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Race REPORT & PICTURES - 05 - Spanish GP (Barcelona)

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Spain GP - Barcelona (Sunday, june 17th, 2012) – Race Report, by Sexy Brigadeiro bounce & pictures by Arek Sleep

Well, if you were expecting another 'sunday ride in the park with an S Shole' you just got a big surprise on the Spanish GP! And WHO earned something from that?! raikkO, the 'other' romanian guy?!... Tom McKay, the english knight?!... Eerr... go a little farther at the orient to find out! Very Happy

At the quali session, it was all looking like 'pretty much the same' of what we saw in the other races so far... Adrian and raikko were the fastest ones, followed by 'everyone else' and at the very last minutes, raikkO literally stole the pole from Adrian with an amazing 1:19.178 - almost on the 18's (damn!) Shocked and got his 3rd pole in 5 races in the season so far! Cool

Lap 1 - The start of rFR Spanish GP

Still it all looked like 'just another race in the rFR League' until the green lights... Yep, the 'tricky' green lights! They played a prank in Adrian and when he saw them he just put the pedal to the medal, BUT... in F1, 'GO' is when the lights go OFF!... So... guess what?!... He got a penalty for jump starting! shockedd And things REALLY seemed to be going all at raikkO's favour and ALL against Adrian...

Lap 1 - Green light sometimes doesn't mean 'go'... Smile

Lap 1 - Adrian finds out about that and gets drive through penalty... Smile

So, all Adrian could do now was to try and go as fast as he could, so the sooner he served his penalty, the better to get back on track and try to recover, but first he had to make sure he would have a good gap between him, raikkO and 'the rest' and since he had 3 laps to serve his penalty, he used these laps to try and get that gap, but... raikkO wasn't going to let it be that easy for Kangaroo Kid...

Lap 1 - Adrian S Shole going as fast as he can to serve his penalty...

Lap 1 - Raikko leads the rest of the group followed by Grisu.

Lap 1 - Raikko quickly gets closer to Adrian.

Meanwhile at 'the rest'...
As always, at T1, we had a pretty hard braking, after a damn long straight, so at the very 1st lap, that was an invitation for race incidents, but luckly they didn't come and we only had some hard brakings, tyres being fried and, of course, all kinds of bumps between the drivers... Also luckly, no one lost their wings or got a heavy damage on their cars, but some drivers had a real hard time to actually stay in track...

Lap 1 - Sven in trouble... (what's new?) Razz

And at the end of the 1st lap, we were still having a lot of fights and some bumps occurring...

Lap 1 - Incident between Sexy Brigadeiro and Jackblack who spins...

At lap 2 we had Adrian trying to build a gap between him and raikkO and raikkO making it as hard as possible to Adrian... And a lot of other fights between almost all the other drivers! Here are some highlights:

Lap 2 - Battle for 1st place between Adrian and Raikko.

Lap 2 - Battle between Joe and Luft_inspektor (for 6th place) and cameraman who got a headshot and missed all the action... Razz

Lap 2 - Jure and Arek battling at the end of the group.

Obviously, some drivers were lucky and able to earn a few places, but others were not that lucky... I mean... not at all...

Lap 2 - Deadfish checks strenght of his car against TW STEEL - seems like the clock wins Smile

At lap 3 Adrian finally goes to the pits to serve his penalty, without being able to build that gap between him and raikkO... And then he got back in the middle of the pack, in traffic and was doing his best to make a good recovering race! Smile

Lap 3 - Adrian serves drive through for jump start.

Lap 4 - After that he gets down and fights vs Sexy for 13th place...

On the following laps, we were still having some pretty good fights between smaller groups of cars... And, once again, some were doing well and some... not so well... Razz

Lap 6 - Deadfish has a big trouble. On the circuit Joe still fights vs Luft.

Lap 6 - Duel on the main straight between ADI and Blackfox.

Lap 7 - Arek makes a mistake and spins... (And Sexy screams from his cockpit: NOOB!) Very Happy

Lap 8 - Two laps later and the fight between Black and ADI contunues...

Lap 9 - Black on a rush trying to get Bober this time!

And around lap 9, some drivers started to go to the pits - it was gonna be a 2 stops race for most guys... Sven likes to stop earlier than most of the drivers and try to go faster with fresh tyres (which means sometimes he has to make longer runs near the end of the race and pray his tyres can hold) sometimes it works... sometimes not... Still he was one of the 1st drivers to go to the pits again:

Lap 9 - Sven comes to the pits.

But fresh tyres always help and as expected, he got back a little faster and started his german attack upon his opponents again! ACHTUNG! Twisted Evil

Lap 11 - Sven passes Arnoldinhu.

raikkO was still leading, followed by Tom McKay, while we were having a pretty good fight for the 3rd place between the anime lover, Grisu, and a certain chinese boy...

Lap 11 - Battle for 3rd between Grisu and Alex.

Lap 11 - Grisu and Alex in very close fight.

And in a 33 laps race, with 2 stops, most of the drivers were going to make their first stop between the laps 10-12, but even in pits we had a lot of action and even fights!

Lap 11 - Blackfox fights vs Bober even in the pits.

But... we also had some VERY unnexpected things happening on the way to the pits... things that would change the whole race and even the championship...

Lap 12 - WTF?! Where did this wheel come from?!...

Lap 12 - A while before Raikko trying to get to the pits with puncture...

Lap 12 - Oh! Now we know where that wheel came from! Very Happy

YES!... raikkO just smashed and destroyed his car at the pit entrance, while he was leading the race and had one of the best chances in the universe to beat Adrian and get closer to him on the fight for the championship lead - who would expect that?!?!?!... affraid
So, yep... that meant 'Hello, Great Britain' to him!... See you there, mate! Cool

And with raikkO's crash and Alex Hill and Grisu going to their pit stops another very unnexpected person got the lead with a completely different pit stop strategy! Goa was leading a race for the very first time in the league and was going for only 1 pit stop using hard (slower) tyres, but... so far so good! Very Happy
And the race was starting to look good to Tom McKay as well (getting the 2nd place), because he also made an early pit stop and was even faster than Adrian and his old tyres...

Lap 12 - Luft and Alex in pits.

Lap 12 - Tom vs Adrian in hard duel. Tom passes him.

A little back in the pack, we were still having pretty good fights!
We had Sven making some magic tricks and turning kerbs and grass into track...
And we also had Jure Pazin, who was back to the league after leaving at the end of the previous season and who started near the end of the grid, but was also doing a pretty good race so far, but... he couldn't avoid a few small mistakes that costed a few positions as well...
And remember BlackFox and ADI were having a good fight for lots of laps in a row before the pit stops?... Well, guess what happened AFTER the pit stops?!?!?!... Yep, they kept fighting with each other - HA! Surprised

Lap 12 - Another hard fight! This time between Black and Sven who tries an very optimistic move sending Black on the grass... (Typical Boss maneuver...) Razz

Lap 13 - Jure constantly goes up, here in fight vs Bober.

Lap 13 - Their sharp duel seen from Sven's TV cam.

Lap 14 - Still continues, even if through the runoff area... Razz

Lap 14 - But Jure makes another mistake and loses a couple of positions.

Lap 14 - Battle between ADI and Blackfox - Part 2...

Goa finally goes to his one and only pit stop at the end of the lap 16 and with that, Tommy Mac Eye gets the lead!

Lap 16 - Goa who drives with the only one pit stop strategy makes a little mistake in the pit lane. Tom in the background...

Lap 17 - He comes out behind Arnie!

But a couple of laps later everything started to go down to little Tommy... and you can thank Mr. McAfee for that!...
It seems that Tom's Anti-Virus decided to install some update and for that it minimized the rFactor window and went to desktop automatically (something pretty common in F1 these days...) and then Tom just couldn't control his car and with that he went out of track and lost a lot (and I mean a LOT) of places! And when he finally got back on the game, he found himself in the middle of the pack, being overtaken by everyone, including Karthikeyan and then he was trying desperately (literally) to regain control of his car and of his race... but it wasn't easy and that took his concentration away and then he was about to make a 'few' other mistakes... and, unfortunately, one of the victims this time was Jure Pazin (who, as I've just mentioned above, was doing a good race)... - but it wasn't on purpose, obviously...

Lap 19 - Sexy battling hard vs Tom (after his McAfee turmoil) who saves his place.

Lap 19 - Tom makes mistake and hits Jure's car in tight chicane. A view from Sexy's car.

And on the following lap, while still trying to recover from all the mess and from the incident with Jure, Tom lost control of his car again and spun... Sexy was following him closely, so he was VERY lucky to avoid a crash, but... luck abandoned 'Belarus Fast & Furious Denis' who was also coming right behind... Oh, boy!...

Lap 20 - Tom strugling with technical issues during this GP (greetings to his McAfee AV) Very Happy

Lap 20 - Sexy avoids getting hit by a very few inches!... affraid

Lap 20 - But Denis isn't able to avoid Tom, who gets another flying lesson... cheers

Lap 20 - Now who's gonna clean all of this mess?!... scratch

Well, about the early 20-some laps, it was time for the second round of pit stops and, with similar strategies, some drivers decided to make some pit stop party! cheers

Lap 23 - Grisu, Bober and Joe in pits.

Lap 24 - Alex with Luft again in pits - it means that one stoper Goa takes the lead!

Yes, Goa got the lead again!!! But would he going to be able to keep it until the end of the race?!... We had guys with fresh tyres coming after him now!... Twisted Evil

Meanwhile, we still had Adrian having a hard time to make a recovery race, raikkO was already out and Tom McKay who then had a pretty good chance to win this one was also having serious issues until he just abandoned the race... So, WHO was going to win this one?!?!?!...

I'll tell you guys next week...


Yes, seriously.

Rolling Eyes

Are you still reading this?!...


Oh, ok, ok! Let's just take a quick look at what was happening in the middle of the pack before talking about the leaders again!... jocolor

Lap 25 - Grisu with Joe and ADI fighting behind his back.

Lap 26 - Svens tries to join the party...

Lap 26 - And he passes Joe! But while later makes a mistake in tight chicane... Rolling Eyes

Lap 27 - Then Bober takes his chance and passes Sven!

Ok, so as I said before... Goa was leading, but... would he keep the lead with hard tyres against fastest guys with fresh soft tyres?!... I guess we all know the answer, huh?...

Lap 29 - Alex makes a good use of his fresh tyres and takes the lead from Goa!

Jah, but who cares about the fight for the lead?! Let's take another quick look at the middle of the pack now!.. Very Happy

Lap 30 - Another amazing fight, side by side, this time between Arnie, Adrian and ADI

Lap 30 - A little touch and... OUCH!

Lap 30 - Adrian spins and ends up on the tyre barrier, but lucky doesn't get any damage and is able to get back on track! shockedd

Oh, ok, ok... let's get back to the top 3 now...
So... Goa lost the lead to Alex Hill, the famous China Boy and now was under pressure with Luft trying to inspect his ass... - oh, boy, that was awkward!... scratch Anyway... would he going to be able to keep Luft far away from his butt hole?!... confused

Lap 31 - Luft who also had a new set of tyres gives Goa a hard time on the last laps...

As I said at the beginning, this was a pretty unnexpected race in terms of results and no Adrian, no raikko and not even Tom this time...
And the winner is...

Lap 33 - Alex Hill takes an unnexpected, but GREAT win!!! CONGRATS, CHINA BOY!!! cheers

And what about the other 2 podium spots?!... Goa and Luft?!... Ok, but who was going to be at Alex's right side (2nd) and left side (3rd)?!...

Lap 33 - And Goa saves an also great second place while Luft crosses the finish line in 3rd!

NICE!!! Surprised

Congrats to Goa for his first podium on the league and best final position (and race) so far!!!
And also Luft for getting 2 podiums in a row (he 'earned' the podium at Imola because of penalties to other drivers) and that was pretty good for his championship!!!

And talking about penalties and Championship Tables...
We had a 'few' penalties on this crazy spanish GP...
Here's what was decided by the stewards:

Sven - WARNING - lap 1 turn 2 - Sven rejoins the track unsafely

Sven - DRIVE THROUGH - causing collision with BlackFox lap 12 turn 4

Tom McKay - DRIVE THROUGH - causing collision with Jure on two occasions

JackBlack - DRIVE THROUGH - crossing the pit exit line on laps 13 and 14

Bober - DRIVE THROUGH - crossing the pit exit line on lap 2

Jure Pazin - WARNING - talking during the race after being warned about not talking during qualiying
And with that, there were also some changes among the points finishers AND on the Championship Tables - both Drivers and Teams:

Bober drops from 6th position to 8th position (loses 4 points)
Arnoldinhu goes from 7th to 6th (earn 2 points)
ADI goes from 8th to 7th (earn 2 points)

And after all the 'mess', Adrian was still able to finish in 9th and score 2 points and just kept his lead, with a pretty good gap on the Drivers' Championship!
But with Alex's victory, Goa's 2nd place and Luft's 3rd place, we had a lot of changes in the middle of the pack! Alex climbed 10 places while Goa climbed 11 - WOW! shockedd And Luft is now in 4th, very close to raikkO (3rd) and Tom (2nd)! So, even if Adrian stays in the lead, we're gonna have a LOT of GREAT fights for the other positions on the next races - YAY!!! Very Happy

At the Constructors Table we also had a lot of changes and the main ones were the Williams team climbing up 4 places with Grisu's 4th place and also RBR getting the lead over Adrian's Renault by ONE little point - NICE!!! Cool

Stay tuned for the next races, kids!
Our season is only at its beginning yet... kinda... anyway... whatever...

For ALL the other pointers and Championship standings, just take a look below!!! Senna

NEXT RACE: At Tom, deadfish, Cueball and pxr5's headquarter: British GP - June 24th, 2012 - God Save The Queen! queen

1 – Alex Hill (McLaren) – 25 points
2 – Goa09(RUS) (HRT) – 18 points
3 – Luft_inspektor (RBR) - 15 points
4 – Grisu (Williams) – 12 points
5 – Joe McLaggen (McLaren) – 10 points
6 – Arnoldinhu (Lotus) – 8 points
7 – ADI (Force India) – 6 points
8 – Bober_Belarus (STR) – 4 points
9 – Adrian S Shole (Renault) – 2 points
10 – Sexy Brigadeiro (Force India) – 1 point
19 - raikkO (Blue Arrows) - 1 point (for pole)


1 – McLaren – 35 points
2 – HRT – 18 points
3 – RBR – 15 points
4 – Williams – 12 points
5 – Lotus - 8 points
6 - Force India - 7 points
7 - STR - 4 points
8 - Renault - 2 points
9 - Blue Arrows - 1 point (for pole)
DRIVERS’ CHAMPIONSHIP - After 5 races (OFFICIAL - AFTER penalties):

1 - Adrian - 96 points
2 - Tom - 53 points
3 - RaikkO - 51 points
4 - Luft - 44 points (+1)
5 - Joe - 40 points (-1)
6 - Alex - 29 points (+10)
7 - Arek - 23 points (-1)
8 - Bober - 22 points (+2)
9 - Denis - 21 points (-2)
10 - Sven - 20 points (-2)
11 - Goa - 18 points (+11) - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 2nd
12 - Otti - 18 points (-3) - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 3rd
13 - Grisu - 16 points (+2)
14 - Adammo - 15 points (-3)
15 - Sexy - 13 points (-3)
16 - Black - 10 points (-3) - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 7th & 8th
17 - Arnie - 10 points - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 7th & 9th
18 - ADI - 7 points
19 - Jack - 4 points (-5)
20 - Jean - 0 points (-1) - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th & 11th
21 - Kurt - 0 points (-1) - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th & 16th
22 - pxr5 - 0 points (-1) - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 12th & 15th
23 - Dead - 0 points - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 13th
24 - Cueball - 0 points - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 14th
25 - Tony - 0 points - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 15th
26 - Jure - 0 points (+2) - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 16th
27 - Soutie - 0 points (-1) - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 17th
28 - Stig - 0 points (-1) - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 21st

* - 'tie breaker' (for drivers with 0 points) = best finish position (in case of a new tie, the next best finish position - and so on...)


1 - RBR - 97 points (+1)
2 - Renault - 96 points (-1)
3 - McLaren - 69 points (+2)
4 - Blue Arrows - 51 points (-1)
5 - STR - 43 points (-1)
6 - HRT - 41 points
7 - Williams - 20 points (+4) - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 4th (Grisu)
8 - Ferrari - 20 points (-1) - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 5th (Sven)
9 - Force India - 20 points - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 6th (Sexy)
10 - Lotus - 20 points - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 7th (Black & Arnie)
11 - Sauber - 18 points (-3)
12 - Mercedes - 0 points
13 - Virgin - 0 points

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BONUS PICTURES (also by Arek)

Lap 1 - Arnoldinhu followed by Goa and Bober.

Lap 3 - Jean Sigouin tries to pass Jure Pazin.

Lap 5 - Jackblack with Jean trying to check 'what time was it' in the background Smile

Lap 9 - Jackblack vs Jure.

Lap 10 - Great fight between Jackblack, Jure and Jean. As you can see Circuit de Catalunya doesn't have to be boring Smile

Lap 19 - Fight between Jure and ADI seen from Adrian's car.

Lap 23 - Denis who started the race from pits (penalty from San Marino) fights vs Jackblack.


As you guys can see...

Very Happy


League Director
League Director
another good picture would be my engine exposion with big flames, just saying Very Happy

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sexy great job mate,your reports are awesome and funny Razz

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Nice report!

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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wd sexy for must be reporter


LOL! Thanks, Jure!!! But I never studied journalism... my reports are all informal and silly on purpose and not exactly journalistic (technically speaking)... But I'm glad in the end you guys seem to enjoy it, so... that's great anyway!

And thanks Mate and raikkO!!!

Sven, you can blame it on a certain polish noob... HE is the photographer - I'm just sayin'... Razz
But his pictures are GREAT, as always!!!
Thanks for the amazing job again, Arek!!!

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