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Race REPORT & PICTURES - 01 - Australia GP (Melbourne)

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Australia GP - Melbourne (Sunday, december 2nd, 2012) – Race Report, by Sexy Brigadeiro Neutral & pictures by Arek Smile

So... here we are again - a NEW SEASON begins!!! cheers

And as everyone already knows... we have a LOT of changes and new stuff!!!
We have a whole new mod (FSONE 09 instead of LMT 2010)!
We have 2 new teams that were not originally from this mod, but we added them anyway, so instead of only 10 teams/20 seats, we now have 12 teams and 24 seats!!! And oh, the new teams are Jaguar and Jordan!
And we also have a few new drivers - and even some drivers who were supposed to be reserves (at least for now), but already got a chance to race, since some of the 24 drivers officially signed in for the season were not present to race due to... whatever reasons they had...
Anyway... let's talk about the 'weekend'!

Even for the 'old drivers', almost everything was new, including their teams! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I guess only Joe McLaggen and Grisu stayed in the same teams/cars they used in the last season (McLaren and Williams, respectively), so for all the other guys, they had not only new cars to drive, but also new teams to defend! I'm on McLaren now, for example... and wearing Senna's helmet - could it be better?!
And oh, the helmets are also something new in the league!!! And no, we didn't race without helmets before... ¬¬' I meant that now we have custom helmets for almost all the drivers - at least the ones who expressed their will in having a custom one - and then that was a job for Tom McKay to paint most of them and for Sexy Brigadeiro (me) to make them actually work in the game - it wasn't an easy and simple job, but... we made it!!! And that was just another "little sumpin' sumpin'" to make this league even better!!!

So, when the 'weekend' started (and by 'weekend', I mean our 2 quali sessions before the race - LOL) we were all wondering who would be the fastest guys this season, since it's a whole new mod and some guys adapted better to it, some not... would/will it be someone 'dominating' the league again, or would/will each race be a new surprise?...
Well, some answers were given already, some not... And it was only the very first race of the season and obviously there's still a LOT to happen, so... we're all looking forward to another amazing season at the rFactor Racers League - don't you DARE to change the channel now and stay tuned for more!!!

Wow, lord - WTF?!... Shocked


On the 1st quali session (Q1), we had a few guys having connection issues and we were wondering if the server (which is also new) would behave well, since it was the first time it was getting about 20 drivers online at the same time, but... in the end everything worked as fine as possible...
The 10 fastest guys qualified for Q2 and Grisu was being the fastest one and we were expecting a nice fight between him, Adrian, raikkO, lau and other guys too, but... Adrian was about 0.4 secs slower than Grisu (who got the pole) and both raikkO and lau failed on their one and only hotlap attempt, so... yep, congrats Biebs, for the very first pole of the season and with the new mod!

The race itself was also pretty good to some guys, but also pretty bad to others (me included)...
As we expected, both for being a new mod and easy to make a mistake with it and also because of the track which is not the easiest one... we had some race incidents, spins and even crashes!
More details about all of that 'action' below...

In the end Grisu won and did it pretty easily (he also got the fastest lap, so... it was a 'Triple Double' - or 'Full House', or 'Super Ultra Hyper Mother Fucker Kame Hame Ha Sexy Brigadeiro Style... something' - whatever! He got the pole, the win and the fastest lap - great job, Biebs!!!) Surprised
Adrian Kangaroo Kid S Shole, racing at his beloved home couldn't do much, but in the end 'almost' got Grisu, but... 'almost' was not enough - still a 2nd place and podium at home is always sweet! Smile
Joe McLaggen, my teammate (just sayin'...) got the last podium spot and Arek, The Noob, had it until the last lap when he decided to show why he is a noob and spun... El Muchacho Suave just said 'Muchas Gracias, cabron!' (which means 'Poor Arek, you're great!')... (no, it doesn't...) and laughed! Very Happy

And oh, the admins asked me to give a 'prize' to the biggest 'noob' of each race for whatever crazy shit they did on track - and they suggest me to call it 'The Crashadeiro Award', which I agreed... (I must've been drunk or something, but whatever!...)
And this time, for obvious reasons... The Crashadeiro Award for the Melbourne GP goes to...

ROMAIN GROSJEAN!!!... No, I'm kidding... Razz

It actually goes to his Belarus cousin, Denis!!! Congrats, mate!... I guess... scratch

As I've just mentioned, more details about all of that stuff below! And this time, not only in the pictures, but also in some little surprise Arek (yes, he is a noob, but sometimes even he can have good ideas! Razz ) made for us and I hope all of you guys enjoy it!!!

'Checkered flag is out and so am I!'
Arek's Little Surprise: (watch it in HD (720p) and full screen, pliss!)

Melbourne Pics:

Lap 1
- Arek: Start of the first race of the season - The Australian GP!
- Sexy: YAY!!! Neutral

Lap 1
- Arek: Grisu, Arek, Adrian and Joe fight hard before the first corner.
- Sexy: T1 always has a few surprises... good to some... terrible to others! Rolling Eyes

Lap 1
- Arek: The grid order of the top 4 doesn't change. Grisu keeps his lead.
- Sexy: Seems that Biebs will keep annoying us with his 'Ooh, baby, baby, baby! No

Lap 1
- Arek: I would like to be kind to Sexy and let him to post his comment about this picture Wink
- Sexy:

Lap 1
- Arek: Booom! Razz
- Sexy: bom

Lap 1
- Arek: Alex Hill passes Denis after nice and clean manouver and goes up to 7th.
- Sexy: China 'Black Helmet' Boy is heating up!!! Very Happy

Lap 2
- Arek: Lau (10th) and Raikko which had an "unlucky" qualifying sesson have to work hard making use with their very good potential to gain lost positions. Here driving behind of Arnoldunhu.
- Sexy: Yes.

Lap 3
- Arek: Adrian S Shole (2nd) who was struggling a little bit in the begining had to keep a strong pressure from Arek. Joe was looking at it having Sven and Tom behind his back.
- Sexy: Adrian was only having some fun with you... just sayin'... Razz

Lap 3
- Arek: Alex Hill overtook Tom one turn earlier. Denis tries to do the same to get 7th place.
- Sexy: China Boy was showing what a keyboard driver can do! It's ok to throw it on my face though - I can live with that!... (not exactly...) Crying or Very sad

Lap 3
- Arek: But a little while later Alex does a mistake and spins his car! In the background a close fight between Arek and Joe for the 3rd place.
- Sexy: As I said before... he was showing what keyboard drivers can do - I'm pretty good at that too!!! Razz (P.S. GO, JOEY!!! Very Happy )

Lap 4
- Arek: Great clean driving side by side by Black and Raikko who battling for the 11th place. Raikko takes it.
- Sexy: Always nice to watch good and clean fights! Cool Well done, boys!

Lap 5
- Arek: Lau makes a breave move passing Arnie in battle for the 8th place. His next goal is Tom who makes a mistake and gets passed by Denis in the same moment.
- Sexy: Everyone already knows lau has potential to fight for wins and even the championship! He is a guy I wouldn't like to see on my rearview mirrors... (ok, I know, I know... 'even if I tried...' - right? scratch )

Lap 6
- Arek: Heavy crash between Arnie (9th) and Raikko.
- Sexy: Do we have a video of it?!... Oh, we do!!! Very Happy

Lap 6
- Arek: Bober (9th) does a mistake and gets overtaken by Brackfox. Raikko without his front wing goes to pits. Cueball gets up to 11th.
- Sexy: That corner isn't hard or tricky, but once you step that exit kerb (especially the slippery green part) a little bit too much... you're doomed! (or damned! Razz )

Lap 7
- Arek: Meanwhile Grisu (1st) still pulls away.
- Sexy: Having all of those 12 year-old retarded fans running after him makes him run pretty fast - Biebs is good in 'getting away' from other people! Smile

Lap 8
- Arek: Lau after several atempts finally overtakes Tom taking the 7th place.
- Sexy: Jaguar flag, pliss?... =)

Lap 8
- Arek: Arek (3rd) and Joe fight each other in the pit lane.
- Sexy: At the 17th lap it was my turn to meet Black at the pits - Ferrari and McLaren always have an appointment there at some point of the race! Smile

Lap 9
- Arek: Cueball (10) spins in front of the Chinese Dragon Smile
- Sexy: That's cheating! China Boy is using some crazy Jackie Chan trick! BAN!!! Mad

Lap 9
- Arek: This is how the cooperate inside the team should look like. As you know Ferrari knows that the best Wink
- Sexy: Ferrari's team orders are not exactly something to be proud of... - just sayin'... Rolling Eyes

Lap 10
- Arek: Black (7th) does a great work for the team tying to keep Joe behind slowing him down, but finally he has to give up under his pressure and Joe takes his place directly behind Arek back.
- Sexy: Don't you EVER mess with El Muchacho Suave again! Or you'll pay the price!!! Twisted Evil

Lap 10
- Arek: Grisu (1st) goes to the pits.
- Sexy: He just went there to repair his hairdo... Cool

Lap 10
- Arek: Alex Hill passes Bober in fight for the 9th place.
- Sexy: China Boy is giving hell to whoever he meets on track! Twisted Evil

Lap 11
- Arek: Cueball spins his car. Sexy was lucky to avoid him and continues his chase to get Luft.
- Sexy: That was the moment of the race when I thought things were start to look a little better to me, but...

Lap 11
- Arek: Close duel between Lau 4th and Arek. Arek's attack was ineffective but a while later Lau comes to the pits to change his tyres.
- Sexy: 'Arek's attack was ineffective'... nuff said. Razz

Lap 11
- Arek: What an huge airbourne by Sexy and Denis!!! xD
- Sexy: I was saying... Rolling Eyes

Lap 12
- Arek: Sven lets Grisu go through instead of slowing him down for that guy coming from behind you can see in the background... What a noob! Razz
- Sexy: It's always funny to see YOU calling someone else a noob... seu Juvenil!!! BTW, I wish Sven was always easy to overtake like that! Smile

Lap 12
- Arek: Blackfox rejoins the track after his pit stop right in front of Raikko who makes a good use with his warm tyres passing him.
- Sexy: raikkO had to take that chance and he did it well!

Lap 12
- Arek: But a little later Black takes his revenge and goes up to 12th.
- Sexy: Yes. Black did even better by getting the position back!

Lap 13
- Arek: Razz
- Sexy: facepalm

Lap 13
- Arek: Blackfox (11th) makes a little mistake going wide on the grass but it was enough for Raikko and Sexy. Team Force Belarus Denis and Bober watch the action in front.
- Sexy: We're the 5 Power Rangers getting into formation - GO MEGAZORD!!! (Kill the evil Sven and his annoying sidekick, Garotinho Juvenil, AKA Arek, The Noob!!!) Very Happy

Lap 13
- Arek: Lau and Luft having a close and hard battle for the 7th place till meet ADI spinning in a dangerous place. Luft takes the wrong line and Lau doesn't have problems to pass.
- Sexy: Wow, that was close! shockedd

Lap 14
- Arek: Sven sends Alex Hill (5th) in the gravel. He letting him go and then passes clear while later. Then Alex goes to the pits dropping down.
- Sexy: Sven was never that nice to me... Neutral

Lap 15
- Arek: Adrian S Shole who drives with the only one pit stop leaves the pits in 3rd place behind Grisu and Arek.
- Sexy: He picked the best pit stop strategy and it would've given him the win if it wasn't by a few mistakes here and there!

Lap 15
- Arek: Lau passes Sven and gets up to 5th.
- Sexy: Sven didn't even try to hold lau down...

Lap 16
- Arek: Arnie vs Sexy
- Sexy: I was about to make my pit stop on lap 17, so my tyres were all fucked up - and I was on Hards (slowest ones) and Arnie had fresh tyres... I couldn't do much to hold him back, even if I wanted... Sad

Lap 18
- Arek: Raikko passes Tom McKay in battle for 7th.
- Sexy: That's his way of thanking for the helmet Tom painted for him... Razz

Lap 19
- Arek: Adrian S Shole spins.
- Sexy: And that probably costed him the win, or at least the chance for a more direct fight with Grisu on the last laps...

Lap 20
- Arek: Arek rejoins the track after his second pit stop in front of Sven (5th) and Joe who made his pit one on the previous lap. Sven is very kind and doesn't fight agressively knowing that he has to pit yet.
- Sexy: 'Sven' and 'kind' are two words that just can't be in the same sentence... I wonder if he was abducted and the ETs left this new guy in his place - that's not the Sven we know... Razz

Lap 20
- Arek: Then he let Joe go through as well Razz
- Sexy: See?!... scratch

Lap 20
- Arek: Grisu leaves the pits and unhesitatingly (what a word Razz) goes for the win.
- Sexy: Next time, try a german word instead. Smile

Lap 22
- Arek: Sexy in the Finnish sandwich. Bober (12th) leads the group.
- Sexy: They love me in Finland... Shocked

Lap 24
- Arek: Adrian S Shole passes by the stands full of his fans Smile
- Sexy: Show off... Evil or Very Mad

Lap 24
- Arek: Alex Hill vs Denis. Denis passes him taking his 9th place but Alex touches him causing his spin. Then he let him recover the position. Nice Smile
- Sexy: A Gentlemen's race - My name is Sexy Brigadeiro and I approve this message! Smile (actually I hired Alex to revenge me, but he failed... Razz )

Lap 25
- Arek: This time with Luft (13th) inside but only for a while Razz
- Sexy: Sandwiches are pretty popular in Finland, huh? They can put anything in them! Suspect

Lap 26
- Arek: Black does a mistake on his favorite kerb and Luft with Sexy take his 13th place.
- Sexy: Thanks, Blacko!!! Very Happy

Lap 29 - LAST LAP!
- Arek: Unforgetable moment for Arek who spend almost the whole race in 3rd place. Moment of deconcentration after which Arek catches a little bit grass by his rear tyre in the braking zone fisnishes like this. If Joe didn't have his helmet on we would see a big banana on his face Razz What an epic fail!!! Razz
- Sexy: Good Job! -

Lap 29 - LAST LAP!
- Arek: Tom also won't count this lap for his the best ones. No fuel and the 8th place is gone.
- Sexy: That's me passing him on the picture! I said 'Hi, Tomi!' - VRUUUMMM!!!... Very Happy

Lap 29 - LAST LAP!
- Arek: Grisu wins the Australian GP!!!
- Sexy: OMG, now those 12 year old retarded fans won't stop screaming until Bahrain... then they're gonna scream even more! Evil or Very Mad - Congrats, Girus, The Setup Trickster!!! Razz

Lap 29 - LAST LAP!
- Arek: Adrian finishes his home race as second.
- Sexy: Not bad, Kangaroo Kid - a little unlucky, but hey, look at me... Neutral

Lap 29 - LAST LAP!
- Arek: Joe crosses thie finish line as 3rd. Nice gift from Arek Smile
- Sexy: Joe got what he deserved! He did a great race and there's no place for NOOBS on the podium - congrats, mate Surprised - passa amanhã, Arek!!! sick
For ALL the pointers and Championship standings, just take a look below!!! Senna


1Grisu(Williams)25 points
2Adrian S Shole(BMW Sauber)18 points
3Joe McLaggen(McLaren)15 points
4Arek(Ferrari)12 points
5raikkO(STR)10 points
6Sven(Toyota)8 points
7lau(Jaguar)6 points
8Alex Hill(Brawn)4 points
9Bober_Belarus(Force India)2 points
10Arnoldinhu(Renault)1 point


1Williams25 points
2BMW Sauber18 points
3McLaren15 points
4Ferrari12 points
5STR10 points
6Toyota8 points
7Jaguar6 points
8Brawn4 points
9Force India2 points
10Renault1 point
DRIVERS’ CHAMPIONSHIP - After 1 race (OFFICIAL - AFTER penalties):

1Grisu25 points
2Adrian18 points
3Joe15 points
4Arek12 points
5raikkO10 points
6Sven8 points
7lau6 points
8Alex4 points
9Bober2 points
10Arnie1 point
11Denis0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th
12Sexy0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 12th
13Cue0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 13th
14Black0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 14th
15Tom0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 15th
16Luft0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 16th
17ADI0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 17th
18Wallace0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 18th
19Veefour0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 19th
20Kurt0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 20th
21Backmarker0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: N/A
=Dead0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: N/A
=Jack0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: N/A
=Jure0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: N/A
=Otti0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: N/A
=soutie0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: N/A
=Tony0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: N/A

* - 'tie breaker' = best finish position (in case of a new tie, the next best finish position - and so on...)


1Williams25 points
2BMW Sauber18 points
3McLaren15 points
4Ferrari12 points
5STR10 points
6Toyota8 points
7Jaguar6 points
8Brawn4 points
9Force India2 points
10Renault1 point
11Jordan0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 16th (Luft)
12RBR0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 17th (Wallace)
NEXT RACE: BAHRAIN GP, at Sakhir, december 9th, 2012

FULL CALENDAR <--- Click here!.. Rolling Eyes

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Guess who's here?!

good job Arek and Sexy!

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well done

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Good job.

You forgot my crash with Luft Razz (the reason I wasn't in the points)

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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nice report and pictures guys!


League Director
League Director
well done i was on old medium tires why should i hold you up and losing time myself? Very Happy i think with holding you up i could have ended out of the points Very Happy

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Yes, Sven, but you never acted like that before... I mean... being 'kind' and... smart... Razz (trolololol)

And ADI, blame it on Arek! He is a Juvenil!!!

Thanks Alex, raikkO and Tom (and also Sven and ADI, of course)!

Great report Sexy and Arek!

I love the quality of the pictures Smile

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Thank you, Joey!!!

P.S. My internet issues are solved!!! It was all a matter of updating the Avast! antivirus - go figure!

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