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Race REPORT & PICTURES - 02 - Australian GP (Melbourne)

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Australian GP - Melbourne (Sunday, may 13th, 2012) – Race Report, by Sexy Brigadeiro Neutral

The League has a new winner!!!
And it's a driver who is one of the fastest guys around here and has been seeking this victory for so long - and was SO close to it a few times (especially on the nightmarish race at Monaco, last season...) but today it was FINALLY his day!!! So... CONGRATS Sir Thomas Mckay for your first victory ever!!! Surprised

Once again we had a pretty good qualifying before the race with the Home Driver, Adrian S. Shole having the pole until the very last minute when Grisu was the fastest one and a few seconds later Tom made the fastest time and got the definitive pole - wow! bounce

At the race start, once again we ALMOST had a clean one, but... cueball lost the braking spot for a few inches and it was enough to hit deadfish - and I was coming right behind them and just couldn't avoid cueball who spun right in front of me (and I was lucky for not losing my front wing) - Luck +10!

The start of RFR Australian GP.

In front of the grid, we had a great battle for the 1st place with Grisu having a pretty good start and 'jumping' over Tom Mckay, who tried his best to keep his place:

Sprint to the first turn. Tom McKay (GBR) and Grisu (ITA) fight for 1st place.

But Grisu was able to overtake Tom and got the lead! Skill +5! Very Happy

Grisu (ITA) leaves the first chicane as 1st.

Before the end of the 1st lap, Adrian S Shole fell to 5th, being overtaken by the Swiss Cheese/Barbie Girl/Dildo Boy (Otti) and the Arriba Muchacho (Joe McLaggen) and realized things wouldn't be so easy for him even racing at home...

On the middle of the grid we also had a lot of fights and overtakes and Arek made a great move when he overtook 2 cars at once at the braking for T3 - Skill +1; Luck +99 (jah he is just a noob)...

Arek (POL) overtakes Sven (GER) and Denis (BLR) at one time.

The same situation from Arek's car.

And Sexy Brigadeiro (me Cool ) also had a great 1st lap ALMOST as good as Senna's 1st lap in donington 93 (sure!... Razz) and went from 20th to 11th place! Skill +99 What a Face

Since the tyres were still getting warm (and the kerbs were pretty slippery), some drivers had a hard time trying to keep their cars on track and that's what happened to Otti on the exit of the fast chicane on S2 - Skill -5...

Otti (CHI) having problems on first lap.

And with that, Adrian tried to overtook by the grass, since it was the only avaliable space to 'throw' his car with the little time he had to react - Courage +5 (+10, because it was against Otti)...:

Adrian (AUS) taking his chance using some grass after Otti's mistake (battle for 3rd).

After their 'issue' on T1, cueball and deadfish had another 'fight'...

Cueball (GBR) attacks Deadfish (GBR).

Luft_inspektor was also having a hard time in staying on the track and lost a few positions with that mistake - Noobishness +15:

Luft_inspektor (CRO) spins.

And a few seconds later, on the same corner, it was time for both Jackblack and Denis_Belarus to taste a little bit of the australian grass - NOM NOM NOM - Skill -20; Hunger +50... sick

JackBlack (ITA) sends Denis (BLR) off the track.

Adrian still wanted to look good at home and started a big fight for the 4th place against Joe...

Fight between Joe McLaggen (GBR) and Adrian (AUS) (battle for 4th)

But on the 5th lap Adrian finally got what he wanted - Joe tried his best, but just couldn't avoid the inevitable (sorry, Joe, but Adrian's mom was on the stands blowing kisses to her son - and it was Mother's Day!) - Skill +10; Cuteness +20 Embarassed; Love +50 I love you - AAAAWWWW!!!

Joe (GBR) has to give up after this attack.

Adrian S Shole (AUS) blowing kisses to his mom... queen Smile

In front, Grisu was once again looking good and trying to keep Tom at a safe distance and even increase the gap a little bit more... But Tom was also pushing as hard as he could - a new great battle was about to begin...

Grisu (ITA) tries to increase the gap between Tom (GBR).

The fact is that Tom got closer to Grisu and the fight was pretty good, with the drivers overtaking each other! But at the 9th lap Tom finally overtook Grisu for good and gained the 1st place - nice one, guys! Respect +15

Tom McKay (GBR) overtakes Grisu (ITA) (battle for 1st).

Grisu (ITA) has his chance for revenge a while later.

Tom (GBR) saves his position.

Around the lap 14 the pit stops begun - and jah, everyone was going for only 1 stop on this race - so, it was PARTY TIME on the pits - YAY!!! cheers

"Pit lane party" (Luft, Sexy, Alex, Arek and Denis).

Pitting was not so simple and easy for some guys... pxr5 tried desperately to get on the pit lane entry, while Arek tried desperately to get out of it when he saw that his teammate Goa was going for the pit on the same lap - Team Communication -25...

pxr5 (GBR) uses reverse gear desperately trying to get to pits.

Arek (POL) has a different problem trying to get back on track seeing his teammate is in.

Even on the pit lane we had fights, like Sven vs Goa - sorry Boss, but at that very moment, you lost that one... Rolling Eyes

Sven (GER) vs Goa (RUS) - duel in the pit lane.

And as always, lots of positions changed with those stops and when the drivers rejoined the track new fights begun:

Adrian (AUS) makes a good use of his fresh tyres after pitstop overtaking Bober (BLR).

And Joe got back right in front of raikkO and they had a hard battle a few laps later...

Joe McLaggen (GBR) gets back on track after his pit stop in front of Raikko (ROM).

Raikko (ROM) pushes Joe McLaggen (GBR) into the wall - Penalty +0 (I'm just sayin' Razz )...

And on the battle for the lead we also had some news! Tom and Grisu actualy stopped on the same 15th lap - and Tom kept the lead, but Grisu was still looking good and seeking for revenge!

Tom (GBR)and Grisu (ITA) pit the same lap.

But Otti was also looking good and after the stops, he actually overtook Grisu (lap 16) and was going after Tommy, singing his lovely Barbie Girl song, which Tom 'loves' it... Sleep

Tom, Otti and Grisu.

The current Champion, Arek, 'The Noob' also had a nice fight against Sven, 'The Boss' right after his pit stop and guess what happened and who won?!...

Arek (POL) gets back on track right in front of Sven (GER).

Battle between Arek (POL) and Sven (GER).

Sven (GER) makes a mistake and spins - Skill -10... Neutral

Another nice battle happened between BlackFox and deadfish... it's a shame it was the battle for the 'last' place - LOL - still it was a pretty good one between two great drivers - congrats for the amazing highlights, guys! Respect +20 Smile

BlackFox (FIN) and Deadfish (GBR).

Deadfish (GBR) in troubles.

It's a shame that although Black won that one, a few laps later he had a déjà-vu... Jah it seems that he went to pay a visit to the EXACT same wall he kissed last season and guess what?!... They fell in love again 1 year later - AWWW!!! Love is beautiful!!! I love you

BlackFox (FIN) finishes his race exactly the same wall as last season.

But don't be sad, Black... deadfish is REALLY a great buddy! He even 'decided' to kiss a wall too, look:

Deadfish (GBR) also ends up his race kissing the wall.

On the middle of the pack, Sexy was able to hold Arek behind almost the whole race - and that's all Arek saw:

This is how looked half of the Arek's race. Smile

And then he had to realize and accept the hard truth...

Close, but still not enough to pass Sexy (BRA)...

But... noobs are usually lucky, right?!... And with a higher tyre consumption on the 2nd stint, Sexy had to slow down a little bit, while Arek decided to attack and a few laps later...

Arek (POL) finally overtakes Sexy (BRA) - Sexy's anger +10 Mad

And when things seemed to be done... Tom leading, followed by Otti (2nd) and Grisu (3rd) and the 'Home Boy' (lol) Adrian only in 4th place... some unnexpected (or maybe not so unnexpected) events happened: Someone asked for a fried swiss cheese... well, there you go, Mr.!

Otti burns. Now Grisu has a smile on his face.

And remember Grisu had a blown engine at the last race when he was looking good for the win?!... Well he was not leading now, but... it happened again:

But it doesn't take too long... - Luck -50; Ability to figure out a way to keep his engine alive -99 (same goes to you Otti...) Neutral

And with that Tommy was closer and closer to his 1st victory and Adrian's mom even prouder with her son's 2nd place! But there was still a great battle for the last spot on the podium!!! We had a reserve driver replacing ADI on Force India for this race and the young Adammo had a great and solid race! Started in 7th but on the very last lap he was able to overtake Luft and got to appear on the picture of the top 3 after the race!

Luft is the second driver of Red Bull in this season who knows how does losing podium on the very last lap tastes like Crying or Very sad

But Tom was just HAPPY for his first win and he decided to draw some donnuts on Albert Park's tarmac - he wrote: 'That's for you, Sexy!' Cool - aaawww! Thanks, Tommy!!! Very Happy

Tom McKay (GBR) celebrates his first ever win doing doughnuts after the finish line.

So, once again, CONGRATS, TOM!!!
And it was also a GREAT race for the Red Bull team with a victory (Tom) and a 4th place (Luft) +1 extra point for the pole (Tom), getting the lead on the Constructors' Championship!

On the Drivers' Championship Adrian kept the lead, due to his 2 good races so far, but Tom is right behind and the season is getting better, but we're just heating up!!! sunny

For ALL the other pointers and Championship standings, just take a look below!!! bounce

NEXT RACE: At Alex Hill's backyard - Chinese GP - Shanghai - May 27th, 2012 Cool

1 – T McKay (RBR) – 26 points (25+1 for pole)
2 – Adrian S Shole (Renault) – 18 points
3 – Adammo14 (Force India) - 15 points
4 – Luft_inspektor (RBR) – 12 points
5 – Joe McLaggen (McLaren) – 10 points
6 – Bober_Belarus (STR) – 8 points
7 – Arek (HRT) – 6 points
8 – Sexy Brigadeiro (Force India) – 4 points
9 – Alex Hill (McLaren) – 2 points
10 – Denis_Belarus (STR) – 1 point


1 – RBR – 38 points (37+1 for pole)
2 – Force India – 19 points
3 – Renault – 18 points
4 – McLaren – 12 points
5 – STR - 9 points
6 - HRT – 6 points
DRIVERS’ CHAMPIONSHIP - After 2 races (OFFICIAL - AFTER penalties):

1 - Adrian - 43 points
2 - Tom - 38 points (+2)
3 - Arek - 21 points
4 - RaikkO - 19 points (-2)
5 - Joe - 16 points (+2)
6 - Adammo - 15 points (+16)
7 - Luft - 13 points (+3)
8 - Sven - 10 points (-3)
9 - Denis - 9 points (-3)
10 - Bober - 8 points (+11)
11 - Black - 4 points (-3)
12 - Sexy - 4 points (+9)
13 - Arnie - 2 points (-4)
14 - Alex - 2 points (+7)
15 - Jean - 0 points (-3) 12th + 11th
16 - Goa - 0 points (+1) 16th + 12th
17 - Dead - 0 points (-4) 13th + 14th
18 - Grisu - 0 points (-4) 14th + 16th
19 - pxr5 - 0 points (-4) 15th + 18th
19 - Cueball - 0 points (+1) 18th + 15th
21 - Kurt - 0 points (-10) 11th + OUT
22 - Jack - 0 points (-3) DQ + 13th
23 - Soutie - 0 points (-7) 17th + OUT
24 - Otti - 0 points (-3) OUT + 19th
25 - ADI - 0 points (-5) DQ + OUT
26 - Stig - 0 points (-5) OUT + OUT
26 - Tony - 0 points (-5) OUT + OUT


1 - RBR - 51 points (+3)
2 - Renault - 43 points (-1)
3 - HRT - 21 points
4 - Blue Arrows - 19 points (-2)
5 - McLaren - 18 points (+2)
6 - STR - 17 points
7 - Ferrari - 10 points (-2)
8 - Lotus - 6 points
9 - Force India - 4 points (+4)
10 - Sauber - 0 points (-1)
11 - Williams - 0 points (-1)
12 - Mercedes - 0 points
13 - Virgin - 0 points (-2)

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A few other highlights and pictures from the race - thanks to Arek!!! Smile

Alex Hill (CHN)

Grisu (ITA) leads the group.

Big moment for Alex (CHN)

Beautiful view of Melbourne and Albert Park lake (pxr5, Jackblack, BlackFox, Cueball, Deadfish, Denis and Jean Sigouin).

Jean Sigouin (CAN).

Denis (BLR) rejoines the track.

Otti (CHI).

Luft (CRO) follows Adam (POL).

Good race by Bober (BLR) and solid 6th place.

Joe McLaggen (GBR) (5th place).

Luft_inspektor (CRO) (4th)

Adrian S Shole (AUS) takes the second place in his home GP.

Adam (POL) gets podium place (3rd place) in his first RFR race passing Luft (CRO) on the last lap.

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great pictures! i really like these. you have great graphics on your game Smile


GREAT pictures and GREAT job, Arek!!!
Thank you VERY much and I hope you keep doing it for the next races/reports!!!
Very Happy


Nice idea Arek Smile


very nice

Nice job!

if i*ve ever offended you, just know that from the bottom of my heart, i really dont give a shit
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Yeah, nice idea. Good anotations too.

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Great job Arek, nice pictures! cheers

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Thx guys. I'm glad you like it Smile

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Jah, but hey, Arek... you're still a NOOB!!! Razz

That's great Arek! I also had this ideea in my mind but I forgot to tell it...

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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*** UPDATE ***



League Director
League Director
nice one sexy Smile

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Thanks, Boss!!! Smile

Very nice Sexy! I think this format is the best to sum up a course of a race.

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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Thanks, Mate!!! And I agree with you!!!
Thaks to Mr. Noob - Arek, The Champion - for the great pictures!!!


Wow! By far the longest race report ever! Pictures tell a thousand words, so this report is about 40,000 words long!

It's funny how the lag affects other driver's views though. I watched some of the official replay, and I was off the track at every corner! I wasn't actually on the grass when I passed Otti, but because it looks more dramatic and entertaining, I'll pretend I was. Very Happy


Thanks for the compliments, Adrian and once again I must say the pictures were 'taken' by Arek, so he deserves the credits for that - it was really a nice idea and from now on that's how the reports are gonna be (hopefully...) Razz

And you're right about the lag, but if one day we're able to get the server replay, we believe it wouldn't have any lag! For now, the Official replay was MY replay and I'm sorry for the lag (by the time of the race, everything looked fine to me)... Smile


Yeah I saw that Adrian leaved the chicane (where Otti had a troubles) very wide (even crossed the curb) without losing speed and I smelled that something was wrong and his car was shown too much on the left compared where it actually was. So then while he was passing Otti there was still a lag but noone has to know about that. It is better to read that way, more action, drama etc... and was close to the grass anyway Very Happy

Last edited by Arek on 17th May 2012, 3:30 pm; edited 1 time in total

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Next time we can say he passed from the other side of the fence... geek

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