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rFR GP S14 - NEWS 01 (01/01/2018)

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1 rFR GP S14 - NEWS 01 (01/01/2018) on 1st January 2018, 6:37 am

Well, hello, everybody and it's great to be back in action!

First of all... HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!!!
Here's hoping for and wishing a GREAT year for ALL of us, filled with GOOD and POSITIVE things in our lives and, obviously, with LOTS of AMAZING and FUN races here in the league - hope you're all excited!!!

And as in every new season, we have some good and important news to share!

The most important info is that all the process to Register and prepare for S14 is already happening!
Make sure to check all the links below:

- Read and accept the RULES & REGULATIONS - there's a couple of small changes there!

- If you're ready to race and sure you can keep your commitment to the league, REGISTER FOR S14!

- Be aware of your turn to PICK YOUR CAR/TEAM/TEAMMATE!

- Keep an eye on the deadline about the CUSTOM HELMETS!

- You can already DOWNLOAD the S14 MOD and the Pre-Season TRACKS for the Test Races!


About the Rules changes:

We decided to try something different (that we never did before) and the idea is to avoid dominance of any of the drivers and keep all the drivers a bit closer to each other, throughout the whole season - and also to increase the level of the 'challenge' to some of our best drivers.

So, we decided to come up with a Weight Penalty system, where after each race, the top 5 finishers will get a certain ammount of extra Kg (weight penalty) for the next/following race on the calendar.

The extra weight is not a big ammount (and also not cummulative throughout the season - it's valid ONLY for the very next following race on the calendar), but just the enough ammount to try and create the scenario we described above ("to avoid dominance of any of the drivers and keep all the drivers a bit closer to each other, throughout the whole season").

Detailed info about how this is gonna work and all the technical aspects can be found on the RULES & REGULATIONS topic.


About the Mod:

The mod is exactly the same as last season, but the tyres compounds colors are different (RED for Softs and WHITE for Hards) and we will also have different skins (cars/teams).

As usual, we will offer a total of 15 (fifteen) skins/cars/teams and the first 12 (twelve) to be picked (filled with at least 1 driver) will be the final 12 teams for Season 14.

The full list with all of the offered skins can be found HERE.

But we have 3 fresh new skins (car paintings) that were never used before - they were just pained by Tom McKay and he did a great job bringing us these:

A - the McLaren-Andretti (used by Alonso at the 2017 Indy 500 race)
B - the 2017 pink Force India
C - the 2017 Toro Rosso

And yes, we will have new loading screens added to the final version of the mod too - but for now, we're still using S13's ones...

More info about the mod can be found HERE.


About the Tracks and Calendar:

This will most certainly be our last season... on rFactor 1 - because we plan to move to rFactor 2, on Season 15!

And in order to do this move, we want to give the drivers (and also the admins) more time to prepare.
And with that in mind, we decided to have a LONGER SEASON now, in S14 - which means we will have a total of 20 (twenty) rounds/races (+ the two test races - so it's actually a total of 22 races)!

The Track Voting process will begin shortly and very soon there will be info about it posted here in the forum - probably tomorrow (january 2nd) or later tonight - stay tuned to our forum!


About our move to rFactor 2:

We love rFactor 1 and its certainly one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) racing simulator ever made - especially if you think that it was made more than a decade ago and even with lots of newer and supposedly better sims, people still play rFactor 1 today (we are proof of that), so if we could, we would use it for more and more seasons!

But the truth is that the number of rFactor 1 players (and drivers in our league) hasn't grown (and we might have lost some of our drivers, actually), because people already moved to other sims - most of rFactor 1 players/drivers moved to rFactor 2, for example - and so in order to assure the league continuation/future (and also because we are called "rFactor racers"), the natural move would be to switch to rFactor 2 as well - and that's what we're gonna do for Season 15 - which will happen somewhere in the middle of 2018, which makes this year a very special and exciting year for all of us here!

This move won't be so simple, though.
We know there's a LOT of technical aspects that the admins will have to consider and actually 'learn' how to do - because rFactor 2 is a new sim to us as well and - technically speaking - it's pretty different from rFactor 1 - so it's gonna be a LOT more complicated to edit mods, tracks and etc (believe me, I'm already working on Season 15 and rFactor 2), so we will have a LOT more work to do, especially to ensure our move to rFactor 2 can happen in the most smooth possible way.

And the same goes to the drivers.
We know that not everyone here already has rfactor 2 - and it's a game that you MUST buy to be able to play it online (not like rFactor 1, where anybody can easily get a pirate version for free and play it online), so people may need some time to save some money to buy rFactor 2 - and the more time we give to people to do that, the better.

I strongly suggest/recommend that people take a look at Steam and buy the game there.
From time to time Steam has some pretty good promotions and you can find rFactor 2 for a very low price - and I'm sure that at some point in this longer season (S14), our drivers may find one of these good promotions on Steam and buy rFactor 2 for a fair price!

We honestly hope all the drivers who are with us now - and who have been with us for several seasons - also move to rFactor 2 along with us, so we can keep having our amazing races and seasons and lots of fun as well - we also hope to find some of our 'old drivers' who already moved to rFactor 2, just like we will certainly get a lot of new drivers who have been racing in rFactor 2 already, but never raced with us, because we're still using rFactor 1...


This is all for now!
Keep an eye on the forum for more info about S14!

Make sure to download the mod and the tracks and get ready for our first event - Pre-Season, Test Race 01, at Barcelona, on January 7th (next sunday) - and let's get back in action, people!

Once again: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
See you all in track!!!

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