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NEW F1 Team 2014 "German F1"

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1 NEW F1 Team 2014 "German F1" on 17th June 2012, 10:40 am


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League Director
Sry, google translate translated it Razz

F1: Exclusive - German team owners about the new F1 team

Toni Kohlmeyer 2014 will bring a German F1 team at the start.! DE-RAC! NG he answered their questions.

| Magdeburg (! NS-EN RAC NG) - Is it more than a castle in the air behind the German F1 racing German, which announces itself in 2014? We got the new team owner Tony Kohlmeyer answer questions in detail, although exact details on the project are not allowed to be published:

To charge that would carry many small details to the public and make them the seriousness of the question:

Toni Kohlmeyer: "For all notices which are published on our website, accounts in social networks, or as an official press release, there are facts, nothing more, nothing less. A clear premise of our public relations is that we do not make more out of it, as this can actually represent. "

To the fact that hardly any media reports about the project:

Toni Kohlmeyer: "Already in the third week of January, we received requests for a detailed deep legwork for the purpose of a journalistic presentation of German F1. Among the sources were requesting, among other things, Norbert Ockenga (pit walk) and the Speed ​​Week magazine. In all these cases, however, had to consult all parties that it will not come now to a presentation justifying legwork on our part. This fact is based on our own specifications, must be according to what the current state of affairs also held a variety of information internally. "

Why not dive but smaller reports on at least a side note?

Toni Kohlmeyer: "For example, we have by our side agreed with Speedweek that such reports appear only when there is sufficient material for a bold items are, and we determine the timing. Whether or not to hold back now all the other magazines and portals cautious, or simply have not noticed, I do not know. (...) I personally am not disappointed about it anyway, because we are guided at times corresponding press campaigns, even in the way. "

To the fact that most of the project classified as untrustworthy:

Toni Kohlmeyer: We will not attempt to confirm the credibility just by such a statement. It's also completely irrelevant if we express ourselves one or seriousness. The judgment also arises from the minds of the public and, despite this German F1 will exercise its work to achieve the set objectives, participation in the F1 racing series with its own team. "

Why is the entry 2014 and not 2013, when the time would be a strong entry through rule changes appropriate?

Toni Kohlmeyer: "In planning such a project are of course set up various scenarios. It is for purely temporal view as possible to start in 2013, just as in 2014 or 2015. Only this is not the only issue that will be made in advance of a sustainable approach must take. "The Ringer" - this is not true for us. German F1 is not to be named in a number of USF1 or Stefan GP, ​​even with teams such as Midland and Spyker F1. Instead, we want to firmly establish in the Formula 1 and this includes not only the economic base includes logistics, personnel, preparation, etc. In terms of regulations before it is basically still uncertain facts, no matter whether you're restarting the eye sees, or you Set as existing team to be. However, let's just say that those changes which are already almost a done deal for 2014 come to meet us more. "

On the possibility that the new regulations and is attracting new applicants in 2013 for German F1 2014 is no more room:

Toni Kohlmeyer: "For this season there were many candidates who were not large in the public, but had applied for another position in the peloton. This is also 2013, 2014 and so is the case. In short, we must stick to our plan, however. Panic is not an argument for a quality-conscious work. It is an open secret that the Formula 1 management may at any time revoke license and should emerge by itself increase the overall quality of the driver's field. "

To build their own teams rather than taking over an existing team:

Toni Kohlmeyer: "It is true that we are building a radically new, but this does not mean that you can not possibly take over in 2014 and a starter license from another team (buy) is. By the end it is always open if you get a coveted spot in the pit lane, it's different for us not to. A good concept and a small amount of money but also make things a lot easier. "

To the fact that Toni Kohlmeyer in motor sport is a blank slate

Toni Kohlmeyer: "anticipation is worth mentioning that it is not currently in German F1 is a team in the traditional sense of the term. Establish the intention towards the end of an independent body to (GmbH or Ltd.)., We have indicated in advance often. Currently, there is a project, nothing more, nothing less. This project involves the conversion of all the conceptual work into a legally independent company at an appropriate time. But now to me: Besides my absolute passion for this sport, it is above all a long and intensive planning phase, which justify the decision to put a team in the medium on its feet. My experience in the field of sports marketing business and this place just the basics, as well as my existing contacts and insights into the Formula-1. In recent years, I was briefly considered for a particular team in the field of active acquisition of sponsors. In addition, my work is based in sports marketing in large part to the marketing of motor sports teams, events and areal. "

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2 Re: NEW F1 Team 2014 "German F1" on 17th June 2012, 12:53 pm


I never thought I'd see the day when a post on the forum is longer than Sexy's race reports. shockedd

Google translate isn't the best, clearly it flood plains, pliss, but any news of a new F1 team is great for the sport.

3 Re: NEW F1 Team 2014 "German F1" on 17th June 2012, 12:54 pm


sounds like these guys are tumbling into the flood plain

4 Re: NEW F1 Team 2014 "German F1" on 17th June 2012, 2:33 pm



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