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8. Monaco GP (shouting thread)

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1 8. Monaco GP (shouting thread) on 22nd July 2012, 2:34 pm


Hey, guys, give us your feedback about the Monaco GP (at Monte Carlo), pliss!

- Personal highligts
- Racing incidents of any kind
- General issues
- Funny/curious facts & etc.

I won't be able to be there, but I wish ya'll a nice race!

P.S. Arek, you noob, don't forget to send me the race replay and data (for the Autosim analyzer), pliss!!! Very Happy

2 Re: 8. Monaco GP (shouting thread) on 22nd July 2012, 3:57 pm

The graphic problems continued in the race (usually its better there but not this time) but I made some good first corners passing one car and then in the hairpin almost passing another but I had to take too much the inside I stepped on the kerb, the gearbox gone to neutral and after I accelerated again when in 1st gear the back spun and I hit the barrier and lose my front wing...I thought its too much so I gave up. Smile I hope for the next race I wil resolve my technical problems.

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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3 Re: 8. Monaco GP (shouting thread) on 22nd July 2012, 4:44 pm

race was good but disaster

if i*ve ever offended you, just know that from the bottom of my heart, i really dont give a shit
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4 Re: 8. Monaco GP (shouting thread) on 22nd July 2012, 4:48 pm

i was first until first pitstop.there i didn't knew that my car was damaged so i spent 21 sec at pitstop and 2 lap 37 i did a mistake and alex hill passed me so i finished 4th. nice race btw

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5 Re: 8. Monaco GP (shouting thread) on 22nd July 2012, 4:51 pm

I was crashed by Jackblack in the 2nd corner and I lost my front wing but I was decided to go on but suddenly sth strange happened... I was crashed again by Jackblack and lost my rear wing so I decided to leave...Looks like Jackblack didn´t want me to race today.

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6 Re: 8. Monaco GP (shouting thread) on 22nd July 2012, 4:52 pm


League Director
League Director
i was surprised after P6 in quali. in first lap i gained some positions and was 4th till my first pitstop. then i crashed and lost my frontwing in lap 19. i saw no perspective i was 13th so i just got my softs and tried to drive as tire friendly as possible and guess what! i did 20 laps with one set of soft tires and got 9th at the end Smile

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7 Re: 8. Monaco GP (shouting thread) on 22nd July 2012, 5:06 pm

terrible quali Sad
on the 1st lap a little bit contact with Stig sorry mate
but the race went well ( a little boring after 1st pit stop ) finished on 3rd place because of Raikko's mistake

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8 Re: 8. Monaco GP (shouting thread) on 22nd July 2012, 5:18 pm


Oh boy, tough race ended up after the passionate kiss with the wall... Razz
My start was ok, first turn went smoth, people were very careful which was nice. I didn't expect that in Monaco Smile Then Deadfish made a great move totally suprised me and I had to pay deference. While later when tyres weren't warm enough I did a mistake almost crashing my front wing. Denis who was behind took his chance to pass imediately so I found out between him slowing me down and Joe who was pressing me really hard.

I delayed my pit stop a little bit doing it at the begining of lap 13 together with Stig. It was a bad decision because Joe who made his pit stop earlier passed us both after that Razz Then I was following Stig but two spupid mistakes ended up my race. First one at the end of lap 15 was fine, just a damn spin but the next one was much more harder (lap 18) Razz

Congratz for guys on pudium but for me the man of the race was Joe. He had loads of action during the whole race passing other guys like if he was in Turkey with DRS in 2011 Razz Crazy effort for Monaco Razz
Also Reikss made a very solid race in his debut Smile

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9 Re: 8. Monaco GP (shouting thread) on 22nd July 2012, 5:24 pm

The new qualifying system was interesting and I enjoyed the intensity even though my lap was horrid. Seemed like everyone took it easy which is a good thing - not many crashes!

My start was terrible, typical of an Australian driver and got passed by Grisu in T1. I struggled to find grip as raikk0 disappeared and Grisu pulled ahead slightly. I closed the gap a little but with having similar pace, there wasn't much opportunity to pass, so I pitted early. It worked well for me as I leapfrogged Grisu easily and raikk0 had troubles at his stop. I could control the race from there and I must thank the lapped drivers making it easy on a difficult circuit.

Congrats to Grisu for not blowing up, to Alex for a great result for a keyboard driver, and Reikss who made an impressive debut at one of the hardest races on the calendar!

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10 Re: 8. Monaco GP (shouting thread) on 22nd July 2012, 7:07 pm

DAmn fuck shit prkl ssaatana

HUoh,,, start was good, evrything fine, lap 5 in swimminpool, i lost my wing. Didnt notise that, almost making big crash. Who was behind ööö maby Joe. Sry. My mistake.
I get new wing, and starting to drive back to top ten. After 3 pitstop. I was 5 sec behind driver at plase 9. 1 lap 0,3-0,9 sec. And then i was so close, that i can smelt sven´s fart. And i get bluescreen .......... fuck shit perkele saatana vittu prkl

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11 Re: 8. Monaco GP (shouting thread) on 22nd July 2012, 7:08 pm


Ofcourse. My qualilap was kind of good

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12 Re: 8. Monaco GP (shouting thread) on 22nd July 2012, 8:43 pm

It was no qualy for me, because of the rules, so I was starting the race from the pits. It´s good and bad in once.. good because you get the confidence that your car makes the first corner in one piece, bad of course because you lose about 20 seconds in Monaco(in my knowledge, the pit light goes green, when the first car finishes the first sector, but I may be wrong). Anyway, started with the harder compound and hoped that it would pay off. The free practises had showed that it is not reasonable to start with softs on Virgin car Very Happy, so hard compound it was. The pace with the tyres was normal for me, around 1.17s until I catched deadfish. Then the pace dropped from 1.17s to 1.19s or so and for couple of laps I didn´t have the opportunity to pass the yellow Renault car Very Happy. Luckily he did make a mistake from my point of view entering into 7th corner and I managed to get through in the 8th. Few laps of lonely running and the guys in front started to pit. That created a big bunch of cars in front of me but i knew that I would be slower with my older tyres. Keeping in mind that there suddenly was a change in car behavior and the most reasonable thing was to pit also though I had around 50% tyre left. So, the pit crew reacted fast Very Happy and in 4 seconds I was running again with brand new softs Very Happy. And the grip change was enormous, right from the start I was able to set 1.16s and in some cases, 1.15s . That was a pretty solid pace and I was happy with it. It soon became clear that Joe has to do the 3rd stop aswell, which gave me hope for another place up opportunity Smile and like I thought, Joe did make the 3rd stop. I managed to pass him and hunted heavily Luft Very Happy, but made a silly mistake or rather optimistic manoeuvre entering the Nouvelle chicane. Sorry for that again. Thanks for that, Joe was able to pass me, and I found myself once again in seventh. Which was clear, was that, i had enough pace to catch them once again, and there we were, Luft with his old tyres, Joe with the freshest compound and I with somewhere middle Very Happy. It was a intense battle and the cars collided several times. Nevertheless thanks to Joe and my in good shape tyres, I was able to pass Luft. And that was it, Joe´s pace was at that moment too much for me and to be honest, there weren´t much laps to race also, so I backed off and finished in sixth.

Congratz to the podium and all the finishers! Smile

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13 Re: 8. Monaco GP (shouting thread) on 22nd July 2012, 9:35 pm


Seems like it was a fun race.
Arnie's post: +1

14 Re: 8. Monaco GP (shouting thread) on 25th July 2012, 6:52 am

I qualified in 4th position.

The start was nicely done, I think there weren't major incidents on turn 1. Congrats everybody for that!

I kept my position 'till the hairpin where I gave a class and taught "how to loose 10 places in 10 seconds effortlessly... from them"
After that I had to fight back to the points zone, meanwhile I had nice chapters driving against different drivers, the first of them was Bober which cost me 3 laps of heavy pressure to finally make him loose his focus and force him to make a mistake

The next one was Arek which gave me a very nice race, showing me a good skill of defense in so many occasions. So after some failed attempts of overtaking for so long, I had to try another strategy to finally pass him and stop loosing time behind him. So I pitted 2 laps earlier than my scheduled pit-stop and in the end of his stop I was in front like by more than 3secs

After my pit-stop i was in 7th position which was looking good, but the race was so long and I had to focus on pushing hard on the next laps.

The next chapter was called "The Croatia's resistance" Starring by Luft... During this period is where i had the biggest loss of time in the race, somehow he could manage holding me back for more than 10 laps (bumping all the walls of the Monegasque circuit ) until we reached Sven, who had a hot fight against Luft ending on a crash for the German driver which made him loose his front wing. On the other hand I was driving carefully behind them expecting to take an advantage from that, eventually it happened

After my second pit-stop i could finish in front of Luft but oh surprise! Reikks was coming fast and pushing really hard decided to overtake me, so I pushed hard too but It was totally useless because he had a better pace than mine at that time, and what's more, Stig was right ahead slowing us down but holding us just as he knows That was a really hard task of cold nerves for me which I stayed free from any problems . Finally I overtook Stig on a very nice attempt of overtaking at turn 1 and I started taking advantage from Reikks who was still stuck behind the polish Stig guy.

On my third stop just in the exit of the pit lane i was weirdly rammed by Bober who i don't know the hell why he did so?!
Then I had to recover the positions lost with Reikks and Luft because of my third pit-stop.

On lap 35 they had a tough fight which ended on an accident so I could pass Reikks, then i followed Luft to force him to make a mistake when suddenly he lost the control of his Red Bull after "the fast chicane" where I took advantage of that to finally get into the top 5, but I couldn't rest just till the end of the race because on lap 39 Reikks was pushing really hard again.

It was an intense and funny race for me, full of action all the time. Maybe there could have been more points for McLaren if lag wouldn't have sent me to the back of the grid, but this is online racing.

Congratulations to Adrian, Grisu and especially to my teammate Alex for his podium!

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