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Race REPORT & PICTURES - 14 - Belgium GP (Spa-Francorchamps)

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Belgium GP - Spa-Francorchamps (Sunday, september 23rd, 2012) – Race Report, by Sexy Brigadeiro Rolling Eyes & pictures by Arek Razz

Only 15 drivers this time... But still it was a race full of action!

We had lots of crashes (mostly caused by some tricky spots on the track), some race incidents (what's new?), famous pop stars (just like real F1... but no Kate Perry this time - sorry!) and even a guy getting his 1st victory EVAH in the rFR League!...

Just relax, grab some popcorn and enjoy the 'slide show' of the race - captions 90% by Arek and 10% by me (Sexy) - jah, the most silly and shitty parts are mine - so what?! Didn't like them?! SUE ME!!! Razz

P.S. Talk to my lawyer. His name is Chuck Norris - just sayin'... Smile

Lap 1 - Start! Justin Bieber (Grisu) on pole position! (I can't hear the car engines, because I can olny hear some hysterical 13 year old girls screaming... - SHUT UP!!! Damn it!...) Evil or Very Mad

Lap 1 - First turn: Grisu saves his position. Soutie is still the 2nd.

Lap 1 - Pedal to the metal through Eau Rouge! Cool

Lap 1 - Denis makes a mistake there and crashes his front wing... Rolling Eyes

Lap 1 - Hard fight for 4th place between the two McLarens and Luft_inspektor, right in front of Adrian S Shole.

Lap 1 - Adrian takes his chance after the mistakes from his rivals and gets the 5th place! Smile

Lap 1 - Very optimistic overtaking maneuver by Backmarker (I guess missing a braking point) Razz He had luck avoiding a crash - maybe because there were very experienced drivers around him... (except for the guy who originally wrote this caption...) Wink

Lap 1 - A while later, Arek tries his revenge over him! Twisted Evil

Lap 1 - But Backmarker takes a little bit too much curb at the exit of the corner and spins...

Lap 1 - Deadfish leaves the track...

Lap 1 - RaikkO tries to pass Soutie, but runs wide missing the chicane...

Lap 2 - Joe passes raikkO and is up to 3rd, but he gets overtaken back on Kemmel straight - that's racing... Cool

Lap 3 - Soutie makes a mistake at Eau Rouge dropping down to 5th place...

Lap 3 - Arek has a knight fight vs Bober! Only for 11th place, but a lot of fun anyway! Smile

Lap 3 - Fight between Alex Hill and Sven (for 7th place) ends up very bad for the German driver because of Alex's mistake... Sad

Lap 3 - Adrian makes a mistake losing his place for soutie and Luft...

Lap 3 - Deadfish gets an advantage: other guys has to struggle to pass Sven who is also struggling against his own car without its front wing - and Dead almost passes Arek in battle for 11th too!

Lap 4 - Another problem at Eau Rouge for Soutie but Luft has a bigger one crashing his front wing... shockedd

Lap 4 - Hard fight for the 5th place between Adrian and Alex. China Boy goes wide and Blackfox passes him after that!
(P.S. Is that Adrian's right front wheel, or Alex's left rear one?! scratch)

Lap 4 - Bober and Arek, side by side through the fastest corner of the track! Twisted Evil Fight for the 9th place!

Lap 6 - At the end of the lap we got a fight between two unlucky fellows: Luft passes Sven in fight for 12th...

Lap 7 - RaikkO attacks Grisu for the lead but Justin saves his place and says: Oh, baby, baby, baby!!!... Very Happy

Lap 7 - But on Kemmel, raikkO passes Grisu and takes the lead, by saying: baby, baby, my romanian ass, BITCH!!!... Twisted Evil
(jah, that's what I heard on his team's radio - I swear it's true!... Rolling Eyes)

Lap 8 - The 3rd and the last mistake in Eau Rouge for Soutie... - at least he was the 1st... one to take the flight to Monza!... Smile

Lap 8 - Alex Hill overtakes Arnoldunhu in battle for 6th!

Lap 9 - Arek (finally) passes Bober and is up to 8th - keeping alive the proof that noobs are usually lucky too... - just sayin'... Smile

Lap 10 - Adrian S Shole (4th) in the pits - he ordered some Chicken McNuggets, with fries, a cheeseburger and some Foster's Beer to wash it all down... bounce

Lap 10 - Alex Hill in the pits (pause to some Ramen and then Arnie takes his place back for a while...)

Lap 11 - Black (4th) goes out and Arnie comes in, pretty smart! Wink

Lap 12 - RaikkO has a very long pit stop (the pizza he ordered was still in the freezer) and loses his 1st place for Grisu, who can make, eat and even throw up a cake pretty fast! sick

Lap 12 - Race order after the pit stops: Grisu, Raikko, Joe, Adrian and everyone else... - Everybody is chasing Bieber!... Very Happy

Lap 12 - Luft_inspektor (11th) crashes into the wall and his race is over. Crying or Very sad

Lap 13 - Blackfox is 5th and Alex Hill is 6th.

Lap 14 - RaikkO easily passes Grisu at Kemmel, taking the lead again!

Lap 15 - Bober catches a bit of grass in the braking zone and smashes his wing on the wall, ending up his race too... Sad

Lap 16 - Alex Hill still follows Blackfox...

Lap 16 - And then... the same situation as between Alex and Sven happens again... Rolling Eyes

Lap 16 - Black has to change the wing, losing a chance for the 5th place... And the Stewards will have some homework to do... Neutral

Lap 17 - Deadfish is still in the race, on the last place (11th), but still with chances for a point if he gets to 10th! Smile

Lap 19 - El Muchacho Suave also overtakes Grisu at the Kemel straight and takes the 2nd place!
'Oh, beybe, beybe, beybe - mira, la cucaraaaaaaaacha!!!' Very Happy

Lap 19 - Backmarker (10th) goes up through the Eau Rouge - VRRROOOMMM!!! Cool

Lap 20 - Sven (8th). Neutral
(jah, Arek didn't have much to say)

Lap 22 (LAST LAP) - Adrian (4th) chases Grisu - he is also a HUGE Bieber fan and just wants an autograph... on his underwear...
(jah, people at Australia can be pretty weird sometimes... Don't judge!) Suspect

Lap 22 (LAST LAP) - RaikkO wins the Belgium GP, which is also his FIRST WIN in the rFR League - well done, mate!!! Surprised

Lap 22 (LAST LAP) - AYE, CARAMBA!!! Spicing up the podium, Joe McLaggen finishes in 2nd place! cherry

Lap 22 (LAST LAP) - ...and Adrian didn't get his autograph! Bieber saves his ass (for now)... Grisu takes the 3rd place and will probably annoy the other 2 guys in the podium - whether by singing 'Oh, baby, baby, baby!', or just by throwing up... sick
For ALL the pointers and Championship standings, just take a look below!!! Senna


1raikkO(Blue Arrows)25 points
2Joe McLaggen(McLaren)18 points
3Grisu(Williams)16 points(15 +1 for pole)
4Adrian S Shole(Renault)12 points
5Arnoldinhu(Lotus)10 points
6Arek(HRT)8 points
7Alex Hill(McLaren)6 points
8Sven(Ferrari)4 points
9BlackFox(Lotus)2 points
10Backmarker(Mercedes)1 point


1Blue Arrows25 points
2McLaren24 points
3Williams16 points(15 +1 for pole)
4Renault12 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 4th (Adrian)
5Lotus12 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 5th (Arnie)
6HRT8 points
7Ferrari4 points
8Mercedes1 point
DRIVERS’ CHAMPIONSHIP - After 14 races (OFFICIAL - AFTER penalties):

1Adrian225 points
2Joe168 points
3Tom134 points
4raikkO118 points
5Grisu98 points(+2)
6Alex96 points
7Luft92 points(-2)
8Arek83 points
9Sven74 points
10Arnie48 points(+2)
11soutie45 points(-1)
12Denis41 points(-1)
13Sexy35 points
14Otti29 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 2nd
15ADI29 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 4th
16Black24 points(+2)
17Bober23 points(-1)
18Goa22 points(-1)
19Adammo15 points
20Reikss8 points
21Jack5 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 8th
22Backmarker5 points(+2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 9th
23Stig4 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 8th
24Dead4 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 9th
25Jure2 points
26Michal1 point
27Jean0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th, 11th & 12th
28Kurt0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th & 12th
29pxr50 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th & 15th
30Cueball0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 14th & 18th
31Tony0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 15th

* - 'tie breaker' = best finish position (in case of a new tie, the next best finish position - and so on...)


1McLaren264 points
2Renault229 points(+1)
3RBR226 points(-1)
4Blue Arrows119 points(+1)
5HRT105 points(-1)
6Williams103 points
7Force India79 points
8Ferrari74 points
9Lotus72 points(+1)
10STR64 points(-1)
11Virgin53 points
12Sauber29 points
13Mercedes11 points
NEXT RACE: Italy GP, at Monza - october 7th, 2012

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no pictures?

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Patience is a virtue...



facepalm lol!
(report is up)


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they make me wet ahahahahaha

nice pictures arek and great trolling by sexy =]

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I wasn't trolling... I was just having fun and trying to entertain you guys while 'reading' the report...
'Trolling' suggests something 'mean' and that was not what I meant...
Hope neither Grisu or Arek felt offended or anything...
(but in this case, I apologize - don't puke on me, Biebs!!!)

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