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rFR GP S15 - NEWS 06 (30/09/2018)

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1 rFR GP S15 - NEWS 06 (30/09/2018) on 30th September 2018, 7:24 pm

Hello, everyone!


All the Pre-Season Test Races are over now, BUT...

We're looking forward to the SEASON OPENER, that will happen in exactly 14 days / 2 weeks from now, at Melbourne, Australia!

In order to join the server, from now on, the drivers MUST download and install ALL of the 10 (ten) tracks on S15 CALENDAR, plus the latest version of the mod, of course.

All of the downloads can be made from the link below - or from our DISCORD channel:




If you haven't Registered (Signed Up) yet for the season, check this link and do it now:


Don't forget we're gonna have CUSTOM TEAMS this season, which means you can paint your own car and helmet, using our templates:


On the templates (Photoshop format) we included layers with two types of the rFR League Logo (solid and transparent) - the drivers MUST add at least ONE logo to their cars AND helmets - they can resize and/or reposition the logo(s), but they MUST be there (and clearly visible).

The drivers must send their custom skins - along with the complete information about their team (full name of the team), their drivers - max of 2 (two) drivers per team (full driver(s) name(s) - according to our drivers/players name on the server rules) and their numbers (picking any of the available ones on this list) to the following email, as soon as possible:


(The season begins on october 14th and the final version of the mod is planned to be released on october 12th or 13th, in worst case)

Meaning the .PSD/.DDS files must be sent to the email above until this date (october 11th).

After this date, we will no longer receive or add custom teams during the season and any drivers joining mid-season will have to drive the Reserve Car (all cars have the exact same physics/performance).


The rFR league also has a WHATSAPP group!

Join us there as well!

See you on track!

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