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Race REPORT & PICTURES - 15 - Italy GP (Monza)

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1 Race REPORT & PICTURES - 15 - Italy GP (Monza) on 7th October 2012, 9:27 pm


Italy GP - Monza (Sunday, october 7th, 2012) – Race Report, by Sexy Brigadeiro Smile & pictures by Arek Very Happy

Well, well, well...

I must admit I was expecting a damn crashy race - especially at the 1st corner(s) and lap(s) and also a good number of engine failures near the end of the race, so I could earn some positions with all of that - yep, that was actually 'part' of my 'strategy', let's say that... - but we didn't have any of that! In fact, we had a pretty clean and also very good and exciting race - at least to most of the drivers - my own race was a little boring, except for a very few moments here and there, but it's ok!

First of all, I'd like to congratulate ADRIAN S SHOLE, for WINNING THE 2nd SEASON and becoming the new rFRacers League WORLD CHAMPION (bye bye, Arek! Razz)!!!
Maybe his race result wasn't the best he could get, but it was enough to give him a gap in terms of championship points that just can't be beaten in the last 2 races of the season, so... yep, he is already the Champion - cheers, mate!!!

Second of all, I'd like to congratulate TOM MCKAY for a GREAT 'comeback'!!! He 'left' the league a few weeks ago, due to a lot of changes in his personal life and he might not be able to race anymore, but... he found a way to keep racing and came back now (after 2 races out), for the Italian GP and... he just fuckin' won the damn race! He didn't even practice during the week to it!... So, jah... just amazing job, Tommy! And welcome back!!!

And last but not least... I'd like to congratulate EVERYONE for the 'cleanest' race we had so far in this season and I DARE to say... I believe... (in fact I guess and I actually hope...) this is our first race withOUT penalties!!! Surprised
But wait, kids! Don't get too excited... let's wait to hear from the stewards until before the next GP (Interlagos, Brasil), in a couple of days from now...
But if we REALLY did a 100% penalties free race, I just hope we keep it up and continue to do that in the next GPs! It's better and more fun to EVERYone, right?!
Very Happy

So... about the 'weekend'...
Guess who got the pole... again... and for the 6th time in this season?!...
Yes... Blue Arrows's Romanian Guy named raikkO - what more can I say?!... Congrats, mate! Smile

And as I mentioned before, we had a lot of action in this race, especially in the fight for the win! We had at least 5 drivers fighting directly for it and with equal chances to win - ANY of them could've won and it would be a fair result! Congrats for the hard, but also clean and fair fights, lads!

We also had some action in the middle of the pack and even at the back...
BTW, I added myself 3 'extra pictures' of the last lap, from a great fight I had with Black... Arek told me he focus on the most important things and that it would be impossible to take a picture of every little 'cool' thing and nice fight/move/overtake that happens in each race (with which I agree), but... that fight was important to me and Black and it was for the very last point (10th place) and that made it even more exciting! So... Arek also 'gently suggested' me that if I wanted those pictures, I could take them myself, so... that's what I did (you noob) - HA!!!

Thechnical info about the report:
Once again, Arek took ALL the pictures, except for the 3 I mentioned above. And he also wrote 90% of the captions. I added the other 10% and I hope it's fun to read and that you guys just enjoy, both the report AND the pics!

'Checkered flag is out and so am I!...'

Lap 1 - The Start of the Italian GP with raikkO on PP... again! Cool

Lap 1 - Sprint to the first chicane... Rolling Eyes

Lap 1 - Surprisely everything was quite clear, except for Sven's braking 'problems' - what's new? Razz

Lap 1 - Adrian takes the lead and Tom fights vs Otti for the 3rd place!

Lap 1 - Fighting very hard, they make a mistake and go wide... Grisu Bieber passes them both! Very Happy

Lap 1 - A while later, Arek also do the same thing! - Someone stop the noob, pliss!!! Mad

Lap 1 - Unfortunatelly, Luft who was right behind him hits his rear losing control and smashes his from wing... Sad - I asked for someone to stop the noob, didn't I?!... Rolling Eyes

Lap 2 - Grisu, who was quickly overtaken by Tom, tries to take his 3rd place back, but goes wide... No

Lap 2 - Sven, Backmarker, Deadfish and Alex Hill: 'Choo-choo train fight' for the 9th place. Smile

Lap 3 - RaikkO passes Adrian and takes the lead! And on the background, Otti overtakes Grisu! Cool

Lap 3 - Hard fight between Sven and Backmarker for the 9th place!

Lap 3 - Denis has a good 6th place!

Lap 3 - Joe, who started from the last place due to oversleeping through quali, overtakes Backmarker in the fight for the 10th place!
El Muchacho Suave is waking up!!! Sleep>>> drunken

Lap 4 - Sven comes out of the pits afer serving his penalty for cutting the first chicane on the 1st lap... Rolling Eyes

Lap 4 - Alex Hill passes his teammate Joe McLaggen in fight for the 9th place! 'Team orders, my chinese ass!', I heard him say... Mad

Lap 4 - BlackFox overtakes Jackblack and takes the 14th place!

Lap 5 - And on the following lap, he gets an advantage of Sexy's mistake at Parabolica and takes the 13th place...
(Editor's note: good ol' me! head wall)

Lap 5 - Adrian takes the lead again passing raikkO in the first chicane! Cool

Lap 6 - One lap later: similar situation, and... raikkO gets it back! Smile

Lap 6 - Arnoldinhu is in a safe 8th place, burning his brake discs just becaue it looks cool in this pic! Cool

Lap 6 - Deadfish makes a mistake at the second Lesmo and gets passed by Black and Sexy losing his 12th place. A moment later he goes to the pits (stop & go, or just bad tyres?)... scratch

Lap 7 - From Romania to the world: just ADI (who also bought glowing brake discs in the same shop as Arnie - they're trending now...) Cool

Lap 8 - raikkO goes a bit wide in the first chicane and... Adrian takes the lead once again! Wink

Lap 9 - The fratricidal duel between McLarens: Joe passes Alex taking the 9th place... no team orders...? Rolling Eyes

Lap 9 - Alex revenge comes instantly! - 'Get your team orders and stick it where the sun don't shines, not even in Acapulco!!!...' shockedd
Arnie has to look at his mirors from now on... He loves the drama from the Mexican soap operas! Razz

Lap 11 - Uh-oh: raikkO made a mistake trying to pass Adrian and lost his 2nd place for Tommy & Biebs...

Lap 11 - And then we had a hard fight between them for the 2nd place! Mad

Lap 11 - Sven tries to kill Sexy, who survives by a very few inches! Evil or Very Mad

Lap 12 - raikkO takes Grisu back in the first chicane! What a race! Surprised

Lap 12 - Then does the same to Tom and is in the 2nd place again!!! (Arek's orgasm in 3, 2, 1...) Neutral

Lap 13 - Grisu in the pits - mechanics are singing 'Oh, baby, baby, baby!...' sick

Lap 13 - Meanwhile, Joe overtakes Arnie! What a damn amount of action in this race!!! Razz - ('Oh, baby, baby, baby!...' Suspect)

Lap 13 - At the same time Tom passes raikkO and takes the 2nd place! What a full of action race!!! Surprised
(Ok, now Arek is having multiple orgasms... sick)

Lap 13 - A moment later, raikkO tries his revenge over Tom and gets it! What a damn insane race!!! (...Rolling Eyes...)

Lap 13 - Adrian S Shole comes to the pits, but gets a drive though penalty for speeding in the pit lane!.. Facehand

Lap 14 - Alex Hill overtakes Arnoldinhu!

Lap 14 - Otti gets out from the pits in front of Grisu, taking his place! Twisted Evil
Hey, Dildo Boy! Don't make Biebs cry!... Crying or Very sad

Lap 15 - Tommy MacEye in the pits! cyclops

Lap 17 - raikkO rejoins after his pit stop in front of Tom!

Lap 17 - raikkO, Tom, Otti and Grisu, fighting for the 3rd place.

Lap 17 - Otti passes Tom at Parabolica...

Lap 17 - Seems like raikkO has some issues with marshals and pit lane speed meter... His race is over. Sad

Lap 18 - McLaren's dream: Joe and Alex in the first two places, but they both haven't pited yet. Alex is going to do it on this lap! Smile

Lap 19 - Adrian S Shole jumps down after his drive through penalty for speeding in the pit lane and drives in the 7th place, chasing Arek down Twisted Evil

Lap 19 - At the same time, Arek (6th) was struggling to try to pass Denis - even if he had to 'cut' a few corners here and there, using a little bit more than just the kerbs... Razz

Lap 19 - Joe finally makes his pit stop to replace his spicy tyres and put some more tequila in his engine! But Otti takes the lead!

Lap 22 - Grisu tries to pass Tom...

Lap 22 - Arek (5th) makes a mistake and crashes his front wing in Variante Ascari... - you know... there's a name for that where I come from... it starts with N... and ends with OOB... - just sayin'... Razz

Lap 23 - Croatia vs. Romania - FIGHT!!! Twisted Evil (Luft vs ADI in a very tight, but great battle! Cool)

Lap 24 - Adrian overtakes Denis, taking the 4th place! Cool

Lap 26 - Tom hits Otti's car from behind and they both leave the track for a moment, but don't freak out, peeps!!! Both survived and keept their positions! Smile

Lap 27 (LAST LAP) - Tom overtakes Otti on the very last lap and jumps to the 1st place! Justin almost does the same to Dildo Boy! sick

Lap 27 (LAST LAP) - Adrian does his classic 360º 'special move' (down, right + low punch) and loses his 4th place for Denis - good job, exhibitionist Kangaroo Kid! - FATALITY!!! Razz
(but hey, who cares?! He is the fuckin' rFR League 2nd season's WORLD CHAMPION, even with his 'not so great' Italian GP final result - party in Australia tonight!!!)

Lap 27 (LAST LAP) - But we also had a pretty exciting fight for the very last point (10th place) between Sexy and Black, who loses the braking point at T1, but as a great & fair driver, he gave the position back to Sexy! Smile
(Grown Men's Race 101 - watch and learn, kids! Wink)

Lap 27 (LAST LAP) - Still he stayed on Sexy's ass (scratch) the whole lap, trying the overtake and had his last chance at the very last turn (Parabolica)! shockedd

Lap 27 (LAST LAP) - But in the end, Sexy was able to get that little point by a very small gap! Surprised
(VERY nice battle, Black! Congrats for it and also for a great sportsmanship! Smile)

Lap 27 (LAST LAP) - And in an amazing comeback, Tom McKay wins the Italian GP!!! Very Happy

Lap 27 (LAST LAP) - Again a very small gap between Otti who finishes in 2nd and Grisu who crosses the finish line as 3rd, making Tom company at Monza's podium - congrats, lads! Smile
For ALL the pointers and Championship standings, just take a look below!!! Senna


1T McKay(RBR)25 points
2Otti(Sauber)18 points
3Grisu(Williams)15 points
4Denis_Belarus(STR)12 points
5Adrian S Shole(Renault)10 points
6Joe McLaggen(McLaren)8 points
7Alex Hill(McLaren)6 points
8Backmarker(Mercedes)4 points
9Arnoudinhu(Lotus)2 points
10Sexy Brigadeiro(Force India)1 point
16raikkO(Blue Arrows)1 point(0 +1 for pole)


1RBR25 points
2Sauber18 points
3Williams15 points
4McLaren14 points
5STR12 points
6Renault10 points
7Mercedes4 points
8Lotus2 point
9Force India1 pointTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 10th (Sexy)
10Blue Arrows1 point(0 +1 for pole)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 16th (raikkO)
DRIVERS’ CHAMPIONSHIP - After 15 races (PROVISORY - BEFORE penalties):

1Adrian235 points
2Joe176 points
3Tom159 points
4raikkO119 points
5Grisu113 points
6Alex102 points
7Luft92 points
8Arek83 points
9Sven74 points
10Denis53 points(+2)
11Arnie50 points(-1)
12Otti47 points(+2)
13soutie45 points(-2)
14Sexy36 points(-1)
15ADI29 points
16Black24 points
17Bober23 points
18Goa22 points
19Adammo15 points
20Backmarker9 points(+2)
21Reikss8 points(-1)
22Jack5 points(-1)
23Stig4 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 8th
24Dead4 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 9th
25Jure2 points
26Michal1 point
27Jean0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th, 11th & 12th
28Kurt0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th & 12th
29pxr50 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th & 15th
30Cueball0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 14th & 18th
31Tony0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 15th

* - 'tie breaker' = best finish position (in case of a new tie, the next best finish position - and so on...)


1McLaren278 points
2RBR251 points(+1)
3Renault239 points(-1)
4Blue Arrows120 points
5Williams118 points(+1)
6HRT105 points(-1)
7Force India80 points
8STR76 points(+2)
9Ferrari74 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 2nd (Sven)
10Lotus74 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 3rd (Arnie)
11Virgin53 points
12Sauber47 points
13Mercedes15 points
NEXT RACE: Brasil GP (Mama, I'm coming home!!!), at Interlagos - october 7th, 2012


bounce sunny bounce
cheers afro cheers
Flag Senna Flag
cheers afro cheers
bounce sunny bounce

nice one, like allways!

if i*ve ever offended you, just know that from the bottom of my heart, i really dont give a shit
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Thank you VERY much, Black!!!


League Director
League Director
Sexy Brigadeiro wrote:
bounce sunny bounce
cheers afro cheers
Flag Senna Flag
cheers afro cheers
bounce sunny bounce
lol great report and pics. thx arek and sexy Smile

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great report and pics! bounce i love to see all the parts of other people's races that i'm not involved in

good job again cheers

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Actually I decided to take a picture of your fight with Black Sexy because you were crying then when I sent you my pics two days ago. So when you went to do a Megane race I took one from that situation which is better that those 3 you did together Razz I added it to Google Drive with my caption but seems like you even didn't notice Razz

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No, Arek, I didn't 'notice', because I don't check it every day.
If you add new stuff there, you must tell me, otherwise, I would never know...
Sorry for that and thanks for adding the picture.
But I'm gonna keep mine 3 now... Razz

And thanks to everyone who enjoyed the report & pictures!
Arek did a pretty good job again and I just tried to add some 'fun' stuff so it would be more enjoyable to 'read' and take a look at the pics - I'm glad it worked!

10 Re: Race REPORT & PICTURES - 15 - Italy GP (Monza) on 11th October 2012, 10:43 pm

Nice report and great pictures Sexy and Arek!

Very well done guys Smile

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11 Re: Race REPORT & PICTURES - 15 - Italy GP (Monza) on 11th October 2012, 10:54 pm


Thank you, Joey!!!

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