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Race REPORT & PICTURES - 10 - Austria GP (A1 Ring)

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Austria GP - A1 Ring (Sunday, august 5th, 2012) – Race Report, by Sexy Brigadeiro Smile & pictures (?!...) by Arek Rolling Eyes

It's been a little more than 2 weeks since the race happened and I admit I just... don't remember how it was - LOL - but seriously though...
All I remember is who won and also that I got 5th (for two races in a row - probably my season highlights...) - oh, don't laugh. THAT wasn't a joke.

So, let's try to remember how this race was...

Adrian S Shole got the pole for this one. raikkO tried, but got only the 4th fastest time in Q1 and the 5th in Q2... - BTW, Adrian was the fastest in both quali sessions, although he was faster on Q1 (1:08.202), but his 1:08.347 was enough to give him the pole on Q2. He was followed by Tom McKay, with 1:08.680 (Q2) and, once again, things were setting for another great battle between these two gentlemen... Asshole sick Vs. Eye cyclops... which body part would win?!?!?!...

Oh, before I forget...
I tried my best to get a good quali, but the laptimes were too good this season, so the best I got was only the 14th place (not enough to go to Q2 - top 10 from Q1) with a not so great 1:09.231 - I remember I did a 1:08.9xx last season in one of the practice sessions, so... shame on me that I got slower from a season to another... facepalm


The green lights were on and if you were hoping for a clean T1 you're... on drugs. I don't remember the last time (if so) we had a clean T1 in here... but whatever... we ALMOST got it this time!
I don't want to be mean or anything, but... checking my own replay, I saw that raikkO braked a few meters too late and hit Otti on the back... that was fine. Otti didn't spin, raikkO didn't lose his front wing - ok. But... BlackFox hit raikkO (when raikkO hit Otti, he lost speed and Black couldn't avoid him) and lost the place to Sven and a few other guys, because he (Black) ended up going a little wide in T1.
At the same time, something strange happened - at least on MY replay - and Arnie and Alex Hill hit each other when both turned to take T1 with an inside line... but Arnie was literally 'teleported' to the runoff area (outside T1) - I'm sure ONE of them had some lag, but I'm not sure who... - the fact is that while trying to rejoin the track desperately, Arnie hit Michal, lost control of his car and spun, but... guess WHO he hit (or by WHOM he got hit)?!?!?!...

One hint: it start with 'B' and it ends with 'lackFox'... Rolling Eyes

Yep, both Lotus teammates hit each other right after T1!!! Facehand
They actually gave each other a bitter french kiss and both lost their front wings... shockedd

It was 'no one's fault', so I actually feel bad for them... But I'm pretty sure about how both of them felt: head wall

Both of them went to the pits together and since only 1 car can be fixed at a time, Black got there first, so was fixed first. Arnie had to wait for what it seemed like forever (about almost 20 secs.) and then got his car fixed too... Both came back to track and were going to try the best they could to recover...
Unfortunately, Black's race ended at the end of lap 27, when he was in 14th place and stepped up the kerb at the penultimate turn, almost spun, lost control of the car, which was 'thrown' into the pit lane entrance while Black was desperately trying to point his car back to track, but... ended up hitting the wall and losing his front wing again... This time he didn't even try to go to the pits (although he was already in them... lol) and just abandoned...
Arnie had a 'better luck'... I guess... Ok, maybe not... His race ended when his engine 'abandoned' on lap 35 (yep, only 1 lap away from the end), while he was fighting pretty well against the new guy, Backmarker for the 10th place... Crying or Very sad

BTW, we had a new guy! Backmarker! He is 'the new Romanian guy' and raikkO's friend - welcome to the league, mate!
He drove the 2nd Mercedes on this race, because it was the avaliable seat, since Jure Pazin left the league.
And he did pretty well for his 1st race! He started from the pits, in 16th (and last) place and finished in 10th, already scoring 1 little point - which is always great for a first race, come on! Smile
Congrats for that and best of luck in the next races!

It was also another 'not so great' race for our man in Colombia, kurtmudgeon...He started in 15th place (last on grid) and... also finished in 15th place!
But he had a good start though! Earned a few places with that 'little T1 mess' and fought with some guys to keep his place in the first 2 laps, but on 2nd lap he made a few mistakes, going to the runoff areas and losing some time, which costed him the places he got until then and at lap 3, he hit the internal wall in T1 and lost his front wing... Still he kept going and took his Sauber to the pits, got a new wing and came back on track doing the best he could!
But on lap 16, while he was in 15th, he spun on T2, while allowing Luft to lap him, hit the wall, lost his front wing again and then decided to try and suicide... He just didn't brake for T3 and hit the wall with all his strength... unfortunately for him... the wall won... No

Ok, so what about the leaders?!... Mad

Shut up, you imaginary person that I create myself, who is actualy ME, making questions to myself on my report, just trying to guess what whoever is reading this report would be thinking and asking right now!... - I'm in charge in here and I write these silly reports whateverthefuckin'way I want!...


So... as I was saying...
The fight for the lead was actually pretty good! Adrian kept the 1st place after the start, but Tom was buzzing in his ears all of the time and Grisu was also there trying to be as annoying as he could (he is pretty good at it, actually)!
Right behind them, we had a pretty good fight between Otti, Alex Hill and Luft_inspektor and they were 'changing positions' between them for a few laps - and right behind them, there was raikkO, in 7th.

But in lap 8, Grisu (3rd) made a mistake in T1 and lost his front wing... he was overtaken by almost every human being on Earth and after taking a whole lap with a 'wingless car' and getting a new one, he got back on track in 12th place...
And also in the 8th lap, after annoying Adrian the best he could, Tommy finally got the lead, with a nice and clean move over Adrian at T2 - Kangaroo Kid couldn't do anything about it! bounce

Now it was all a matter of having a good strategy...
This track is nice to the tyres, so everyone was going for only 1 pit stop (using soft tyres in both stints), but since each driver had a big 'window' for making their stop, some may had a shorter 1st stint, some may had a longer... and it also depended on how things were going in the race itself and if it would be good or not to actually change the original strategy...

I, myself, for example... decided to take a shorter 1st stint (so I could have fresh - and faster - tyres earlier than some other guys - the problem would be being able to keep them fine and taking faster laps until the end) and then I went to the pits at the end of the 15th lap - which means I would have to take 21 laps on the 2nd stint, but since my soft tyres could last up to about 24 laps on this track, that wouldn't be a problem...
And I guess that taking that strategy paid off again! I was in 9th place when I went to the pits and after coming back to track and having all the other guys making their stops, I found myself in 8th place, so I earned 1 place - SMART! What a Face

On the 13th lap, Adrian overtook Tom again at the braking for T3, but with another nice maneuver, MacEye 'X-ed' Ass Hole and got the lead again... a couple of cornes ahead, Kangaroo Kid did something rare: he spun! And then he was overtaken by Otti and Alex Hill, falling to 4th, having raikkO on his ass... hole... I mean... Oh, you got the picture, right?...

On the 14th lap, Alex was trying to overtake Otti, who was trying to defend his place (obviously), but with that fight, Adrian and raikkO reduced the gap and the 4 drivers were pretty close to each other - which was also good for Little Tommy to keep his lead and try to increase the gap from them (which was about 5 secs. then).
At the end of that same lap, both Adrian and Alex made mistakes. raikkO overtook Adrian and Alex, while Otti got a break from China Boy as well. And then Adrian decided to go to the pits, because his tyres were not so good anymore...

At the end of the 18th lap, Tom finally made his pit stop and got back in 4th place, with Adrian, once again, very close to him, in 5th.
Otti got the lead, followed very closely by raikkO and Joe McLaggen, who was, again, doing a pretty good race!

At the end of the 19th lap, it was time for some PIT STOP PARTY!!!
Otti, raikkO and Joe went to the pits together! With their stop, Tom got the lead back and Adrian was in 2nd.
Otti had a regular pit stop and came back on track in 3rd, but raikkO (who is known by screwing up his own races, even when he makes 'magic laps' on the quali) forgot to deactivate the 'repair damage' and the pit crew started to 'fix' his car and he spent more time than he should in the pits... Joe loved that and was able to gain raikkO's place and got back on track in 4th - raikkO was 5th. And after all the stops, we had Alex in 6th, Sven in 7th and me in 8th - yay!

On the following laps we also had Luft and Grisu fighting for the 9th place and Grisu had it, but had to make his pit stop for fresh tyres and then Luft got it. Grisu got back in 10th.
BTW, if you guys are wondering WTF was Luft doing in 10th/9th place... that's because although he had a good start, going from 8th to 3rd in 10 laps, at the 12th lap he made a mistake at the last corner and went to the gravel trap... He was then overtaken by Otti and Alex, falling to 5th place, right in front of raikkO. They had a pretty good fight and raikkO also overtook him, but while trying to get raikkO's draft, Luft touched his rear right tyre and lost control of his car, hitting the wall and losing his front wing... He went to the pits to replace it and lost a lot of positions...

Tom kept leading, but Adrian was reducing the gap little by little... Otti was in 3rd place, trying to get as close as possible to them.
At the lap 26, after a great fight - great attacks by raikkO and great defenses by Joe - the 'ex-the new romanian guy' overtook Muchacho Man and got the 4th place. With a Taco in one hand and the wheel in the other, Joe kept going in 5th.
In this same lap, on the very last corner, China Boy (6th place) hit the fence on the internal part of the corner... he lost his front wing and had to take a whole lap without it (lost too much time) and went to the pits for a new one... He was able to get back on track only in 10th place... Rolling Eyes

On lap 29, this time fighting for the 8th place, Luft and Grisu had a pretty good battle again! Grisu overtook Luft on T2. Luft tried his revenge on T3, but it didn't work. So, Anime Fan #1 got it this time! BANZAAAAAAIIIII!!! Very Happy

After changing positions over and over again for a few laps, the fight for the lead finally changed for good: Adrian overtook Tom again, but this time there was nothing the Eye could do against the Ass... And it seemed like, just as in Canada, the Colony (Australia) would have the last laugh over the British Empire - God save the Queen... queen

And on lap 32, with only 4 laps left, and after having a certain romanian guy replacing his big white dildo in his ass all of the time... Otti's engine just decided to take an early flight to Germany and he said goodbye by yelling 'BOOM!' bom
With that, the fight for the lead was literally only between Adrian and Tom and raikkO finally got the 3rd place!

And when things seemed to be done... another engine decided to play 'Let's yell BOOM!' and it was... Adrian's!!! The leader of the race and the championship!!! OMG!!! THAT was unnexpected!!! But Tom didn't give a shit about it! He just smiled and I guess the Queen sent her army or it was just another James Bond super secret job... anyway... it worked!!! What a Face

Still Tom was worried! He noticed he wouldn't have enough fuel to complete the race, unless he slowed down and used a low boost - and raikkO was 2nd now and still going on full speed and reducing the gap, lap after lap!...

But Tom was 'lucky' (and skilled) enough to take his RedBull to the finish line in 1st and raikkO finished, literally, right behind him, in 2nd - only .066 behind, actually - what an ending!!!

So, that was it:

CONGRATS TOM for your 2nd carreer (and season) victory and also for the great race and battle with Adrian - congrats to Kangaroo Kid too!!! Out of luck today, but surely a great race anyway!!!
raikkO got the 2nd place (could've won if the race had just one more lap - or only a few more meters...) and was able to 'fix' all the things that went wrong for him in the race and with another very nice podium, Joe Muchacho McLaggen got the 3rd place!!!

Another highlights of the race:
- Sexy Brigadeiro: I got the 5th place again - yep, for 2 races in a row! Another 10 points - YAY!!!
- Sven: Finished in 4th place. He had a consistent race, except for the race incident with deadfish at the 4th lap... once again, I guess his pedals disconnected, or at least only the braking pedal - RIGHT, Boss?!... scratch
- Grisu: After all the mess, he was able to finish in 6th place and score some points. He could've had a better race, for sure, but it could've been even worse... right? Rolling Eyes
- Luft_inspektor: Same as Grisu... At least he got some pretty good fights and it was just an unlucky day - you'll survive, mate! Smile
- Alex Hill: I guess the same can be said about China Boy too... He had a good race, with pretty nice fights and highlights, but unfortunately made some mistakes that costed him too much time and also a new front wing... - I hope your sponsors can pay for that, mate! Razz
- deadfish: Had a good start and was doing good until Sven threw him out of the track and he got 'stuck' with me and Michal... He lost a lot of places and time and spent the rest of the race trying to recover and was overtaken by some of the fastest guys, but in the end he scored points AGAIN!!! So, for someone who had 0 points and now scored points for 2 races in a row, I guess he did a pretty good job! And it could've been even better - just keep it up, mate! Dead is pretty much alive!!! Cool
- Backmarker: As I said before, for his first race and starting from the pits... just taking his car until the end would be already pretty good, but he also scored his 1st point already! Cheers!!! bounce
- Michal: Still trying to 'get back in shape' and it was only his 2nd race since he returned to the league... It could've been a good race, but Michal also got involved in the 'Sven Incident' and hit me, when I hit dead... but Michal lost his front wing and went to the pits... While he was stopped there, he realized he was using the quali rads, so his engine would blow sooner or later in a few laps and... that's what happened... But I heard he is practicing a lot for Hockenheim and even using a few Megane races as practice too, so... Michal is lightning up! sunny


We had a few penalties and they're gonna change a few (but important) things in the race final result and also on the championship tables... Take a look below:

Austria Grand Prix Penalties:

Lap 1, turn 3 - Michal caused an avoidable collision with Luft who made Sven crash - Drive Through - Michal

Lap 4, turn 2 - Sven v deadfish -Sven caused an avoidable collision with dead making him spin - Drive Through - Sven

Michal - talking during the race session - Warning
Sadly for Sven, he lost 3 places, falling from 4th to 7th and also lost 6 points, both for himself and also for Ferrari...
I feel sorry for him, but at the same time I'm happy I gained 1 place and now I finished in 4th, scoring 2 'extra' little points (and since I have so few championship points, ANY points are ALWAYS great - HA) and THIS is my BEST finish place in this season so far - YAY!!! Very Happy

For ALL the pointers and Championship standings, just take a look below!!! Senna


1T McKay(RBR)25 points
2raikkO(Blue Arrows)18 points
3Joe McLaggen(McLaren)15 points
4Sexy Brigadeiro(Force India)12 points
5Grisu(Williams)10 points
6Luft_inspektor(RBR)8 points
7Sven(Ferrari)6 points
8Alex Hill(McLaren)4 points
9deadfish(GB)(Renault)2 points
10Backmarker(Mercedes)1 point
12Adrian S Shole(Renault)1 point(for pole)


1RBR33 points
2McLaren19 points
3Blue Arrows18 points
4Force India12 points
5Williams10 points
6Ferrari6 points
7Renault3 points(2 +1 for pole)
8Mercedes1 point
DRIVERS’ CHAMPIONSHIP - After 10 races (OFFICIAL - AFTER penalties):

1Adrian169 points
2Tom114 points
3Joe98 points
4raikkO83 points(+1)
5Grisu82 points(-1)
6Luft70 points(+1)
7Arek63 points(-1)
8Sven57 points(+1)
9Alex56 points(-1)
10Sexy35 points(+3)
11Otti29 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 2nd
12ADI29 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 4th
13Bober23 points(-1)
14Goa22 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 2nd
15Denis22 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 4th
16Arnie16 points
17Adammo15 points
18Black14 points
19Reikss8 points
20Jack5 points
21Stig4 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 8th
22Dead4 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 9th
23Backmarker1 point(+8)
24Jean0 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th & 11th
25Kurt0 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th & 12th
26pxr50 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th & 15th
27Jure0 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th & 18th
28Cueball0 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 14th
29Tony0 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 15th
30Michal0 points(+1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 16th
31soutie0 points(-2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 17th

* - 'tie breaker' = best finish position (in case of a new tie, the next best finish position - and so on...)


1RBR184 points(+1)
2Renault174 points(-1)
3McLaren154 points
4Williams87 points(+1)
5HRT85 points(-1)
6Blue Arrows83 points
7Force India64 points
8Ferrari57 points
9STR45 points
10Lotus30 points
11Sauber29 points
12Virgin8 points
13Mercedes5 points
NEXT RACE: Germany GP, at Sven's playground - august 26th, 2012

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Where is the report?

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League Director
League Director
everything will come next week our admin team had 2 weeks vacation Very Happy

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The report IS here, but ONLY intelligent people can see it.

nice pictures Sexy and what a nice report... Congrats again!!! but I didn´t appear in it...

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LOL!!! I'm glad you can see it, Camilo!
Poor Dildo Boy...

LOL!!!! Laughing

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Hey, Sexy. Now when I'm at home I could make some pictures from Canada and Austria. I will send you by Google Drive soon so you could add them to your reports Smile

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Ok, Arek!
Just don't forget to add the captions too.
I will add them to the end of each report!
(let me know when they are up)

Nice race report Sexy!

It was very pleasant to read Smile

Good job mate!


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Thank you VERY much, Joe!!!
I tried my best to say a little something about everyone and focussed in the most important things of the race... mainly... lol
The 'plan' was to make something pleasant to read and if you thought I did it... then I'm VERY happy!!!
Thank you again, mate - and congrats for another great race!!!

wow this is the worst race I ever raced because I was expecting a lot and I had 9 lines of the report... I feel more important than the Olympic medalists from here. Thanks Sexy. You cheered me up... cheers

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Thanks, Camilo!
but every driver in this league IS important, even if they/we didn't have a good race!
I'm glad you liked the report and the things I said about your race - I'm sorry it wasn't your best one so far, but... who knows this sunday now, at Hockenheim?

pretty bad race for me except i could win again on the first six laps or something i just saved a little bit the engine because tmckay and adrian wasn't even so slow on lap 7 i startet with boost 6 i closed the gap from a second to a 0.1 or something than i got to wide on the first corner on the outside of this damn curb and my car just loosed the control -.- omg -.- i wasn't even on 1/4 throttle and anyway i think i got the baddest linie that you could have on this curb Sad i smelled the win because tmckay had again top speed problems and he probably loosed always time behind adrian the race speed of adrian wasn't realy such good anyway xD i smeeled the win because i was 45 sec behind them and on the last lap only 41 sec and i was many times blocked from sexy brigadeiro Very Happy but he was not realy so slow respect anyway i loosed 1 sec per lap or something behind him Very Happy no grip Very Happy would jenson say Very Happy

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And WHERE and WHEN did I block you?! On your dreams?!
I've just watched the whole race replay and the lap where you got closer to me was the lap 22 and you didn't even try to overtake me - so, how could've had blocked you?
Not to mention you go to the pits at the end of this lap...

Stop drinking water from the toilet... sick


grisu - my top speed was fine, the only reason you got close to us was because you overdid your engine (like normal) with an overly aggressive setup causing it to blow up.

and the reason i slowed towards the end of the race was because i didn't have enough fuel to make it to the end, and so i was driving on boost 3, then 2, then 1.


End of the race updated on the report.

najs report from seczy

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zancs, bari motch, haigg0!!!

Sexy Brigadeiro wrote:zancs, bari motch, haigg0!!!

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I typed with my elbow...

scratch i thought i was more laps behind sexy brigadeiro, and brigadeiro i think you do not exactly know what i mean, it wasn't actualy a block but if you are behind a car, you loose grip and that's why i was a second slower, and than ofcourse i can't easy close the gaps, that was actualy why i pittet, Wink anyway lol tmckay, no after lap 2 i thought to decrease the engine to save it, and i do not know which lap it was, but i used the boost 6 because first adrian was way slower than me on the longruns so i just want to overtake you both and i realy could easy close it, but than i crashed i just want to say that in my opinion i think i had a high chance to win that race Smile i just say... especialy because mckay had to save fuel Smile

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Well, THAT was a little easier to understand, Grisu.
but I still disagree, since you were never close enough to me to lose grip due to losing downforce - except for lap 22, but then you went to the pits at the end of it.
And I know english is not the easiest language for you, but still the way you said it before, soundes as if I had blocked you in an unfair way - which I obviously didn't do it (because you weren't even close enough to me to just try to do that - which I wouldn't even try either), so... whatever.
At least this time you used SOME punctuation - still it can be improved! Do you write like this in german too?! I know german has some long words that sound like an entire paragraph, but... come on!...

lol Very Happy i am not very good in punctuation Very Happy

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