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15. Italian GP (shouting thread)

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1 15. Italian GP (shouting thread) on 7th October 2012, 4:43 pm


Hey, guys, give us your feedback about the Italy GP (at Monza), pliss!

- Personal highligts
- Racing incidents of any kind
- General issues
- Funny/curious facts & etc.
- And HELP ME & AREK with ALL the info you can, so we can make a good Report & Pictures for you guys!!!

If you guys think other drivers were unfair to you, PLEASE, report that 'officially' to the admins, by sending ANY of them a PERSONAL MESSAGE explaining the issue and telling us in which lap(s) and part(s) of the track they happened - ALL the issues OFFICIALLY REPORTED to the admins. WILL be investigated!
But you guys MUST send us (ANY of the admins.) a PERSONAL MESSAGE about them - ok?

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2 Re: 15. Italian GP (shouting thread) on 7th October 2012, 4:45 pm

Not happy with your action tom...

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3 Re: 15. Italian GP (shouting thread) on 7th October 2012, 4:53 pm


which action?

i'm not happy with your action, you turned in on me and made me half-spin into 1st lesmo, when i was 80% alongside

4 Re: 15. Italian GP (shouting thread) on 7th October 2012, 4:58 pm

At the start I touched a bit a Williams, it seemed to me that he braked quite early, then it was very crowded in 1st chicane, some slight touches there, and on the straight I found out I lost my front wing (don't know where exactly), had to make a whole lap without it, then I didn't want to stop again so I opted to go for hards - a very stupid decision, I was so so slow with them and I had quite a few mistakes until I got into rythim...then towards the end I had some fights with Luft where I cut a lot of chicanes but it was only for fun, there was no stake for it, we were both far from points Very Happy

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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5 Re: 15. Italian GP (shouting thread) on 7th October 2012, 5:08 pm


I'm sorry for your race, Mate! I wish you had a better one...
I saw that wing a little before the 1st chicane and I was saying to myself 'pliss, don't let it be from ADI!... And also don't let me step on it and get a puncture!' - LOL! Razz
But I'm REALLY sorry it was yours, Mate...
Still it was GREAT to have you back and I hope you race with us in BRASIL!!!!!!! Very Happy

About my race...
It was kinda boring... except for the fights with Black, both at the 1st laps and also at the last laps...
It was a VERY clean fight between two 'gentlemen' and that was VERY nice - it's rare to have this kind of battle in rFactor most of the time...
Black lost the braking point for the 1st chicane in the very last lap, while we were fighting for the 10th place (and the very last point) and then he gave me the position back - which was REALLY nice!
Still he stayed on my ass that whole lap and tried to overtake me, but I was lucky/skilled (?!) to stay in front of him, who was actually a little faster than me...
So, I'm happy for that little point, of course! But I drove the ENTIRE race with 'fear'... It was SO easy to make a mistake and end up in a wall or without a wing... I actually half-spun 2 or 3 times and even touched the wall in one of them, but I braked desperately and was lucky not to lose my front wing...
Right after my pit stop, I got Sven in front of me and I was thinking 'Pliss, don't do ANY shit in front of me!' and... as I already knew, I was asking for too much... He spun at the exit of the 2nd Lesmo and ALMOST hit me!!! I had to brake REALLY hard and was able to avoid him by a VERY few centimeters - try to get a picture of that, Arek! Razz
I also saw raikkO getting a penalty for speeding in the pit and then what he did?!?!?1... He cut the 1st chicane at full speed, on purpose (to try to recover, since he had to serve that penalty)... and tried to do the same on the 2nd chicane - and THAT'S why he crashed and got out of the race... - IMO, even if you didn't crash, you should get DQ for cutting on purpose/full speed... But... I guess KARMA already punished you...

My race wasn't great, but when I think it could've been worse... that's a relieving thought... kinda...

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6 Re: 15. Italian GP (shouting thread) on 7th October 2012, 5:08 pm

well not a very good race but not bad as well pretty fun
start was not too bad , and Sven braked as late as always at 1st corner , sadly i made a mistake stucked on the kerb of turn 1 , when i got my car going again found myself at the end of the pack
then i had some pretty nice and fun battle with my teammate,fish,backmarker,Sven
then i met Arnold who was a bit slow,but for some reasons i couldnt pass him and my fingers were very hurting so i let my teammate pass try to relax my fingers and see if he can get pass on Arnold (not team order)
on the last few laps,i a bit brake problem kept getting sideways but still hold Backmarker behind good race for him too Smile

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7 Re: 15. Italian GP (shouting thread) on 7th October 2012, 5:27 pm

sexy you don't know what happend there mate.

again my pitstop ruined my race..

i received a stop and go penalty for speeding and in the next lap i decided to do it,but again i was speeding in the pitlane and received another one.after this i decided that my race is over so i cut the first chicane to hit with full speed the wall on "variante della Rogia".hope you understand Shocked

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8 Re: 15. Italian GP (shouting thread) on 7th October 2012, 5:34 pm


League Director
League Director
braked too late at the start and got stop and go. my race was ruined 15th at the end Sad

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9 Re: 15. Italian GP (shouting thread) on 7th October 2012, 5:34 pm


Yes, now I understand, raikkO.
And I'm sorry for your race.

And you braked too late in T1, Sven?!?!?!...

WHAT'S NEW?!?!?!

10 Re: 15. Italian GP (shouting thread) on 7th October 2012, 5:39 pm


League Director
League Director
watch my mexico start sexy Smile

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11 Re: 15. Italian GP (shouting thread) on 7th October 2012, 5:40 pm


No need to.
I watched ALL of your other starts...

12 Re: 15. Italian GP (shouting thread) on 7th October 2012, 5:52 pm

What a fantastic race! Very Happy

I love Monza, it always puts on a show!

My start was great and I had some nice battles with raikkO which were tricky as I was trying to save tyres because I didn't know what the wear was going to be like.
Tom, Grisu and Otti caught up and kindly decided to join the fun. I was looking in my mirrors almost half the time and there were some fun moments when I had to avoid collisions with late-brakers coming from behind.

I pitted whilst side-by-side with raikkO and was only a few km/h over the limit as I crossed the line, so I got a drive through. I pushed really hard and it was really fun to find slightly more time lap after lap - it felt like I was watching real live timing were every sector is green by the smallest of margins! Razz

In the closing states, the front runners were getting tangled up and on the very last lap, four of us were within a second of each other. Adding some extra spice, we came across Sven who moved out of the way but put me a bit off-line. I dipped a rear wheel onto the gravel at Ascari and the car snapped in an almost carbon copy of what Webber did this year.

Thankfully Sven and Denis made it past without incurring damage, and so I crossed in 5th place. Very Happy

Team "Grande" Pet Shark

"I don't need another novel..." - Mike Henry Jr
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13 Re: 15. Italian GP (shouting thread) on 7th October 2012, 6:11 pm

Good race for me.I had a very long fight with Sven the first 2 laps,but i could not pass him due to his higher top speed,and dropped back 2 places while i was fighting him.then i found myself behind A. Hill,his teamate and Arnoldinho who were fighting like crazy.After waiting a few laps behind them i enterd pits early trying to pass them with strategy,but i could only pass Arnoldinho.In the last laps i followed A Hill,but i only managed to eat tones of dust (literally) as he was always stepping of track and i was having trouble finding the breaking points.In the end i'm happy with the result as it was my first race where i was kepping up with the pack.

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14 Re: 15. Italian GP (shouting thread) on 7th October 2012, 7:51 pm


nobody has mentioned yet, but


congrats to adrian!

i had a great race.

i had a very low wing setup, so i was hard to pass, but i was understeering everywhere. it was difficult but i held on to 3rd place until the first round of pit stops, and i got to watch a great battle between adrian and raikko.

i then benefited because they both got drive through penalties for speeding in the pitlane.

i was fighting with raikko as he came out after his stop, and this let otti through.

i then spent the rest of the race chasing him down, finally getting past into the chicane at t1 on the final lap!

great racing

15 Re: 15. Italian GP (shouting thread) on 7th October 2012, 8:07 pm

in the last lap i think i touched over 10 sec ottis rear wing because he was so slow on the straight Very Happy

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16 Re: 15. Italian GP (shouting thread) on 7th October 2012, 8:11 pm


Yes, Tom, I'm updating the Championship Tables and Adrian couldn't be reached by anyone, so... he is already the champion!!!
Congrats to Kangaroo Kid!!!

17 Re: 15. Italian GP (shouting thread) on 7th October 2012, 9:30 pm


I try to say something good about my race but it was rather boring one. I mean nothing special was happening for me.

Start was good, but after a lot of troubles with burnouts I had in practice sessions, I decided to use full TC in that moment. First corner went pretty smooth. I just noticed a red Ferrari doing some shit getting instant penalty and that's all Razz

I left the first chicane as 8th behind Luft. Then he made a mistake in the second Lesmo and and got him in Ascari. I was on the inside and unfortunately I couldn't brake before the first left hander, despite the fact that I started to do in the correct braking point. My speed was a little bit too much because I went in Luft slipstream and brakes were also cold yet... Damn, so I went a bit wide, losing my line which caused that at the end of the chicane I had to go wide again on the gravel. Unlucky Luft was right behind me and when I slowed down being on the gravel he hit me into my rear. Nothing big, but he lost control and crashed his front wing Sad I could contunue. I'm sorry about that.

After that I had a short battle vs Arnie and then found out behind Denis in the 7th place. And generally that was all. I was trying to chase him down almost the entire race till I crashed my front wing after a silly mistake at Ascari, which took place about 5 laps to go... Crying or Very sad

12th place at the end wasn't that I expected. I could've easily got 6th place (after Raikko's pit stop adventures) if I just stayed on the track which would've been a satisfactory result for me.

Congratz for top 3 and first of all to Adrian who has found the taste of the championship title Smile

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