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Hello there.

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1 Hello there. on 4th January 2018, 10:25 pm

Hello everyone ! I am Maxime Croussette ! I am a an amateur simracing driver that is in search of a semi-professional league, and this one look like it. I already tested the mod, I was never really fast, and only won 2 races in my entire simracing career (in a "developpement league"). Its a bit sad but i am not one of the clearest drivers, even if it is my goal. Since last year, when I joined Waga Racing League, I have done a ton of races in multiples leagues (WRL, MRTI, FP and soon SRC), and I hope that I can at least be midfield and end races in the 90%. Smile

Also, I do liveries for cars, I like that and my works are more and more professional, and I did liveries for multiple teams in the already named leagues. So if someone need a livery designer, well I am there. Wink

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2 Re: Hello there. on 4th January 2018, 11:06 pm

Hello and welcome, Maximme!

We already talked a bit in the server, but I'm glad to have confirmed that you wish to race with us!

At the moment, we already have all the car skins ready for the season, BUT.. we're gonna move to rFactor 2 in the next season (after this one) and MAYBE we'll allow the drivers to actually have custom skins (instead of only custom helmets, as we do now), so MAYBE you could be asked to paint some skins to some of our drivers - so keep that in mind!

About being fast (or not), that's not a problem and shouldn't be a worry either.
In our league we want drivers who are CLEAN and CONSCIOUS - drivers who can compete closely to each other on track, but also with lots of CARE and RESPECT for one another, without causing incidents (crashes) and also respecting the RULES and on a frienly and 'fair-play envoirenment'.

If you think you fit this profile, then you're more than welcome to join us - and just try to have some fun, regardless of the results of each race - and yes, I know that having good results is part of the fun and everybody wants to win (me too), but as I said, the most important things we want from each other here is to be careful and respectful on track and that's pretty much it - keep it clean and have fun - that's all!

And last but not least...
If you're really going to join us for the current season, make sure to check and follow all the steps on the link below and get everything ready to go:


See you on track!

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