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Statistics of first 5 races

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1 Statistics of first 5 races on 20th June 2012, 1:42 pm


After 5 races, here are some statistics:

Trophy winners (podium finishes):

Adrian S Shole - 4 -

Tom McKay - 2 -

Raikko - 2 -

Luft Inspektor - 2 -

Alex Hill - 1 -

Goa09 - 1 -

Otti - 1 -

Adammo - 1 -

Pole Positions:

Raikko - 3
Adrian S Shole - 1
Tom McKay - 1

Fastest Laps:

Adrian S Shole - 3
Tom McKay - 1
Joe McLaggen - 1

Average qualifying position:

Average race finish position (completed 90% or more of race distance):

Average positions gained or lost (in races where driver competed in qualifying AND completed 90% of the race):

these are all just stats, make of them what you will, and attach your own meaning. as you can see a lot of them are rather 'skewed'...

2 Re: Statistics of first 5 races on 20th June 2012, 6:59 pm


VERY nice, Tommy!!!
I just found 1 little problem about my stats.. I was at the Australian GP... Just don't remember my starting position... It was near the back of the grid, but still I was there! Smile

3 Re: Statistics of first 5 races on 20th June 2012, 7:01 pm


21st position!!!
I started in 21st in Australia!

4 Re: Statistics of first 5 races on 20th June 2012, 7:25 pm


yes but you didn't do a lap in quali

5 Re: Statistics of first 5 races on 20th June 2012, 7:31 pm


Yes, but I still started in 21st...

6 Re: Statistics of first 5 races on 20th June 2012, 7:48 pm


yes but you didn't qualify there did you? you turned up without time to do a lap
i'm only counting if people do a lap, otherwise it's pointless..

7 Re: Statistics of first 5 races on 20th June 2012, 7:52 pm


Tom, I don't want to annoy you and/or to critizie your effort to make these GREAT stats, which I'm actually VERY thankful for, because I LOVE stats, but... I HAVE to disagree with you.

If your stats are about the POSITIONS where people started/finished the race, as long as they actually started or finished a race (even if with less than 90% of the total distance - because they still got an official final position anyway) they still should count!

I started that race in 21st place, whether I did a lap in quali or not.
And even if (for example) I had abandoned in the lap 7 out of 29 and were placed in 19th, I still got the 19th position in the end (as my official finish position)... So... BOTH start and finish positions should count on your stats, because they're ALL about start and finish POSITIONS.


8 Re: Statistics of first 5 races on 20th June 2012, 8:02 pm


well they're not about that. they're not where you started from. it's where you qualified. as in, in a session where everyone competed, what was the position. you did not compete in the session, and so you were not the 21st fastest driver, so i don't put down that stat, because it is an inaccurate stat.
for example if soutie or adrian did the same, and joined the session at the end, they would never qualify 21st, so to put that stat in is just useless.
you didn't take part in the session, so i don't count it as a qualifying position.
the stat is not grid position.

9 Re: Statistics of first 5 races on 20th June 2012, 8:08 pm


Than I suggest you to make a 'starting position' stats and also a 'finish position' stats, because these would be more accurate with our reality - with what REALLY happened in each race day (especially if we're gonna use these stats to determine the teams for the next season... the more accurated with what REALLY happened in each race, the better) - and it will also be more realistic in terms of 'average positions gained or lost' stats.
I think that for our league it would be the best to do - and more simple and clear too (just take the drivers start and finish official positions and... done! That's it)!

10 Re: Statistics of first 5 races on 20th June 2012, 8:19 pm


i thought we were only going to use the finish position stat for next season?

the stats aren't that real regardless...

especially average positions gained or lost. the people who start at the back naturally have more chance to make up places, and the guys who start at the front can only go backwards.

but if you want a clearer picture of how well someone qualifies or finishes a race, you should remove the anomalous results because they mess up the stat.
for example, denis started in the pits one race, but this is not an accurate picture of how well he qualifies, because it was a penalty.
you started 21st, but again, not an accurate picture, because you did not set a time. so we ignore these data.

if we had 100 pieces of data for each driver it would be more accurate but we don't. so these stats are sketchy at best.

especially when you consider that in one race we may have 16 drivers qualifying for one race, and 24 for another. one guy qualifies 16th and 24th in those two races. each time he qualified at the back of the grid, he was the worst qualifier that day. but obviously the stat becomes inaccurate with that. the same applies to the finishes.
what would be more accurate would be percentage style stats, but i am still working on this.

after 5 races these stats are bullshit, but with more races they become less bullshit. but to be honest even after 17 races they will still be bullshit. they are just for fun more than anything right now

11 Re: Statistics of first 5 races on 20th June 2012, 8:28 pm


Yes, average finish positions for distribute/balance the drivers and teams on next season.
And I understand what you said.
It was just a suggestion.

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