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Race REPORT & PICTURES - 03 - Chinese GP (Shanghai)

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Chinese GP - Shanghai (Sunday, may 27th, 2012) – Race Report, by Sexy Brigadeiro Very Happy & pictures by Arek sick

I don't know how (because I SWEAR I didn't delete it), but my log file with the results of the race - the one I open in Autosim Analyzer and can see all the info about the race, lap times, pit stops and etc - is just gone! It's just not there in the folder where it should be, so... I just CAN'T read this info and I'm gonna write this report based ONLY on Arek's pictures and IF I put ANY wrong info below, feel free to let me know and I'll correct it with the proper info - sorry... Sad
This time we had 2 different races in 1...
We had a particular race between Adrian S Shole vs RaikkO and another race between everybody else... and Adrian won both of them - where is soutie when we need him?!?!?! ¬¬'

The race start was not so clean (as expected) and some drivers spun, bumped and got bumped and Adrian and raikkO were able to stay in front of everyone, with Adrian getting the lead in T1...

The Start of the rFR Chinese GP

First corner with Adrian S Shole (AUS) as a leader.

Top 3 after the first chicane: Adrian (AUS), Raikko (ROM) and Otti (CHI)
About the bumps...
Some of them were actually pretty curious and even funny - and I guess Webber wasn't the only one singing 'I Believe I Can Fly' on this circuit this season...

Arek (POL) continues the best Polish traditions of ski jumping trying to copy high fly of Adam Małysz over pxr5 (GBR) Smile

Hard battle between teamates Joe (GBR) and Alex (CHN) causes the second of them gets take off.
Adrian and raikkO had their 'little private race', both because they were pretty damn fast, but also because behind them, it was a warzone and all of these other fights also helped for them to escape...
After the first corners, we had a HUGE fight for the 3rd place involving (on this order) Otti, Grisu, Denis, Joe, Tom, Sven, Black, Alex, Luft, Sexy, Dead, Bober, pxr5, Stig, ADI, Arnie and some other guys that don't appear on Arek's pictures... Razz

Grisu (ITA) and Denis (BLR) chase the top 3.

Luft_inspektor (CRO) fights against Alex Hill (CHN) for 9th place fallowed by BlackFox (FIN)

Some action from first lap with Arnoldinhu (FIN) and ADI (ROM) on the first plan.
In the middle of the long straight, we had a LOT of fights, draft and overtakes and Bober vs Black was a pretty big & nice one:

Bober (BLR) defends his position against Blackfox (FIN)

Mirrors are the small things but quite important and sometimes is nice to take a look at them...
And, as always, on the braking point, we also had some other and also just great fights and overtakes, like Grisu 'stealing' P3 from Otti...

Grisu (ITA) passes Otti (CHI) and takes 3rd place.

Otti doesn't give up (battle for 3rd) by Denis's TV camera.
And at the end of lap 1, after getting all kinds of crazy things happening all around me (zillions of bumps and etc), I saw myself between Sven (ahead) and deadfish (behind) when we entered the start/finish straight and I knew it would be a pretty tough T1 with the 3 of us fighting for postions and... unfortunately, I was right...
While trying to avoid Sven, I got hit by Deadfish - a TRULY race incident IMO - but it was enough to put a smile on Sven's face while me and Dead had our entire races all screwed up...
I went to the gravel and was overtaken by everyone (I guess only 2 cars didn't overtake me), but my 1 pit stop strategy was all compromised already, because the only way for me to do it was going a little slower in order to save tyres, so I HAD to have a relatively good pace and when I went to the gravel I lost more than 20 seconds to get back on track, not to mention all the cars that passed me and then I had a 'crowded track' in front of me, instead of a 'free track', which also made it even harder to have a good pace... In the end I finished 6th, but I KNOW I could have fought for the 3rd or 4th place, so even scoring points for the Championship, which is always a good thing, it was a frustrating race for me...
Thigs for Dead went even worse though... He also lost a lot of time although he was able to stay on track (instead of the gravel), but he spun and while trying to recover, he was also hit by Arek and then... 'Dead was dead'... and Arek almost lost his front wing, but he wasn't exactly 'lucky', because he also went to the gravel and lost lots of important seconds taking that unhappy trip...

Deadfish (GBR) spins his car after incident with Sexy (BRA)

Deadfish tries to reverse the car while Arek desperately trying to avoid him.

Arek (POL) loses much time off the circuit in deep sand and Dead (GBR) loses his front wing and then ends his race.
More ahead, but yet in lap 2, Grisu made a mistake and almost hit the wall... He survived, but was overtaken by half of China population...

Grisu (ITA) makes a mistake and almost crash his car on lap 2.
And raikkO overtook Adrian for the 1st time and got the lead at the very start of lap 3 - Otti got the 3rd place again after Grisu's mistake:

Battle for 1st place between Adrian (AUS) and Raikko (ROM).

The lead begins 3rd lap.
And right behind Otti, Tom McKay was giving Denis a hard time:

Tom McKay vs Denis (BLR) batte for 4th place.
RaikkO had to go to the pits about lap 10 for some fresh tires and with that Adrian got the lead and the chance to have a few laps without losing time with fights...

Raikko's pit stop takes more time than he expects.
BTW, the pit entrance was pretty tricky at China... the slightest mistake could make the driver end up on another terrible gravel trap, losing too much time, or even just hitting the wall and... we had some victims there... obviously...

Massive crash of Stig (POL) in the road to the pits on lap 10.

Kurtmudgeon (COL) with a puncture.

pxr5 comes to pit successfully while later.
After getting back on track, raikkO found himself between some heavy traffic and was trying his best not to let Adrian get a good advantage with the time lost, so he begun to overtake everyone and everything in front of him...

Raikko (ROM) prepares attack on Luft (CRO) for 9th place after his pit stop, while Otti with fresh tyres tries to overtake Sexy with worn tyres...
One of the reasons why I was also a little frustrated about my whole race was the fact that some drivers forced some crazy (and just pointless) overtakes over me... Forced because they were not smart, but just dangerous... And pointless because they were made in points where it was impossible to actually overtake and get the position... So, those moves only made me and these other drivers lose time - not to mention some of them almost became accidents that could've been the end of the race for us... Anyway...

Lap 13th. Denis (BLR) and his kamikaze overtaking on Sexy Brigadeiro (BRA). In the background Alex fights with Luft.
I don't know exactly what happened to Adrian after raikkO went to the pits... He had a free track ahead, but still when Adrian finally made his pit stop, that wasn't enough to keep the lead and he came back on track in 2nd place...

Adrian S Shole (AUS) leaves pits in 2nd place.
Trying to save tyres and going for only 1 pit stop wasn't an easy thing to do at all... As I said before, in order to do that, I had to drive slower than usual and be VERY careful at some corners entrances and exits and ADI also tried his best, but... failed... - sorry, Mate! Sad

ADI (ROM) gets a puncture in bad place.

ADI (ROM) desperately tries to get to pits and change his puncture while Arek smiles... Smile
The race was cruel to other drivers too... and with the third DNF in 3 races - although this time NOT because of the engine - Otti decided to go straight to Imola...

Otti (CHI) is happy that it is only a computer game Smile
While Adrian and raikkO were having their little road trip in China, lots of other guys were still fighting for the other positions and here a few highlights of these fights:

Lap 17 and battle for 4th place between several cars.

Battle between Sven (GER) and Tom McKay (GBR)

Contact between them in harpin but Tom gets 7th place from Sven.

Tom contunues his good run trying to get his chance from battle between Luft and Grisu.

Tom (GBR) makes it but his teammate loses place for Grisu (ITA).

Luft hits Grisu into his rear and they both come to pits.
And some of these fights kept going even in the pits...

This is how solid entering to pits should look like Smile

And this how solid start from service spot should look like by Arek (POL) Smile Grisu leaves pits behind Luft losing his place.
And then we got to that point of the race when some 'unnexpected' (at least to some drivers...) things start to happen and in his first race of the season so far - which wasn't so bad - it was time for Tony's engine to say 'BOOM!' shockedd

Antonio Heljanovic (CRO) finish his race after engine failure on lap 23.
And the same happened to Sven and to China Boy... - and Black also said a 'forced goodbye'...

Sven (GER) who is 4th unds up his race after engine failure on penultimate lap!

Penultimate straight and Alex's engine says: 'no more...' (while Sexy says 'Pega na minha benga e balança!') - China Boy lost 6th places in his home GP. Crying or Very sad

Struggling with technical problems Blackfox (FIN) finishes on a wall the second race in a row.
Adrian and raikkO kept having a pretty good fight for the lead...

Adrian passes Raikko.

Raikko's instant revange on Adrian.
But in the end, Adrian was able to keep his place and got his 2nd victory in 3 races this season and looks good for the Title, although it's still pretty soon and we still have another 14 races to go...

Adrian passes Raikko after his puncture and takes the lead on the last lap!

The victory for Australian Kangaroo. Smile

The winner and runner up thank each other for the fight.
And Tom Mckay got the last podium spot and actually won the other race (between everybody else, except for Adrian and raikkO), but with that result Tom is still only a few points behind Adrian on the Drivers' Championship table, due to being regular on the 3 races so far - so MAYBE things won't be that easy to our aussie mate... Very Happy

Tom Mackay (GBR) takes 3rd place.
For ALL the other pointers and Championship standings, just take a look below!!! bounce

NEXT RACE: At Imola graveyard... pale - San Marino GP - Imola - June 3rd, 2012

1 – Adrian S Shole (Renault) – 25 points
2 – raikkO (Blue Arrows) – 19 points (18+1 for pole)
3 – T McKay (RBR) - 15 points
4 – Denis_Belarus (STR) – 12 points
5 – Bober_Belarus (STR) – 10 points
6 – Sexy Brigadeiro (Force India) – 8 points
7 – Joe McLaggen (McLaren) – 6 points
8 – Grisu (Williams) – 4 points
9 – Arek (HRT) – 2 points
10 – Luft_inspektor (RBR) – 1 point


1 – Renault – 25 points
2 – STR – 22 points
3 – Blue Arrows – 19 points (18+1 for pole)
4 – RBR – 16 points
5 – Force India - 8 points
6 - McLaren – 6 points
7 - Williams - 4 points
8 - HRT - 2 points
DRIVERS’ CHAMPIONSHIP - After 3 races (OFFICIAL - AFTER penalties):

1 - Adrian - 68 points
2 - Tom - 53 points
3 - RaikkO - 38 points (+1)
4 - Arek - 23 points (-1)
5 - Joe - 22 points
6 - Denis - 21 points (+3)
7 - Bober - 18 points (+3)
8 - Adammo - 15 points (-2)
9 - Luft - 14 points (-2)
10 - Sexy - 12 points (+2)
11 - Sven - 10 points (-3)
12 - Grisu - 4 points (+6)
13 - Black - 4 points (-2)
14 - Arnie - 2 points (-1)
15 - Alex - 2 points (-1)
16 - Jean - 0 points (-1) - best finish pos: 11th & 12th
17 - Kurt - 0 points (+4) - best finish pos: 11th & 16th
18 - pxr5 - 0 points (+1) - best finish pos: 12th & 15th
19 - Goa - 0 points (-3) - best finish pos: 12th & 16th
20 - Jack - 0 points (+2) - best finish pos: 13th & 13th
21 - Dead - 0 points (-4) - best finish pos: 13th & 15th
22 - Cueball - 0 points (-3) - best finish pos: 15th
23 - ADI - 0 points (+2) - best finish pos: 17th & DQ
24 - Soutie - 0 points (-1) - best finish pos: 17th & OUT
25 - Otti - 0 points (-1) - best finish pos: 19th & 20th
26 - Tony - 0 points - best finish pos: 19th + OUT
27 - Stig - 0 points (-1) - best finish pos: 21st

* - 'tie breaker' (for drivers with 0 points) = best finish position (in case of a new tie, the next best finish position - and so on...)
** - 'OUT' = the driver didn't even race (wasn't even online)


1 - Renault - 68 points (+1)
2 - RBR - 67 points (-1)
3 - STR - 39 points (+3)
4 - Blue Arrows - 38 points
5 - McLaren - 24 points
6 - HRT - 23 points (-3)
7 - Force India - 12 points (+2)
8 - Ferrari - 10 points (-1)
9 - Lotus - 6 points (-1)
10 - Williams - 4 points (+1)
11 - Sauber - 0 points (-1)
12 - Mercedes - 0 points
13 - Virgin - 0 points

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A few other highlights from the Chinese GP

Sven (GER) misses his braking point and hits Joe McLaggen (GBR)

Jean Sigouin (CAN) makes a mistake in last corner before the longest straight which costs him few places.

ADI (ROM) touches Arnie (FIN) sending him on the grass which costs 5 places for Finn!

BlackFox (FIN) comes to pits.

Last meters of Jean (CAN) before heavy crash.

Otti (CHI) overtakes Luft (CRO) in batte for 8th place.

Joe McLaggen (GBR) fights against Bober (BLR)

Joe contunues his hard fight with Bober through whole 11th lap.

Alex Hill (CHN) in front of tens of thousands of fans in his home GP.

Denis vs Luft_inspektor

It was piece of cake for Arnie (FIN) fighting with Antonio H. (CRO) Smile

Sexy Brigadeiro (BRA) makes his one and only pit stop at the end of lap 14... Neutral

pxr5 (GBR) and Luft (CRO)

pxr5 (GBR)

Denis (BLR) and Sexy (BRA)

Luft spins after contact with Joe Mclaggen

Arek tries to catch Grisu.

Was close but Grisu saves his place.

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what lap is the ADI vs Arnold contact?

Tom McKay wrote:what lap is the ADI vs Arnold contact?

Awesome pics Arek nice one, if I knew where these things happen I could make a decent highlight video of overtaking and stuff.

Last edited by pxr5 on 29th May 2012, 1:31 am; edited 1 time in total

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pxr5 wrote:
Tom McKay wrote:what lap is the ADI vs Arnold contact?

If I knew this I could make a decent highlight video and spend more time with effects.

6th lap

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Arek wrote:
pxr5 wrote:
Tom McKay wrote:what lap is the ADI vs Arnold contact?

If I knew this I could make a decent highlight video and spend more time with effects.

6th lap

Thanks, if you see anymore action after lap 1 let me know what lap so I know where to look, ive already got some nice footage recorded i just need more good stuff.

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pxr - look at my replay down the long straight on lap 18 as i overtake grisu and luft.
i've sent you a PM with more incidents


Well... it seems I actually don't need to write anything else... LOL Very Happy

Nice pics, Arek! And great job!

But here's a few suggestions...

You could leave the drivers names appear on each picture, so you wouldn't need to 'explain' who is who in each picture on the subtitles!

Also you could number the pictures, so it would be easier for the people to reffer to them - like 'oh, hey, I loved the picture nuber 17!' and etc...

And you could also put the number of each lap (for each picture) on the subtitles

Last edited by Sexy Brigadeiro on 29th May 2012, 4:08 am; edited 1 time in total

What a fantastic job Arek!!! Congrats mate!!!

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I don't like the names over the cars. I like it how Arek it do, great Job arkadiuz Smile


i'm disappointed there isn't any text from sexy, the pictures are brilliant but i like a bit of your humour and commentary like in your other reports Sad


League Director
League Director
yes for me it has nothing to do anymore with a report, very sad Sad

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I think along the pictures you could write a thing or two about how the things developed, that would be super.

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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League Director
League Director
i called the thread now PICTURES - 03 - CHINESE GP (Shanghai)

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I think that Sexy will post his report. He urged me to finish my pictures as soon as possible few times yesterday. I think he was suprised I've made so many so now he has to update his report very much Razz

I agree in case of adding number of a picture and numbers of laps but I won't correct these pictures. I spent damn half of a day to make it as you can see it now. If you need to know (Sexy) about number of a lap for each picture I've written above how to check it. Or you can can just ask to me by google chat (I've got all these damn pictures with numbers of laps) Razz

I don't agree with idea of putting drivers names to the pictures. I think it would look awfull and that's the reason I don't do that Razz

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DON'T edit/delete my posts EVER again, Sven.



*** UPDATE ***

Race report finally written...
(nothing great, but... it's there... - 1st post...)

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