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Race REPORT & PICTURES - 07 - Turkish GP (Istanbul)

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Turkey GP - Istanbul (Sunday, july 8th, 2012) – Race Report, by Sexy Brigadeiro Rolling Eyes & pictures by Arek clown

This time we had at least 3 different races...
One on the track itself...
One at the stewards headquarters...
And my own race. Neutral

Let's talk about the one in track...

Otti got the pole, with a pretty good 1:26.141 - almost on the 25's! Followed by Arek and Grisu. The Championship Leader, Adrian, was the 4th and the 'Pole Position In The Very Last Seconds Thief', raikkO, this time had to be happy with a 7th place...
I started in 15th... yay... NOT.

Lap 1 - The start of GP of Turkey. Everyone watches the starting light. Oh, not everyone! Arek listens to horn of the starter! Razz

Right after the start, Otti was able to keep the lead and no big changes in front, except for raikkO, who jumped to 5th place and was trying to give Adrian (4th) a nightmarish race...

Lap 1 - GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Sleep

Lap 1 - Grisu passes Arek, Otti saves his first place.

Lap 1 - Otti leads, then Grisu, Arek, Adrian and Raikko.

And it looked like a clean start until Sven decided to give raikkO a little kiss in the ass... Oh, these germans... scratch Anyway... Here's what happened:

Lap 1 - Sven hits Raikko's car and spins in front of Arnoldinhu.

Lap 1 - Arnie could't avoind him which ends up big BOOM! In the upper left corner of the screen Kurt hits ADI and makes him spin.

And, with full tank (heavier car), cold tyres and brakes and everyone pushing as hard as if it was a 1-lap race... of course, we had a few more race incidents here and there - and I had a hard time just staying in track (sponsored by Hard Tyres - 'They're not great, but if it's still the best you can use sometimes... well, then stop bitching... bitch!') - great ad, BTW... Shocked

Lap 1 - First lap, everyone gives 150% (which is not necessarily a good/positive thing...) Wink

Lap 1 - Alex Hill rams Denis and spins himself losing 9th place...

Lap 1 - At the begining of the race Sexy drives very hesitantly, losing some positions... - too much Megane with Arek... rabbit

Then in lap 2, things started to get a little calmer, right?!...
Nope. It's Chuck Testa!
And THAT was when my entire race went down the drain... again...
Yep, for 2 races in a row (and, once again it was 'nobody's fault', but... pretty damn frustrating anyway...) my entire race got all fucked up in the very begining... yay/kimiface Neutral

Lap 2 - Luft_inspektor tries to defend his 7th place very hard but makes a mistake and Denis passes him.

Lap 2 - Deadfish crashes in a very untypical place. Sexy is not able to predict that and.... we have another big crash! cheers

After that, I had to take an almost whole lap without front wing, lost more 15 secs on the pits just to replace my broken front wing - not to mention all the time lost with an extra pit stop, since I was going to only 1... - and then I was closer to being lapped then to being able to overtake anyone and gain some positions again, so... THAT was why my race was just boring and I was racing alone most of the time... Sleep

And then, in front, something REALLY unnexpected happened... Otti was leading the race, but then he became The Headless Horseman... affraid

Lap 3 - Meanwhile Otti who was leading loses his connection... Only his arms left... WHERE'S HIS HEAD?!... Ouch, that hurt! affraid

And with that, Grisu got the lead (thanks, sir!) and he had a good gap for the guys fighting for 2nd place...

Lap 4 - Fight between Arek and Adrian S Shole for 2nd place. Adrian get's it! Twisted Evil

On the following laps, we also had some good fights between most of the drivers, since there were a lot of them pretty close to each other!

Lap 5 - Another good fight between Joe McLaggen and Jackblack. In the background Blackfox and Alex who still fights vs Sven.

Lap 6 - Alex keeps his 12th place.

Lap 6 - Meanwhile Tom and Raikko check the quality of the grass... sick (Fight for 4th place). Denis takes his chance and passes Raikko a moment later!

Lap 6 - Black and Joe keep having a hard fight, but now with Alex, Sven and even ADI wanting to join too! Mad

Lap 7 - In front Grisu leads, Adrian is 2nd, Arek 3rd.

Lap 7 - Joe catches too much curb in T8 again and loses his 12th place for Sven... Rolling Eyes

Lap 7 - Damn! They are still fighting! It becomes boring... Sleep But ADI has nothing against getting closer and closer to them! Twisted Evil

Lap 8 - Sven passes Alex Hill. And a while before, Joe passed Alex too...

Lap 8 - Luft makes a mistake in T8 and has to defend against Jure very hard! Evil or Very Mad

Lap 8 - Both in harpin...

Lap 8 - Their fight still continues with Jackblack and Blackfox behind their back!

Lap 9 - Jure finally passes Luft! Twisted Evil And here Black makes a mistake and drops two places down... Evil or Very Mad

Lap 9 - Luft tries to revenge! Jure don't give up! Mad

And then it was time for the 1st round of pit stops to the guys using soft tyres and going for 2 pit stops (95% of the drivers were doing that,BTW)... And, as always (and even if only temporary), some positions changes happened...

Lap 9 - Arek and Tom in pits - Tea, pliss... study

Lap 9 - Sven and Alex do the same - More tea, but oh... no flood plain, pliss. jocolor

Lap 10 - Jean tries to overtake Tom after his pit stop and makes it badly... Shocked

Lap 10 - Meanwhile ADI passed Joe and found himself in front of Arek after his pit stop. Arek does quite agressive move to pass touching his wheel. Twisted Evil

Lap 10 - Grisu (1st) comes to pits. Cool

Lap 10 - Denis, who is 4th after Arek's and Tom's pit stops, makes his one.

Lap 11 - Jure hits the wall at the pit entrance... Ok, maybe it was the wall's fault, right?... Rolling Eyes

Lap 11 - It was a bad place to catch a damage. Jure forgot/had no time to switch to "do not repair" in the pit stop menu, so his mechanics started to repair his whole car and he lost his pace to Luft... But look at the good side of it: At least he got a brand new car! ...ready for new crashes - HA! Surprised

Lap 12 - Jackblack, who was 3rd in this moment, comes to pits. In the background, Tom Mckay, ADI and Denis.

And as you guys already saw in some pictures, after the pits, most of the drivers were back in track with fresh new tyres, becoming a little faster and ready for more action!!!

Lap 12 - Tom prepares to pass ADI... Twisted Evil

Lap 13 - Denis passes ADI in T8, Belarussian style! Cool

Lap 14 - Alex defends vs Blackfox, Luft defends vs Joe - both successfully! - 2 hit combo! Very Happy

Well, as I said before, not everyone was going for 2 stops and one of the guys going for only 1 stop was fighting for the win... Are you wondering if that was a good strategy?... Well, he was too, but we'll see in the end... Wink
But a good pit stop strategy also depends on what you do in track - the pace you can keep and the ammount of mistakes you do... right?!... rabbit

Lap 15 - Adrian leaves the pits and finds himself behind Arek... Suspect

Lap 15 - But a moment later, he makes a mistake and spins losing his 3rd place! Rolling Eyes

Lap 15 - Unsafely (noobish) rejoining to the track by Adrian... - Tom yells 'WTF?!' (and a bunch of other things that not even Google could ever translate)... Evil or Very Mad

And then, even not doing his best race, raikkO was also a victim of the headless horseman...

Lap 16 - Raikko (7th) in front of Sven, right before his internet connection said it was time for bed and went to dream about Monaco... Sleep

And remember I said my race was pretty boring?!... Well, I lied.

Lap 16 - Arnie (16th) tries to overtake Sexy Brigadeiro, but... from the outside in T8?... Sexy (even with old hard tyres) was able to keep his place (at least for a few more laps) against Arnie (with fresh soft ones)! Very Happy (and yes, I added this info to Arek's caption, just because my race was too boring, so I'm trying to make it looks better than it was... Razz )

And trying to make his strategy works, Adrian was doing his best... almost... ok, maybe not... scratch

Lap 17 - Adrian (4th) goes too wide and Denis takes his place!... Evil or Very Mad

Lap 17 - Then Adrian tries his revenge as quick as possible!... Twisted Evil

Lap 17 - But ends up hitting Denis and sending him off the track! Shocked

Lap 17 - While Denis was screaming 'Соси хуй, вырадак!', Adrian was wondering if that 'move' would cost him something... Rolling Eyes

And it seems that Denis was having a 'Denis Day' this sunday - if you know what I mean... Razz

Lap 18 - Denis, who lost his 5th place after the incident with Adrian, now tries to take it back from ADI! Mad

Lap 18 - But then, at the same place, the same race incident happens between ADI & Denis, who, once again, ends up off of the track!... What a 'lucky' day for Denis, huh?!... No (Sven and his Ferrari weren't complaining at all... Very Happy )

Lap 18 - A moment later, ADI and Sven go to the pits, but Denis stays on the track.

And then it was time for the 2nd round of pit stops and also time to see if Adrians strategy would pay off or not...

Lap 19 - Arek and Tom pit again, while Kangaroo Kid (with a 1 pit stop strategy) takes their places and yells 'pitting twice is for noobs!... Just sayin'!... Pega na minha benga e balança!... PQP!...' geek

Lap 19 - Alex Hill comes to pits. Luft defends vs Joe.

Lap 20 - Tom leaves pits in front of Joe (6th), who finally passes Luft in T1! What a Face

Lap 21 - Grisu loses the lead when he makes his second pit stop, while Kangaroo Kid drives through the main straight and take a quick look to the pit lane with a BIG smile on his face again!... - 'Blue Flag, pliss?...' Very Happy

And it may sound 'strange' (although I heard something like that from other drivers too), but... sometimes, the car behaviour and handling may change a LOT from old to new tyres (especially if you replace hards for softs) and although the car is faster, it's also easier to make mistakes and that's pretty much what happened to me and Kurt... He made a mistake right in front of me in T8... I had to brake and tried to get the inside line to avoid him, but then I stepped up the internal kerb and slid... and we hit each other, side by side - hopefuly none of us spun (and I'm sorry for that, Kurt!) - but still we lost time and it was enough for Arnie to laugh at the both of us... Laughing

Lap 22 - Arnie takes his oportunity from fight between (read it: 'mistakes by both') Kurt and Sexy and jumps up from 15th to 13th. scratch

And oh, do you think Denis's Lucky Day was over? Well, not exactly - right, Sven?!... Rolling Eyes

Lap 25 - Denis tries to overtake Sven (6th) but he closes the door. Denis hits him and spins his car... - a REAL 'lucky' day for the mighty Belarus!... Crying or Very sad

And going to the end of the race, when things seemed pretty much already decided, we still had some action and, as always, a few unnexpected things as well... - in fact... maybe not so unnexpected if we're talking about Grisu and his engines... Razz

Lap 29 - LAST LAP - Blackfox passes Luft at the begining of the last lap and takes the 10th place! Cool

Lap 29 - LAST LAP - Grisu, The Unabomber (who was 2nd), blows another engine at the very last lap!... bom... BOOM!!!

But in the end - and in track - this is how it went:

Lap 29 - LAST LAP - In track, Adrian crosses the finish line as 1st, but... he also gave the stewards some homework to do... pale

Lap 29 - LAST LAP - Also in track (before penalties), Arek is the 2nd and Tom gets the 3rd place, but... a few (but VERY important) things may change... scratch

So... BEFORE the penalties, this is what we had:

1st - Adrian
2nd - Arek
3rd - Tom
4th - ADI
5th - Sven
6th - Alex
7th - Joe
8th - Denis
9th - Black
10th - Luft


As I said before, the stewards had a lot of homework to do, going over the feedback from the drivers after the race and, obviously and mainly, over the replay of the race and after 2 days (48 hours) analyzing and discussing everything... Here's what they decided:

Kurtmudgeon - DRIVE THROUGH - L1, T1 (Kurt, ADI) - Kurt hits ADI and make him spin

Adrian S Shole - DRIVE THROUGH - L15, T6 (Adrian) - unsafely rejoining the track and causing a collision with another driver

Denis Belarus - DRIVE THROUGH - L25, T6 (Denis, Sven) - Denis hit Sven and made him lose control of his car

Jean Sigouin - WARNING - dangerous/rough overtake against Tom McKay L10, T4

Jure Pazin - WARNING - talking during the race (again)
And with that, we had a LOT of important changes, both to the race and to the Championship:

- Adrian fell from the 1st position to 3rd position.
- Denis falls from 8th to 10th position.

And, obviously some other guys EARNED a few extra places and points, so just check out below what were the OFFICIAL results and how both Tables (Drivers and Teams) are now! Senna


1Arek(HRT)25 points
2T McKay(RBR)18 points
3Adrian S Shole(Renault)15 points
4ADI(Force India)12 points
5Sven(Ferrari)10 points
6Alex Hill(McLaren)8 points
7Joe McLaggen(McLaren)6 points
8BlackFox(Lotus)4 points
9Luft_inspektor(RBR)2 points
10Denis_Belarus(STR)1 point
20Otti(Sauber)1 point(for pole)


1HRT25 points
2RBR20 points
3Renault15 points
4McLaren14 points
5Force India12 points
6Ferrari10 points
7Lotus4 points
8STR1 point
9Sauber1 point(for pole)
DRIVERS’ CHAMPIONSHIP - After 7 races (OFFICIAL - AFTER penalties):

1Adrian119 points
2Tom71 points
3Arek63 points(+5)
4Joe58 points(-1)
5raikkO51 points(-1)
6Sven48 points(+1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 2nd
7Luft48 points(-2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 3rd
8Grisu42 points(-2)
9Alex37 points
10Otti29 points
11ADI25 points(+5)
12Goa22 points(-1)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 2nd
13Denis22 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 4th
14Bober22 points(-2)TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 5th
15Adammo15 points(-1)
16Black14 points(+1)
17Sexy13 points(-2)
18Arnie10 points
19Jack5 points
20Jean0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th & 11th
21Kurt0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th & 15th
22Jure0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th & 18th
23pxr50 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 12th
24Dead0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 13th
25Cueball0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 14th
26Tony0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 15th
27soutie0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 17th
28Stig0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 21st

* - 'tie breaker' (for drivers with 0 points) = best finish position (in case of a new tie, the next best finish position - and so on...)


1Renault119 pointsTIE BREAKER: 3 victories (Adrian)
2RBR119 pointsTIE BREAKER: 1 victory (Tom)
3McLaren95 points
4HRT85 points
5Blue Arrows51 points
6Ferrari48 points(+2)
7Williams47 points(-1)
8STR44 points(-1)
9Force India38 points(+1)
10Sauber29 points(-1)
11Lotus24 points
12Mercedes0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th (Jure)
13Virgin0 pointsTIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 15th (Tony)
NEXT RACE: Anyone Demolition Derby!?... Hopefuly not...: Monaco GP - July 15th, 2012 - At least the boats are pretty... Cool

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Lap 3 - The fastest straight: Sven, who tries to recover after a bad start and Alex, fight against each other, wheel by wheel at 310km/h! Sven wins and takes 12th place. Nice play, Boss! Basketball

Lap 4 - Luft makes a mistake and spins on curb but fortunately for him, he is able to save his 7th place against Jure! pale

Lap 6 - Jackblack (9th) and Joe who makes a mistake and is overtaken by Blackfox in ultra fast T8! bounce

Lap 13 - Deadfish, who is already lapped, has troubles (puncture)... Neutral

Lap 18 - Luft and Alex during the battle for 7th place, right before their contact.

Lap 28 - Sven (6th) and Alex Hill meet each other again for a last duel right before the end of the race! Mad


As you guys can see... REPORT IS UP!!!


penalties still aren't official, so results will change more


Oh, boy, here we go...
More editing on the report and also on all of those table for Sexy Brigadeiro - yay!


UPDATED - AFTER (the latest) penalties!

nice job xD

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Thanks! Very Happy

Great job guys!

You always do it very nice:)

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Thank you, Joseph!!!
Very Happy

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