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9. Canada GP (shouting thread)

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1 9. Canada GP (shouting thread) on 29th July 2012, 3:05 pm


Hey, guys, give us your feedback about the Canadian GP (at Montreal), pliss!

- Personal highligts
- Racing incidents of any kind
- General issues
- Funny/curious facts & etc.

2 Re: 9. Canada GP (shouting thread) on 29th July 2012, 4:10 pm

what a "long" race for me
what can i say ... THANK YOU VERY MUCH LUFT!!!!!!!!!! Evil or Very Mad

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3 Re: 9. Canada GP (shouting thread) on 29th July 2012, 4:13 pm

NICEEEE!!! fucking thunderstorm, start from behind and raised up to 8th.
and then mr. thunder decide to shut down electrics!!!!!!!!!!!
I cant describe how angry i am right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if i*ve ever offended you, just know that from the bottom of my heart, i really dont give a shit
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4 Re: 9. Canada GP (shouting thread) on 29th July 2012, 4:29 pm

It was a good start considering it was from the back gone up to 10th had great battle with sven and some other guys btw Svem im very sorry Mate I watched replay and I know I turned in too early into corner and pushed you in the wall I will accept any penalty for that I hope you will forgive me Sad It was good for me because first I havent even think Il race this weekend I apolagize to all you guys I did harm and my race finnished when I was battleing for 11th place with kurt and we were at the last chickane he took corner good I had no space anywhere so I got on kurb and crashed lost suspension if it was only wing I would continue again sorry guys :/

                                                                            Team Pet Shark
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5 Re: 9. Canada GP (shouting thread) on 29th July 2012, 4:44 pm

engine, well done , full story coming up .

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6 Re: 9. Canada GP (shouting thread) on 29th July 2012, 4:51 pm

Well I started penultimate, 2nd corner I was pushed and gone off track a bit, then a couple of corners later some accident in front of me, couldn't avoid it, lost my wing, had to make a whole lap without it, but in the end I kept it steady and came 8th. So it was a nice race, too bad I keep starting in last positions...(it's just how the circumstances were).

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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7 Re: 9. Canada GP (shouting thread) on 29th July 2012, 4:56 pm

Hill I apologize, I can blame lag but fight with Arny preoccupied my brain to think about disappearing cars. Later, other lap on the same spot Joe just reappeared in front of me although second ago he was at least 20-30m in front and I hit him to, but this time it was just a nose to ass kiss.

Joe are you downloading something on you're machine or this happens normaly?

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8 Re: 9. Canada GP (shouting thread) on 29th July 2012, 4:59 pm


It was an unnexpected good race for me - yep, because I was slower than most of the guys on that track...
I started in 13th and finished in 5th, so that was pretty damn good, especially because FINALLY I scored points for the Championship again - I guess I still had my few 13 points since China or something...
And although there was a LOT of crashes in front of me and I got bumped in ALL possible ways (and also got 'stuck' between Sven and the wall when he and Tony colided), but luckly I didn't lost my front wing, although my car was all damaged... Anyway...
I also hit Tony in T1, I guess in the 5th lap, because he braked a little bit too early... and then he spun. So, I braked, waited for him to recover and gave him the position back - obviously - so, I hope I don't get penalized for that, because I didn't gain anything with that. Still I'm sorry, Tony. You were really doing a good race and I believe you would've done it even better if you could practice during the week a little bit more...
Oh, I also had a pretty good strategy, making my stop at the 15th lap (instead of the 17th, like I had scheduled previously) and with that I was able to gain Luft's and Dead's places - but then I had Luft for 20 laps in my ass... not pleasurable at all... Razz But I'm glad I was able to keep him away from me! Very Happy
Anyway... Sorry for those who had problems and couldn't have a good race/result!
I wish all of us more luck and fun at A1 Ring, next sunday!!!
And GREAT race, Mate!!! I'm sorry for your extra pit, but still you did a GREAT job and recovered the best you could!!! Force India FINALLY showed its 'Force' again - HA!!!

9 Re: 9. Canada GP (shouting thread) on 29th July 2012, 5:04 pm

I didnt know what India was that but that was really nice gesture from you Sexy you are really great friend and racer and a really really nice guy Smile Im also sorry that you stucked behind sven when I crashed into him and for that late brakeing the rfdynhud was false the numbers to change gear and what speed am I doing were allover the screen Razz

                                                                            Team Pet Shark
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10 Re: 9. Canada GP (shouting thread) on 29th July 2012, 5:06 pm

And I didnt wrote anything about my race Smile, it was terrible, my drive was terrible, I was at least 0.5sec per laps slower than in any simulation race so far, my car felt weird, handling was bad - dont know what happened. 20 laps drove behind Sexy but there was no way I could overtook him, 6th place is good result but only because some top guys didnt finish.

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11 Re: 9. Canada GP (shouting thread) on 29th July 2012, 5:09 pm


I'm sorry for the issues you had, mate!
When I was behind you, I was thinking to myself 'Hey, Tony is doing one of his best races today, so I must be careful with him! I don't want to screw his race up!', so, I'm REALLY sorry for hitting you - I don't want to 'blame you' for that, but I really think you braked a little earlier than usual, because I'm SURE I braked normally and still I hit you... Anyway... just a race incident IMO, because it wasn't on purpose (obviously) and as I've just said, I was being as careful as I could with you, because I knew you were doing a good race. So, giving you the place back was the right thing to do. I lost about 10 secs with that too, so I didn't gain anything either.
Let's try to have an even better race at A1 Ring - it's a very nice track where everyone is pretty fast, so I 'predict' a LOT of great fights!!!

12 Re: 9. Canada GP (shouting thread) on 29th July 2012, 5:09 pm


i started 3rd and i had cars falling off the track everywhere in the first few corners.
i ended up 2nd chasing the ASShole, and once Raikko and Reikss all dropped out, that was basically where i stayed.
adrian was running lower wing than me, so i couldn't pass him on the straights. i got past once or twice but he took me back straight away on the long straights. then on the final lap into the final chicane, i dived past. a bump of wheels and i was in the lead coming on to the pit straight, but he just drove past me to win by 0.005 seconds! lol sometimes you just have to laugh

Last edited by Tom McKay on 29th July 2012, 5:10 pm; edited 1 time in total

13 Re: 9. Canada GP (shouting thread) on 29th July 2012, 5:10 pm


Luft's team radio: SEXY IS FASTER THAN YOU!!!

14 Re: 9. Canada GP (shouting thread) on 29th July 2012, 5:14 pm


my race lol

15 Re: 9. Canada GP (shouting thread) on 29th July 2012, 5:15 pm

No problem mate lets have some fun at austria Very Happy

                                                                            Team Pet Shark
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16 Re: 9. Canada GP (shouting thread) on 29th July 2012, 5:16 pm

kurtmurtdeon pitted in the same lap with me so i quit the game.nice race Wink

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17 Re: 9. Canada GP (shouting thread) on 29th July 2012, 5:53 pm


LOL, raikkO, that was awkward and I'm sorry for that, but... did you REALLY need to quit because of that?!

Kurt talked to me on G+ and he said I hit him in T1 in the 1st lap.
Well, I just watched the replay and it's true, but kurt and ADI went to share T2 together (on my replay, they actually 'blended together'...) and I was right behind and kurt just braked 'out of the blue', almost stopping in the track, so THAT was a touch I just couldn't avoid at all! Not to mention I was also bumped a LOT in the 1st laps and as I said before, I was just lucky for not spinning or losing my front wing.

So... sorry, kurt, but, IMO, that was just a race incident. Still if you want to ask the admins. for a penalty and/or if the admins. want to give me a penalty I can only be sad about that.
OBVIOUSLY it wasn't on purpose and I just COULDN'T avoid that at all.
It's all in the replay, so everyone can check it out.
I play fair. I didn't tried to hit you and/or to gain time ilegally with that and I actually lost time and got overtaken by 2 cars, so...

18 Re: 9. Canada GP (shouting thread) on 29th July 2012, 6:09 pm

I came to this event expecting to score a couple of points at most, so to win with an inferior setup and under pressure for the entire race is a nice feeling. More importantly, I think this was my most enjoyable race so far.

I was satisfied with my qualifying lap which put me 4th on the grid. My start was also good and thanks to some driver errors in front of me, by the end of the first sector I was leading with Tom close behind. My guess is that Tom knows how to spell Renault now, because that's all he saw for the entire race. Very Happy

I was running low downforce so it was vital for me to push hard in the corners so that Tom couldn't get close on the straights. It was a tough challenge especially knowing that a few other guys behind were also much faster than me. Tom and I fought hard and fair, so it was very enjoyable.
On the last lap, Tom pushed really hard to get close and we had a great battle all the way to the line. If I finished 2nd I would still be delighted because I think I got the most out of the car, plus my times were pretty consistent.

Congrats to Tom for a great race, great sportsmanship and having the patience not to make mistakes under frustrating circumstance. Joe also drove great and finished close behind. Finally, congrats to deadfish for grabbing some points!

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19 Re: 9. Canada GP (shouting thread) on 29th July 2012, 6:24 pm

sometimes i hade this game. or this hud´s on this game. my qualify lap was terrible. 0% feedback.
start and some laps. my game was like still pictures. dont know how the this bug sow much.
then i lett fox to overtake me. jump to the windows. coming back. nothing help. i was so nervous that i can kill someone Very Happy
i klick g, disable.. eneble.. dis enab dis enab. and sudenly that feedback comin right and game rouling good... weard. but then i start to drive race and. after all. so bad bad luck. and 7 place, i think that must be happy for that.... thrue, no not happy. still thinking that this huds suck Very Happy

gongrats evry racers, who drive hole race. and ofcourse, hole ass great win Very Happy

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20 Re: 9. Canada GP (shouting thread) on 29th July 2012, 8:35 pm

let´s start then Very Happy. The testing before the grand prix was pretty much pointless Very Happy, I tried to do a whole new setup for this weekend´s GP, but eventually went back to my Monaco setup, with few changes. There was also a break for me, because of the Germany trip that I made. Anyway, got back to the car in the morning today and from the first place felt solid. In the end I decided to choose the "oversteer" setup rather than "understeer". That was the right choice.

The first session of Qualifyng went very well, 1.15.6 was close to the maximum and I was happy. On the other hand, I didn´t manage to get all out of the car in the second session and closely missed the pole to Raikko. Rolling Eyes . Nevertheless the front row start looked promising.

Start and the first laps were tight, I did make once again an optimistic attempt trying to pass Raikko outside of turn 1, but lost places to Tom and Adrian. Then recovered and managed to pass Tom on some lap and started to chase Adrian. But Tom managed to close the gap and passed me for second place Very Happy. That made me furious Very Happy and I did try to clever him by trying to pass outside two wheels on the grass. Unfortunately this attempt came out as a failure Very Happy and it was too much for me to ask. I span and dropped behind Grisu to fifth.

It was some lonely running before I decided to switch the boost to 5, which was the risky one I knew. But there was a huge willing inside of me to try to take the victory and I knew that with lower boost than 5 it is impossible. So I was able to pass Grisu and running with good pace on third place when the flames started to came from my engine on lap 26. But the saying is, that who doesn´t risk, that doesn´t drink champagne, so . . .

Now I look forward to the Austrian GP and hope that I would bring a good place to home from there. Smile

Congratz to the podium ! Smile

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21 Re: 9. Canada GP (shouting thread) on 29th July 2012, 8:48 pm


Reikss, since you're new in the league - and probably to the mod as well - here are some info about the engine on this mod:

It's lifetime is not only related to the boost and rads size, but mainly to its temperature. So, you must try to avoid it of getting too hot and THAT'S what consumes its life. So, here are a few tips of how to avoid it of being too hot for long periods of time (tops speed and etc):

- Try using a longer 7th gear for the race and avoid your revs of staying in red/maximum for too long, especially in long straights.
- Be careful when changing gears (up or down), because the slightest mistakes in changing them, for laps and laps in a long race, can also consume too much engine life (since I play on keyboard, I rather use auto gears)...
- OBVIOUSLY use rads 2 or 3 for the races and boost 5, mainly - of course you can use 6 here and there and, depending on your set and how much engine life you can save, you can even risk to race in boost 6 all of the time (I'm just saying it IS possible).

Anyway... I hope these tips help you a little bit!

And oh, if you don't have the rFDynHud, I suggest you to get it, because it shows you the engine life, so you can make tests and check if your race setup would 'survive' that race - the rFDynHud about the engine life has a crazy bug and in race sessions, it shows the info x2 (the engine life consumption is showed 2x faster - I don't know why or how to fix that - so, if it shows 50% of engine life left/consumed, that actually means you still have 75% left/consumed 25% only, for example) - but, in PRACTICE sessions, the hud works just fine, so... that's the best place to test your engine life for the full race length.

22 Re: 9. Canada GP (shouting thread) on 29th July 2012, 8:58 pm

it was a good race for me... I finished it. AND I want to add that Sexy´s crash wasn´t on purpose... I braked too strong because of the cars in front of me and Sexy touched me but I didn´t have a damage. So pls forget it...

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23 Re: 9. Canada GP (shouting thread) on 29th July 2012, 9:01 pm


Thanks, kurt!
I swear I just couldn't avoid it at all... And I didn't see you spinning, so I thought you were ok too and just kept going...
After watching the replay, I found out you spun when you touched ADI's rear, but I honestly believe it was all a big race incident - especially because it was T1/T2 in lap 1...
Anyway... I'm sorry for anything and I'm glad you still consider it was a good race for you!
And thank you for letting me pass when I lapped you and had Luft on my ass... - I was actually hoping for you to block/crash him or something!...

24 Re: 9. Canada GP (shouting thread) on 29th July 2012, 9:43 pm

thanks sexy for the tips! Smile I have noticed myself aswell that rfdynhud does some wierdo stuff with showing the engine life percent in the race . . . but like I understand reading your reply, then this bug don´t appear in the practice sessions? For example in Canada, I ran ith rad 4 and boost 6 though I didn´t use the boost 6 the entire race, in some cases it was 2, 3, 4, and in the end 5. The most strangest thing of it all was that my engine temp. was around 96 degrees, which was clearly enough for making it through. All in all i will try to improve my understanding of the engine for the next race in order to avoid the situation in Canada . Smile

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25 Re: 9. Canada GP (shouting thread) on 29th July 2012, 9:49 pm


Well, all I know is that the only info 100% right is: rFDynHud engine hud in PRACTICE sessions. When it gets to 0%, your engine blows. That's 100% accurate. So, THAT's what I use to develop my race sets.
And yes, I make longruns (with OUR full race distance) on the PRACTICE sessions to make SURE the engine will hold and the setup is fast enough...

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