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1 IMPORTANT - MONACO GP on 15th July 2012, 10:29 am


Today will be a difficult race.

Monte Carlo is a difficult track to overtake at. It is possible that poor overtakes today may cause big crashes with consequences for all drivers.

So if someone tries to overtake you, you see them in the mirrors or alongside you, do not allow a crash to happen.

An overtake requires two people. The car being overtaken must give cooperation as well. Turning in on a car alongside you at the turning point is not acceptable.

Sometimes you must yield the corner, like this:

NOT like this:

Also, at the first corner, there is a very high risk of a crash. We have 39 laps today, which will take almost an hour to complete. If you cause a crash at T1 it will ruin the race for everyone, so please just be patient.

2 Re: IMPORTANT - MONACO GP on 15th July 2012, 11:38 am


tmckay i know that i didn't give you enough space but let me explain it please when you watch the hamilton vs schumi video go to 0:18 sec here you can see that hamilton is on the right site from schumi it was the same situation like us but if you watch the wall she is normal in our race the wall goes to the right i could not explain the situation i could not going more to the left and this is probably why i didn't even know that you have not enough space because i thought in this situation like in the f1 i was close to the left wall and than i though you have enough space for the corner like in the real f1 but it was wrong and i didn't know that when i made that move i could not explain it because you always writtet into my textes i hope you can read it now and ofcourse next time i know it i do not want to crash this was always the fault of the wall on the last time i crashed with otti and i thought he turned to the left but it was again wrong he was straight to the corner it have everything to do with the wall because in real life is enough space for 2cars but not in our track it is not enough space in my opionion or it is smaller anyway next time i know it and if such a situation will come again i will ofcourse try to avoid the car i will never ever risk such moves mckay

3 Re: IMPORTANT - MONACO GP on 15th July 2012, 1:20 pm


okay grisu, but this was to all drivers, not just about you.

it is hard to understand your writing grisu, you do not use any punctuation or line breaks...

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