terrible race - special apologies to Tony, who unfortunately got involved and lost his whole race too (none of us could do anything to avoid that). It's just sad to know I threw away the chance of having my best race in the league EVAH and god only knows when/if this will ever happen again... It may have been my one and only chance and... I wasted it away... - good old me - YAY! Very Happy

So, enough for the personal drama, let's talk about this weekend on the rFactor Racers League - the BEST rFactor and SimRacing league in the UNIVERSE!!! ...right? scratch

At least a great thing happened 'to me' in this race! I had the pleasure of seeing my teammate, Joe El Muchacho Suave McLaggen getting his first pole position in his rFR League carreer and he also finished the race in 2nd place (ony behind soutie, who was extremely faster than everyone else, so... Joe can consider that a 'victory' - lol) and, to put the cherry on the top of the cake... Joe closed the weekend as the Championship Leader (just like McLaren - our team, although I didn't contribute with any points to that so far... shame on me, I know... - is also leading the Constructors' Championship), so... just AMAZING, Joe! I know we only had 2 races out of 17, but... who KERS?!?!?!... ARRIBA, MUCHACHO - ANDALE, ANDALE, ANDALE - AYE CARAMBA - AREK IS A JUVENIL!!! cheers

And another weekend/race highlights were:

- soutie won easily.
- Arek, The Noob Juvenil, got another podium and for being regular in the 1st two races, he is right behind Joe in the fight for the Title (but followed closely by Grisu and soutie).
- Grisu, who won easily at Melbourne and was a strong candidate for the win here too, abandoned the race early.
- Wallace improved a lot from Melbourne and although he still has a lot to improve, he deserves some cheers for what he did so far - and if deadfish don't appear to race at China, Wallace will be the next Reserve Driver to get promoted - and Biebs will finally get a teammate! Ooh, baby, baby, baby! Cool
- Sven also did another simlpe but regular and good race - and he forces me to say a little something about him in every report, just because he is the Boss and if I don't do it, I'll go back to the solitary (somebody help me! silent )...
- ADI was 'promoted' from Reserve Driver to Official Driver (or whatever you want to call it) and since we were teammates for 2 seasons, I'm obviously happy for him, since we're still friends - aaaawwwww - no homo, pliss! Suspect
- We had some guys who couldn't be at Melbourne having their 1st race of the season here at Bahrain, so... 'welcome' soutie, Jure, Otti, Jack and Tony - soutie won, as you guys already know, Jure scored 1 little point (which is ALWAYS better than nothing) and the other 3 didn't have a great season debut, but... we've only just begun! Smile
- LOTS of drivers had brakes issues and also had to abandon for that reason - and that never happened before in the league, so it was pretty unnexpected... But that's what happens when you have a new mod that everyone still needs to study and get to know it better... - which is also good for the league, since more surprises may happen on the next races! Wink
- Some penalties will come... I 'overheard' some admins talking to each other the other day and a small little bird told me I may get a penalty myself... It won't change MY race result, but they (the penalties) may change some things in the 'race story', so... be warned, kids!... pale
- Oh, I almost forgot: The Sexy Crashadeiro Award goes to... Me, Myself & I, of course - yay... NOT. Neutral

And yes, as always, enough of this bla bla bla, because Arek's pictures and our captions 'tell' the story of the Bahrain GP a little better - now STFU and check them out below:

'Checkered flag is out and so am I!'
Arek's Slideshow: (Don't be a juvenil! Watch it in HD (720p) and full screen, pliss!)

Sakhir Pics:

- Arek: The Start of Bahrain GP. Joe on his first ever pole position! Smile
- Sexy: Yes, I'm REALLY happy for him and also glad because... (Well, Tom knows what I mean...) Wink

- Arek: Sprint to the first corner. lau fights vs Otti meanwhile Arek jumps to the 4th place.
- Sexy: As for me, I could only see Arnie passimg me like a cannonball... I was thinking to myself: 'What a damn, 'Otti start' he had over me!' Razz

- Arek: And we got the first corner!
- Sexy: The outside green area is the safest place to be on that braking on the very 1st lap...

- Arek: Tom has a bad luck hanging himself on the inside kerb jumping down to last place!
- Sexy: ...and lau and Jure's cars just ignored a few laws of physics (poor Mr. Newton), 'co-existing' in the same space, at the same time... Weird!... Shocked

- Arek: Battle between Sexy and Arnie seen from Cueball's car.
- Sexy: I tried my best to avoid a contact and even went on the grass (Arnie's back door is a pretty 'nice' door. I saw it closely when he shoved it on my face! ¬¬')... Unfortunately, the touch happened anyway, he spun and I'm sorry for that. Maybe I even get a penalty for that, but pliss, Arnie, next time give a little more room, ok? I don't want to buy your door. Thanks! Smile

- Arek: And this is how it ends up. Similar screen as from T1 in Australia. Surrounding is a little bit different but one driver is still the same Smile Let's see if we got similar screen in China next weekend Razz
- Sexy: Since other 2 cars spun and I haven't, it's easy to see me as the 'bad guy' here... I understand. Evil or Very Mad

- Arek: Grisu makes a mistake and spins his car! He jumps down from 3rd to 19th place!
- Sexy: When I saw him spinning, I didn't believe it was him. He was one of the fav guys for the win here.. Bad race for Biebs - ooh, baby, baby, baby!... Sad

- Arek: Joe makes a mistake and let soutie through!
- Sexy: I don't know if Joe would be able to keep soutie behind the whole race, but.. still with that mistake, he ended up making things a little too easy for Sam. That's a shame, but... 'this is racing', right? Joe already did an amazing job just by getting the pole AND also setting his PB on Q2 - SPICY!!! cherry

- Arek: Otti (6th) hits Luft causing his spin!
- Sexy: Easy, Dildo Boy!.. Rolling Eyes

- Arek: Then Otti and lau starts to fight each other.
- Sexy: Good matchup, but...

- Arek: But a while later Otti doesn't leave enough space for lau who catches the gravel and spins...
- Sexy: ...not so great fight - what a shame! No

- Arek: Blackfox passes Sven in batte for the 6th place.
- Sexy: Nice & Clean! Smile

- Arek: ... Razz
- Sexy: ... Crying or Very sad (sorry, Tony... Sad)

- Arek: Bad begining of the race for Otti. He slides on the kerb losing three places and joins lau again! Smile
- Sexy: New BFFs QuestionExclamation

- Arek: Meanwhile Bober took his adventage after others mistakes/fights and moved up to the 4th place.
- Sexy: This is also known as 'The Belarus Secret Strategy'... Wink

- Arek: Another mistake by Otti. What a terrible race! This time he leaves the track for good... Razz
- Sexy: Good job!... Razz (Better luck in China! Smile)

- Arek: Luft (13th) leaves the track after incidents with Adrian.
- Sexy: Nah! He was just trying to get a detour... right?... Rolling Eyes

- Arek: Another crash... This time ADI misses his braking point and tooks Adrian down.
- Sexy: They have a law between 'Adrians': there can only be ONE! Twisted Evil

- Arek: Blackfox (5th) spins losing four places.
- Sexy: And if your good at maths, that means he fell to the 9th place - yep, I'm good at maths! Very Happy

- Arek: lau passes Sven in the battle for the 5th place. Denis follows them. Two laps later Sven takes his revenge!
- Sexy: Sven believes revenge always tastes sweeter! Twisted Evil

- Arek: Black and raikkO are having a great and clean battle for the 9th place.
- Sexy: Very well done, lads! Smile

- Arek: The horse vs the bull and the horse wins Smile
- Sexy: I guess someone is facing the wrong direction... scratch

LAP 10
- Arek: Arek who was 3rd leaves the pits and gets a fight vs raikkO
- Sexy: The Horse Vs The Bull - Part II

LAP 10
- Arek: Civil war inside the Croatian team! Smile Now I get why Luft wanted to have a tank on his helmet before the season! Razz Jure vs Luft for the 8th place.
- Sexy: Civil War:

LAP 10
- Arek: Joe McLaggen (2nd) in the pits
- Sexy: Although I think the 1 stop strategy was better, the 2 pit stop strategy fit him well! Smile

LAP 11
- Arek: soutie still leads.
- Sexy: ...zzz...

LAP 11
- Arek: Battle between lau and Adrian for the 11th place.
- Sexy: Two pretty fast guys! Interesting battle!

LAP 12
- Arek: Arek makes a mistake and loses his place for raikkO. But as soon as lost it he got it back.
- Sexy: That's when I say most noobs are lucky... Razz (The Horse Vs The Bull - Part III)

LAP 12
- Arek: Denis (5th) comes to the pits. His teammate Bober was in the very high 2nd place then but before his pit stop yet.
- Sexy: Team Belarus doing a pretty good job at Bahrain!

LAP 14
- Arek: There he is. Fighting vs Sven who hasn't pited yet and Joe who joined the party on fresh tyres.
- Sexy: Easy to guess the result of it...

LAP 15
- Arek: It was pretty interesting fight. After all Joe pass them both.
- Sexy: El Muchacho Suave spicing up their lives! ARRIBA!!! Very Happy

LAP 15
- Arek: soutie comes in. Jackblack (18th) in the background.
- Sexy: Yes.

LAP 15
- Arek: Bober and Sven pit in the same lap losing their positions.
- Sexy: Still they were both doing a good job as well. Smile

LAP 16
- Arek: Jure Pazin (12th), Cueball and ADI
- Sexy: These 'new' Jaguar and Jordan cars always look nice on the pics! great idea to add them to the mod! Smile (Note that Toyota & Jordan use the same 3d model... Wink)

LAP 18
- Arek: Tom passes Cueball and his next target are ADI and... JURE Smile
- Sexy: Here we go...

LAP 19
- Arek: Tom is getting closer and closer to Jure. You can feel the tension rising up and up in the air because we know from the past that their battles on the track (and not only! Very Happy) are very hard and uncompromising and they went to the history!! But now seems like they are gonna start to write another chapter!! Jure makes a mistake on the kerb and Tom almost takes off! WOW! Surprised
- Sexy: I'm NOT judging ANYone or taking sides, but this goes to EVERYONE: hard fights are ALWAYS ok and actually great and fun, BUT... only as long as they are fair and respectful between the drivers involved. There's a thin line between being aggressive and being unfair and we all must be careful about it. Smile (not talking about the picture, but about what Arek said.)

LAP 20
- Arek: lau overtakes raikkO on the main straight and takes the 3rd place. Arek was in the pits for his second stop then.
- Sexy: Lots of Romanian x Romanian fights - come on, guys! Peace & Love, pliss! I love you

LAP 20
- Arek: Tom vs Jure battling hard for 12th place. A moment right before their crash. I can imagine temperature prevailing in their cockpits during the fight!!! Very Happy
- Sexy: I was saying...

LAP 20
- Arek: And this is how it ends up!!! Now is the time to finally release the anger! Smile
- Sexy: ...saw it coming... Rolling Eyes

LAP 21
- Arek: If there wasn't enough emotions Arnie who likes to stick his nose here and there join the party leaving the pits!! Another part of fireworks is coming up! Adrian S Shole (11th) in the first plan.
- Sexy: Arnie definitely became a great driver compared to how he was in the 1st season, but at the same time, sometimes he is a little bit too aggressive and makes some risky moves - not sure if this is good or bad...

LAP 21
- Arek: Meanwhile lau passes Luft and jumps up to the 7th.
- Sexy: Once again the 2 new teams - love pics with them! *-*

LAP 22
- Arek: This is what I got on my mind talking about Arnie a while earlier Razz Arnie goes wide and Tom passes Jure in the next turn.
- Sexy: I was saying... [2]

LAP 24
- Arek: Adrian spins losing his place for Arnie, Tom and catching Jure on his back.
- Sexy: Not the greatest race of Adrian's life, but he is the current Champion, so... how could we criticize him for a bad weekend? It's ok, mate - you'll survive! Razz

LAP 25
- Arek: Sven with his one stop strategy found himself in front of Arek who made a good use with his fresh soft tyres jumping up to the 4th place.
- Sexy: That was expected... Neutral

LAP 25
- Arek: A moment later they both pass Bober who has brakes issue.
- Sexy: That was also expected (I mean, since he had brake issues)...

LAP 25
- Arek: Bober has to retire after a very strong race... Sad
- Sexy: Sorri.

LAP 26
- Arek: This lap was the last one to Black who has similar problems to Bober's: No brakes.
- Sexy: I had a 29 laps practice test the day before the race and I also had issues with brakes. But I realized I was using Brake Pressure in 1 and I knew that was what caused it. Then I changed it to 3 and I could've won a good number of places at the end if I was still 'alive' - we never had so many drivers abandoning because of the brakes before! Shocked

LAP 27
- Arek: Arnie survied just one lap more and had to say bye bye to his one point for 10th place.
- Sexy: ...As I was saying... [3]

LAP 29
- Arek: ADI who took the pernament seat in Jaguar changing Backmarker finishes his race in a very good 6th place. He spent almost the whole race off the points, but what a finish! Razz
- Sexy: I'm really happy for him! Great to have my former teammate 'back' to the League (officially) and also having good races! Smile

LAP 29
- Arek: soutie wins with a huge gap!
- Sexy: Yay.

LAP 29
- Arek: Joe crosses the finish line as second!
- Sexy: Another AMAZING weekend for Joe!!! First pole position of his career in the League and a 2nd place that certainly tastes like a victory! Not to mention the lead of the Drivers' Championship so far - congrats, mate!!! Surprised

LAP 29
- Arek: Arek is 3rd! Very Happy
- Sexy: Lucky Juvenil!... Mad
For ALL the pointers and Championship standings, just take a look below!!! Senna


1soutie(RBR)25 points
2Joe McLaggen(McLaren)18 points
3Arek(Ferrari)15 points
4Sven(Toyota)12 points
5lau(Jaguar)10 points
6ADI(Jaguar)8 points
7Adrian S Shole(BMW Sauber)6 points
8T McKay(Renault)4 points
9raikkO(STR)2 points
10JURE PAZIN(CRO)(Jordan)1 point


1RBR25 points
2McLaren18 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 2nd (Joe)
3Jaguar18 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 5th (lau)
4Ferrari15 points
5Toyota12 points
7BMW Sauber6 points
8Renault4 points
9STR2 points
10Jordan1 point
DRIVERS’ CHAMPIONSHIP - After 2 races (OFFICIAL - AFTER penalties):

1Joe33 points(+2)
2Arek27 points(+2)
3Grisu25 points(-2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 1st & 22nd
4soutie25 points(+17)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 1st
5Adrian24 points(-3)
6Sven20 points
7lau16 points
8raikkO12 points(-3)
9ADI8 points(+8)
10Tom4 points(+5)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 8th & 15th
11Alex4 points(-3)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 8th
12Bober2 points(-3)
13Arnie1 point(-3)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 9th & 13th
14Jure1 point(+7)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 9th
15Cue0 points(-2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th & 13th
16Denis0 points(-5)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th & 18th
17Wallace0 points(+1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 12th & 18th
18Sexy0 points(-6)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 12th & 21st
19Black0 points(-5)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 14th
20Luft0 points(-4)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 15th
21Jack0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 17th
22Veefour0 points(-3)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 19th
=Otti0 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 19th
24Kurt0 points(-4)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 20th
=Tony0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 20th
26Backmarker0 points(-5)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: N/A
=Dead0 points(-5)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: N/A

* - 'tie breaker' = best finish position (in case of a new tie, the next best finish position - and so on...)


1McLaren33 points(+2)
2Ferrari27 points(+2)
3Williams25 points(-2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 1st (Grisu) & 12th (Wallace)
4RBR25 points(+8)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 1st (soutie) & 18th (Wallace)
5BMW Sauber24 points(-3)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 2nd (Adrian)
6Jaguar24 points(+1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 5th (lau)
7Toyota20 points(-1)
8STR12 points(-3)
9Renault5 points(+1)
10Brawn4 points(-2)
11Force India2 points(-1)
12Jordan1 point(-1)
NEXT RACE: CHINA GP, at Shanghai, december 16th, 2012

FULL CALENDAR <--- Click here!.. Rolling Eyes

Last edited by Sexy Brigadeiro on 15th December 2012, 10:33 pm; edited 2 times in total


To AREK: I tried to leave a comment on your vid/slideshow, but YT didn't let me, so here's what I wrote:

Great job, Juvenil! Pretty improved from the 1st one!
Nice touch to add the zoom in & zoom out to the pics, giving them the feeling of 'motion'!
Just a few suggestions:
- Fade In at the beginning and Fade Out at the end, will give a more 'professional' look to your vid (a very small detail, but it can help to improve them!)
- Credits on the song/artist and also about the league (links - to the website or to the race report) on the video description
- Try to add some info on the video itself - text on the pictures, at least on the bottom and side of the screen, with the number of the lap that picture belongs, or even the name of the drivers on it - at least the name of the winner in the end - maybe even a small list with the podium guys or with the points guys (top 10)

Nice report!

With one little specification: I didn't miss my braking point there, I was just taken by surprise with Adrian's speed in that corner Razz I haunted all the race Adrian, I was passing him then I was making some mistakes and he (and others) would get back in front of me Very Happy But great race!

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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League Director
League Director
great one as always Smile

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LAP 22
- Arek: This is what I got on my mind talking about Arnie a while earlier Arnie goes wide and Tom passes Jure in the next turn.
- Sexy: I was saying... [2]

I had more speed, Jure turn in to me. 2 times and forced me out of the track.
And that sucks. and taste ltle shitty. If you guys drive like this. Im driving too. That is promise.
2 seasons, i try respect others. But i have loose too many position this kind of shit drivers. This season. Illdrive just like others. Make drivers to respect rules, and i drive just before.......

View user profile
I dont know what you want here in 22 lap is your fault becouse you trying pass me where you dont enough space for said i turn in your car but how i can turn in your car when you behide me . And if i get penal for this shit i leave this championship and pls stop cry like vettel or your teammate mckay.

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you hit me 1 tíme, i spin.
two times you close the door, and forced me out of tack. If you want to leave the league. By by. I dont miss u

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Guys, pliss...

Just try to be more careful and respectful to each other.
Just because someone was aggressive to you (on track) that doesn't mean you should do the same.
I mean, as I said before a LOT of times... it's ok to be aggressive, but some guys are a little bit too aggressive sometimes (on the wrong moments) and they make risky moves and then they put themselves and other drivers in risky situations where it's easy for something to go wrong and for issues to happen...

Just calm down and drive more carefully and respectfully - just that.
Be aggressive on the right times/moments and not all of the time.
Don't risk your whole race (and another driver(s) race either) just because of one overtake/move.
Drive smart!

Now shake hands and become friends again - come on!
I love you


JURE PAZIN(CRO) wrote:how i can turn in your car when you behide me . And if i get penal for this shit i leave this championship and pls stop cry like vettel or your teammate mckay.

if you honestly believe it is impossible to turn into a car just because it is behind you, then you are obviously insane. being insane is not beneficial to the league, so if this is the case, then please do leave the league. you drove like an absolute nutter in this race.

every single lap you weaved down every straight for no reason at all. perhaps you can explain this bizarre driving?

i 'cry' when i think i've been treated unfairly. i don't cry when i know i've done bad shit.


So... how did you guys like the report, huh?
I think it's pretty nice!
Good job, Sexy & Areko!

Pls man you(mckay) just dont tell me about driveing beOuse we will see yOu with bwm sauber mod from rfactor on agz server how you good,,,

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i don't really understand what you just said, but i won loads of races on battlestats with bmw sauber.


Ok, now let's begin with the 'I'm better than you' session... Go ahead, kids! Entertain us!

You are both acting like fools.

We are grown men and we can't act like that everytime we get involved in a race incident or get penalties.
I make mistakes too and everyone does. But I'm trying to learn from my mistakes, so I don't make them again (and again).
But you guys are insisting in the same shit we see between the two of you since season 1.

Pliss, just stop.

You could even be great friends, but it seems you two have more fun being great idiots.

P.S. love you two. Just stop acting like 7 years-old kids, pliss!
I love you


Sexy Brigadeiro wrote:Ok, now let's begin with the 'I'm better than you' session..

nobody's doing that?


That's the least of the stupid things you guys are doing...
I was hoping YOU would get the main point, Tom.

I just hope you guys can act a little more mature, both inside and outside the track.
Having fun is (or at least should be) more important than silly fights and 'differences' - especially among adults.

I like both of you guys and both as a driver and as an admin here, it makes me sad to see ANYone 'fighting' with each other in these ways.
I was just asking and hoping you and everyone else deal a little better with situations like these.
Set the good example, even if the other person keeps insisting on the bad example.
If we start to do the same shit, we're not 'better' than them at all. Just the same, or even worse.

I still hope YOU understand.

Good job, Sexy & Areko!

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Great Job guys cheers I really enjoyed reading report and watch pictures Very Happy no comments for the kids fighting on this thread ( you should realy think about what you are doing when a kid that is like 7 or 8 years younger than you tels you that youre kid Razz ) you guys make topic and argue there not on this beautyful report topic and once again GREAT JOB SEXY AND AREK Razz

                                                                            Team Pet Shark
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nobody was fighting?


Thanks Backmarker, raikkO and Tony - VERY well said, mate!


i think i must be the only one in the league who can read english

Ok then stop arfuing about that here gosh -.- like you didnt know what I mean...

                                                                            Team Pet Shark
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i didn't see anybody fighting, just talking

I always enjoy your race reports guys!

Great report teammate Smile and of course very nice pics as well Areko Smile

I love this pic Smile

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Thank you VERY much, Joe!!!
I still try to write something purposedly silly (and supposedly funny) for everyone to read and Arek's pics are always great as well!
I'm glad you and the rest of the guys enjoy our Report!

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