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rFR GP S16 - NEWS 01 (01/01/2019)

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1 rFR GP S16 - NEWS 01 (01/01/2019) on 1st January 2019, 2:13 am

Hello, everyone and Happy New Year!

- ABOUT THE NEW SEASON (our 16th):

It will begin on February 3rd, 2019.

Drivers can Register themselves and their teams HERE.

The S16 Rules & Regulations are the same as S15 (and can be read from the same Registration link above), EXCEPT for this NEW RULE:

- Drivers MUST use AT LEAST 2 (two) different tyre compounds during the race (if they fail to do that, they will be DQed from the race).

- ABOUT S16's MOD:

It's pretty much the same one as last season, but the tyre degradation curve for all compounds was re-worked and basically, the softest compounds (Supers and Ultras) will not last 'forever' and should be slightly slower as well, just like the opposite was done to the hardest compounds (Meds and Hards), which should be slightly faster and produce good laps for a little longer, than they did in S15.

There was also a very small adjustment to the Fuel Consumption (all three fuel mixes) and it's about 8% HIGHER now (meaning the cars will consume MORE fuel and the fuel management during the races should be a bit harder) - the main adjustment though was on the Poor Mix, which is now slightly faster, but also consumes a bit more fuel, compared to S15.

Mod and Tracks can be downloaded HERE.



The calendar will have 10 races, as last season.

The Track Voting process will begin soon (in the next few days) and the drivers will vote for the 10 tracks they want to be in the calendar.

For now, we have 25 available tracks (more will come soon as well) and these tracks will be divided in two groups and the drivers will vote for 4 (four) tracks used in the previous season and 6 (six) 'new' tracks (that weren't used by the league in rF2 yet).
More details about the Track Voting process will be given when the voting is opened!



We will host 3 (three) Pre-Season Test Races in the next 3 sundays - all S16 Rules & Regulations apply:

- January 6th - Barcelona, Spain

- January 13th - Montreal, Canada

- January 20th - Nürburgring, Luxembourg

As usual, this is a great opportunity to test the mod, get used to it and to how the actual races and season are gonna be - don't miss them!



Don't forget we're gonna have CUSTOM TEAMS again this season, which means you can paint your own car livery/skin and helmet, using our templates:


On the templates (Photoshop format) we included layers with two types of the rFR League Logo (solid and transparent) - the drivers MUST add at least ONE logo to their cars AND helmets - they can resize and/or reposition the logo(s), but they MUST be there (and clearly visible).

The drivers must send their custom skins - along with the complete information about their team (full name of the team), their drivers - max of 2 (two) drivers per team (full driver(s) name(s) - according to our drivers/players name on the server rules) and their numbers (picking any of the available ones on this list) to the following email, as soon as possible (the deadline for this will be announced soon):


All the download links can also be found on our DISCORD channel.

And the league also has a WHATSAPP group!

Join us on BOTH!

More news will come soon - stay tuned!

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