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1. Japan GP (shouting thread)

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26 Re: 1. Japan GP (shouting thread) on 7th May 2012, 2:53 pm


First Congrats to Adrian. Very unlucky for me, at Saturday my Pedals works fine, and I did in the morning nice 31 times Smile I was looking forward for the Suzuka GP but then at Sunday my Pedals didn't work, a little bit later I found the problem, the wheel was On for PS3 and not for Pc, pfffff. Kurt, I'm very sorry that I didn't respond you in Google+ but you write to my mobile Telephone and not to my PC Very Happy Let's see Australia Cool

27 Re: 1. Japan GP (shouting thread) on 7th May 2012, 3:49 pm


I'm sorry for you Dildo Boy/Barbie Girl!
We all know you're a damn fast driver, so we hope you can be racing with us again, because that brings more challenge to the league!!!

28 Re: 1. Japan GP (shouting thread) on 7th May 2012, 7:16 pm


pxr5 wrote:Congratulations Adrian, really chuffed to see you get a win.

Sorry to sven for not getting any points for Ferrari, an accident in front of me caused a huge backup of cars and i had nowhere to go and lost my wing. I cut the pit line after getting a new wing cos I just wanted to test the pit stop entry and exit and had no intention of finishing the race so I wasnt trying to cheat there.

I will be back for the next race on race day but I wont be attending anymore practice sessions because I agree with Otti about the problem with making a good setup on this mod, its very time consuming and ive learned nothing new since 1 year ago and thats not really fun anymore.

Sven if you want a more determined team mate I think you should replace me and maybe put me down as reserve driver. As for the race videos I will try and find the motivation to make one of suzuka but to be honest theres not much to show except a lot of broken wings and wheels lol

I understand your pain. Although I don't create my own setup everytime I spend a lot of hours on track trying to reach full automatism in terms of driving, knowlege about each track, overtaking spots etc... - generally all things I need to practise to drive fast and safety for the others during GP. And of course I believe that making own setup from "zero" makes it much more harder. And that's why everytime I appeal to everyone to stay cool in first turn/lap. One bad move, panic, small mistake, missing braking point, contact with other car may cause that you completly destroy a race for a guy for a guy who was spending hundreds of laps before GP to prepare to it well! Please think about that at the start of every GP and respect. I had a few stuations like that in last season and I know that it is very dismotivating... Of course we are only humans which make mistakes but we can limit them with a little common sense. I can admit that after each race I'm 100% satisfied only if everyone is happy and enjoyed with job he has done/good fights he had ect... It's more important for me that my final position after the race (of course it's always nice to be as high as possible) Smile

I hope you won't give up of practice in 100% because it's always nice to meet you in server. Often I come to server even I don't want/can't play just to take a look what's going on up there and talking which is also "a part of the game" if you know what I mean Smile

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29 Re: 1. Japan GP (shouting thread) on 7th May 2012, 7:48 pm


I make ALL Arek's words mine's too!!!

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