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Race REPORT & PICTURES - 08 - Monaco GP (Monte Carlo)

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Monaco GP - Monte Carlo (Sunday, july 22nd, 2012) – Race Report, by Sexy Brigadeiro Basketball & pictures by Arek bounce

Well, you guys may think I'm just too lazy to write a long report and etc, but... the truth is that there's nothing much to write about it, other then what the pictures 'say' - Arek did a great job with them again and I actually wrote ALL the captions this time (usually they are also written by Arek and I only write the text itself), so the report is also actually told by the captions in the pictures.

I must say that we had a new quali system this time, where each driver had only 1 hotlap to try to set their possible fastest lap and... some drivers liked that, some didn't... and in the end, it also added some excitment to the league, because a small mistake from the fastest guys could put them in the back of the grid and a good lap from the 'slowest' ones could put them ahead from which they would usually be... Some may think that's 'unfair', but in MY opinion it has more positive points to the league and to our races than negative points...
And in this new system, we still had raikkO on pole, so... things haven't changed much anyway... lol

In this race we had a 'rookie' racing for the Virgin team this time and guess what?... He already scored his first points and also Virgin's first points in the season! Nice job, Reikss and welcome to the rFR League, mate! Smile
We also had a comeback! Straight from Poland (a.k.a. Noob Land), Stig was back and... also did a pretty good job, giving Mercedes their first points in the season as well! Smile

Things at the Championship Tables didn't change much though, but hey... we're still in the 'middle' of the season, so... there is a LOT more to come yet - stay tuned, peeps!!! cheers

Lap 1 - 'Euro League', my ass!... Everything's ready for the start of the Monaco GP in the rFR League - the BEST rFactor league EVAH!!! Very Happy

Lap 1 - The fight for T1: raikkO kept the lead! Grisu steals the 2nd place from Adrian and the rest of the guys squeeze to pass...

Lap 1 - Of course, T1 is a little bit too narrow to lots of cars at the same time, so... some drivers had to take a little detour...

Lap 1 - raikkO leads, followed by Grisu, Adrian, Joe and a bunch of other cars... Razz

Lap 1 - The braking for Mirabeau is always tricky, especially with cold brakes, cold tyres and heavier (full tank) car - is anyone up for some fried rubber? Otti is selling them for free... Very Happy

Lap 1 - Traffic Jam at the Grand Hotel Hairpin - don't honk, pliss... Very Happy

Lap 1 - Hard day for kurt... 45 mins race in only 45 secs - pretty fast, huh?! Thought I was the only one good enough to do that... Razz

Lap 1 - A certain noob giving Denis a reason to smile... Razz

Lap 2 - Deadfish touched the wall a little bit too much at T1, made some stunt driver trick and also put a smile at Denis face... Smile

Lap 2 - While Denis was smiling, his BB ('Belarus_Brother' - Bober) was under attack, but... was able to keep Joe behind his STR for now!

Lap 4 - But Joe kept putting some pressure on Bober's ass (no homo...) and after a small mistake (by Bober) in T1, it paid off! Arriba, muchacho! Cool

Lap 4 - Things seemed to be going fine to raikkO in the lead. Adrian was trying to annoy Grisu a little bit...

Lap 4 - Sven in front of Arnie, while Alex and Otti 'share' a chicane - China Boy got a little bump from Dildo Boy (kinda homo)...

Lap 5 - La Rascasse Mess... - Arnie had damage, China Boy lost the braking point, Dildo Boy bumped Arnie and Stig & Luft almost paid for that mess too when Arnie got to the pits...

Lap 6 - Arnie taking a free ride through the Pit Lane Land - sponsored by 'Monaco Walls - ALWAYS in your way!' Cool

Lap 6 - Right after opening the 6th lap...

Lap 6 - Alex overtakes Otti at T1, with a great maneuver!... +1

Lap 6 - But Otti decide to keep giving Alex a hard time - Stig and Luft were happy about that! Very Happy

Lap 7 - Adrian was also giving Grisu a hard time - No 'XD' for him! Evil or Very Mad

Lap 8 - 'El Muchacho Suave' (lol - I've just invented that shit... Razz) was making Arek's guaca mole a little bit too spicy...

Lap 8 - But you know how noobs are usually lucky too, right, Joe?!...

Lap 9 - After being a pain in the ass to deadfish, Reikss finally got what he wanted: annoyed dead (who kept his place) a little bit more! Razz

Lap 11 - But after a mistake by dead, Reikss was able to get the position!

Lap 11 - Adrian, giving Grisu a break and going for his first pit stop for new tires. On track, Luft was on Stig's ass, but also went to the pits a few seconds later.

Lap 11 - PIT STOP PARTY!!! Very Happy

Lap 12 - Fights in track, fights in the pits, but... no positions changed... Sleep

Lap 12 - Neverending party... The neighbours were about to call the cops...

Lap 12 - Almost got him, Boss! But China Boy ended that move in front!

Lap 13 - Time for raikkO to make his pit and... screw his whole race too! Razz (he had damage and spent a lot of time in pits - and lost the lead...)

Lap 13 - Oopsie... Someone stepped up the throttle pedal a little bit too much... - still, lots of respect for racing without helps, Black! Smile

Lap 14 - Adrian got the lead (and Reikss was 10th), but I guess the camera man was cheking some hot bikini chicks at some fancy boat... - race? what race?... Cool

Lap 14 - Otti following Reikss, following Arek, following Stig, following Joe, following...

Lap 15 - Uh, oh!... After almost overtaking Reikss and thanks to a very small and unlucky touch, Dildo Boy kisses the wall and abandons the race a few meters later...

Lap 15 - Sven was looking good in 5th place, followed by Luft and Joe!

Lap 15 - Jokes aside... Hitting the internal wall?!... Well... THAT was a pretty noobish move, Mr. Arek! You just can't deny... Razz

Lap 16 - Reikss gets back from the pits right behind Arnie!

Lap 16 - He spent the whole lap on his ass, but in the end...

Lap 17 - ...he , finally overtook our angry finnish mate, at the very beginning of the 17th lap!

Lap 17 - 'Muchacho Joe' was attacking again and Luft was having a hard time to keep the 6th place - and Sven was starting to worry too...

Lap 18 - I have to say anything else?... scratch

Lap 18 - A mistake by Bober (10th) and a 'Thank You' by Reikks (9th)

Lap 19 - And as I said, Sven WAS looking good in 5th...

Lap 19 - But then it was 'Sven Time' and we all know how messy it can be, right?...

Lap 21 - Luft is still able to hold 'Faster Joe' for a little while... like about 10 laps... Razz

Lap 21 - Team McLaren being efficient: As soon as Alex leaves the pits, Joe comes in - nice job! Very Happy

Lap 24 - Joe in a 'not so tasty sandwich' between the slower Stig and the faster Reikss...

Lap 25 - Stig and Joe share the Nouvelle Chicane, but even with a small lateral bump, no one was harmed! Smile

Lap 26 - Joe finally manages to pass Stig at T1 and get the 5th place!

Lap 26 - At the end of the lap, Stig goes to the pits and falls from 6th to 8th.

Lap 29 - Reikss makes his second pit stop, but loses only 1 place (from 6th to 7th) and get fresh tyres - not a bad 'deal'... Smile

Lap 29 - With Bober's mistake, Black kissed his ass, but luckly didn't lose his front wing!

Lap 32 - Grisu (2nd) tried his best to stay as close as possible to Adrian (1st)...

Lap 35 - Luft's team radio: Reikss is faster than you!...

Lap 35 - Luft's team radio: Reikss crashed you and spun, but also made you jump like a frog!... (Joe thanks them for that and earns 1 place! Deadfish was only an spectator, but surely enjoyed the show! Cool)

Lap 36 - Arnie braked a little bit too late and a big crash didn't happen because the devil was probably busy doing other things... Evil or Very Mad

Lap 37 - With a 'not so safe' rejoin, Luft hits Joe, who also jumped like a frog! Luckly, he wasn't overtaken by Reikss, who was right behind them...

Lap 37 - But at La Rascasse, both Joe and Reikss overtook Luft after a 2 hit combo mistake... Razz

Lap 39 (LAST LAP) - The BBs (Belarus_Brothers) - Bober (in front) & Denis (behind)... already lapped, but looking good in the picture! Very Happy

Lap 39 (LAST LAP) - Reikss was faster than Joe and determined to fight until the very end, but... 'La Cucaracha Man' kept his 5th place - and for a 'rookie' (and at Monaco), Reikss' 6th place was pretty nice! Smile

Lap 39 (LAST LAP) - A certain S Shole won again - what's new? Sleep - CONGRATS though, mate! What can we do if we suck and can't beat you?! Very Happy

Lap 39 (LAST LAP) - Grisu got a pretty good 2nd place!

Lap 39 (LAST LAP) - And China Boy got another great podium, which is always good! Very Happy
FULL RESULTS <--- (click here...)
For ALL the pointers and Championship standings, just take a look below!!! Senna


1Adrian S Shole(Renault)25 points
2Grisu(Williams)18 points
3Alex Hill(McLaren)15 points
4raikkO(Blue Arrows)13 points(12 +1 for pole)
5Joe McLaggen(McLaren)10 points
6Reikss(Virgin)8 points
7Luft_inspektor(RBR)6 points
8Stig(Mercedes)4 points
9Sven(Ferrari)2 points
10Bober_Belarus(STR)1 point


1Renault25 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 1st (Adrian)
2McLaren25 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 3rd (Alex)
3Williams18 points
4Blue Arrows13 points(12 +1 for pole)
5Virgin8 points
6RBR6 points
7Mercedes4 points
8Ferrari2 points
9STR1 point

1Adrian144 points
2Tom71 points
3Joe68 points(+1)
4raikkO64 points(+1)
5Arek63 points(-2)
6Grisu60 points(+2)
7Luft54 points
8Alex52 points(+1)
9Sven50 points(-3)
10Otti29 points
11ADI25 points
12Bober23 points(+2)
13Goa22 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 2nd
14Denis22 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 4th
15Adammo15 points
16Black14 points
17Sexy13 points
18Arnie10 points
19Reikss8 points(+10)
20Jack5 points(-1)
21Stig4 points(+7)
22Jean0 points(-2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th & 11th
23Kurt0 points(-2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th & 15th
24Jure0 points(-2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th & 18th
25pxr50 points(-2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 12th
26Dead0 points(-2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 13th
27Cueball0 points(-2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 14th
28Tony0 points(-2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 15th
29soutie0 points(-2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 17th

* - 'tie breaker' = best finish position (in case of a new tie, the next best finish position - and so on...)


1Renault144 points
2RBR125 points
3McLaren120 points
4HRT85 points
5Williams65 points(+2)
6Blue Arrows64 points(-1)
7Ferrari50 points(-1)
8STR45 points
9Force India38 points
10Sauber29 points
11Lotus24 points
12Virgin8 points(+1)
13Mercedes4 points(-1)
NEXT RACE: Saying 'hi' to Jean: Canada GP - July 29th, 2012 - P.S. Bring some grip for the hairpin, pliss... Rolling Eyes

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good job Sexy and Arek as always

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fantastic guys... Congrats!!!!

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Thanks, Alex and Kurt!!!

Really nice job Sexy and Arek!

Great pictures Arek, you make them always very visually appealing. Smile

Short but funny report sexy I like it!, good job mate Smile

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The 'report' itself is actually the small text I wrote at the beginning and ALSO the captions - and they tell the Monaco GP story pretty well along with Arek's pictures, obviously), so... I honestly thought that, this time, I didn't have too much else to say, so... I'm glad you guys enjoyed it anyway!
Hope it was enjoyable to read!
Thank you, Joe (and guys)!!!

gr8 job arek and se> < Y

( . Y . ) <3

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Th>< r41kk0

Great wall of Belarus let me relive SPA Very Happy

Some say he isn't machine washable. Some say he's terrified of ducks. All we know - he's called The Stig

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League Director
League Director
wow nice graphics stig Smile

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This is the NES rFactor version... 8 bit...

stig ,that is the new graphic engine from EA ? the one used in crysis 3 right?

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trololol, I honestly didnt even pay attention i had ultra low details set Very Happy

Some say he isn't machine washable. Some say he's terrified of ducks. All we know - he's called The Stig

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