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Race REPORT & PICTURES - 04 - San Marino GP (Imola)

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San Marino GP - Imola (Sunday, june 3rd, 2012) – Race Report, by Sexy Brigadeiro albino & pictures by Arek rendeer

What a damn messy race, huh?!...
Ok, ok, I WON'T say that I think this version of the track is TERRIBLE for racing (maybe nice to just drive, try to take hotlaps alone and etc)... and I WON'T say that the aspects of the track such as absurdly high kerbs (even if realistic compared to that tragic year - 1994) and extremely low grip played a VERY important role in 99% of the 'incidents' we had on this race and on the fact that only 8 (yep, EIGHT - our of 19) drivers 'survived' a 31 laps race...
Yep, I WON'T say it...
I don't need to...
Because the facts already did - HA!!!
Very Happy

P.S. Don't get mad at me, guys! I know most of you disagrees anyway, so let me just 'annoy' you a little bit more, ok? No hard feelings and no flood plain, pliss - too much drama for just one race... on a damn video game... Razz


Guess who won?!?!?!...

Yes, AGAIN!...


Congrats, Adrian! And congrats everyone else - for making things SO easy to him!
[/kimiface] Neutral

But MAYBE it was not that easy and Adrian got a little lucky too... I mean, I'm NOT 'suggesting' he isn't that good of a driver... but at the same time, it seems that ALL of the fights, incidents and accidents happened BEHIND Adrian and, with that, he could have a 'nice and calm' race, while the hell was breaking lose on his rearview mirror!... Twisted Evil
Still he was able to 'survive' the race as well (which only other 7 guys did too) and to keep his place so... he actually deserved to win and with that victory he earned another 26 (25 +1 for the pole) points and has a pretty good advantage on the drivers championship... for now...
(but would things be different throughout the rest of the season?!... We'll see... scratch )

And what about the race itself?!... bounce

Oh... who cares?!...


Ok, ok, I'll just rant about it a little bit more... Razz

The grid looked fine and the start looked nice and clean until...

The start of rFR San Marino GP. This picture was taken by my friend Charlie Smile

Adrian keeps the first place.

...a few meters after the starting line...
Once again I WON'T say that this crazy track was the one responsible for making even some pretty good and careful drivers 'inexplicably' completely lose control of their cars while on someone else's slipstream at Tamburello... As some people say, 'images speaks better than lots of words'...

Some of guys having problems... (or just paying some morbid tribute to Senna?!... pale )

Adam (Virgin F1 Team) is out of the race.


The first laps were pretty hard, because a lot of guys were trying their best to stay on track and it was really hard to do that (while fighting for positions - whether to gain or to defend places) at some points of the track, like the Aqua Minerale chicane, for example...

Lap 1 - Aqua Minerali chicane.

Lap 1 - Bober gets spin on curb. Arek is forced to miss the chicane.

Lap 2 - Otti's iPod is ALWAYS playing 'I Believe I Can Fly' - no wonder why he's always singing... Rolling Eyes

BTW... can you imagine how it was to take that chicane like this:

Lap 2 - battle on the main straight for 7th place between Luft, Alex, Deadfish and Arek.

Well, I can't... No

And then we had incidents and accidents 'here and there'...

Lap - 2 Joe fights against Bober.

Joe ends that batte on the fence without front wing.

Lap 3 - Antonio makes a spin in front of Sven.

And, once again, Adrian, followed by raikko (but not close enough to really threat him) were trying to take another sunday afternoon walk in the park...
But this time some guys decided to 'invite themselves' to the picnic:

Lap 4 - Adrian leads and behind his back Tom still fights with Raikko.

Lap 4 - Denis and Otti want to join the party but it's hard to do.

But as I said before, people fighting on Adrian's rearview mirror was all he wanted and with that he decided to take a ride by himself at Imola's graveyard... But Tom and raikkO were also having some fun and they were playing a game called 'Ovetake Me And I'll Overtake You Back'... Basketball

Lap 5 - Raikko finally passes Tom in batte for 2nd place.

And one of the most important overtaking spots was also one of the trickiest and hardest ones... the braking for Tosa... It was SO hard to take it 'alone' and even harder to do it side by side with another car... the slightest mistake could cause a huge collision between the two cars or stepping on the grass and missing the ideal braking point (and then praying for not hitting the walls)... Well, some guys had a REAL hard time there and saw their races being 'changed' completely after passing for that spot...

Lap 6 - ADI vs Luft (battle for 7th) just before ADI leaves the track.

ADI dropped down in 10th behind Arek and Alex took his chance to pass Luft.

With the low grip, the tyres could last a little longer on this track, so all the drivers could easily make only 1 pit stop, about the half of the race (laps 15-16), but some drivers went to the pits a little sooner or later - whether to try a different strategy, or just because they needed a new wing - BTW, I should've signed up for the 'Wing Replacer' job... I could be rich right now, after this race - DAMN!!!... drunken

Otti in pits... - the text on the fence might makes you wrong... Very Happy

Denis goes to the pits for a new wing.

But there were still some good fights on track! Tom and raikkO were still enjoying their little game and Arek was putting his 'Noob Luck' to good use...

Lap 7 - Otti passes Denis (fight for 4th place).

Lap 7 - Deadfish defends his position against Sven (battle for 10th).

Lap 7 - Arnoldiniu vs Blackjack (battle for 16th). After that Jackblack sacrifates his position to let Adrian lap them.

Lap 8 - Raikko makes a mistake and Tom takes his chance to get back to 2nd place.

Lap 8 - Luft and Alex battling hard. In a while Arek will pass Alex.

And then Luft after the tough fight.

But some drivers were still fighting against the track itself...

Lap 9 - Arnie is off the road while Antonio spins in the middle of the track causing colision with Otti and Denis.

Marshals have full hands of work from weaving yellow flags because of Tony - they even became close friends and they added each other on facebook, Google+, YouTube and MySpace... Wink - wait!... MySpace?!... scratch

After a while, I guess raikkO was getting a little tired of playing that game with his new best friend, Tommy, and had to take a break when his mommy, Mrs. High Kerbs called him back home - but he is a stubborn kid and decided to keep playing a little bit more - especially now that another little friend, Arek The Noob Champion decide to join the party...

Lap 9 - Tom still fights vs Raikko

Lap 11 - Raikko makes a mistake and hit the ambulance! Smile

Arek takes 3rd place after that.

Lap 12 - Raikko tried to get his 3rd position back.

Lap 13 - But he makes a mistake and spins.

And then some of the most controversial moments of the race happened... affraid
Tom McKay was about to lap Denis_Belarus and all Denis needed to do was to let Tom pass as soon as the marshals waved him a blue flag, but according to the replay, it seems that he decided to do that AFTER the Aqua Minerale chicane, because he thought Tom wasn't close enough - and maybe he really wasn't, but... Denis made a mistake at Piratella, stepping up the kerb a little bit too much and had a real hard time to keep his car on track and with that he lost a lot of time and Tom REALLY got close to him... So, he probably thought that the best thing to do was to let Tom pass BEFORE the Aqua Minerale chicane - which actually seemed a good idea, but... the problem was HOW Denis decided to let Tom pass... Denis just pulled to the left and... braked... a little bit too much... and Tom wasn't expecting that... he tried his best to avoid Denis, but... it was impossible... Both of them crashed and Tom lost his front wing, but was able to stay on track and had to go to the pits (which he was about to do anyway, but still he lost time by taking about half of a lap without front wing) while Denis was also trying to get to the pits but his car was severely damaged and he just gave up and quit the race...

Lap 14 - Denis under the blue flags brakes just in front of Tom causing a big accident.

I wonder how big was the pile of debris found on track after the race...

Lap 14 - While later another drivers come to that place.

Arek who was 3rd gets a puncture on the Tom's wing.

After all that mess, Tom and Arek meet in the pits... cheers

Away from all of that, Adrian was still enjoyin his little sunday drive... he even stopped at the pits for a new set of tyres and a cup of tea...

Lap 16 - Adrian leaves pits still as a leader.

And since Tom and Arek were a little 'busy' (let's say that...) raikkO found a new friend to play with:

Lap 15 - Raikko and Luft in 2nd and 3rd place after Tom's and Arek's troubles.

And talking about Tom & Arek... They were playing together now and they seemed to be having some fun... until Mr. Laggy Lag decided to finish it off!

Lap 18 - Tom and Arek both still with big chances for podium fight each other.

Moment of lag in crutial time caused a huge accident!

Tom set to 'Stunt Driver Mode'...

...and the crowd probably ejoyed the show!

Sven did it too...

But not Tom and Arek... And both had to retire... Sad

And since Adrian didn't want to play with raikkO and now even Luft was also busy at the pits, the Romanian guy found a new friend... the German Boy, Sven! (raikkO is just a friendly guy who wants to increase his buddy list on Messenger)

Lap 23 - Raikko attacks Sven (fight for 3rd place).

Well, it's like they say: 'attack is the best defense... and the best way of making friends...' Twisted Evil

But the final laps had a pretty nice fight for the 2nd place and for the podium, involving Otti, raikkO, Sven and Luft... They made mistakes, overtook each other a few times and it was 'nobody's race' (I mean, the fight for the 2nd place - because Adrian was still racing against himself only)...

Lap 25 - Otti (2nd), Raikko (3rd) and Sven still wich chances for a podium.

Lap 23 - Raikko makes a mistake missing a braking point and sends Otti off the track.

Sven was also there.

Raikko leaves that place as 2nd in front of Sven.

Lap 30 - Otti tries to pass Sven (battle for 3rd).

He makes it after Sven went wide.

Sven makes another mistake on the same penultimate lap and Luft takes 4th place.

But in the end, after all of that craziness... Adrian won (as you already know - and congrats, Kangaroo Kid!), even with lots of mistakes, raikkO was the one getting the 2nd place, Otti (FINALLY) finished a race and scored points for the championship, with a pretty good podium and luft got 4th and Sven got 5th after losing the podium on the penultimate lap... well done, poindexter! Very Happy

Adrian wins San Marino GP (thx again for a picture Charlie!) Smile

Raikko crosses the finish line as second.

Otti is 3rd.


Oh, no! Some guys got penalties on this race! shockedd

But, come on, guys, we were all expecting that, right?
Jah, I know...
And the 'not so happy' winners of penalties are...

- Denis_Belarus:
Lap 13, Chicane Aqua Minerale - incident with Tom McKay.
´(5.35 Ignoring blue flags and causing a driver to crash and/or damage their car (front wing, rear wing, wheel, puncture)´ - DISQUALIFICATION from the race, and START FROM THE PITS in the next race (Valencia).

- raikkO:
Lap 25, tight chicane (Variante Alta) - incident with Otti.
´(5.12 Causing an avoidable collision AFTER LAP 1 that results in another driver losing time (spin) and places, and not letting them recover position)´ - DRIVE THROUGH (15 seconds added on his total race time.

And with that, we had a LOT of changes, both on the race itself and also on the Drivers' and Constructors' Championships!!!

raikkO scored 6 less points, which gave Tom McKay the 2nd place on the Drivers Table and also gave Otti the 2nd place at Imola and with that he not only finally scored on this season, but also got 18 points and jumped 'only' 16 places on the Table (from 25th to 9th) - Dildo Boy is lighting up!!! Idea

Luft also got 3 extra points, going from 4th to 3rd (a nice podium), which also helped the RBR to stay close to renault on the Teams Table!

And just to add my two cents about the penalties:
I KNOW (at I believe...) that NONE of these race incidents were caused on purpose, but (as I said after the Chinese GP...) here's my 'tip' not just to Denis and raikkO, but to EVERYBODY: Let's just try to be a little more CAREFUL with each other (YES, we can still be 'aggressive', but we can ALSO be careful with our opponents AT THE SAME TIME) and then no more penalties would need to be applied in the future! Smile

Just think about that, guys! Wink

For ALL the other pointers and Championship standings, just take a look below!!! Senna

NEXT RACE: At... let me check the schedule... study's a NEW track to the league: Spain GP - Valencia - June 17th, 2012 drunken

1 – Adrian S Shole (Renault) – 26 points (25+1 for pole)
2 – Otti (Sauber) – 18 points
3 – Luft_inspektor (RBR) - 15 points
4 – raikkO (Blue Arrows) – 12 points
5 – Sven (Ferrari) – 10 points
6 – Joe McLaggen (McLaren) – 8 points
7 – BlackFox (Lotus) – 6 points
8 – Jackblack (Williams) – 4 points
9 – Alex Hill (McLaren) – 2 points
10 – ADI (Force India) – 1 point


1 – Renault – 26 points (25+1 for pole)
2 – Sauber – 18 points
3 – RBR – 15 points
4 – Blue Arrows – 12 points
5 – Ferrari - 10 points
6 - McLaren - 10 points
7 - Lotus - 6 points
8 - Williams - 2 points
8 - Force India - 1 point
DRIVERS’ CHAMPIONSHIP - After 4 races (OFFICIAL - AFTER penalties):

1 - Adrian - 94 points
2 - Tom - 53 points
3 - RaikkO - 50 points
4 - Joe - 30 points (+1)
5 - Luft - 29 points (+4)
6 - Arek - 23 points (-2)
7 - Denis - 21 points (-1)
8 - Sven - 20 points (+3)
9 - Otti - 18 points (+16) - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 3rd
10 - Bober - 18 points (-3) - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 5th
11 - Adammo - 15 points (-3)
12 - Sexy - 12 points (-2)
13 - Black - 10 points
14 - Jack - 4 points (+6) - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 8th & 13th
15 - Grisu - 4 points (-3) - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 8th & 14th
16 - Alex - 4 points (-1) - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 9th
17 - Arnie - 2 points (-3)
18 - ADI - 1 point (+5)
19 - Jean - 0 points (-3) - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th & 12th
20 - Kurt - 0 points (-3) - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 11th & 16th
21 - pxr5 - 0 points (-3) - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 12th & 15th
22 - Goa - 0 points (-3) - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 12th & 16th
23 - Dead - 0 points (-2) - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 13th
24 - Cueball - 0 points (-2) - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 14th
25 - Tony - 0 points (+1) - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 15th
26 - Soutie - 0 points (-2) - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 17th
27 - Stig - 0 points - TIE BREAKER: best finish pos.: 21st

* - 'tie breaker' (for drivers with 0 points) = best finish position (in case of a new tie, the next best finish position - and so on...)
** - 'OUT' = the driver didn't even race (wasn't even online)


1 - Renault - 94 points
2 - RBR - 82 points
3 - Blue Arrows - 50 points (+1)
4 - STR - 39 points (-1)
5 - McLaren - 34 points
6 - HRT - 23 points
7 - Ferrari - 20 points (+1)
8 - Sauber - 18 points (+3)
9 - Force India - 13 points (-2)
10 - Lotus - 12 points (-1)
11 - Williams - 8 points (-1)
12 - Mercedes - 0 points
13 - Virgin - 0 points

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Bonus Smile

LOOK OUT, ADI!!! The crane!!! shockedd

Bonus no.2 especially for Tom Smile

Lap 3 - a duel between Tom and Raikko

Lap 11 - ADI (9th) in front of Sven. At the background Deadfish retires.

Black spent most of the race watching metalic square on the back of Joe's car Smile

Lap 23 - Adi has a fire on aboard, he's out.

Bonus no. 3 My friend Charlie after the race Smile

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williams 8 points not 6 or how can you answer that you get with place 8 in driver champ ship 4 points and in teamchampionship 2? Smile


Just a typing mistake.

No need to cry. This isn't the official championship standings anyway...

This is:

Yay 1 point Cool

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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Nice, Mate!!! Very Happy

Force India, let's go!!! Razz


Pictures updated! Smile

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YAY!!! Thanks, Arek!!!
I'm gonna write it tomorrow... probably...

Well done mate pictures look great Very Happy and avatar is great too she looks better than kimi though Very Happy

                                                                            Team Pet Shark
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cool pics, never noticed the camerman before.

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Nice pics indeed! Smile

I promise to try to appear more next race. (See signature! Razz )

"In order to finish first, first you have to finish", Jackie Steward.
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I think that last picture is Ian Huntley.

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PQP Arek! Your avatar has forced me to change my diet to only eating fish. Very Happy

Great pictures and annotations as usual, keep up the way you're doing it! (Tags ruin it - sorry Sexy! Razz)


pxr5 wrote:I think that last picture is Ian Huntley.

Very Happy lol!

some amazing photos well done arek

Arek wrote:Pictures updated! Smile

Oo Arek you're looking so great lately Very Happy

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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Eerr... Mate... he only changed his avatar... not his sex...
(I'm just sayin'...)

Damn I thought he changed his sex Razz we could've called her 'Areka' Very Happy

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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Geezuz!!!... Good luck, Mate!!!

Thanks mate, I'll need it (BTW did you grew a mustache?) Razz

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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Actually my beard and mustache takes weeks to grow and even when they do, they're still pretty small... I could never use/have a 'real beard/mustache', even if I wanted to... - seriously!

(but it's ok, because I don't want to anyway... Very Happy )

(I just saw that in your avatar Razz )

Same with me man, I hardly can grow beard/mustache...right, so this thread was about a race report Razz

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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Oh, that's true!!! A race report, right?!...
I'm starting to write it right now...
(but God only know when I'm gonna finish... LOL)
Very Happy


League Director
League Director
omg arek can you please say that my brakes were gone in the last three laps so i had no chance to fight for the second place? Smile

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I could, but I didn't put that info on the report, Boss...
I rather just make fun of you losing the podium on the penultimate lap... - LMAO!!! Razz


cheers REPORT IS UP!! cheers



League Director
League Director
i changed it my self we dont want a lieport, ok?

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