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rFR GP S15 - NEWS 02 (05/08/2018)

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1 rFR GP S15 - NEWS 02 (05/08/2018) on 5th August 2018, 7:05 pm

Hello, everyone!


We would like to start the new season (S15) as soon as possible, but right now we are depending on our server host (Markmods) to switch our game from rFactor 1 to rFactor 2 on the server.

The problem is that we already paid to use the server with rFactor 1 until november (the renew of the current contract was made almost a year ago) and the price to have rFactor 2 on the server is slightly different.

So, we are trying to make a deal and see if we can switch to rFactor 2 (before november) without the need of a new contract, or if we can switch to rFactor 2 (before november) paying only the price difference, or if we would sadly have to wait until november and then make a completely new contract.

We are currently waiting on them (Markmods) and see what they will do - so we can move on and set a starting date for S15 and the calendar and etc - we will keep you guys updated about any news on this matter - stay tuned to the forum!



The plan is to have a shorter season, since it's our very first time on rFactor 2.
We decided to have a total of 10 (ten) races.

We already have 20 (twenty) custom tracks available for download (more will keep coming - download links available below) and we will vote to pick 10 (ten) out of the total, so these 10 (ten) will be the ones in the calendar.

The track voting process will happen as soon as we have the server situation set and a starting date for the season.



We will keep most of our current rules and race/competition format, as said before.
But we will have a few small rules changes and here they are:

We will go back to using the current real life F1 Points System, which gives points from P1 to P10 (instead of P1 to P15, as we have been using for the past few seasons).
But we will keep the Bonus Points: 2 (two) points for starting on Pole Position; 1 (one) point for starting in 2nd place (Front Row); 1 (one) point for setting the Fastest Lap during the race; and a new bonus point (1 point) for the Most Laps Led during the race (and in case of a tie between two or more drivers with the same number of Most Laps Led, all tied drivers get this 1 extra point).

Before each race (during the Warm Up session) the admins will check all the drivers pings and if someone has a ping that's higher than 300ms - and if this person can't make it lower until the WU is over - this driver will NOT be allowed to race.
This is to avoid the 'teleporting lag' that puts everyone in danger, for you can never tell exactly where the lagging car is and then accidents may happen - so, it's all about safety and making sure no one is prejudiced unfairly.

We will have a new rule about new drivers to the league on their very first race.
New drivers will now have to start at the BACK OF THE GRID (instead of starting from the pits) and they MUST follow some simple 'orders' to prove they can respect simple rules and race fairly.
The 'orders' are pretty simple: They must start from the back of the grid (as said above), BUT they MUST WAIT 5 (five) SECONDS after the Green Lights, to start accelerating - and ALSO they MUST have a CLEAN RACE, respecting all the other rules and drivers (especial attention to the Blue Flags) and they MUST NOT cause any incidents.
The admins will check if they followed it all correctly on the race replay, after the race - and if they do it all correctly, they will be allowed to start the future races normally - but if not, they will have only a SECOND (and final) CHANCE to do it again on the next race - but if they fail again, they will be DQed (removed) from the rest of the season (and maybe even banned from the league, depending on their overall behaviour on track).
This is to ensure we have drivers that can respect simple rules and also fit the kind of FAIR DRIVING MINDSET that we want in the league, so everybody can have fun on track.


We will NOT have Weight Penalties anymore.
We will NOT have refueling in S15.



You guys can already download the mod (to get used to it) and our rFR Custom Tracks (the tracks on our calendar will be from this group of rFR Custom Tracks) and also the Car & Helmet templates, so you can start painting your stuff!



On the templates (Photoshop format) we included layers with two types of the rFR League Logo (solid and transparent) - the drivers MUST add at least ONE logo to their cars AND helmets - they can resize and/or reposition the logo(s), but they MUST be there (and clearly visible).

The drivers must send their custom skins - along with the complete information about their team (full name of the team), their drivers - max of 2 (two) drivers per team (full driver(s) name(s) - according to our drivers/players name on the server rules) and their numbers (picking any of the available ones on this list) to the following email, as soon as possible (the deadline for this will be announced soon):


All the download links can also be found on our DISCORD channel.

And the league also has a WHATSAPP group!

Join us on BOTH!

More news will come soon - see ya!

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