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Introduction about myself

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1 Introduction about myself on 1st November 2018, 8:52 pm

Hey everyone... My name is Thom Mennink. I've just joined the league and I really don't know what to expect... I've joined a few smaller rFactor leagues and I drove in the Raceconnect BMW 1 Cup... But raceconnect is going to stop after 11 years of competition... which is quite sad, so I searched for a new league and here we are today!

I'm very nervous for my debut race next year... since I want to finish my current season at raceconnect first... but after that I'll join some races here too for sure!

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2 Re: Introduction about myself on 2nd November 2018, 2:48 am

Hello, Thom and welcome!

It's great to hear you'd like to join us - but I'm sorry to hear about your other league, especially knowing they're active for 11 years - we're active since 2011, but we hope to stay like this for a lot of years to come!

It's all good if you want to join us only in 2019 - we will come back with a new season on the second half of january - or at the very beginning of february, in the worst case.

Still, if you want to join us for the current season - so you can get a 'taste' of how our league is and etc (don't worry about getting good results or scoring a lot of points, or fighting for the Championship - although MAYBE you'd end doing all of that anyways - who knows?!)..

We're going for our 4th (out of 10) races in this 15th league season, so there's still time for you to join us and just have some fun!

I also strongly suggest you to join us on Discord and stay in touch with everything that's going on and also to know and talk to the other drivers and etc.

Long story short:
All you need to know and do about the league and to make joining us official, can be found on the link below and all the links inside of it:


See you around!

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